2020 Eifel Grand Prix: FP1 "Highlights" 

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With poor weather conditions preventing the medical helicopter from reaching the nearest hospital in time, FP1 was unable to take place at the Nurburgring. Mick Schumacher and Callum Ilott, who were due make their FP1 debuts for Alfa Romeo and Haas respectively, will have to wait a little while longer...
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Does anyone know what the soundtrack was in the background? Sounds like Gran Turismo lounge music...
Chris 2020
Chris 2020 18 napja
F1 is just ridiculous paid millions for what? No danger in it anymore the point in f1 is your pushing the limits and on the edge. Dull boring over paid can't even call it racing.
Merto6 18 napja
f1 has became absolute garbage
Awesome Kitty
Awesome Kitty 19 napja
"How's the weather in Nür?" "Uhmm.. Yes"
Mihir Shah
Mihir Shah 19 napja
I came here to hear sounds of some engines but duh😂
YeeSoest 19 napja
Sheesh... no practice sessions, rarely sheduled track, very wet conditions... I guess to make the podium, finishing the race will do ;)
Tim Joseph
Tim Joseph 20 napja
1:06 Williams rubber ducky pog
Shadow WSK
Shadow WSK 20 napja
"highlights" lol
Manel Aguilar Ferrer
1 minut sum up is a joke
Paul Sawden
Paul Sawden 20 napja
say my name
shun 20 napja
Weather like Fuji in 2007
Evan Avery
Evan Avery 20 napja
how is this video titled FP1 Highlights, you start it by saying they didnt do any driving
dave west
dave west 20 napja
What is the soundtrack/background music to this please?
Patryk Wiechecki
Fastest lap: Willliams Duck.
Matt Cannon
Matt Cannon 20 napja
Session cancelled because a helicopter couldn't fly 🚁
Bladezy_Wadezy 20 napja
This adds a new meaning to the term *'Highlights'*
Paul Victor
Paul Victor 20 napja
The volume of the music should be even louder!
Exodus 20 napja
there is FP2 in the title but its FP1
Phan ファン
Phan ファン 20 napja
ooooooo water ooooooo
최정선 20 napja
Now nico is replacing $troll
Maurits Heesbeen
Hold my beer jokes down below.
Caitlyn Braddock
So Nice 💘💘💘💘💘💘
Maksim Khimich
Maksim Khimich 20 napja
Helena Lopez
Helena Lopez 20 napja
So Nice 💘💘💘💘💘💘
-Vino Valentino- 7B
track: rains me: *Impossible*
jinzhu he
jinzhu he 20 napja
1000th comment
Mqchs 20 napja
1000 comment
JulianAY84 20 napja
The „highest class of racing“.... it’s raining... well, that’s it, cannot do it. Please compare that to races in 96 Barcelona or 97 in Spa... a joke.
Beaudoin Motorsports
Great Practice for Ferrari
Tom Simms
Tom Simms 20 napja
Whoevers idea it was to have a gp there at this time of year is a idiot and clearer doesn't know motorsports as well as they think they do
Rez #44
Rez #44 20 napja
The Human Rat
The Human Rat 20 napja
One drop falls onto the track. FIA: RED FLAG. RED FLAG, COME ON, RED FLAG!
Dalisu Ngobese
Dalisu Ngobese 20 napja
I’ve learnt that the word “exciting” in F1 means someone almost losing their life or a lead driver getting an unfair penalty.
RJ 21 napja
You should have shown how McLaren practiced pit stop
J 21 napja
1:23 you can sense their happiness 😂
YouTube Commenter
Seb's spin postponed to Saturday F3 and Q1-3 or better race day, Sunday.
Isn’t it weird how wet races are so rare? We always get wet practice sessions or qualifying’s... but never wet races. We always get our hopes up and it never happens
David Griffith
David Griffith 21 napja
So incase you were wondering about this useless piece of info, after watching the opening laps of the 2007 European GP rainpocalypse I found out that Eifel is apparently the mountain range near the track. The more you know 🌈
souris verte
souris verte 21 napja
a schumacher no thanks
Mau Bj
Mau Bj 21 napja
I really hope vettel wins at nurburgring!!! 🏆
isshyfux 21 napja
is it me or does it ALWAYS rain during F1 Eifel
Proud for Kimi!!
Frederick S. Cairo II
*If we race
Rodrigo Oliveira
Motorsports Guy
Motorsports Guy 21 napja
I dont expect to much here. I expect rain and Hamilton.
failtolawl 21 napja
ah man this is gonna be quite the mess with only 1 practice, maybe.
Justin Gilbert
Justin Gilbert 21 napja
This is the worst track with the best name?
Hunter 21 napja
I feel bad for these young drivers coming into the sport. With the majority of cars being fully electric in the next 5 to 10 years no engine manufacturers will be in Formula 1. I honestly don't see the sport being around past 2025.
ifightpokemon 21 napja
bless this commentator
DarkWater4Eva 21 napja
F1 the only sport in the world where fans/commentators look forward to bad weather and no practicing for excitement. Maybe they hope these hazards slow Lewis down. *shrugs*
Etienne Balmier
Etienne Balmier 21 napja
The race will be held on a F1 2020 lan game
AROKffxiv 21 napja
Sad no Friday training
SkyPlayz 21 napja
who else hopes vettel wins like if you want vettel to win
Spider Man
Spider Man 21 napja
Big up vettel
SM 21 napja
I spent the afternoon racing round Nürburgring in the rain n fog instead.
375GTB 21 napja
Both sessions aus!
375GTB 21 napja
Is there a COSWORTH in F-1's future? Yamaha? Toyota? Nissan? Porsche? BMW? J.C.
francesco giardullo
Schumacher:a legend in the making.
Durmus Kurtulus
Durmus Kurtulus 21 napja
1:04 Dear F1, I don't know why you are counting it all wrong. Kimi already has 323 GP starts in F1, and so does Barrichello. Eifel GP will be his 324th GP start. Cheers.
HAID3N Official
HAID3N Official 21 napja
Kimi it's your 1 millionth race this week... Kimi: so what?
BlueFlag Alpha
BlueFlag Alpha 21 napja
There's no action on the track but they blast lots of songs in the speaker
Juan Rojas
Juan Rojas 21 napja
this is the most action we've had this entire season
Symbols N Space
Symbols N Space 21 napja
Anyone knows the name of the background music?
Peter_Chuchra 05
The German gp never seems to disappoint
extinct body
extinct body 21 napja
Last ppl on podium in Nurburgring currently drive the slowest car ever
Double Dog Sportfishing team
well that was an exciting practice
Sydney Austin
Sydney Austin 21 napja
Lewis get'n set to do somemore Smack down!
P&M Imagery
P&M Imagery 21 napja
Lets go back to Russia! The weather is better and I have girlfriends there!
Thiago Villela
Thiago Villela 21 napja
In the 80s it would be a normal session
dev ravi
dev ravi 21 napja
please let it rain on sunday PLEASE LET IT RAIN ON SUNDAY
Dennis Hakkie
Dennis Hakkie 21 napja
At the legendary nurburgring… Not the Nurburgring I’d like to see though
and by "classic", she meant a red flag.
Mateo Pérez García
“Highlights” love what you do there
Guilherme Costa 777
Poha lá ta chovendo pra krl
마크입니다 21 napja
Latifi's P1 and Russell's P19 was funny! 😂😂😂
Eneru89 21 napja
Remember f1 battle during rain??? Forget about them
Mohammed Bilal
Mohammed Bilal 21 napja
All i wish is that no driver pushes their car too much during the race at this track. I just don't want the incident of 1 August 1976 (Niki Lauda's fatal accident) to repeat itself once again.
This looks so much better than F1TV. Please bring 50 fps to F1TV sessions as well...
Tim S
Tim S 21 napja
Welcome to germany haha
battlebots patrick-rowberry
their is a 100% chance we won't get a chance
SleekStratos 21 napja
This doesn't bode well for race day. Also what are the regulations for the 24 hour race if weather like this started rolling in? Or do they not use medical choppers?
Gary Taylor
Gary Taylor 21 napja
Never raced here 🤦‍♂️
Tom Shatt
Tom Shatt 21 napja
Double dnf for Mercedes?
Lonely Mads
Lonely Mads 21 napja
the best highlight video tbh
When you get recked by wet conditions.. Bottas: First time?
Sandy Telfer
Sandy Telfer 21 napja
I can't believe I just watched zero highlights
Jip van Sambeek
Jip van Sambeek 21 napja
Can’t wait for the FP2 Highlights
Aayush MK
Aayush MK 21 napja
This session was dominated by a Mercedes as usual
Ricer84 D
Ricer84 D 21 napja
That's dumb.
Romeo Void
Romeo Void 21 napja
If they can't practice because the medical helicopter can't fly because it's raining, then they can't race if it's raining because the medical helicopter can't fly. Therefore no need for rain tires because technically they can't race.
zerone sBinnala
zerone sBinnala 21 napja
Meanwhile, FP2 is cancelled
Donny Lane
Donny Lane 21 napja
There's no FP1 today we get continued right now!
Billie Turner
Billie Turner 21 napja
As a cricket fan this is nothing new..."Rain stopped play"
Jan Šebek
Jan Šebek 21 napja
Black duckie in rain: HAM: "tHiS iS RaaCiSm, sO mUch AdVeRsItY iT mUsT FacE!"
floorbrother 21 napja
don't want to be a party crasher, but the rest of the weekend it will stay dry...
Jojo Bee
Jojo Bee 21 napja
I wonder who is the manufacturer of the scale model placed on that Mercedes front wing...
Umbrex 21 napja
if you dont like the nurburgring i dont like you
Whisper_YT 21 napja
Interesting session
Captain_ Nesquik
1,2,3,4,5,6 Cars out at turn 1 ! 😂