2011 Turkish Grand Prix: Race Highlights 

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We remember our last visit to Istanbul Park, which saw Sebastian Vettel take a memorable victory on his way to his second world championship in a drama-fuelled race.
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JrSawyer 5 napja
Muhammad Satryo Wicaksono
So many "LAP...." means how a lot of overtakes
Muhammet Arminovic
İstanbul very beatiful
soneq667 7 napja
I miss those 2010-2013 cars. This short rear looks so slick. Current Gen cars are obviously way faster but they look like Tanks compared to this cars (which were already a lot longer than the cars till 2008). You could easily build a barn an today floor plates near the rear wing on today's cars :D
What is Formula1 reduced to right now 😒IT'S painfully boring and no fun in watching..I wonder this sport will be dissolved soon
equaldigits 8 napja
So cool to see F1 racing where two cars aren't 30 seconds ahead after the first lap.
Wong Wai leong
On this last 9 years ago,Turkish GP 2011 winner by Red Bull Sebastian Vettel because I don't know was long time ago
Hirotaka A
Hirotaka A 8 napja
Oğuz Kaan
Oğuz Kaan 8 napja
Shameer Ahamed
I'm surprised to see those many overtakes. Wow what a race we have had back then..
Aras Lg
Aras Lg 8 napja
very beautiful and very difficult track, real skills are revealed here, this track is a test of difficulty, a real land of heroes,
Aras Lg
Aras Lg 8 napja
very beautiful and very difficult track, real skills are revealed here, this track is a test of difficulty, a real land of heroes,
reardeltoit 9 napja
Pistin bu haldeki asfaltla bir yaris daha kaldirmasinin imkani yokmus abi suna bakin 5:55
David Ellis
David Ellis 9 napja
Great in HD but no shots of the best corner in F1 turn 8. Criminal.
Apophis JJ
Apophis JJ 9 napja
9 years apart... what's changed? Maybe the question should be, ''what hasn't changed?''. Cars, engines, drivers, F1 leadership... most of them. I hate to be a boomer, and I hate to see people complaining about todays F1 but watching this video, reliving that era again, you gotta say it, this is when F1 felt like F1... The most recognizable engine sound in the world, cars battleing for every place, drivers pushing for every gap... I almost forgot that when the camera was focusing on two cars battleing, you could have heard the cars from the other part of the track. And at that time, people were also complaining and 2011 was pretty dissapointing so imagine the downfall rn. You wonder what went wrong, but there are so many questions. For some, todays F1 is not bad, but for the others, F1 was something else back in the day.
Erol Dogan
Erol Dogan 9 napja
Turkey GP ❤
Scott L.
Scott L. 9 napja
So many colorful names from the past! 🏎️
Hellori Hazretleri
I wish this track was every year, very enjoyable
Irene Garcia Arquero
Sad to watch Perez
SAbre5311 9 napja
Why there all those people next to the track?
Rachel Hadfield
How many cars where there in this race?
B. Maguire
B. Maguire 9 napja
WooHoo!! LUV IT!! Thanks This!
Mayur Jadhav
Mayur Jadhav 9 napja
Those were the times.
Engin Can
Engin Can 9 napja
Istanbul will not forgive those who made a mistake
Engin Can
Engin Can 9 napja
Istanbul will be a legendary race
John Paul
John Paul 9 napja
Look at how competitive it was back then.
Tim Perlee
Tim Perlee 9 napja
Sad to watch that racing now is so much different than it was these days (I miss these days)
Josse Seghers
Josse Seghers 9 napja
Vettel sounded like Max Verstappen when celebrating
Andrew Keir
Andrew Keir 9 napja
who was the irish commentator back then?
yl02090 9 napja
Old F1 cars sound amazing.
Leonardo Reis Santiago
The audio remembered me how engines are better than power unitys.
Marlon 10 napja
I love how F1 knew we wanted this lol
imarealboy 10 napja
mate...the intensity the v8 sound used to bring to these races was next level
TR 10 napja
Looks like a normal Day on German Autobahn..
Mr.Dragon 10 napja
At 0:15 i thought i was watching brazil GP
Saurophaganax Gaming
The last corner (at the pit entry) will be a great place to see.
Robin 10 napja
Commentary dream team
Ep!dEm 10 napja
0h my DC is such a tool :D
Arshia Mousapour
when f1 was at its peak
Pascal Barnert
Pascal Barnert 10 napja
can we please bring back these cars? These engines? I`m not just talking from nostalgia because i wasn`t really an f1 fan back then. This is simply more exiting and more entertaining.
F1 madness
F1 madness 10 napja
I miss open cockpits.
eshpi5 10 napja
The current gen wider cars aren't easy to overtake compared to these cars
eshpi5 10 napja
Hamilton is leaving McLaren for the Mercedes 2 years down the line.
Stewie xD
Stewie xD 10 napja
Hamilton was basically non existent in this race lol.
RRcetin 10 napja
Türkiye Grand Prix ! yazmalısınız
Stefano Boero
Stefano Boero 10 napja
Brundle as the lead commentator? That's weird
Study Power
Study Power 10 napja
yeah it happened for one season in 2011 on BBC just before Sky came in the year later.
The Second Nemesis
Mark Webber still underrated
Ben Thorpe
Ben Thorpe 10 napja
the sport has changed a lot looking at this 9 years later
Master Slash
Master Slash 10 napja
The cars look so small on the track
Luke Parsons
Luke Parsons 10 napja
What a race.
Aleksa Boljević
We want 2010
Çağatay Yeşilkaya
this weekend it will be more fun than this
William Wells
William Wells 10 napja
You boys better slow down. Lol! This race is going to mix things up. Norris Sains Gasly 1 2 3
Odhran Wilkins
Odhran Wilkins 10 napja
Now there’s the Vettel that we know and love
Away we go for a long time again I felt that
Glen Mears
Glen Mears 10 napja
I love how fascinated and confused Martin Brundle was with DRS
Rafael Coleto
Rafael Coleto 10 napja
Man, those engines. Pure gold!
Luke Peterson
Luke Peterson 10 napja
Haas 2019 design was actually a copy of Lotus renaul
Karl Henning Peter
the time where F1 was F1
Prometh•ƬՏ 10 napja
I love the Turkish GP.
Berkhan Oğulcan Akçay
Coulthard is so funny. Petrov couldn't even make the corner...
Cristian 10 napja
Quite a long time since Vettel is not in that position of the podium, or not even in the podium
Geilsonduarte Rodrigues
Quando Vettel tava num carro bom
Aliff Saufi
Aliff Saufi 10 napja
Miss to see Sebastian Vettel wins again 😢
MUTTercup0 10 napja
What a competitive racetrack, definitely should be on the permanent calender!
SACHIN Tv 10 napja
I think they got the answer for how to beat seb in a red bull ... "Put him in a ferrari" lol
The Unknown
The Unknown 10 napja
Back when races were unpredictable
Tomislav Pijanec
oh that noise
Serhat A
Serhat A 10 napja
Welcome to Istanbul again. 🏁
Htc One
Htc One 10 napja
Vettel should have remained in Redbull. Why quit since youre ahead?
The Unknown
The Unknown 10 napja
He got a seat at Ferrari who would decline that
Rutgers NAPhi
Rutgers NAPhi 10 napja
Imagine in 2011, thinking, "Ah just another Red Bull 1-2"
ZULYA 10 napja
Commentator did not said ' its light out' haha
Jung van Ostfreesland
Seb 2011 > 2020 Lewis
Alvan Karpas
Alvan Karpas 10 napja
Is it me or are most of F1's highlight reels from the sport prior to 2014? You all remember, back before you had a MB front row lockout in every qualifying and the MB drivers owning 2 of the 3 podium positions at virtually every race? Remember those days when even a Pastor Maldanado had the odd victory on occasion?
Hakim Kılıç
Hakim Kılıç 10 napja
Welcome To Turkey F1
VLKN ! 11 napja
what a battle ..It was so fun !
Yaya Pan
Yaya Pan 11 napja
I have raced motorcycles there and what a track it is!! So glad its back on the calendar
Süleyman Kaya
Süleyman Kaya 11 napja
Track must be in the calendar . I hope there will be more viewers
mallonox 11 napja
SO much better without Crofty wailing
Thiago Assis
Thiago Assis 11 napja
So sad that today's F1 is not a sport anymore. By 2011 Alonso could fight with the dominant car for the second place. Today Verstappen doesn't have any chance.
BrianBell4073 11 napja
Back when Vettel has the best car, a number 3 driver and he could score some points.
Lee Lantern
Lee Lantern 11 napja
Wow I remember this race, when f1 actually had cars racing each other.
Sloppy Boggler
Sloppy Boggler 11 napja
You lot are so wrong about Michael, it's like when you smurf on League... Dota or CS. Playing against utter plebs becomes boring so you dumb yourself down, You're just watching the result...
Raytor Hu
Raytor Hu 11 napja
There is so much wheel-to-wheel action
Sanco 11 napja
Do they start in the "wrong" direction? Something feels off.
V12 Naturally Aspirated
Please FORMULA 1 upload the lap of Juan Pablo Montoya 1:24.770 on lap 39 (lap record) and fastest lap overall on that circuit, 2005 Turkish Grand Prix, both from the outside and onboard, thank you very much!
Ossy Ancelotti
Ossy Ancelotti 11 napja
Never seen Turkey live but I’m looking forward to this one. Turn 12 is lookin like a mazzaleen
eamoman651 11 napja
Listen to that noise. The commentary team literally had to shout what was going on. Miss those days
Zaid Bin Haris
Zaid Bin Haris 11 napja
6:18 👉 How to beat Seb in his RB ! It's sad how times have changed ! P.s to all those Merc fanboys look how Hamilton struggled, no wonder Verstappen is right the majority of the 2020 grid can win driving the Black Magic now a days !
Emin Ucan
Emin Ucan 11 napja
I’ve only just going into f1 but there seems to be so much more energy and action in this race than the ones now a days.
VideoNew 11 napja
9 years from last turkish gp? My gosh I remember i played this race 1000 times on my F1 PSP game..
Rui Carvalho
Rui Carvalho 11 napja
More overtakes and racing action in this single race than in the whole 2020 season
juneof 11 napja
Such a horrible driver Schumacher was without a dominant car.
Skippity Blippity
Erdogan is a authoritarian Dictator and invading ARMENIA I don’t support Turkey
Mendez Piña Roberto Liam
mucho mejor esas carreras con adelantamientos constantes
PaylaşıYorum 11 napja
Missed days 👍
Refreshing seeing Vettel up there.
Göktuğ Yılmaz
Definetly best race truck ever
Lorenzo Marton
Lorenzo Marton 11 napja
This just reminds me of how boring F1 became. I remember that it was completely uncertain who would win the race or the Championship. The Midfield was very balanced and the only Backmarkers where the Catterhams and Marrussias. Nowadays the only overtakes that happen are DRS assistet because the Cars have so much downforce that you can't fight in the Corners. And I think we don't have to talk about the fact that in the 2020 F1 cars the Electric Motors are louder than the Combustion Engines.
Pruthvi Prakash
Pruthvi Prakash 11 napja
9 years too late. Been waiting for this for ages now 😂
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