2020 Abu Dhabi Grand Prix: Drivers' Pre-Race Interviews 

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Hear from the F1 grid as they look ahead to the final race weekend of the 2020 season - with emotional farewells and the final battle for crucial points taking centre stage...
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Deplorable , Another
All the teams are showing their colours at the moment. Haas in hiring Marsipan, Mercedes in effectively wasting Russell's career, Redbull in not hiring Perez, Ferrari in destroying Vettel, Racing Point in keeping Stroll, Williams in considering dropping Russell for a pay driver, McLaren in pushing e-cigarettes. The only team seemingly without politics is Alfa Romeo. Politics being a byword for "we know what we should be doing, but money".
Nailed it.
Nailed it. Hónapja
1:27 cameraman getting Silverstone flashbacks.🤕🤕🤕
linus Hónapja
Why is George that cool?
BadBoyMorales Hónapja
Have you guys notice how lance stroll always touches himself. Like self soothing during any interview
AX PETER Hónapja
Guys why aren't the drivers having a secret santa event?
Wilburn Rolfson
Wilburn Rolfson Hónapja
So let's count all the legend names we gonna have next year: Hamilton, Alonso, Vettel, Fittipaldi, Schumacher... I'm rly exited what about you guys?
LFCG Hónapja
4:18 is that a signal?
GawainAndor Hónapja
That was deep kimi
2017 Ferrari California T
German Dante
German Dante Hónapja
Hay que ser papasfritas al extremo para anunciar en español y la entrega en ingles.
Nemanja Vuletic
Nemanja Vuletic Hónapja
0:58 Probably not when i sainz the contract
Meron 1999
Meron 1999 Hónapja
Why is Russell still wearing Mercedes shirt and hat?
F1 Game Soundtracks
They've added captions to this video and it's brilliant.
Alex Hernandez
Alex Hernandez Hónapja
I hope it’s Dani last weekend
Karma Patel
Karma Patel Hónapja
why are many ignoring Daniil Kvyat. Most neglected driver of the year
Callum Bradke
Callum Bradke Hónapja
Russell needs to forget about it now. Every question is answered by going back to that
Andrew Arreguin
Andrew Arreguin Hónapja
If Sergio leaves, it's like the Illot situation, wasted talent
fahri muhammad
fahri muhammad Hónapja
olivier koster
olivier koster Hónapja
how come Goerge is still in his Mercedes outfit?
Israel Lewis
Israel Lewis Hónapja
Max is the only one to really talk about the championship.. whilst every other driver talked about their experience. It's interesting how he is the only one with a completely different mindset. I have a suspcious this is an internal struggle.
Lars Agerbæk
Lars Agerbæk Hónapja
Kimi solved the 'slipping-of-the-facemask-issue' with a pair of sunglasses.
Ganguly Raj
Ganguly Raj Hónapja
My boy George summed it up best in the last line: "Racing is brutal".
Leonard Baker
Leonard Baker Hónapja
Wow kimi was so chatty today
Santiago Trillo
Santiago Trillo Hónapja
Thanks for putting subtitles in Spanish, thank you very much
Sabroe Hónapja
I can't wait for Stroll to not be on the grid anymore. He's in F1, stop moping!
xSilverScreenx Hónapja
stroll and latifi have a voice you just want to punch.
Vyas Ponnuri
Vyas Ponnuri Hónapja
This is gonna be an emotional race weekend- Seb's last race in Ferrari, Magnussen's last in F1, probably Kvyat's last race, Daniel's last race for Renault, Carlos and Lando's last race together, and (hopefully not) Perez's last race
I Love Grapes
I Love Grapes Hónapja
Lance is spoiled
Thomas Gallinari
I've just realized so many drivers won't be on the grid next season! I'll miss them, even K-Mag I called him names so many times but I'll miss him too for sure!
Thomas Gallinari
Please give Checo a Haas seat instead of this Mazepin joke!
Ronan Hónapja
Seb may not have the best time with ferrari, but he is going to miss them.
sean patrick
sean patrick Hónapja
Bring padock pass back to youtube! I'm not going to F1 dot com, no sir.
Asha Latha
Asha Latha Hónapja
Kimi always been kimi
itsPortes Hónapja
Checo to redbull !!!
USMCLP Hónapja
Sometimes I feel like Giovinazzi doesn’t even exist.
Berke Çelik
Berke Çelik Hónapja
thanks for subtitle
Maky 6969
Maky 6969 Hónapja
Latifi doing a rap haha
Mr. Sr
Mr. Sr Hónapja
George is my hero now. He was able to make so many people his fans just by one race though he lost it. Doesn't matter. He showed his true potential and he's definitely the best but his car is holding him back. Obviously it's depends on both the driver and the car!
Lightening McQueen
Guess that last interview proves that George is gonna race for Mercedes this weekend instead of Lewis.
Kilik Hónapja
@Skulldetta Why age it was already confirmed when he wrote it no?
Skulldetta Hónapja
Well well well, that didn't age too well.
tiktok toyatoya
tiktok toyatoya Hónapja
I hope the Nikita nightmare is short
Dominik Klon
Dominik Klon Hónapja
So let's count all the legend names we gonna have next year: Hamilton, Alonso, Vettel, Fittipaldi, Schumacher... I'm rly exited what about you guys?
son Hónapja
I like this condensed video style @F1 @Formula 1 thank you
Matteo Maccio'
Matteo Maccio' Hónapja
If Hamilton was not racing this weekend, we could have had 14 drivers on the podium.
Ellis Thomas
Ellis Thomas Hónapja
Really hope Ferrari can get their act together and give Charles and Carlos a decent car.
Pierre and Leclerc are always pole sitters in the looks department in most of fangirls hearts. we will miss you both
Marco Verma
Marco Verma Hónapja
Thank you that you translated in German👍🙏🏽
Lington Daniel
Lington Daniel Hónapja
Last time Albon in a RedBull
micketkeong Hónapja
Albon: this is my last race for Red bull, so yeah, they are racing me hard
pj silvosa
pj silvosa Hónapja
Hope Russell doesn't race for mercedes this weekend.. Russell fanboys celebrating p9 and mediocrity is so disgusting to watch..
X banana X
X banana X Hónapja
The look in Lando's eyes when he realizes that Sainz will be at Ferarri after this race
sandriya jayanth
george was almost in tears:(
Rusty Kunts
Rusty Kunts Hónapja
What is it with Alfa Romeo’s drivers? Are they in witness protection?
Aum Pauskar
Aum Pauskar Hónapja
George is confused about the shirt But want to see him in that Mercedes next year hopefully.
puia hnamte
puia hnamte Hónapja
f1 please add 2 teams
Vic Avi
Vic Avi Hónapja
why do their masks keep falling off
Dhaniswara Janitra
Last race for magnussen, kvyat, perez/albon(maybe),
Maheswaran M
Maheswaran M Hónapja
Get in there Lewis ❤️🔥
Syaufi Shaharuddin
F1 drivers are on TV almost every day throughout the season. Why don't they bother to at least shave the beard on their necks
Syaufi Shaharuddin
n have a haircut every month
Hasib Rahman
Hasib Rahman Hónapja
Everyone even Merc: Russel in merc this weekend... LH : I'm not willing to give any more chance to the new kid..
nubserver Hónapja
Lewis could of set out this race...he's already the champion that always wins...let the other kids in the park have their fun man...
lakshmivallabh Hónapja
Crooby Hónapja
Ferrari friends ferrari friends.
Prithvi J
Prithvi J Hónapja
This is the last race for many team-mates in their own team 💔
Tom Bystander
Tom Bystander Hónapja
I feel like everyones going away to college and I'm not happy about it. Also bit dissapointing to say that max/charles didnt impress anyone this year
LeBryant Howard
LeBryant Howard Hónapja
All these pre-race interviews are like season-summary interviews. Why not just ask them the same questions after the season is over instead of now.
pinkblanky Hónapja
Can't wait for the next season. Would love the races to also be 50FPS!
Eliglitches The Glitching Master
Dude will Hamilton Not Race? In Abu Dhabi Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay
Jo Bic
Jo Bic Hónapja
I feel like Ferrari’s toxicity is going to break Carlos
Jo Bic
Jo Bic Hónapja
@Valéria Almeida vettel is a 4-time world champion and look what happened to him
Karan Choubey
Karan Choubey Hónapja
@Valéria Almeida I really hope so man
Valéria Almeida
He's not a rookie. He's tougher than he looks. He'll be ok.
Kenny Patts
Kenny Patts Hónapja
I really hope you’re wrong, but I don’t think you are.
Mats de Vink
Mats de Vink Hónapja
Kvyat for driver of the day!
J Petro
J Petro Hónapja
Russell to Redbull, Checo to Williams. 👍
Anonim Anonim
Anonim Anonim Hónapja
Red Bull doesn't want Russell
Rodrigo Bedin
Rodrigo Bedin Hónapja
Sebastian Vettel last stand. Go seb.
Gusfezio Hónapja
kimi: it's far from fun i think for everybod- gasly: IT'S BEEN INCREDIBLE
Mario Driessen
Mario Driessen Hónapja
Giovinazzi is highly underrated. There, I said it.
Jeremy Sebastian
So far one of the best overtaker this season
Googl Reviews
Googl Reviews Hónapja
Sergio needs to secure a seat, I think Racing Point is making a big mistake by choosing Vettel over Sergio, I mean ideally Srroll should be let go but we all know that will never happen as long as his dad is a majority owner, if he wasn't Stroll would likely be already gone.
marko milicevic
marko milicevic Hónapja
Everybody talking about checo, but what about the torpedo :(
Nathaniel Liew
Nathaniel Liew Hónapja
Me: *sergio perez speaking* hope to be back by 2022 Me: WHAT?! 2022?!
nahh toxii
nahh toxii Hónapja
Guys riccardo moves to mclaren lando rn: time to learn some new jokes yeeah boi
Henry Collins
Henry Collins Hónapja
Cancel the Ferrari contract. You could run faster than the Ferrari Carlos. It would be smarter to race car-los
Jake F1 MB
Jake F1 MB Hónapja
I’ll go run at 220 mph bye bye then
andy chen
andy chen Hónapja
same old story with Bottas (for way too long). Get him out of that seat and back to Williams
Anonim Anonim
Anonim Anonim Hónapja
Bottas should stay in Merc
Samu Nator37
Samu Nator37 Hónapja
They race me so brutal
Csanád Kardos
Csanád Kardos Hónapja
Charles saying “exceeding our expectations” and nodding look so much like when you say a phrase in a non-native language that you are proud of because you didn’t know you knew it
Sara Pitkänen
Sara Pitkänen Hónapja
avinash tiwari
avinash tiwari Hónapja
Lol so ture, he was like "is this the right phrase to use"???
louber Hónapja
3:55 lando's brain starting up
Pete Kay
Pete Kay Hónapja
Lance Stroll trying to justify a below par season 'missed opportunities on both sides of the garage' garbage.
Great Banter
Great Banter Hónapja
Perez is actually my new favourite driver and he better be picked up by someone next year. Class act
TheCoBBus Hónapja
I hate when Valtteri talks that he has not improved on what he set out to improve this year... its hard to improve on the saddle of a bicycle! Nico ditched everything to win lewis and it seems like VB is doing everything else but perfecting his driving skills
shawn redden
shawn redden Hónapja
This has to be the saddest and the best year of F1
Adham El Attar
Adham El Attar Hónapja
*Magnussen for Driver of the day*
Jeric Slater
Jeric Slater Hónapja
Verstappen in a Mercedes and we have a new Champion.
manat31790 Hónapja
Rosberg was Hamilton's teammate, and 2014-2016 were very exciting seasons. Don't believe for a second that Hamilton will not respond to Verstappen's threat if he actually beats him in the same car.
Jonathan Araújo Santiago Lima
I'm a Verstappening fan because of his talent and obstination, but I'm afraid putting him on a Merc would result in so boring seasons...
Seto Kaiba
Seto Kaiba Hónapja
I never expected kyvat to lose his seat. We lost mazepins dangerous reckless driving vs the torpedo kyvat into turn 1. Robbed of so many memes.
Dr. Locke
Dr. Locke Hónapja
Giovinazzi Sneaky watch flex with showing both hands to the cam
Perez deserves a seat over: Ocon Bottas Albon Antonio Mazipan Stroll Latifi Norris And yes even Seb..... 🤷‍♂️
11RossLeronX Hónapja
I love how George is still a Mercedes 😂
Nihal Thomas
Nihal Thomas Hónapja
Kimi: What’s happening in the world...is far from fun for anybody... Gasly: ITS BEEN INCREDIBLE
4:18 russel Mercedes 😭
THE Riften Guard
here is a theory... kvyat MIGHT replace gio in alfa. hmmmm. i mean i WOULD say that dani IS stronger overall than gio...
TiltEV Hónapja
Ferrari has control over Gio's seat Their junior academy is stacked aswell, I expected Gio to be replaced by one of them but Schumacher ended up going to Haas
João Queiroz
João Queiroz Hónapja
Vettel looks young on this. Leaving Ferrari is already starting to pay off
sheamus Hónapja
nooo lewis is coming back >.< I wanted another chaotic race for the end. Oh well it's been a great season in spite of everything.
COTTö Hónapja
Every single driver: It was fun, an amazing experience, I'll miss this, etc. Kimi and George: *P A I N*
Communist Russia
@Zuhair Ul Haq a fellow b99 fan
Zuhair Ul Haq
Zuhair Ul Haq Hónapja
Raymond Holt style
Tom Ferris
Tom Ferris Hónapja
I still can't believe that SEB is leaving
TiltEV Hónapja
At least Racing Point / Aston Martin looks strong and easier to drive
Shaun Pinto
Shaun Pinto Hónapja
I don’t know but you can see the hate and negativity is having a impact on Albon
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