2017 Monaco Grand Prix: Race Highlights 

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It's an iconic race, but teams like McLaren and Ferrari haven't registered a Monte Carlo win for years. Would that change with a Ferrari front row in 2017? Find out...
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Snixy 3 napja
I miss this 😞 5:10
gibletoid 3 napja
Crofty must have a cold or something.
Raditya Pramana Putra
Who is here after Jenson Button return to Williams Racing Formula One Team as a senior advisor?! 23/01/2021 01:18.
The Art Of Pixels
angry kimi
Ancap Ball
Ancap Ball 16 napja
5:31 Charles leclerc
E 16 napja
crofty really needed a lie in but had to get up to commentate for 2 hours straight
Justin Time
Justin Time 18 napja
Would rather watch this than Lewis Hamiltons birthday special
Александр М
Нормально так в Монако, трасса прям по улицам города) с балкона пялишь гонку)
Purwanti Allan
Purwanti Allan 19 napja
4 years later still remembered this.
Captain DH
Captain DH 21 napja
5:31 I'm gonna destroy this man's whole career!
Alexandru Carpov
4:40 my favourite moment
Guru segala Guru
Ik ur back to 2002or etc komentator ur can banding eong what happennnn
Guru segala Guru
Kami sengar radio pun ngak gitu parah tuan komen
David Sada
David Sada 23 napja
5:31 is that leclerc?
Thomas Castellani
"And away goes [Continues to list entire grid]"
リhir 23 napja
How many times Were you recommended youtube? lol
FaZe Ridge
FaZe Ridge 24 napja
Kimi does not look amused on podium
Dmitry Ziryanov
Dmitry Ziryanov 24 napja
Poor kimi
Hamza Chaudhry
Hamza Chaudhry 25 napja
Where is Alonso?
Hamza Chaudhry
Hamza Chaudhry 23 napja
@ReVaKo 72 strange that he would prioritise Indy500 over F1
ReVaKo 72
ReVaKo 72 23 napja
@Hamza Chaudhry Jenson Button
Hamza Chaudhry
Hamza Chaudhry 23 napja
@ReVaKo 72 who replaced him?
ReVaKo 72
ReVaKo 72 23 napja
He drove Indy500 that weekend
Fala de futebol
Fala de futebol 26 napja
Kimi is the real winner!
Maks Rosiak
Maks Rosiak 26 napja
MaxXx United
MaxXx United 26 napja
5:44 Kimi very amused
Gabriele Scalco
Gabriele Scalco 29 napja
5:31 yep, that's leclerc
taufanakharisma Hónapja
0:01 voice of crofty start to empty
Exodus Hónapja
Did you see charles leclerc at 5:31 ?
Phyrex D
Phyrex D Hónapja
Happy Seb is best Seb.
Räksy Hónapja
Kimi deserved this win imo :(
Ömer Ege Kocademir
max verstappen british accent doesnt exist it cant hurt you max verstappen british accent: 2:36
bruh. Hónapja
Ahhhhhh so this is the ferrari masterplan i heard about
Izzat Ilmin
Izzat Ilmin Hónapja
Did Ericsson hit by Ericsson?
Da Blitz
Da Blitz Hónapja
If you are watching this in 2020 then yes, this was when Ferrari cars weren’t tractors
Clarence Zhang
Clarence Zhang Hónapja
Shout out to the commentator! He must be sick...
rohit nautiyal
rohit nautiyal Hónapja
I wonder what kind of cheating got them that win.
Joe SILVA Hónapja
Como pode em 3 anos cair tanto assim a Ferrari...
FullOilBarrel Hónapja
2017 cars are so beautiful
Driver Nephi
Driver Nephi Hónapja
Everyone in the comments 5:31 ChArLeS lEcLeRc!
Bags daffa Mardiantana
I think Ericsson hit himself
Oskar Riemann
Oskar Riemann Hónapja
Vettel really deserve a championship win with Ferrari, but as we know, this will never happen 😔
RampantFury925 Hónapja
Ah yes, the days when Ferrari had a decent car.
tiadaid Hónapja
And decent pitcrew too.
de La Fère Olivier
A big win? Yeah or a big steal. Superb robbery!
AREEB 20 napja
@de La Fère Olivier how come, read my comment properly and get some brains.
de La Fère Olivier
@AREEB against one of their driver. What a team !
AREEB 21 napja
What else do you need. It is a win. The overcut strategy worked. If it didn't then you would be happy. Not a robbery. Just a smart strategy
Jordan Yin
Jordan Yin Hónapja
5:31 Aye! It's Charles
Daniel B.
Daniel B. Hónapja
Those old graphics though. I'm glad we have new ones by now
dbgrfdg Hónapja
Highlights of the race: 2 cosplayers, a marshall giving a thumbs up, the only overtake attempt (which resulted in a crash)
George Danilov
George Danilov Hónapja
5:30 CharleZ is here
Rushil Patel
Rushil Patel Hónapja
i miss these days
Daniel Dmello
Daniel Dmello Hónapja
Ferrari 2017: 1-2 and perfect pit stops Ferrari 2020: 11-12 and pray for a sub 5 second pit stop
Ole Hónapja
The Ferrari mechanic slapping of the headphones of the other one
Philipp Koser
Philipp Koser Hónapja
So sad seeing this after the last race of 2020. Seb deserved more at Ferrari :(
Lord Bogus
Lord Bogus Hónapja
how great would the world be if he won 2 titles at ferrari, and him moving to Aston with 6 titles trying to achieve a 7th while Lewis only having 5...
최준영 Hónapja
stormtroppers and star wars cosplay on Thumbnail on 1:10
Kinang Eagle
Kinang Eagle Hónapja
What a massive upgrade from the old interface to the new interface. The radio audio quality is also uniformly better now
AditbukanYudis Hónapja
I forgot how beautiful the 2017 cars are
Crafty sounds weird
Teris tsan
Teris tsan Hónapja
Leclerc at 5:30 be like "I'm about to end this mans career" XD
VIDEOSAN-Car Crash Compilation
old but gold
RottieShep CALIBRE
3:46 the barrier "Ericsson hit me"
Vase Hónapja
To me these are the best looking cars in histrory
Ginginho 99
Ginginho 99 Hónapja
5:30 is that charles?
Mr.Waffle Hónapja
It hurts to compare his joy and success back in the days and now in 2020, after the departure of Kimi and Arrivabene, the engine scandal, his teammate being number one and him losing confidence, also by being given a car which doesn’t suit him in the slightest.
Ghosted Hónapja
At 5:31 theres Charles 😂😂
James osborn
James osborn Hónapja
what’s up with croftys voice?
Jimbo7 Hónapja
Probably sick
Fatihul Dhiya
Fatihul Dhiya Hónapja
hoarse voice
ヘラーHeller Hónapja
Old UI looks much better
Mr.Waffle Hónapja
No it really doesn't
Nofal 96
Nofal 96 Hónapja
No wonder MotoGP has more audience
Kle_ comm YT
Kle_ comm YT Hónapja
1 pit-stop for Vettel and He won the race 🤪
Jose Luiz
Jose Luiz Hónapja
Ferrari The Power of Dreams
Rafi Haifan
Rafi Haifan Hónapja
0:56 alain prost?
Jimbo7 Hónapja
Uh yeah, he's a Renault advisor so he's at most races
Attilioes Hónapja
5:31 quanto cazzo sei bello Charles ♥♥♥
Bruno gamer86
Bruno gamer86 Hónapja
ferrari golden days
Thomas Caswell
Thomas Caswell Hónapja
Watching in 2020 to remember when Ferrari could win 😓😓
Scipio Hónapja
3:41 “I think Grosjean hit us”
F4DED SliMe Hónapja
you can just see leclerc when Ferrari were celebrating
NoviRanger43 Hónapja
Crofty sounded ill...
Debarshi Biswas
Debarshi Biswas Hónapja
Can't wait till these glory days come back to Ferrari again, although I don't know how long the wait will be. And to Seb, I hope you can get back to your winning ways with Aston.
Mario Battaglia
Mario Battaglia Hónapja
5:01 I can clearly remember that team radio, every word and tone.
Angelo Greco
Angelo Greco Hónapja
i miss this moments of seb with ferrari
SNEAX_GT Hónapja
subscribe to my youtube channel for more exciting gt sport races!
Mohamed Benali
Mohamed Benali Hónapja
Hamilton didn't win?
Cage Hónapja
It's like gordon ramsey is commentating ahahah
Szilárd Balog
Szilárd Balog Hónapja
3:35 the sea is not moving :O
Raaid Ismail
Raaid Ismail Hónapja
What went wrong
CARL WongTW Hónapja
Last Ferrari win in Monaco
MRTsune1 Hónapja
3:43 Barrier : I think Ericsson hit us
fuckoffm8 Hónapja
5:32 CHARLS??? (left hand side)
Ayush Dwivedi
Ayush Dwivedi Hónapja
Look at Charles... Forza Ragazzi.. Forza Ferrari..Che vista....
NienkeKroeze Hónapja
The PokéPals
The PokéPals Hónapja
Why is this in my recommended 3 years later?
uAndré22 Hónapja
BB Hónapja
2017: Ferrari 1-2 2020: Ferrari 11-12 Hotel: Trivago Seb: Sbinnala
Ianツ Hónapja
Ae br
Exanderful Hónapja
It's so painful to watch now.. Back in a days when Ferrari gets 1-2 finish and what we have now
Ahmad Amin Abd Rashid
the commentator has lost his voice
No Name
No Name Hónapja
No i’m not crying
Janneck Keller
Janneck Keller Hónapja
Since this video is in the recommendation box again: On 28th November 2020, the Darth Vader actor died. One day later we see a formula 1 video with a stormtrooper and Darth Vader cosplay cutted in. I don't wanna say, that I solved HUrun algorithm but I am close. Now I'm gonna leave and keep searching for the masterkey to the algorithm.
Csaba Szabo
Csaba Szabo Hónapja
5:31 there is Leclerc.😂
陳鵬 Hónapja
I just now noticed that Vettel "waved" at the guy at 4:40
Mike Stanford
Mike Stanford Hónapja
"Pretty much unscathed" they're just expecting an accident at Monaco 😂
Pauli Pétas
Pauli Pétas Hónapja
Weird to see these modern proportion cars without halo after getting used to it after 2018.
SK Zabid Hassan
SK Zabid Hassan Hónapja
Quelli Del Gameplay
5.31 charles leclerc appears
MrAbuse96 Hónapja
5:31 isn't that a young Charles Leclerc lurking at his future team mate?
xXtheBr0ZXx Hónapja
i only realised now that Vettel actually waved back at the marshall giving him the thumbs up in his last lap. Incredible that he even saw that while driving.
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