2020 Abu Dhabi Grand Prix: Drivers' Press Conference Highlights 

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Catch up with all the pre-race weekend chat as the drivers look ahead to the final race of the season while also reflecting on what has been a busy and momentous year.
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Aaron Berry
Aaron Berry Hónapja
Bottas secured the spot to keep Hamilton and Mercedes happy. They don't want a Rosberg/Hamilton battle situation with Russell in 2021. Allowing Bottas to secure 2nd ahead of Hamilton was a way for them to justify keeping Bottas and a way to secure 2nd in the driver's championship for him. I feel if they let Hamilton pass him, it would have allowed him to come under threat from behind; they of course did not want that to happen. So they used Hamilton to assist in controlling the top 3 and secure bottas for 2021 and justify their contracts to more or less secure an 8th consecutive for Hamilton next year. Hamilton is likely holding off on signing probably due in part to the uncertainty of who is teammate would be as he doesn't want to continue unless he knows he can secure #1 next year. It seems he allowed Bottas to win this week as he knows 9/10 he can beat him and more or less, guarantee the #1 standing next year for the championship. With a new teammate, that of course would come under threat.
TheOnlyMillz Hónapja
Alex looks so defeated
The Ritual Channel
scrawny F1 drivers....can those cars really that physically demanding?
Space Martian
Space Martian Hónapja
These interviewers can be so toxic, stirring up things for their publications. It is what it is, but still, how about being creative and interesting? We need another “rising number one of formula one juan...” lol
Álvarob Hónapja
Is F1 driving too complicated.... We missed him this year.
Xavier Morla
Xavier Morla Hónapja
The questions towards Alex are excruciating just to hear
Andy Aim
Andy Aim Hónapja
Max not taking any responsibility for not seeing the gravel
Harshad Fad
Harshad Fad Hónapja
What an emotional year coming to an end at F1...
Jamie D
Jamie D Hónapja
Ricciardo: How can I avoid saying I learned nothing from Ocon...?
Sakhe Sengwayo
Sakhe Sengwayo Hónapja
Perez deserves a seat.
Yeet Yeet
Yeet Yeet Hónapja
What does George mean with „this is only my secend race for Mercedes"?
Steev Hónapja
Some drivers should understand that if people don't want them driving a car and people don't enjoy watching them, drivers should leave and make space for others.
Steev Hónapja
Why does George sound more British than Lewis??👀
Justin Williford
Kevin Magnusson is a gem of a human being.
oddchameleon Hónapja
Hear me out: perez replaces mazepin next season....
A B Hónapja
Russell's voice would've been great for documentaries.
michael welch
michael welch Hónapja
There’s a HUrun video of Alonso driving here at Abu Dhabi in his season winning car, wow, looks very fast and sounds amazing,
LabGorilla Hónapja
Drivers swap cars every race. We find out who the best car and the best driver is at the end of the season. Russel showed last week how someone from the back can do when in the right machine. Racing would be amazing and the best car manufacturer would still win. But by swapping drivers every race, we would find out who the best of them all really is.
Michael B
Michael B Hónapja
Put Kimi in the Merc 😳
Dhruv Arora
Dhruv Arora Hónapja
Really bizarre questions to Jack and Latifi. Kinda disrespectful. Should've rather asked Jack how did it feel to be racing, instead of his future which we all knew was uncertain? Don't you agree @F1?
David Connolly
David Connolly Hónapja
We need a new team with the Hulk and Checo
Bottas is #2 but treated like he has never been on the podium!!! Sad
A. Vargas
A. Vargas Hónapja
12:15 Little happy mistake
robbert van doesburg
Sebs hairline is receding faster than his driving.
klinsman Agam
klinsman Agam Hónapja
He did great!!!
Jankan Hónapja
i cant stand those privileged guys ! F1 cars are much more important than a driver, just admit it ! you are where you are coz of incredible luck, conections, or money, there like 100 drivers that could replace you any day, ithis is no a sport. Drivers in F1 are spoiled...
TheHjkkkl Hónapja
If RedBull don't swap Albon then they just don't have the management it takes to win a championship anymore. They need two beasts behind the wheel if they want a chance at beating silver arrows. Albon is fighting with the renaults...
StratisGaming Hónapja
Last night I dreamed that Hamilton tested positive (again) and George would be racing in Abu Dhabi Today I woke up and I was met with heartbreak.exe
prostylogin Hónapja
I can't stand Russel there is no spine in this boy.
Krishna Kireeti Tata
I'm asking for too much but it would be awesome if he got to q3 .
lakai2305 Hónapja
Respect to Kevin putting Romain in the light he deserves to be seen in!
Sven Schmitz
Sven Schmitz Hónapja
'It's only my second grand prix in the Mercedes' ........ 😭😭😭
al ferrari
al ferrari Hónapja
Ham was so eager to come back to show wat he is made of
LeffPlay _
LeffPlay _ Hónapja
Red Bull have to take Checo under Contract
Muhd Nazif
Muhd Nazif Hónapja
Dear F1 if you don't want to edit the subtitles, at least make it available for auto generate because it's hard for us that's not speak English every day
Apis4 Hónapja
"And Daniel, what did you learn from Ocon"... Bwha.... bwhaha......bwahhahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha
Douglas Conner
Douglas Conner Hónapja
Alex is way to high on his performances. Time to get honest with yourself dude
Panos El
Panos El Hónapja
16:15 is that the long question guy?
Reverbera Hónapja
Mebli Jebli
Mebli Jebli Hónapja
Putin interviews people now?
jc87930 Hónapja
Bottas, bless him, is a great sportsman, but he is just not fast....
17M323 Mohamed Irshadh K
who are all thinking alex vs perez in races overtake
Tash Scre3n
Tash Scre3n Hónapja
Give checo, hulk, magnussen a seat Make magnussen the driver of the day this weekend as a goodbye. Give George another chance. That's what on my mind right now!
Eunhyuk Won
Eunhyuk Won Hónapja
*See Russell in Benz Livery* I want him to drive the Monster again!
Harshit Pandey
Harshit Pandey Hónapja
Germany 2018, still hurts. I can never forget Seb's onboard and team radio when he hit the barriers.
TheJokerit19 Hónapja
The sad thing about not having any journos in the press conferences this year is the lack of question by Walter Koster. I guess he can't get his connection work decently enough to ask through a video.
aniqazri Hónapja
Man Kay
Man Kay Hónapja
I hope... William will have a better car next year, so that George will have a fair chance in beating Max everytime..so we will have 3 Mercedes 1,2 and 3
Loretta A
Loretta A Hónapja
I dont like that people are blaming Vettel from Perez not getting a seat tho... People should be kinda weirded out that Alonso wants to come back and which added another veteran to the grid!
waza987 Hónapja
Put Russell against Hamilton for a week just to see what happens. After all Mercedes already have the titles.
Parent control
Parent control Hónapja
2021 mclaren: riccardo norris Aston martin: Stroll vettel Redbull: Verstappen RUSSELL ferrari: Leclerc Sainz
GamingOver Galaxy
Haas could have kept magnussen rather than mazepin
B Hónapja
Ocon and Daniel really don't match
B Hónapja
Ocon and anyone really don't match
Alberto Álvarez García
Seb still talks about Germany 2018 🥺
Jason Hónapja
Did Lewis break out of isolation or something?
Rion Pereira
Rion Pereira Hónapja
No one will ever have a relationship in f1 like Carlos and Lando did as teammates
Pavan kumar M
Pavan kumar M Hónapja
12:16 did econ say "pussing"? lol😂😂
Thomas Van Hezel
He certainly did haha
Anuj Punyarthi
Anuj Punyarthi Hónapja
Plot twist : Lewis wants to drive the last race because he is retiring end of season 👀👁️
Sven Schmitz
Sven Schmitz Hónapja
I was thinking that last week 😄 'What of he was about to retire and now because he will miss the last to races he will decide to add another year' That would have been quite the uno reverse card. What first just seemed like sth that would give us an exciting race, would end up giving us 20 more boring ones
JC Hónapja
hahahahahaha crybaby george
my school lunch money will be on KMag making it to top 5 for Mr.Grosjean ☺️
Dear Greek Gods and Goddesses of the Greek Mythology, pls. make Bottas test positive tonight Thank you so much too much with lots of love 😁🙏😁🙏😁🙏😁🙏😁🙏😁🙏😁🙏😁🙏😁🙏😁🙏🙏😁🙏😁🙏
Legoo Jan
Legoo Jan Hónapja
wish sergio have seat next year
finnish_boy7 Hónapja
Final grazie ragazzi for Seb, can't believe this is his final race for Ferrari❤️
finnish_boy7 Hónapja
Where's Lewis?
J Chef
J Chef Hónapja
Are lewis racing????...??????
Rudresh Prabhakaran
spread the word: K Mag for driver of the day, he deserves it.
nealynealster Hónapja
The trio of steiner grosjean and kmag were a constant since i started watching f1. Im really going to miss grosjean and magnussen- they were great guys
Vishal bharadwaj
Thanks a lot to Kevin, Romain, Kvyat, Perez for the amazing moments you’ve given in F1 . I hope the best for all of you in future
pj silvosa
pj silvosa Hónapja
Really glad Russell is back to williams this weekend.. Russell fanboys celebrating p9 is quite disturbing tbh.. Been wondering if his fanboys were retards or something..
2jzandy s
2jzandy s Hónapja
Don’t even waste your time watching Abu Dhabi. Lewis 1st, Bottas 2nd, Verstappen 3rd.
Jacob Hónapja
George, The man comes back...
Abhay Kumar Parashar
Hamilton returns, again a boring F1 weekend and abu dhabi grand prix too..
Cherry Hónapja
Shout out to Kevin, Romain and Kvyat.
Cherry Hónapja
Of course Lewis does not want a youngster to put his car on pole and podium .. he has to come back even though if he's not feeling 100%.
slylockdefox246 Hónapja
Painful to watch Albon... He's saying he done well but he isn't.
Francis Nequinto
When did Putin became an F1 journalist
EdGaming_Yt Hónapja
Lewis should have given Russell the chance to prove himself again.
RottieShep CALIBRE
6:50 Atkins has gone all 1980's with them shorts (apologies if name spelt wrong)
Nicholas David Hutabarat
Merc's crew is very Lewis-ultimate-biased
GloomGaiGar Hónapja
because he is a contracted driver until the year ends
Atilcan Malak
Atilcan Malak Hónapja
Man, Seb really is a legend
Angelo Noziglia
Angelo Noziglia Hónapja
Ricciardo couldnt say anything nice about Esteban so he made up something on the spot with a high speed corner that even surprised Esteban lol
Hz S
Hz S Hónapja
you can hate his race craft , but you cant hate kevin for the person he is...
Syaufi Shaharuddin
At this point most people don't even want to watch 7 time world champion Lewis Hamilton to return to Abu Dhabi
Marcus Ramos
Marcus Ramos Hónapja
I hate albon he plays the victim an dumb all the time ,so tired of him talking
Stanley Lau
Stanley Lau Hónapja
Can't believe Russell wasted his Thursday to wear Mercedes' shirt before the announcement that he is going back to Williams. Lack of preparations for him;
YouTube Commenter
"Checo has a seat 2021", heard that said. With which team?
la Putin
la Putin Hónapja
Kvyat,romain,checo, Magnusson You will be missed
John Leven
John Leven Hónapja
Not happy at all about Lewis' return. You got the championship already. Take a break man.
fabook1 Hónapja
K mag with the kindness
Rezaya Mahananda
Cant lewis just take a vacation somewhere lol. Give George another chance in that car.
Thumbnail doesnt match with the Interview George hahah
Matthew Roth
Matthew Roth Hónapja
Thank you all gentlemen for this season, it was a fun ride.
ReBeLhIpI Hónapja
Interesting words from Kvyat.
Portela simracer
Hamilton:quiero correr. Mercedes:sisi,que George te la lía.
ItMeansSun Hónapja
If "Not just once, but twice" doesn't become a meme then the F1 fans have disappointed me
"Drive the car, this amazing car that is so satisfying to drive" I think Kevin forgot he's in a Haas...
yulmp2 Hónapja
It think Haas should have signed Kylie Jenner. She is a billionaire and that seems to be the major prerequisite.
Marjan B
Marjan B Hónapja
I want to vote more drivers of the day instead of one. Miss them. Still rooting for my guy Kvyat
GirlonBus Hónapja
Sorry F1, tired old questions from the same people, or speculation on 2022 to drivers focusing on 2020 last race and 2021 is not interesting. 😳 you can do better.
30 second ads. Censorship. HUrun is going down the tube.
AH Hmm
AH Hmm Hónapja
Sigh.... I am not a fan of the Russel hype train. He is beyond boring.
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