2020 Eifel Grand Prix: Drivers' Press Conference Highlights 

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There was lots of excitement building on Thursday as F1 returned to the Nurburgring for the first time since 2013 - here are all the best bits as the drivers looked ahead to race weekend...
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Zeike Abren Millones
My rivals m shoumacher
Nikhil J V
Nikhil J V 11 napja
does anyone else skip to kimis part
Werevertumoto 11 napja
4:28 "in F1 until you don't have anything signed, everything is in the air"... well even if you have something signed
Grzegorz Lisiecki
Since journalists are asking so much let me do the job and give you answer here. Kimi should be declare an international Treasure and for this all F1 journalists should start their day bowing to Kimi's picture (can be a painting) and make a list of 10 questions they want Kimi not to answer. Done.
akum longchar
akum longchar 11 napja
Should ask stroll...why Perez out and u r in...???
johnj 12 napja
Gio got it wrong way around. Kimi is his last F1 team mate...
David Gretlein
David Gretlein 12 napja
Wait 20 years and Honda will try and get back into the sport....they come and go, come and go.
3:45 That jacket Bottas is wearing looks tough as. Is there any chance I can buy one?
Sano Shimano
Sano Shimano 12 napja
Nobody: Ferrari: WE COLD
Newbil Pun
Newbil Pun 12 napja
I am kinda scared of this race
masi pz
masi pz 12 napja
I really wish could see Checo more on f1
Paul Rabaino
Paul Rabaino 12 napja
Crotes1990 13 napja
I love how Alfa Romeo asked Kimi if he wanted to sign for another year.
Louis Beeston
Louis Beeston 13 napja
Anyone else really badly wanted to see f1 race a Nurburgring again?
m._cello 13 napja
It is so obvious that not one of the drivers is motivated to be at this press conference. They all give the same institutional politically correct answer. It is so boring
Onur Ozuvar
Onur Ozuvar 13 napja
Anyone understands what kimi says?
Jon Port
Jon Port 13 napja
Didn't Perez sound a lot like Hulkenburg last season when being asked about his future by Scott Mitchell
Stupidity 13 napja
Red bull having an new power unit when honda pulls out could be better since honda is controversially, the worst power unit on the grid so it could spark better chances for the bulls
Stupidity 13 napja
How was FP1 and FP2
mynameis63 13 napja
Kimi red pilling the brainwashed masses. True hero right there.
Hannah Anderson
Hannah Anderson 13 napja
I'm Alone 😍😥
Fernando Rodriguez
i can't believe people are watching this boring thing
Jasjeet Singh
Jasjeet Singh 13 napja
Red bull drivers' reaction to honda leaving F1: yeah so uhhh... Yeah!
Antoan Hady
Antoan Hady 13 napja
Why are these guys in jackets, is the press conference outside or F1 is saving on electricity, cash running low?
Jeanette Furås
Jeanette Furås 13 napja
I'm Single 😍😥
Sugar Daddy
Sugar Daddy 13 napja
The "it is a shame" counter just broke
ashley lobo
ashley lobo 13 napja
Terrence Tulani
Terrence Tulani 13 napja
Sergio: EHHH bwoah
The Dark Knight
The Dark Knight 13 napja
We can expect rain but not for Race 😅
Daniel M
Daniel M 13 napja
"let Red Bull know you're available?" "I think they're aware"
Edward Mazzoleri GAWP
Kimi : yeah i bla bla bla
Erwin Acosta
Erwin Acosta 13 napja
I'm single 😥😥😥😥😥
Harvey Lim
Harvey Lim 13 napja
I don't know about you guys but I'm kinda worried about lewis. He seems so unenthusiastic and depressed lately
Tony Cox
Tony Cox 13 napja
He's more concerned about saving the planet and black lives these days. 😊
Hhhh Kkkk
Hhhh Kkkk 13 napja
Kimi: 2021 Will be my last year 2050: Kimi racing against his son
Rafał Kuwik
Rafał Kuwik 13 napja
Sergio: 'In F1 everything is in the air until you have anything signed' (or, even after, for that matter)
Philip Neumann
Philip Neumann 13 napja
Albon said he still has 1 1/2 years with Honda left... I doubt it 😂
MegaKrittapas 13 napja
Cheer up Thai F1 driver ,,Alex su su ...from Thailand
FrostMelon 13 napja
Funny Gio. Proud of being Kimi teammate maybe the last one. Yeah maybe he is "your" last teammate...giggle.
Captain Luds
Captain Luds 13 napja
And yet again Lewis supports the communist revolution. I cannot even begin to describe the disdain I have for that man.
Rahul Shinde
Rahul Shinde 13 napja
Honda is leaving for a proper reason and according to their vision. Can anyone explain me why it is a shame that they are leaving???!🤨🤨
Jonas Jaagur
Jonas Jaagur 10 napja
Verstappen means to say that he thinks it's too bad Honda is leaving Formula 1. But he also says he understands their reason why.
TheFulcrum2000 13 napja
Looks like the drivers are in some sort of ice cellar (that's racing in Germany in October for you) :-)
Danny Prast54
Danny Prast54 13 napja
seeing Honda's F1 history : Putin putout putout putin putout putin putin putout
Blame 13 napja
Did Kimi forget how to speak in english? What happened.
Karl Woodhead
Karl Woodhead 13 napja
The interviewers need to simplify their questions - way too convoluted and far too wordy.
Ave Jaly
Ave Jaly 13 napja
I agree. The drivers often have to re-ask for the second part of the question. It's THAT long.
Stefan CK
Stefan CK 13 napja
No Antonio, Kimi will be YOUR last team mate in Formula One.
shusan khatiwada
Take a shot everytime Alex says "yeah"
Robert Blay
Robert Blay 13 napja
The drivers always look like they would rather stick needles in there eyes, then take part in these press conferences 😄
Ruth Gibbons
Ruth Gibbons 13 napja
Really hope Sergio gets a team!
Zest Monkey
Zest Monkey 13 napja
If bernie exxlestone was still head honcho he'd be slyly sabotaging mercs engines every week
Tiberiu Anghelina
I think Kimi will be the last team mate of Jovanozzi, not the other way around.
Dev Mishra
Dev Mishra 13 napja
Interviewer: Hey boy, what's your name? Albon: Same as what Max said, so yeah. 😂
2bh14hek 14 napja
No overheating issues this weekend. Probably the only race where people spin coz the tyres won't heat up.
4X4Taco 14 napja
Checo at redbull would be a dream to see.
Gaurav Singh
Gaurav Singh 14 napja
Please rain in qualifying🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽
B 14 napja
Sebastian still doesn't have a mask that fits
Ewok FromEndor
Ewok FromEndor 14 napja
*Here's a great idea to help improve F1. With the teams that are stuck at the back of the field, let's give them more test time to help improve their car's aerodynamically.. *When the FIA are very biased to helping Ferrari to get back to winning. Where was this rule for McLaren and Williams in recent past years.. maybe Frank wouldn't have to have sold out.. 🤔🤔🤔 Biased FIA.
Ewok FromEndor
Ewok FromEndor 14 napja
You can tell that Lance hasn't spent much time in Canada ⛄🃏🏅
Ewok FromEndor
Ewok FromEndor 14 napja
How has this got more views than the EIFEL GP weekend warm-up show?? I don't think that happens much, does it? 🤔🤔
PRIS 14 napja
I need Valteri's Jacket
Stonks 14 napja
Dear fans please don't expect rain coz it's not gonna happen
D3DSTR1K3R 14 napja
Rumours: KiMi SiGnEd A cOnTrAcT Kimi: no
Daniel M
Daniel M 13 napja
He did go on a long time for that particular reply
Shayaan Azeem
Shayaan Azeem 14 napja
most boring ever
Venu Krithish
Venu Krithish 14 napja
I'm getting a feeling Grosjean is definitely leaving and Magnussen may or may not stay
Potato Pants
Potato Pants 14 napja
Sorry Gio, but Kimi's last teammate will be Robin Raikkonen in 2032...
Motorsports Guy
Motorsports Guy 14 napja
Always on Honda. Max can win this race I hope.
Señor Perto
Señor Perto 14 napja
7:28 Sign of relief knowing that the next question was not for him. Go Kimi!
De'Angelo Stephenson
I realty hope Netflix is making a f1 season three
MrLocomaximo 14 napja
Keep Interlagos! Keep Interlagos!
MrLocomaximo 14 napja
Keep Interlagos! Keep Interlagos!
MrLocomaximo 14 napja
Nice question for Lance
Nathan Boulton
Nathan Boulton 14 napja
Take a shot everytime someone says a word
R C 13 napja
Okay, I'll play.😁😁😁
John Smith
John Smith 14 napja
Is Latifi the only driver in F1 who can properly speak English?
sharad oadd
sharad oadd 14 napja
0:00 Redbull 1:41 Mercedes 3:49 Racing Point 5:57 Alpha Tauri 6:49 Alfa Romeo 10:04 Ferrari 11:29 Renault 13:47 Haas 15:07 McLaren 16:51 Williams
Warren M
Warren M 14 napja
So Daniel, as the unofficial ambassador from Red Bull can you tell us about their feelings on possibly being forced back to Renault? I so wanted the honest answer from Daniel “I’m not sure if you’ve kept up with f1 the last few years, but I am now driving for Renault and will be driving for McLaren with a Mercedes pu in 2022 so I really, really don’t give a rats” Seriously, the questions are prerecorded and that was the best and most relevant you could come up with?
mbah google gaming
Lets pray for rain and temp below 2 degree
Eliet Morales
Eliet Morales 14 napja
Alex "YEA" Albon
Andi Marginean
Andi Marginean 14 napja
Racing at the north pole?
Hevel Barrett
Hevel Barrett 14 napja
what watch is max wearing at the start?
J 14 napja
5:36 "There's just no need for violence off the track" Violence on the track is fair game then. Maldonado will be pleased.
Lyuze 13 napja
Honestly, that was what struck me about that response, it seemed like Lance just gave the PR response, I don't think he actually cares. The main issue wasn't the violence off track, thats always been a part of racing. The issue was throwing a bumper in the path of drivers on track seemingly with the intent of causing a crash or injury. Idk, I just wasn't satisfied with strolls answer
MimM 14 napja
Where do they do these interviews? In a refrigerator?
Tramaine318 14 napja
These masks are making people wayyyyy more stupider! Seriously
Jonathan Hyatt
Jonathan Hyatt 14 napja
I wonder who would win if every person on the grid had the same car.
Samanthaflower 13 napja
Lewis! He was able to jump into F1 and equal Alonso who was the reigning WDC at the time! Has any driver on the grid ever done that?
Corey Rod
Corey Rod 13 napja
Hamilton would win
diesel 13 napja
It would be fascinating to see who really is the best driver..
Lucas Cavalcante Costa
Ah yes f1, cut when LH talk about the forest you are willing to destroy
Rayboss302 14 napja
Sorry I can’t watch this.
rockingwithben 14 napja
I hope they make the Hanoi track in 2021 as I have full refund from this year
NYUnbox IT
NYUnbox IT 14 napja
Formula 1 drivers with errrrrrr....
rockingwithben 14 napja
What is red bull use an Aston Martin engine?
Demicheli 14 napja
i'm not a fan at all of Latiffi breathing style
Glock7777 Da
Glock7777 Da 14 napja
I'm Single 😍😥
Purwanti Allan
Purwanti Allan 14 napja
Shame that Renault will return supplying Red Bulls from 2022...
Vanessa G
Vanessa G 14 napja
let’s hope it rains!!
Vanessa G
Vanessa G 14 napja
yesss, so ready for a race weekend
Kevin Helm-Smith
I think everyone is excited for this GP right?
FEARoperative 14 napja
At least it was warm in Russia. Go figure
Rob H
Rob H 14 napja
3:23 weekend at Bernie's 3 starring Lewis Hamilton.
Rob H
Rob H 14 napja
Not even a (literally) shiny new jacket could cheer Lewis up.
Raphael Demaison
is it a crazy idea to think that Ferrari created a shitbox so they got more wind tunnel time so that they can beat Mercedes when the regulations change??
Carl Sitler
Carl Sitler 14 napja
"F1 should make the cars more even" says the losers .
Craig Daniels
Craig Daniels 14 napja
Lewis is really doing my head in using every chance to make a political stand on something, ffs like
Craig Daniels
Craig Daniels 11 napja
@Ave Jaly at what point does he anser the question directly without it being in regards to something political?
Ave Jaly
Ave Jaly 13 napja
He is asked those questions so he answers.
Christian Demian
If Perez moved to Red Bull (and they treated him well) i would actually like Red Bull as a team.
sealscrotum66 13 napja
I can only see Perez being offered a seat as the “experienced driver” if Verstappen leaves, as the RB number two seat will invariably go to a younger academy driver. It’s rather frustrating hearing the uncertainty around Checo’s career when personally I feel that these questions should instead be asked of Stroll; a recent SkyF1 interview Otmar gave is a prime example of this.
Christian Demian
@sealscrotum66 thing is i kinda hate red bull because they seem toxic. Especially in Drive to Survive. Especially Horner.
Arman Ahmed
Arman Ahmed 13 napja
Max might leave Red Bull...so I think they will consider Perez.
sealscrotum66 14 napja
Couple that with a (speculated) Porsche engine & how could you not.
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