10 Most Memorable Moments From The Nurburgring 

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The Nurburgring has seen it all, from maiden victories to non-stop drama. Join us as we count down the most memorable moments ahead of our return there this season.
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Gabriel Aquino
Gabriel Aquino 11 napja
Who is the only driver had 100% leads in his races? The myth, Markus Winkelhock. They say Markus didn't race again cause he had most talent that the acceptable for a Formula 1! 🤣
Michaela Feriancová
Gigidag77 16 napja
I Tube
I Tube 17 napja
At first I read most "adorable" moments.
sultanabran1 17 napja
graham hill's helmet really stood out in those days. iconic
Purwanti Allan
Purwanti Allan 18 napja
Here after last night... what a BOREFEST.
Laurie Dooker
Laurie Dooker 18 napja
The human condition is a thing of real beauty. We love and that love controls us because we let it. We give all and risk all for it even if it’s only driving a car. Weirdest mammals in the universe.
AppleLauda 19 napja
3:16 Nico Hülkenberg first podium be like:
AppleLauda 19 napja
R.I.P Niki Lauda
Alex Derus
Alex Derus 20 napja
Get in there, Johnny!
Daedalus 21 napja
I don't know what it is, but Christian Horner sounds so fake sometimes. His joy congratulating Vettel sounds more like it's about checking a box for the corporation he works for, than genuine emotion for another human being's achievement (Vettel's, the people in the team, himself). And just in general, everything that comes out of his mouth seems so calculated and rehearsed.
MrCapi55 21 napja
Those Ferraris at minute 1:44 get "Stucked" in my mind. When Ferrari released the F430 I thought: "No matter how I got to have one. Even if I have to trade my house for one" (Of course, given the moment I didn´t).
Strider 21 napja
Why is Winkelhock at number 1? Fangio’s win in 57 is arguably the greatest drive of all time.
Simone Buralli
Simone Buralli 21 napja
Why not to explain better what happened in 2007? This is at least the second f1 video that misses that point...maybe one of the lowest moments of f1 history
Ionut Tudorica
Ionut Tudorica 21 napja
Excellent video
louielouie95 21 napja
I Hope Nothing Can Go Wrong At This Year's Race
jtdavis62 22 napja
#5, Mark Webber wins, and not a dry eye in the house! And okay, Winkle's moment was freaky special, but does it really deserve a higher place than either Fangio's, Clark's, or Stewart's individual drives on the old circuit?
Summertime 22 napja
They only don't drive at the Nordschleife anymore because "Nürburgring Nordschleife" is very difficult to pronounce by english speaking people😂😂
ZebsFrend Frendless
The Jim Clark report didn't mention Bruce McLaren! At that time Bruce was considered to be in the top 8 GP drivers.
m4iled 22 napja
Who's on Leclerc this weekend, im putting down him :)
PBJ 23 napja
The 2013 F1 cars are a thing beauty.
Blaise Darmaga
Blaise Darmaga 23 napja
She said “by only 3 seconds.” Only...ONLY? That’s a lot for that situation and a enteral race.
Deniz1923 23 napja
Hamilton 2011 ?
malcolm mitchell
Thats " Grand slam " i believe.
fidan2fast 23 napja
We need another race like 1998 this weekend!
Stamm Würze
Stamm Würze 23 napja
how about more commercials?
Luke Lee
Luke Lee 23 napja
2:30 Was that Putin? He hasn’t changed a bit
Luiz Paulo
Luiz Paulo 23 napja
prevejo uma vitória da williams na desse ano kkkkkk
C G 24 napja
Niki didn't lose control, he had a suspension component fail,
D Rod
D Rod 24 napja
I'm also a mater of the wets.
Sven Schmitz
Sven Schmitz 24 napja
Gosh, what a great race it was in 2007. I remember that we had a homework assignment to write a report about some event at that time. I chose this race and then it turned out to be this dramatic :D I had a lot to wrote about
MSc Bijles
MSc Bijles 24 napja
Always remember the legend that led 100% of the races he drove. The real King Marcus of Winkelhock 👑👑
Alessandro De Michele
I'm wondering why there's still no biopic about Jim Clark's life.
Furry Police
Furry Police 24 napja
Miss Piggy
Miss Piggy 24 napja
Winklehock experienced it all in that race. He should of got a contract.
Pravin Manogran
Pravin Manogran 24 napja
I think another moment was Jacque Villeneuveu first f1 win in 1996 in his 1st season of f1
Kiesh Konfirmed
Kiesh Konfirmed 24 napja
2:31 Is that Putin? 🤣
Sebastián Gómez Battista
How is it that the greatest drive in the history of Formula 1 is only in 6th place? With all due respect, I don’t think Herbert’s last win is more important than the crowning of Fangio’s last then record braking 5th title...
ZongPlayz 24 napja
mrs aramco
Wasif Shahriar
Wasif Shahriar 24 napja
the disco music in the background.. it has been awhile for that..
Κυριάκος Παπαδόπουλος
Where is Kimi's 2005 last lap suspension failure?
accomify 24 napja
Robin P.
Robin P. 24 napja
Broken Lantern X
Hard to believe Fangio won 5 f1 titles after turning 40.
Nixer Doyle
Nixer Doyle 24 napja
With Niki, it wasn't just smoke inhalation, it was fire inhalation. He had to have his lungs "vacuumed" to remove charred bronchioles.
Nixer Doyle
Nixer Doyle 24 napja
Jack Manley
Jack Manley 25 napja
I know it's rather morbid to put it at #1, but Lauda's crash should be at #1. Most well-known moment from the Nordschleife and one of the most memorable moments in F1 history irrespective of track.
Damar Fadlan
Damar Fadlan 25 napja
Still remember the fatal crash from Niki Lauda 44 years ago...
Moises Simoes
Moises Simoes 25 napja
Stewart team's winner was fabulous. Lauda is the best ❤️
Ak Abd Haziq Shah Pgs
Imagine markus watching him on number 1. Wow so emotional
carlingaGaming 25 napja
How did they not include 2005's final lap?????
Paul Victor
Paul Victor 25 napja
What terrible music. How irritating and ridiculous.
Jeff McJeff
Jeff McJeff 25 napja
Russel will win.
Federico Aguirre
3:23 / Yes
bisma krishna
bisma krishna 25 napja
The guy in the background at 02:30 kinda look like putin
Roo Kelleher
Roo Kelleher 25 napja
Winklehock: "so close but yet so far"
TheRomanRuler 25 napja
Most memorable for me is Kimi's suspension failure just before start of the last lap. Awfully disappointing, but iconic and memorable. It summed up Kimi's McLaren career well, retirement from the lead and from what looked like a certain victory. And it was one of the few times he caused it himself.
Ares Flimmerkiste
2020 will be like 2013.. Vettel racing Grosjean and Kimi.
Marcel Polman
Marcel Polman 25 napja
1:03 A grand Shlæm
martoto77 25 napja
Button , Hamilton et al deliberately crashed in order to red flag the race an rob Wincklehock.
tahar cherif
tahar cherif 25 napja
Every time I saw the archives I realizes how great Fangio was
Arnav Prasanna
Arnav Prasanna 25 napja
2007 should be there in this and its not there
Andy Chen
Andy Chen 25 napja
If a rookie that has finished 0% of his races comes up here in #1, you know something is up.
SmartRace - Zeitmessung für Carrera Digital
10:45 Kimi didn't stay out on purpose but wanted to pit, but then he slid when he tried to enter the pits, so he had so make another lap :-(
pezzyy9999 25 napja
I miss the great victories of Jacky Stewart in his king blue Tyrrell in 1971 and 1973 with his Teammate Francoise Cevert in second place!
Tim Ariaans
Tim Ariaans 25 napja
Fangio, driving an F1 car in a t-shirt ... like a boss. 4:22
Lightening McQueen
Agreed about number one. Shame Winkelhock had his only race there. He truly would've been a great driver to keep after that stunning drive at the start of the race!
J. Dimassetyo
J. Dimassetyo 25 napja
Webber said yes 15 times there
Vorakij Punyashthiti
Herbert victory is great. But how come it rank higher than Fangio and Moss's final victory?
marshallmarthes 25 napja
Cause you put this in your number one the strategy coal and Haas received a penalty for the same incident this year
marshallmarthes 25 napja
Throughout F1 history the races have been so depending on the performance of the car and it has never in its entire history bin so close as it is right now with 10th of a second making a difference and they say F1 nowadaysIs boring I think it has never been this reliable or exciting ever they just don’t want to except that Lewis Hamilton has been the greatest of all time period
Evan Nagy
Evan Nagy 26 napja
Wow. Webber went 8 years without a win. That’s got to take a toll on your self esteem
David Baker
David Baker 26 napja
Oh, another posh one!
Ford ' GT / 17
Ford ' GT / 17 26 napja
I hope the 2020 Race is the same from 2007 😊
Francisco 26 napja
autism F1 is autism
Pekka Laaksonen
Pekka Laaksonen 26 napja
*Turn 1 is a swimming pool*
de La Fère Olivier
« Raikkonen, the only driver who stayed out ». Hem he missed the pit entry. That’s why he stayed out.
Ian Williams
Ian Williams 26 napja
Grand shlam😂👌
Stefan Andjelkovic
Take a shot every time the commentator say remarkable
Logan Martin
Logan Martin 26 napja
Winkelhock G.O.A.T
Pietro Salomone
Pietro Salomone 26 napja
😍😍😍😍😍🔥🔥🔥one of the best tracks 🔥🔥🔥
Vanessa Green
Vanessa Green 26 napja
1958, Bruce McLaren, still driving F2 but finishing 5th but without getting the points so amongst those driving for F1 from P1 to P6 aka amongst those finishing in the F1 points positions, should have been included in this, Top-3 at least, if not #1.
Nout van der Wael
why does the voice over sounds like she's in a bathroom... bad audio quality, usually better
Nicholas Jordan
Nicholas Jordan 26 napja
1:06 What in the world is a "Grand Schlem"?
Samuel Santos
Samuel Santos 26 napja
Jim Clark is the GOAT 🐐
Matthias Cerebri
What about Hamiltons win in 2011?
Elliot Crossan
Elliot Crossan 26 napja
"One of the most elusive of motoring feats: a Grand Chelem". I mean, yes it was elusive for most drivers, but Jimmy Clark did do that an incredible eight times (a record, with Hamilton next on six, and Ascari and Schumacher on five)
Carlos The Villan
It amazed me that no team offered Markus Winkelhock a drive
TOFKAS01 26 napja
As far as I known it was simply a money-issue. Winkelhock didnt had much money or big sponsors behind him.
Can someone explain to me, who is Markus winklehock??
TOFKAS01 26 napja
A member of the race-driver-family Winkelhock. He is the son of Manfred Winkelhock who drove in F1 and in sportscars in the 1980s and died 1985 in a Porsche 962. The Winkelhocks are a well known racer-family in germany. They drove F1, sportscars and Touring-cars in the last 40 years.
GBM Gaming
GBM Gaming 26 napja
Don't mock the Winkelhock.
RockingGamingDe 26 napja
I'm a simple man: I see the Nürburgring. I like Diese Kommentarsektion ist Eigentum der Bundesrepublik Deutschland!
I'd love to see the 'ring to become permanent seat for the German GP once again... I can settle for the "GP-Strecke", as I understand the Nordschleife isn't a realistic possibility, but I'd love it.
Je Moeder
Je Moeder 26 napja
사나엘 YouTube
0:09 한국이네...
mynameatspampot 26 napja
What's a "grand schlam"?
mynameatspampot 26 napja
@EL1AS Hey, thanks, you're right. It was even written on the screen!
EL1AS 26 napja
Grand Chelem*. If driver scores a pole position, fastest lap and wins the race while leading every lap, that's Grand Chelem.
Roman Dorogov
Roman Dorogov 26 napja
What an awful voice!!!
I was never given A name
"Stewart GP were in no way a front runner in 1999" - they absolutely were, they just had a poor qualifying at the nurburgring. Barrichello in particular was fantastic that season.
Great Champions Tiny Cars
What about another Ringmeister, Jacky Ickx? In 1967 he qualified is F2 car in 3rd place in the dry, ahead of the F1 field. He thus outqualified the likes of Stewart, Brabham, Gurney or Mclaren in their more powerful F1 cars. Only Hulme and Clark managed faster times. In the race, as he was running in F2, he had to start behind all of the F1 cars, but after four laps he had already overtaken 12 F1 cars and was running in 5th until suspension failure took him out. His last F1 win in 1972 fittingly came at the Nurburgring when he utterly dominated the race in his unfancied Ferrari 312 B2. Ickx achieved a Grand Chelem - taking pole position, leading every lap and setting the fastest lap. He is one of only 4 drivers to ever do so on the Nordschleife, the others being Ascari, Fangio and Clark.
Adam Dickinson
Adam Dickinson 26 napja
Interesting that there's so many lasts: Moss' last win, Fangio's last win, Vettel wins in his last year as a championship contender, Herbert' last win. A few firsts as well
Carbon Fiber Weiner
2:31 I didn't know Putin was born that early