2020 Eifel Grand Prix: FP2 "Highlights" 

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Our return to the Nurburgring unfortunately welcomed Friday with two practice sessions with no action. Some drivers entertained the viewers with their antics, while others took the time for a quick catch up!
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Maristela Antoniolli
Tor-Erik Måseide
«Highlights» fair play there
Mahesh M V U
Mahesh M V U 10 napja
Don’t helis have IFR?! Why were they unable to fly to hospitals in the vicinity?
Max P.
Max P. 10 napja
Oh gosh so fun memories! Sitting on that extremely cold stand, waiting for an FIA update every 30 minutes from 10h to 16h! Saturday and Sunday were massive, but equally cold !
Deposito De E-mails
seriously it was canceled by this rain? LOL!
Gerhard Schmidt
Gerhard Schmidt 11 napja
Bitte auf deutsch
Alan Partridge
Alan Partridge 11 napja
I heard the name Schumacher and that got my attention.
Reinhardt Sanchez
bruh just put towels on the wheels to prevent aquaplaninh
Carpark Campers
Carpark Campers 11 napja
The Motivational Trees
I came here for the quotation marks
Shout out to the writer and narrator who have done a stand-up job of making these non-sessions bearable
Evan Avery
Evan Avery 12 napja
name the video something else, christ, they're no highlights yuh idiots
Doesnt Matter
Doesnt Matter 12 napja
What the weather is that bad on race day?
Captain_ Nesquik
JP S 12 napja
0:02 The moment I realized how much Toto looks like Tim Curry with a mask. Let's do the timewarp dance!!!
Epic Franek
Epic Franek 12 napja
I like how you said 'highlights'
Rafael BTC
Rafael BTC 12 napja
Leclerc é top! Parem de falar que a Ferrari destrói piloto e que está fazendo isso com o Seb Vettel ele está tomando pau do charles desde o ano passado, pena a Ferrari ter visto isso só esse ano, pois ano passado msm ela dando privilégios pro Vettel ele tomou pau. Gooo charles Leclerc
Bladezy_Wadezy 12 napja
F1 should have a seperate video of what the drivers are doing to entertain themselves when they can't race...
adi mugen
adi mugen 12 napja
Other ring drivers laughing at f1 rn.
The Scientist
The Scientist 12 napja
0:31 possibly the only time Nicholas will see P1
Name Pending
Name Pending 12 napja
they should just have intensive care specialists on-site at this point. or if only helicopters could fly IFR with ease
Mr Fishing
Mr Fishing 12 napja
Nguyen Duc Hung
Nguyen Duc Hung 12 napja
Nicholas gonna get P20 just to assert dominance on Russel
Karkoulas 12 napja
Nico huuuuuuuulkenberg in qualifying
pte wilks
pte wilks 12 napja
Why don't they use military pilots
xex 12 napja
Do they ever run in the rain anymore?
kovacs eugen
kovacs eugen 12 napja
in this weather i think it's best to abandon traditional race and all drivers wear moonshoes and just run one lap
Tokii_96 12 napja
Every race f1 had in Germany over the last years was brilliant, this also will be a thriller. :D
M&M 123
M&M 123 12 napja
AminoExcess 12 napja
0:33 moment of the season
Yurded Mhams-Kaant
I wanna know where F1 gets their background music for this video. They're bad btw
JRNQ Productions
So roughly as interesting and meaningful as dry practice sessions then?
Fauzi Iksan
Fauzi Iksan 12 napja
Lihat nanti hasil kualifikasi MotoGP 2020 Prancis di hasil FP3 dan FP4. Oke!
Kuzia Trahibidadido
So we hoped fo rain. Not so much, but...
New World
New World 12 napja
Can‘t they just build a mobile hospital real quick?
ChaosLeo45 12 napja
Welcome to germany
Keep It Riyal
Keep It Riyal 12 napja
Finally no merc 1-2
Jonathan Streng
Jonathan Streng 12 napja
Ferrari’s pace on par with the rest of the pack so far this weekend...big improvement for them
Peter Lee
Peter Lee 12 napja
If FP3 doesn't go ahead, can we get Danny Ric to set up some Pit Lane Cricket?
Milvus Migrans
Milvus Migrans 12 napja
Kimi is gonna win...
Fuhrer Achraf
Fuhrer Achraf 12 napja
Who is the reporter ??
daryleutama 12 napja
Looking forward to FP3 highlights as well. Maybe we'll get to see some futsal.
Pete Banham
Pete Banham 12 napja
Just loving George Russell a bit more every race weekend.
Antonio Duarte
Antonio Duarte 12 napja
F1 is getting totally ridiculous. So the supposedly best drivers in the world can't drive the supposedly best circuit cars in the world, because it's raining?? Say again? Llllloooollllll
Thomas Frieland
Thomas Frieland 12 napja
Wait so most of the drivers haven’t even driven on this track and they have to do qualifying without practise 😳
Arne Dopudja
Arne Dopudja 12 napja
Bring the hospital closer to the helipad, solved.
J. Galactus
J. Galactus 12 napja
Kimi: "Is it raining or not? Ehhh.... Ehhh!!!! Is it still raining?"
Pico 12 napja
0:57 I quit my job thanks to, *p a i d t o b e h o m e .c o m*
Mark Szekeres
Mark Szekeres 12 napja
This makes things interesting!
Usha Elangalloor
Dickey Eikal
Dickey Eikal 12 napja
FIA must hire "pawang hujan". Try find one, and the weather will be ok!
murmamirr mohaimen
This will be total madness
ツFrosty 12 napja
Aaron Nugent
Aaron Nugent 12 napja
More than anything it's great to see at least some of the guys having fun. Would be too easy to be all doom and gloom. I think that's what I like most about the new crop of drivers, they bring a sense of joy at being able to do this for a job back to the sport.
Zand Voort
Zand Voort 12 napja
How utterly daft not to run because the helicopter couldn’t fly. Especially as they have medics and an on-site medical centre. Feel very sorry for the fans that turned up. Along with the stewards, another thing that needs reviewing. Lockdown comes to mind.
Turkish General Mapping [WTO,UFW,COM]
Will there be a Q1!?!?
Mr. Lama
Mr. Lama 12 napja
Ed Kho
Ed Kho 13 napja
' “Highlights" ' I know what u did there
shifty 13 napja
Show more of this btw stuff in future vids! (and little things of what we can expect)
PBJ 13 napja
Haha 0:22 - That fan is SO excited to be back at a track that his hyperventilating! No FP, this is going to be an interesting Quali. Now these are the events that showcase drivers who rely on setups vs talent. This is going to be a banger.
Razor Jimmy
Razor Jimmy 13 napja
Another big sad
Ian Lu
Ian Lu 13 napja
F1 has changed so much since the rookies joined, 4 years ago they would’ve been sitting behind desks for the whole day
James G
James G 13 napja
0:32 George Russell was just being realistic there...
Nordi Mejia
Nordi Mejia 13 napja
Fun fact: the last time F1 raced at the Nurburgring, F1 was fun to watch.
Daniel 13 napja
Being from Germany, I was already dreading these sort of events when they announced they would race at the Nürburgring in oktober 😂.
faruk aydın
faruk aydın 13 napja
canceling the show business for medical helicopter can't fly in the fog... Those drivers get paid millions of dollars and can't take risk ?
XiaoSheng Drive
XiaoSheng Drive 13 napja
Lerouge Lampelouch
First time Ferrari was on par with the Mercedes
MagixBox 13 napja
The medical helicopter unable to fly. Carlos: El helicoptero no peude volar. Lando: the helicopter's got no ball.
Skodaman2 13 napja
At least Vettlel didn't spin.
Andrew Geier
Andrew Geier 13 napja
I enjoy seeing the teams goofing around like this. Formula 1 bloopers and cuts, anyone?
zbigniew klamczynski
idioci w maskach
RedlineShadow29 13 napja
If you are saying that the practice sesions are abandoned for weather reasons, why F1 is doing this anyway???
Ultra se7en
Ultra se7en 13 napja
When Willams and Ferrari post the same times as Mercedes
BocahGoogle 13 napja
The race wil be interesting for Ferari i think. They will catch the barrier erlier.
SlickFootTito 13 napja
why is the video unavailable?
Malik Campbell
Malik Campbell 13 napja
oh this should be an interesting race
Rahmad Excell Wirayudha
Nicholas Want to be P1 in this race🤣
Ben Chan
Ben Chan 13 napja
what will happen if the medical heli could nt take off on the racing day?
CFS 13 napja
Ah yes the 2nd Russian GP
虎ちゃん 13 napja
Hope that fp3 will be cancelled as well
MasterGaming Nic
Just give the cars umbrellas.
Najmi Afiq
Najmi Afiq 13 napja
Its friday then it saturday sunday what
Brand 13 napja
a Williams got a p1 and a p19. let that sink in..........
Intimidating Barong
0:46 Ooooh that Netflix reference was so smooth
H4n Mil
H4n Mil 13 napja
Might as well cancel the weekend
Silent Night.
Silent Night. 13 napja
0:57 Does F1 not want to gain new fans, and most importantly retain it's current ones? At this point they should be praying for rain every week. "Positive" lol.
Sebastian Molyneux-Perry
Ferrari kept up in that session
Powerpoint 13 napja
williams wins the vibe check george you better remember me
Denis Dimitrov
Denis Dimitrov 13 napja
So F1 needs a winter tyre now?! That is what happens when you start making schedule on the run. Pirelli do a great job, I like that company so much, RESPECT.
Arthid Samphao
Arthid Samphao 13 napja
If the rain is still heavy like this on race day. I think it will be the same as 2007.
junior dusuchett
2020 in f1 is getting worse
Gjergj Kastrati
Gjergj Kastrati 13 napja
And rain topped the timing boards in FP2 with Bottas busy drinking coffee and Charles Leclerc busy tweeting about how bored he is as well as Sebastian Vettel to busy buying shares in Aston Martin . Lewis was scooting around the pit lane (having a different sort of race ) . Max Verstappen was tired due to doing a 24 hour sim race . That is the FP2 report.
brian martin lopez
Motogp yes but f1 no for the rain 😔😔
김준영 13 napja
2007 European gp: yes yes yes
Just some guy with anime hair
It was all apart of Ferrari master 🅱️lan
Should make for a great race!!
Jan Wlazlowicz
Jan Wlazlowicz 13 napja
I appreciate putting "highlights" in quotes. Nice.
urabus99 13 napja
Get out the you sooks.
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