2020 Eifel Grand Prix: Drivers React After Qualifying 

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It's been 7 years since we got some flying laps at the Nurburgring and unsurprisingly the drivers were happy to finally be out there! Especially Nico Hulkenberg, who started his day as a TV pundit!
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Jimi Clipz
Jimi Clipz 7 napja
Albon is trash
Star Projector Karaoke
Well I er had beans at turn 5 and I er got momentum then I er had to pit for a new pair.
anudeep pendyala
Unlucky Valteri
Alex Cabrera
Alex Cabrera 8 napja
I'm Alone 😍😥
Jerome Fernandez
No one cares
Abby Gierke
Abby Gierke 8 napja
I'm Alone 😍😥
Sloth 8 napja
I'm Single 😍😥
Nightmare Demons
I want the Ring every year please.
Ashara 9 napja
epic face masks lol
Omar Toledo
Omar Toledo 9 napja
So Nice 💘💘💘💘💘💘
Missouri Re sole
Vettel is a waste of money, chance my mind.
Vianka Arriera
So Nice 💘💘💘💘💘💘
TitaxLP 9 napja
Considering Hulk had only 4 laps with the upgraded car at an relatively new track for him (at least in this aera of cars) that last lap was mighty indeed
Hamilton is trying to blow his title.
Pls give Russell competitive car🤣
Rivne Ball
Rivne Ball 9 napja
Hulk: pppprrr
Mercedes-AMG Atharis Racing
I hope albon gets another podium today!
Lucas Vanex
Lucas Vanex 9 napja
Hulk is happy with 20th i guess we all like that
M a p p l b e
M a p p l b e 9 napja
My dream is to see Hulk go from p20 to p3
innerFire 9 napja
Man I always like Nico and I really hope he achieves more in the sport, he is so underrated.
Xendex Motorsports
Racing is really at the point.
Alexandar Stojkovski
You can tell how salty Lewis is 😂😂😂
Lionel Bunker
Lionel Bunker 9 napja
Go Lewis!!!
Luke Di Berardino
Forza Ferrari
Who's here just for Hülkenberg
Account Channel
I'm single 😥😥😥😥😥
Smily Penguin
Smily Penguin 9 napja
Grojean is so disrespectful to the Hass mechanics I will be surprised if the resign him I would be surprised if they resigned him anyway but I think that K Mag has a decent chance because he is getting the most out of that car and it respectful and tries to lift up team spirits unlike last season
Telegram Media
The masks make them look like going to a carneval
Suva Pillay
Suva Pillay 9 napja
Was so happy to see Alex at P4, until Charles pulled out a masterclass and took it ffs.
Salma Omar
Salma Omar 9 napja
Kiryuium's Friend
Why can't Lewis be happy for Bottas?
Glock7777 Da
Glock7777 Da 9 napja
I'm single 😥😥😥😥😥
Sancho Matteo
Sancho Matteo 9 napja
I hope Hulkenberg will fight through the field and score some points and I also hope that Max wins and I hope that Max will not DNF this race.
Sancho Matteo
Sancho Matteo 9 napja
I hope Hulkenberg will fight through the field and score some points and I also hope that Max wins and I hope that Max will not DNF this race.
SkankHunt42 9 napja
Lewis sounds like he’s about to cry lol
Effizient Link
Lewis is saving that hammer time for tomorrow, guy is a beast whenever he isn't on pole
Yuri Lakhtionov
Why everybody speaks about a table 😶
Br0bie 9 napja
Bottas botches the start drops to p5. Hamilton leads 99% of the race. Only drops to p2 after tire change. Overtakes p2 3 laps later. Post race interview hamilton will say "that was tough" rinse and repeat next week
Gamenmet Hoffie
Is it a bit cold, guys? All those jackets and Lewis with 3 to 4 layers😂😂😂.
Yousuf Rizwan.grade9E
Hope Alex get's another podium or a win
AMS 9 napja
Lewis: *isn't at the top 100% of the time* it's okay, i'm okay, i don't have to get them all just deep breaths
TechnoSpiral Gamer
Hulk can’t come 20th coz that’s reserved for the Williams
valenesco45 9 napja
Ferraris hat is nice
Vibhu Varshney
Guess who's back, Back again, Nico's back, Tell a friend.
AM75 AM75
AM75 AM75 9 napja
What's this table they keep talking about???? Anybody know? Are they chefs or something???? What would make sense is if they said they left or didn't leave anything behind in the pit garage!!! Anyway, they don't have to make sense, they just have to win. And that's enough for one's plate!!! Hahaha
Mark Ruiz
Mark Ruiz 9 napja
Yes I’m guilty of skipping to hulk then going back to beginning
Akshansh Sharma
I wanna see Charles vs Max
Michael Sullivan
And so we will!
Shivaansh Aggarwal
Was it just me or was verstappens voice breaking?
Atheeb Ahamed
Atheeb Ahamed 9 napja
Charles leclerc 🥳❤️🔥
Lewis Hilaire
Lewis Hilaire 9 napja
Black lives matter Lewis Hamilton
Raro Al
Raro Al 9 napja
So Nice 💘💘💘💘💘💘
Cesare Ominsky
Pista fea, la hicieron mierda.
jose miguel cisneros
You are great Nico Hulkenberg, formula one cannot lose you. What happens to the teams that have drivers who do not measure up and do not turn their eyes and see NIco. Renault made a mistake by removing him from his team. Ocon is no better than him.
Mitya Liubarskyi
ZakwanYT 9 napja
Can Hamilton win? Lets check in the race!
Sigi Faito
Sigi Faito 9 napja
Bottas for a World Champion!
Yizhou (Jerry) Hao
Alon: got two renaults behind, so it'll be pretty awesome at start, so all we have to do is defend them at turn 1. Daniel: obviously charles and alex in front, it could be our race. haha, that's funny
yanno roelofs
yanno roelofs 9 napja
I'm single 😥😥😥😥😥
Cheese Lover69
LEWIS. i named my cat after you. but you were SMOOTH AF and not sure how you lost out. but its not how starts in first, its who finishes in first. You're a multiple world campion, you have some grace as u have some pace. lets go, get in there.......
Eamon Ahern
Eamon Ahern 9 napja
Leclerc 4th is the most surprising thing for me apart from not knowing Hulkenburg was going to be taking part before it started. One practice session and leclerc finds pace in the car. It must be the cooler air providing more useable down force for his driving style.
Matthew Velasquez
Shoutout to stroll for sitting this one out🤝big ups
Ana Maria
Ana Maria 9 napja
I'm Single 😍😥
Russ Serpico
Russ Serpico 9 napja
I have newfound respect for Sainz and Ocon. Sainz was very vocal on how Lawrence treated Sergio and Ocon stated Sergio is a very talented driver and hopes Perez finds a ride for 2021.
Cam Keith
Cam Keith 9 napja
I love how whenever Lewis isn’t on top he blames it on the car
Akoni Washington
Where has he blamed the car?
Muztafeh Robleh
well, the red bull were faster than before and the mercs were losing time to them.
G Sav
G Sav 9 napja
Adam Smith
Adam Smith 9 napja
Albon is literally already planning to lose positions.. this is exactly why he doesn’t have it. He is worried about the Renault’s rather than the Ferrari in front that he should beat easily.. he doesn’t have the killer mindset
Adam Smith
Adam Smith 9 napja
@G Sav Not sure what your question is chief.. his highlighted comment was him worrying about the Renaults behind him
G Sav
G Sav 9 napja
Account Channel
So Nice 💘💘💘💘💘💘
Mig Y
Mig Y 9 napja
Nico did incredibly well to get within a second of the other RP in only 4 laps while not crashing out. Big props!
frederick kado
Everyone: "not much more on the table..." Table: "what's all this then!!!"
Xendex Motorsports
Offbeat Peers
Offbeat Peers 9 napja
Toto: *My* Table
Tom Bystander
Tom Bystander 9 napja
We need weather and a hulk podium
Tyler Durden
Tyler Durden 9 napja
Very well done Nico! Just drove 4 laps and is right behind the field I mean thats the best last postion you can have
200 Subscribers Without A Video Challenge
Literally 99% won’t see this: Your amazing and wonderful stay safe during this rough times have a amazing weekend🤩
Mishael Trivennios
Reaction: HAMboring time zzzzz
Hanish Narang
Hanish Narang 9 napja
Hulk wins p1 I'm calling it
Bartandaelus 9 napja
Lewis is so weird and defensive and unhappy despite being the 2nd on the grid.
The Paintsmoker
Nice to see Nico in the seat and hope he does well tommorrow!
Alex Mustafich-Nutley
Lewis seems so mad he didn't get pole lol
Michael Sullivan
He's mad that he was simply BEAT. Fair and square!
Sentinel 9 napja
This is the number of words said by latifi in one sec. 👇
Jeanette Furås
I'm Single 😍😥
G Sav
G Sav 9 napja
i see a pair...in your future
liam burgess
liam burgess 9 napja
One free practice for every weekend and maybe make qualifying sessions a little bit longer for teams to try 1-2 setups or different tires i think that could be cool
Mundo Python
Mundo Python 9 napja
How the f*** does leclerc put that car in p4?
Michael Sullivan
He drove the car. Assessed, on the fly, the setup he needed. Pitted for the changes. And came back out like he was shot from a cannon. Simple actually. Car setup has always been Charles' secret weapon!
GremmieWhite 9 napja
Apparently there's some mysterious TABLE in the paddock, where drivers leave something (or not)
Am Naah
Am Naah 9 napja
Its weird, every time Carlos gets beaten by Charles he probably gets pleased
G Sav
G Sav 9 napja
I see what you did there.
Stefan Prodanov
What we learned from today FIA and FOM please remove fp1 and fp2
Tanner Milne
Tanner Milne 9 napja
It's all about "the table" apparently
Gabe Manner
Gabe Manner 9 napja
Hulk: I’m not happy at all, but I’m glad I’m back.
Sergey Korsikov
Nico for president
U can tell by Lewis’ eyes and the way he’s talking fast that he’s low key going insane by getting out qualified by that much
Alex Dunbarr
Alex Dunbarr 9 napja
Chill Freud, he doesn't need to prove anything anymore. Got all the records. He's probably thinking which island he'll go buy after the race.
Dont You Fucking Look At Me
This is why i could never like Hamilton,he always complains something isnt rain here there,but never admiting that hes at fault
IMURDED XD 9 napja
I'm not ganna lie bottas on his day can beat any1. It's just bcs he has a 6 time world champion(a guy breaking all records) as a team mate
Mr Luigi
Mr Luigi 9 napja
@Lohith Reddy Remember back at the start of 2019 when he had serious media pressure for not winning a race in 2018 and his seat was under pressure of being taken by Ocon? Yeah, he's criminally UNDERRATED.
Lohith Reddy
Lohith Reddy 9 napja
Some blind people cannot understand this.. and they say bottles is overrated
Mr Luigi
Mr Luigi 9 napja
I honestly think that Bottas is a great driver too, and definitely one of the best of his time (2010's). He was great in the Williams in 2014-2016, and I think he's comparable to what David Coulthard was when he went against drivers such as Damon Hill, Mika Hakkinen, Kimi, and of course, "The Michael" in the 1990's and 2000's. I think David was quoted as saying he was "one of the best drivers of all time competing against THE best drivers of all time", which is maybe why he didn't get a WDC and why Bottas is getting some shtick.
G Sav
G Sav 9 napja
someone a can agree with, your brain must be HUGE.
Bhavye Aggarwal
Albon should be less worried about the renaults behind him and aim to overtake ferrari at the start. Really defensive outlook from him right now...
Abel Tejada
Abel Tejada 9 napja
Charles is a fkn legend dude.
Felipe Acosta
Felipe Acosta 9 napja
It was talent Charles!
Bottas clearly outdrove Hamilton today and he to smug and won’t admit it 😂
donny_s18 9 napja
C’mon Hulkenberg! You have plenty of support from F1 fans all over the world cheering for you!
Fitzm12 9 napja
To be only 5 tenths off Q2 with only a couple hours of notice that was a fantastic job from Hulkenberg
Fitzm12 9 napja
Yes but he has only driven this car twice and never on this track
Fitzm12 He’s an F1 driver, what do you expect?
Michael Flores
I'm 12 and I would love to get into f1 when I'm older but I don't even have a cart to start trying we just don't have the money. Daniel Ricciardo was my inspiration to try to get into f1
Back in time we had Gran Turismo, don't know if they still do it. You need to be at least 18, but hey that's 6 years you have to practice.
Michael Sullivan
@Michael Flores Any racing you can do to gain skill! Blessings on achieving your goals!
Michael Flores
Since I don't have a cart should I try indoor carting
Shreyas Vadrewu
@Some random guy not necessarily. Alain Prost started late too, and look at his success! If one can find a local karting track and participate in a few exhibition races, it may be the beginning of something
Some random guy
You'll have a much better chance at Indy/NASCAR/sportscar. Every driver on the grid started karting when they were 3. All the best for your career.
Me 9 napja
Literarly everyone: Talking about car and pace Seb: *surprise nose reveal*
As a wise James Hetfield once said TABLE
Soudipan Maity
One moment Hulk is chilling in the warmth of his home, the next moment he's fighting for a position in Q2! How things change!
Ralonso 9 napja
Brave Man, Hülkenberg! But, I beat his lap in my Nürburgring Challenge😉😀!
Nautilee Wind
Nautilee Wind 9 napja
will we be getting an Alfa win sometime soon ?
G Sav
G Sav 9 napja
within the decade...oh wait...Alfa? or Alpha?
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