2020 Abu Dhabi Grand Prix: FP1 Highlights 

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Check out the highlights from first practice in Abu Dhabi, where Mick Schumacher took to the track in his first practice session for Haas and Lewis Hamilton returned to the Mercedes.
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R4M_Slave GT
R4M_Slave GT Hónapja
Nobody gonna mention how Schumacher is 3 Seconds faster than Fittipaldi on his first time in the car? I mean, I don't know wether that speaks for one of them or against the other or both or if thy just did some slow runs with Fittipaldi but 3 seconds is a lot...
Mercury Hónapja
I dont understand how russel is 18th. What happened he was the fastest with his young skills why isnt he on top 3?
Yhwh yhwh
Yhwh yhwh Hónapja
sorry but i was expecting to watch highlights of the race not this....
Renata Tostada
Renata Tostada Hónapja
0:20 Hamilton's car trying to express who it really wants to drive it
Mujahid Islam
Mujahid Islam Hónapja
Ricciardo: "I have a problem" Renault: "Understood" Leclerc: "The front left tyre is punctured" Ferrari: "Copy, we are checking. Slow button on"
K. Paula
K. Paula Hónapja
Let's go
Blaise Hónapja
George is P-18 where he rightfully belongs 🤓
SRG kynX
SRG kynX Hónapja
When is the GP again ?
Emi Hirst
Emi Hirst Hónapja
Schumacher and Fittipaldi - two names I haven't heard on an F1 show in Donkey's Years ^_^
JPedro BR
JPedro BR Hónapja
He atacc he protecc but the most importantly Lulu is bacc
Go Ferrari and grazie ragazzi
Daps R.
Daps R. Hónapja
I can't believe Perez is gone, but Stroll is still here.....
Sal Nero
Sal Nero Hónapja
Well it's not at all astonishing that Lewis, young n fit, is back from a fever...
Aozotra Hónapja
hmm wished ham gave russ a drive but even now it’s weird saying that why would he if he’s healthy
Raj Sinha
Raj Sinha Hónapja
Believe me or not, there is something in Lewis's car..
Vivek Hónapja
Nice to see kubica
Davide Loi
Davide Loi Hónapja
We want Russel in Mercedes next year. I personally want to see him vs Hamilton. LH always said he wanted real competition right? Please, give him that lol.
Mishael Trivennios
The last HAMboring race of the year zzzzzzzzzzz
tonywu Hónapja
Imagine the Haas line up would be Schumacher and Fittipaldi...
Gustavo Oliveira Cavalcanti
Fittipaldi isn't prepared for this task apparently
mppr sk.
mppr sk. Hónapja
I mean that track *
mppr sk.
mppr sk. Hónapja
Can we find the music from the background?
decinak Hónapja
Thanks for every moment with v10 with Fernando !
The Drunk Koala
The Drunk Koala Hónapja
Please please please Redbull sign Perez.
Nippo Hónapja
Poor Leclerc ...
simon north
simon north Hónapja
George Lloyd
Glen Kruger
Glen Kruger Hónapja
Yea but he didnt fit in the car at all and still did amazing
Holy Frenk
Holy Frenk Hónapja
Jadiel Colon
Jadiel Colon Hónapja
The video is very amazing and very action
Bucky L
Bucky L Hónapja
I really hope they do a secret santa
Ali Raza
Ali Raza Hónapja
So hamilton cant drive a messy car?
BN Waffelgott
BN Waffelgott Hónapja
Hamilton: has breake problems Albon: *GEOOOOOOOORGE*
Dede Ramola
Dede Ramola Hónapja
Gua yang bacanya FPI
jay smooth
jay smooth Hónapja
Who was hoping for Russell to get a second chance? 😢
Mogster Kupo
Mogster Kupo Hónapja
"Lewis Hamilton is back." 😡 Don't you mean Roscoe is back?
corey driggers
corey driggers Hónapja
So quarantine for 14 days after a positive test was always unessesary? I assumed so, guess I was right. The hypocrisy and inconsistency has been out of control but unfortunately so many have not noticed and believe whatever they're told to believe from day to day. Anyway, rant over, take care...
Krishna Sisodiya
FP1 : Raikkonen, Kubica, Schumacher, Fittipaldi, Verstappen. Wow👍
p1502 Hónapja
Nobody talks about Ferrari now.... Woaa
TheSpiikki Hónapja
The goat is back
Girish Babu Gnanamothe
Not interested now. Shakir Grand Prix shows A GREAT HEROIC TEAM ALSO ALSO HAVE A VILLAIN FACE INSIDE.
Gustavo Domingos
Formula 1, the FIA ​​and Haas are inconsequential when they let Nikita Mazepin drive in the category and in Haas in 2021. The guy talks a lot of nonsense (not to mention anything else) on social media and stays for that very reason. That's a shame, and he doesn't deserve to drive an F1 car at all
The Raccoon
The Raccoon Hónapja
Unpopular opinion Russell, while he did an amazing job last week, to say that he outpaced and outraced Bottas? I mean, Valtteri was catching him going like 2-4 tenths a lap faster before the pitstops where he only lost astronomical amounts of time and gained nothing in return. Seems kinda biased to me.
elmin Hónapja
Lewis is back its going to be borring
baby yoda partake
Bottas is going to win this one.
baby yoda partake
Hamilton: So George has big feet eh? Mechanics: that's not all that is big on him.
Tri Mulyadi
Tri Mulyadi Hónapja
Questionable for Bottas quality.... Last race without Lewis, Mercedes failing apart.
Abdhiel Avrieza Suri Triananda
I hope, George Russel got his first point in Williams..
Beaudoin Motorsports
George hates driving his Golf Cart against F1 cars again
Omega Gamer
Omega Gamer Hónapja
Ah Lewis is back well don't have to watch this race 😂
Arshtatine ID
Arshtatine ID Hónapja
George: 'How was the DA-' Williams: 'Huh?' George: 'Uhh, never mind guys'
JS Hónapja
I wish they let Russel have another weekend in the Merc.
Rob Duguay
Rob Duguay Hónapja
Russell in his Williams: What is this a yoke? This car has a GP2 Engine. Alonso: The kid is learning.
skua stone
skua stone Hónapja
George messed up Hamilton's Merc.😡
Steev Hónapja
Fitipaldi and Schumacher in haas...not even imagined in the wildest dreams😆🙌🏻
Carl Apfel
Carl Apfel Hónapja
Let’s suppose Hamilton is leading in the race, Bottas is close behind and Verstappen is catching Bottas. Will Valtteri ask the Team, that he can pass Hamilton for the Championship?
Jonathan Adrian
Jonathan Adrian Hónapja
Gracias por los subtítulos!!! Son unos genios👌
EMPORiO 5112
EMPORiO 5112 Hónapja
0:37 Russell explaining DAS to Williams.
M&M 123
M&M 123 Hónapja
M&M 123
M&M 123 Hónapja
sadman hoque
sadman hoque Hónapja
where's the video about Alonso doing the 'young' driver's practice?
Tosa Hónapja
Names mean nothing. show what you got, if you have any.
Jabid21 Hónapja
Three best cars this season. Mercedes W11 Mercedes W10 Whatever Verstappen drives
B T Hónapja
Almost 10 years since we last saw SCHUMACHER writed on a timing sheet😌
Golden Smith
Golden Smith Hónapja
Who wants to see Hamilton vs Russell in the same Mercedes?
Alex E
Alex E Hónapja
Nobody cares that Hamilton is back, pretty sure everyone would rather see if Russel could beat Bottas again
firm1z Hónapja
He shoulda sat out, he has nothing to prove. Lewis sitting out for Russell would speak leaps and bounds about his character. In my opinion, that would have been the thing to do.
Jonathan García
Maria Teresa Vallejo
Jajajajaja que está grabandooooo
Maria Teresa Vallejo
Me encanta el video
Defaulted Default
Well if that doesn't confirm Ham's success is all down to the car then you're dumb.
cameron passmore
Spaced Invader
Spaced Invader Hónapja
"Lewis Hamilton is back" - X window
Barth A.
Barth A. Hónapja
Schumacher is back on the field.
Bonjovi AE
Bonjovi AE Hónapja
I miss the mighty Vettel, the Federer of F1.
Jonny Homealone
Jonny Homealone Hónapja
Why was Schumacher in car??
This music is fantastic what is the songs name and who is the artist?
RaceRythms Hónapja
George: This is a sick joke at this point
Nick Rydar
Nick Rydar Hónapja
Just proves how overated Hamilton is only has one car to beat. Would love to see Riccardo or verstappen in a merc but Mercedes want to guarantee lewis doesn't have competition.
Fast Driver22
Fast Driver22 Hónapja
earL Hónapja
what are those teardrop shaped things at the left and right side of the engine intake on Perez' Racing Point?
Olie To Olaw7
Olie To Olaw7 Hónapja
no russel redemption but at least lewis is ok
Robert Griggs
Robert Griggs Hónapja
“Out paced and out raced by bottas” Dude, did you watch the Grand Prix last weekend? Russell embarrassed bottas from start to finish 😂
Joseph Whakaari
Joseph Whakaari Hónapja
Robert kubiza finally out qualifying Russel 🤣🤣
Adrian Jabs
Adrian Jabs Hónapja
Salut Schumi !
Wilfrid Whishaw
Wilfrid Whishaw Hónapja
what does fp1 and fp2 mean. I'm kinda new to f1
Turrican 4D
Turrican 4D Hónapja
0:03 If I were one of the mechanics, I'd run miles away, the instant Lulu Superpreading Hamilton shows up.
Turrican 4D
Turrican 4D Hónapja
A negative test late inti the infection doesn't mean, you are not infective! There is a reason, most countries have 14 days of quarantine in their laws, regardless, if you come up with a negative test result.
Turrican 4D
Turrican 4D Hónapja
0:03 Se, he's not only breaking quarantine laws, but abuse dogs, too.
Ivan Pedraza G.
Ivan Pedraza G. Hónapja
Gracias por los subtítulos!!!
caleb wheel
caleb wheel Hónapja
Real shame that F-1 is not a meritocracy.
Tookster Hónapja
Nice "2 week" isolation period for lewis huh?
Max_Gr Hónapja
3:40 F-zero sound flashback anyone ??
Mahi Hónapja
Are we not gonna talk about the new WR for fastest lap around Abu Dhabi?
Mark Mitchell
Mark Mitchell Hónapja
George's back in his mower then
Евгений Торопов
track name?
Sergio David Buitron
Russell ha dado un paso atras en su carrera y que maravilla volver a ver un Schumacher en F1.
MimM Hónapja
Nice music
Frahman Hónapja
3:19 Ronaldo at yas marina
Sam sam
Sam sam Hónapja
Please no more Halminton its to mach 🙏😅😅🦍🦍🦍🦍
Cairnsy92 Hónapja
Waiting for red bull to announce Perez signing like ☠️
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