Feliratkozás 4,6 M
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Aaron Hibberd
Aaron Hibberd 15 órája
That blowout from the Renault though... 👀
QB Chewbie
QB Chewbie 15 órája
Verse append is the Ferrari killer
noneeduseless 15 órája
0:59 no one talks about that
Brandon Nathanael
Brandon Nathanael 15 órája
Gasly loses his seat at red bull and "I think ericsson hit us" are the most heartbreaking moments too
One Royal Priest
One Royal Priest 15 órája
Cheat Ps: Get well soon, Micheal
83N5#4 15 órája
If you no longer go for that gap that never exists. You are not Pastor Maldonado
TechyManEXE 15 órája
Bruv, how am I not supposed to remember to leave the space?
alexk4219 15 órája
When’s the next race?
Maciej Salamoński
Maciej Salamoński 15 órája
Roba pole position
Pan Aleks
Pan Aleks 15 órája
You forgot about Kubica's Pole Position
Ber Hen
Ber Hen 15 órája
Please F1.. STOP with the title 'moments I forgot' ... I don't have AMNESIA
Sunny M
Sunny M 15 órája
Hope Bottas can repeat it again
Michael Christian
Michael Christian 15 órája
If he wasn't had the gerbox issues in 2007 he will broke schumacher record
coolracer46 15 órája
They should have included 2008 crash between Coulthard and Barrichello and Hamilton-Alonso crash
Fridtjof Riibe
Fridtjof Riibe 15 órája
That Brundle crash was scary. For Christ sake the car split in half on entry to the gravel trap.
Francesco Zanellati
Vettel can say he still has the record of victories in the desert with 4 statements.
Angus Noble
Angus Noble 15 órája
Drac 15 órája
Oh no, we didn’t forget “ALL THE TIME YOU HAVE TO LEAVE A SPACE”. In fact, it comes to me in my sleep and I imagine Alonso doing the Italian hands ;)
Rafael Batista
Rafael Batista 15 órája
The only time bottas fight Hamilton...
Unterhaltung wird überbewertet
All the time you have to leave a space👿😂
Foo Vines
Foo Vines 15 órája
can we talk about how there is basically no visible damage to the 2004 cars after the crash in the thrid clip? 1:01 :D todays cars would need a whole new nose ^^
AtlasDemoRunner 15 órája
Vettel's heartbreak i think was in Singapore 2017 or Germany 18...
FlexyGoo 15 órája
Senna shut that door a few times
Giacomo Botte
Giacomo Botte 15 órája
0:31 we can't forget this piece of art. In our mind "we leave a space" to remember this moment
Ilman Syakir
Ilman Syakir 15 órája
Aeslec -
Aeslec - 15 órája
Did they really snag The Chieftain's music?
純米ー 15 órája
오콘 병신쒝
Centurion MK.1
Centurion MK.1 15 órája
Why i hear inside the tank music and lando and jimmy crash?
F1 34
F1 34 15 órája
Bahrain is my favorite track
Izaias Souza33
Izaias Souza33 15 órája
2004 beautiful cars
Richard Samuel
Richard Samuel 15 órája
Hamilton puncture; yes!
Edoardo Rovida
Edoardo Rovida 15 órája
0:39 A wild spinning Williams appear
Hari Krishnan
Hari Krishnan 15 órája
0:49 Windows when I try to install games on the C Drive.
Julius Müller
Julius Müller 15 órája
we‘re all loving Seb ❤️❤️❤️
Siddhant Kadam
Siddhant Kadam 15 órája
All the time you have to leave the space
Richard Samuel
Richard Samuel 15 órája
Sepang is also one of my favorite track
denithy 15 órája
I love how the Williams is casually spinning in the background with no mention as Rosberg and Alonso have it out.
Richard Samuel
Richard Samuel 15 órája
Best F1 Malaysian Grand Prix editions; 2016, 2017, 2012, 2009, 2008, 2004, 2002, 2003, 1999, 2000, 2006, 2013
jun n3
jun n3 15 órája
So technically, Bottas spun Lewis and rob his 16 title.
Kinang Eagle
Kinang Eagle 15 órája
8:09 this is the first time iv ever actually heard a stututu from an F1 turbo
Geoff Macey
Geoff Macey 15 órája
The view from Rosberg had of it!!
Richard Samuel
Richard Samuel 15 órája
2017 F1 Malaysian Grand Prix was one of my Favorite F1 GP races
Kunal Panda
Kunal Panda 15 órája
first max & now lewis is trying to sell me shoes Me: plzz stop guyzz plzzz..
I podi di Hulkenberg TV
But the most important thing was at 0:58 Maldonado's spin
Too Woo
Too Woo 15 órája
I did a double take on hearing the background music, it's the same as that used in *Inside the Chieftain's Hatch*
LameElite 15 órája
Kubica's pole maybe?
Duong Huy Nguyen Ba
Where is Gutierrez's Barrel Roll ?
Mike Miller
Mike Miller 15 órája
First one reminded me of Michael Fassbender with the Porsche in "Road to Le Mans", hehe...
El BonitiilloO
El BonitiilloO 15 órája
probably thats why bottas is not allow to challenge or win at mercedes.
AAVl80 15 órája
This bgm reminds me thechieftain
Radovan Kufa
Radovan Kufa 15 órája
what about maldonado flip?
Hesteg 15 órája
I think number 2 wasn't a moment we forgot
nikoloz kurdiani TV nikanor
0:39 guy in background spinning lol
Javad Kassari
Javad Kassari 15 órája
can you possibly forget " ALL THE TIME YOU HAVE TO LEAVE SPACE"
Adrian Banaś
Adrian Banaś 15 órája
You forgot about Robert Kubica's pole position ;)
K20civicsirturbo 15 órája
Ocon almost got knocked out 😂👊🏻
layerdballoon 15 órája
Was that maldonado pulling a 360 after alonso and rosberg lol
Nancy Galicia Castro
Man, this is better than the race. F1, give me this back for 2021!
Lcker 15 órája
How could we forget that ALL THE TIME YOU NEED TO LEAVE A SPACE
Raditya Indera
Raditya Indera 16 órája
Yeah now everyone remembers why Perez won't fit being 2nd driver at RedBull huh.
Fernando França Figueiredo Londero
0:37 why is nobody gonna talk about that Williams doing from a 360
Luca Persechino
Luca Persechino 16 órája
All the time you have to leave a space.
Arda Eriş
Arda Eriş 16 órája
When I saw it I automatically said: That must be Maldonado
Lucaaas 16 órája
Leclerc heartbreak: Hamilton wins Bottas heartbreak: Hamilton wins Verstappen heartbreak: Hamilton wins Vettel heartbreak: Hamilton wins
Motorsport Is Best F*ck The Rest
Der Spin behind Rosberg and Alonso is the best haha
B1K3 edits
B1K3 edits 16 órája
where os pastor maldonado
SoggyCabbages 16 órája
I remembered these.
Shantanu Rawat
Shantanu Rawat 16 órája
remembered all of them :)
Kinang Eagle
Kinang Eagle 16 órája
2 seconds of happiness the mechanics
Cybervibe 16 órája
I love how the car does a perfect 360 in the background and they don't even mention it
max verstapennnnnnnnnnn :-)
max verstapennnnnnnnnnn :-)
Antonis Sarris
Antonis Sarris 16 órája
Number 1: Races during day time
Syah Eiman
Syah Eiman 16 órája
All the time you have leave the space
Koteras128 16 órája
2016: Bottas spins Hamilton 2020: Bottas spins Bottas
Ruby West
Ruby West 16 órája
How could anyone forget “all the time you have to leave a space”. Then again it was only the second race I properly watched
gingerbreadgirl 16 órája
so Bottas hitting Hamilton is a moment we forgot, but still somehow in the top 5 onboards?!
Dalibor Zak
Dalibor Zak 16 órája
Because there are thousands of memes about "you always have to leave a space" thing, I assume that no one actually forgot this. So F1 should educate itself about what community forgot.
Max 16 órája
0:38 That Sbinalla though xD
Richard Samuel
Richard Samuel 16 órája
2016; yeah..Bottas made Hamilton spins..hahaha