2020 Eifel Grand Prix: Post-Race Driver Reaction 

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Catch up with reaction from all the drivers after a momentous day at the Nurburgring.
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Nicolas Grignon
Nicolas Grignon 11 napja
Gasly needs to go to Renault to have a new start for glory in 2021 and after.
Mia Renata
Mia Renata 13 napja
Do a video of AVS In Focus EP, the 1st song "Motive" 💙
F1 덕질 저장소
맥스야 축하해!
ti to
ti to 14 napja
Some albon mom's here
Donald MacKenzie
Lando Norris reminded me of Fernando Alonso sitting side lined in a lawn chair. Only it was so cold he had to leave his crash helmet on to keep warm. Gotta love Lando. Should be interesting to see him and Ricciardo as teammates next year.
Brian T
Brian T 16 napja
Hulk scored more points than haas will score all season... I bet they still don't sign him...
Riften Guard
Riften Guard 16 napja
Yesterday but today still obviously but today yesterday. What a legend kimi is
Ronnie 16 napja
I feel so sorry for Alex. You can see by his body language he's ashamed of himself with the fidgeting and avoiding eye contact, looking down while talking etc. I think he is his own biggest critic.
Abdullah AlAli
Abdullah AlAli 16 napja
How many days kimi said? 😁😁😁
Liju R
Liju R 17 napja
Albon's return to alphatauri is just one step away
grande Giovinazzi porca miseria! daidaidaiiiiiiiiiiii
Hulkenberg is just 7 points behind Vettel in the driver championship
Socialismo é Satanismo
xlP 17 napja
Someone get gio a new hat pls
Ergh 17 napja
Paulvinho 17 napja
From the left side Kimi looks like he’s been awarded an Iron Cross!
lorenzo bordignon
Without safety car Checo was in the podium
Master Bator
Master Bator 18 napja
Vettel is the most overrated driver on the grid whereas Perez is the most Underated driver, simple as that.
Papa Grounds
Papa Grounds 18 napja
Kimi looks like some highway bandit 😎
Papa Grounds
Papa Grounds 18 napja
Did the rock also shrunk Grosjean's head? 🤭
Maxi F
Maxi F 18 napja
Ham us over all flashing to imagine that he equals Schumis legend Record now the Mission is complete Hulk without practice start from last & finish 8 this was not his last F1 race with a great Comeback Ricc the 3 take P3 as a top 5 driver & first podium for Renault since Spa 2015 Charles top Quali but the car is a close top 10 not great enough during this season but with a new car work & great Performance they can mangage to Cage the top 5 finish back Bottas drive like a Redbull Ricc 2018 not great enough Kimi, Seb & Gro fight for any Points over all great race but can Portimão be excitng new track fast & high corners Highspeed of 345 km/h 56 laps maybe it's a track for front & Middlefield teams Ham, Max, Charles, Ricc, Bottas & co had the chance to win there i feel the next race weekend will be a great one
Frank Smith
Frank Smith 18 napja
Vettel and Kimi are really hurt by those cars that don't suit them. They can't even keep the eyes on the camera or interviewer. Shame for them.
Louis Fort
Louis Fort 18 napja
Looks like Vettel finally got a fitting face mask
Edgar Terán
Edgar Terán 18 napja
Michael Schumacher 🏁🏎🍾🇩🇪🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆💪🏻☝🏻👍🏻 is, and will continue to be, the BEST DRIVER in all of F1 HISTORY. No matter what Lewis's showy, whiny, overrated showboy does or doesn't do 🤫.
Andreas Bergström
Quite astonishing to see RP, Alpha, McLaren, Renault in top 6 where it was mostly RB+FER+MERC for so many seasons.
Camilo Espinosa
Camilo Espinosa 18 napja
So the torpedo got torpedoed
Galal 1503
Galal 1503 18 napja
whats the sound of f1 cars going on track ? dont they do these interviews after the race
Zelaya 18 napja
Kimi: (...) today (...) yesterday (...) today Me: 10/10!
Gustavo LPZ
Gustavo LPZ 18 napja
I feel Bad for Hulk and checo ,they both deserve a car for next season
ApeX Motorsport
ApeX Motorsport 18 napja
Daniel Forgot About Shoes 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Ross Baillie
Ross Baillie 18 napja
I seem to say this after every race reaction and I will say it again. Alex albon HAS to leave red bull
xcitemex 6
xcitemex 6 18 napja
Wouldnt you just hate to be crashstappen. Knowing that you will only ever be is 3rd. If Ricciardo was there , he might at the very least help crashtappen to 2nd
Julio Chavez
Julio Chavez 18 napja
Feel bad for "The Checo". eventually the podium will come.
THE NEUTRAL 16 napja
Perez will one day world champion..
Exile GTI
Exile GTI 18 napja
My vote is on the Hulk for driver of the day, excellent drive all around.
Ronny Kazadi
Ronny Kazadi 18 napja
Kimi, as always, in incognito mode
Ian Lu
Ian Lu 18 napja
1:10 *Your driver acclaim has been affected*
Ian Lu
Ian Lu 18 napja
Term26 18 napja
max complaining about the SC still? Lol
Ella Bella
Ella Bella 18 napja
So Nice 💘💘💘💘💘💘
Shantanu 18 napja
I just clicked this video to see hulk's interview
fran solis
fran solis 18 napja
You can see sadness on the eyes of Albon, man he can lose his seat at RB :(, who do you think that would replace him??? Perez?, Hulkengerg? Or Gasly?
I'm so proud of Hulkenberg to get some more points and Grosjean to his first points of the season! Also, with Albon's clumsy move on Kvyat when passing him, surely his performance isn't upto the standards and Red Bull expect so they need to get him out of the car and replace him with Perez or Hulkenberg! Both of those drivers deserve a seat for next season in Red Bull or any team really, but I think it'll be a joke if they keep Albon for another year!
C O S M O 18 napja
that's quite ironic that kvyat says that when he is the king of disgusting moves on track. the amount of horrible moves he's pulled in his career by his logic he should be working a 9-5 at lidl.
Adam Gungl
Adam Gungl 18 napja
You can see on Alex he is being ruined by Red Bull. He was always an energetic and happy guy at every team he has been in but now you can see his face that he is crushed. I think Red Bull is not his environment.
innerFire 18 napja
If for some reason you want to feel depressed or you feel your life is going to cheerfully - just watch a Seb interview post-race...
Luka Vujeva
Luka Vujeva 18 napja
Albon is GP2 driver. He is over. Honestly im not really sure if this guy will have seat at all for next season.
Omar Toledo
Omar Toledo 18 napja
I'm Single 😍😥
Jakiwarrior 18 napja
grosjean looks very old with the mask
Vianka Arriera
Vianka Arriera 18 napja
I'm single 😥😥😥😥😥
Oussama Erraji
Oussama Erraji 18 napja
0:15 110% agree with Max: by the time the safety car finished its first lap Norris car (parked right in front of a marshalls post) was already being lifted and the SC stayed for 4 more laps just so the lapped car could unlap themselves and queue behind the leaders pack. Pathetic choice by Race Direction and as Max says, not a safety driven choice but just some entertainment selling bs. Why not use a VSC? Safety car should be used only during bad weather/poor visibility otherwise VSC and lap delta are more than enough.
jun n3
jun n3 18 napja
Alex is a JOKE!
nvr2serious cc
nvr2serious cc 18 napja
Bottas Botched the Big opportunities with Bad luck Banging him.
ithan1977 18 napja
What B......t i am hearing from Hamilton every time he wins a race with the best car of the grid for 7 years in a row now!!!WELL DONE LEWIS!
Luis 18 napja
I feel bad for Bottas, got the pole, had the pace but then he lost power then that's it but props to Lewis for winning his 91st grand prix though.
Ruben Buist
Ruben Buist 18 napja
I so hope Nico gets in that Red Bull next year. The Japanese kid in F2 loses his privilege with Honda leaving. Albon to Alpha Tauri instead of Kvyat, Hulkenberg next to Max for a year, maybe two to build the team up. Then put the best performing Alpha Tauri driver next to Max!
Jay Merto
Jay Merto 18 napja
The viking in kmag didn't bother wearing a hat for the cold 😂
Zentiix™ 18 napja
I hope theres coming a radio compilation from the eifel cup
Kurt Andrei
Kurt Andrei 18 napja
Couldve been a Norris podium but the Ferlando curse just attacked.
JudeZilla 18 napja
Everyone: "yeah it was difficult, lots of mistakes" Lewis: "91 wins"
Nugi Nugroho
Nugi Nugroho 18 napja
Everyone saw safety car
SASraceCAM 18 napja
another win gifted to hamilton yes bottas locked up pitted but would have a chance of undercut when hamilton pits but for no reason at all the biased derrick Warwick decided to put a virtual safety car for g Russell car that was miles out of the way so massive advantage to hamilton and verstappen bottas loses out massive time then bottas has engine problem but that late safety car mercedes boss talking to race director no no we dont need a safety car for Norris which was in a dangerous place compared to Russel reluctantly they eventually put safety car out then took a massive amount of time to restart as hamilton gets more advantage with there DAS steering thing keeping his tyres warmer than everyone else the merc steering system should have been banned this year it is banned for next year like I say another win gifted to hamilton get rid of bottas and put someone better in the car
NGZWEI 18 napja
albon needs to free the seat for another driver. maybe hulk?
yanno roelofs
yanno roelofs 18 napja
I'm Single 😍😥
HoseZentaur 18 napja
So sad to see lewis catch up with Schuhmacher....
Stephen Stork
Stephen Stork 18 napja
Was there a safety car in this race?
sultanabran1 18 napja
hulkenberg did a outstanding job. so happy for him.
Ariel Knauer
Ariel Knauer 18 napja
I'm Single 😍😥
Eddie C
Eddie C 18 napja
Albon needs to go
LabGorilla 18 napja
Question. Does F1 need Ferrari? And does Ferrari need F1?
no name
no name 18 napja
Kvyat: Where's Albon? I'm gonna give him a piece of me! Team: He retired Kvyat: KARMA!
You can tell hamiltons wins are getting harder
Jason Yu
Jason Yu 18 napja
Imagine Perez finance another team and bring Hulk as his teammate
Alexandre Alvarez
Congratulations to Lewis. What a champion. (maybe the only thing that will get easier is the competition)
Must_Tang Boss
Must_Tang Boss 18 napja
_Not a great weekend yesterday, today, obviously if you don't get it right yesterday it will hurt today. That's how it is._ -Kimi Raikkonen, 2020
Alexander Navolotskiy
Lando did amazing and hard job out there. shame, that his car didn't survive the race
Elias Rantala
Elias Rantala 18 napja
We know how the f1 power ratings work Hamilton 9,9 Verstappen10,0 Bottas 2,0
Shaun 18 napja
RIP Albon's career.
John Thomas
John Thomas 18 napja
I was rooting for Alex through all the ups and downs this season.. but his comment at ATs "these guys are racing me so hard" ruined it.. :/ What else do you expect at the pinnacle of motor sport racing..
Maky 6969
Maky 6969 18 napja
Who skipped hamiltons interview? __+++++++++__ 👇hit this
Gian-Luca Nardini
Leclerc carrying the team like a man carrying a horse across a field!
Ssss Pppp
Ssss Pppp 18 napja
I'm Alone 😍😥
Caitlyn Braddock
I'm Single 😍😥
D3nnis 076
D3nnis 076 18 napja
Hulk and seb in Aston Martin!!!
omarashry007 18 napja
Kvyat 😂😂
omarashry007 18 napja
Hulkenberg deserves a seat for god's sake. Haas should definitely get him over Grosjean
The KitOwl
The KitOwl 18 napja
Jason Yu
Jason Yu 18 napja
Kimi: Yesterday, but today, still, yesterday, it's gonna hurt today but er... Me: Yes, I understand 100%
raden irfan
raden irfan 18 napja
91 WiNs bla bla bla... WHO CARES
Vianka Arriera
Vianka Arriera 18 napja
So Nice 💘💘💘💘💘💘
Juventin 18 napja
albon has a seat and Hulk doesn't. let that sink in.
The KitOwl
The KitOwl 18 napja
Hulk is not a RB academy driver, let that sink in.
Abdelkader MENDAS
Can’t wait to see Vettel in that pink Mercedes, there is a lot of potential out there.
areton senner
areton senner 18 napja
cant believe he's managed to equal the greatest of all time while being oppressed at the same time. imagine where he would be by now if there wasn't racism
Marcelo Villarreal
Niko and Pérez is the duo you need, not Seb and Stroll :(
EarlCursed 18 napja
Seb is the best of all three, so if you can get him of course you need him
Rohit Burra
Rohit Burra 18 napja
Hulkenburg in the points, with no prep, not even in a driver line up. Vettel out of the points Ferrari driver & 4 time world champ......
Malik Campbell
Malik Campbell 19 napja
Kvyat bouta throw his front wing at albon
Malik Campbell
Malik Campbell 19 napja
Hamilton's 91st win: 😐 Ricciardo podium: 🙂 Hulkenburg P8: 😮 Giovanazzi in the points: 😱
HandsON 19 napja
Hulkenberg podium są Reserve driver in Racing Point would be a movie scenario
Malik Campbell
Malik Campbell 19 napja
Hulkenburg absolutely deserves a seat if he can go from 20th to 8th with very little driving after a long break