2020 Eifel Grand Prix | Romain Grosjean's Circuit Guide 

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After a seven-year absence, F1 is back at the iconic Nurburgring! Get to know the circuit ahead of race weekend with a little help from Romain Grosjean...
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Fegelein In a Fit
This is the same guy who got black and white flagged for abusing the track limits of the same track that he was talking about.
Law Chun Yu
Law Chun Yu 19 napja
I understand how to crash a car well I dont need a tutorial
roland kulet
roland kulet 20 napja
un furieux !
Fahim Mustafa
Fahim Mustafa 20 napja
aaaaaaaand we're in the wall
NM 20 napja
Why put a crash driver as the commentary
Sergeant Supreme
9th place
Tamim Ibn Mehedi
1:04, yuck!
Tony Haven
Tony Haven 20 napja
"Hi guys I'm Romain and this is my circuit guide, ok so turn 1 be careful to only hit the rear of a rival car, you can start to encroach on your team mate 5 places ahead of you going into turn 6, turn 8 is tricky as Ericsson will probably try to hit you with something from the stands, he is crazy, I usually like to get to lap 8 or 9 before complaining of grip, it will give you an excuse to fly off the road on lap 13 before making a pit stop, I hate pit stops, by lap 14 put your feet up and discuss a new contract while your team mate takes the blame for only finishing P11, sit back and enjoy the German grand prix, just like I will be"
MrMattie725 20 napja
Crazy how with these cars a 'straight line' can include an almost 90° corner
BananenKranz 20 napja
He tells us what corners hes gonna crash in
Roberto Venegas
Roberto Venegas 20 napja
A circuit guide from the master at crashing, time to open bets on which corner he'll crash on this weekend
srinivasan vardharajan
Now F1 has no nepotism, no ferraris favours in race control no Michael Schumacher, no ross brawn, no jean todt, so no team orders only clean race & sportive young drivers
just a bamboozled cheetah
R.I.P. bee
DarkEagle209 20 napja
The air pin.
Chris R
Chris R 20 napja
The bee heard boss music
Lestervai Cayetano
i am romain grojean and this is how you crash in nurburgring
ALAN MARIN 21 napja
This engine sound...
David Vasquez
David Vasquez 21 napja
0:49 Vettel will most likely S🅱️innala here
Lee Angelo Rovillos
He should try and predict where he'll crash this time
Watashi Kawaii Desu
1:06 Poor Butterfly
Silvia Mendes
Silvia Mendes 21 napja
Silvia Mendes
Silvia Mendes 21 napja
Silvia Mendes
Silvia Mendes 21 napja
max mustermann
max mustermann 21 napja
i dont understand why neither vettel or schumacher are in his place...
Atom X Alpha
Atom X Alpha 21 napja
Disappointed that it isn’t the real track...
Pablo Santos
Pablo Santos 21 napja
Hi GUYS, Romain Gorsjon 😂😂😂😂
Silas 21 napja
Its a shame, that we don´t see that legendary track on the normal Race Calender
Coleman K
Coleman K 21 napja
No cutting the corner, going across the grass after long straight like in the video games. 🎮 I remember Romain and Kimi driving that lotus with the shampoo sponsor and driving it quite well. Kimi had to wait a while to get paid too.
Oscar Franco
Oscar Franco 21 napja
you can crash here, and here, and here....
Ruskey 21 napja
If Grosjean doesn't finish in the points then its the end of his F1 career
Tiekje 21 napja
can anybody explain how the camera cleaned itself?
Fahren 21 napja
Or Just watch Nico's video on it.
mjo 21 napja
Great! He succeed not to crash himself during the lap presentation!
Adrián Gómez Martínez
01:04 a bee in the camera🤭🤭
Thomas Maat
Thomas Maat 21 napja
Are we going to see this circuit in the f1 2020 game
Al Shebab
Al Shebab 21 napja
something is wrong, why isn't he in the wall?
Angrez Ladka
Angrez Ladka 21 napja
I hate him
Matt JC
Matt JC 21 napja
This is the best footage they could find? A bug demolished..
Aa Gg
Aa Gg 21 napja
Wrong side of the circuit. Give us the Nordschleife
Hoten Hitonokoe
Hoten Hitonokoe 21 napja
Teikor 21 napja
*Attendance list for the funeral for the wasp* 👇
ASadPuppy 21 napja
Why is a track in Germany called the Eifel GP?
Andreas Cederqvist
Listen to the V8...
interceptor 80
interceptor 80 21 napja
What the.... Splash
Brian Tep
Brian Tep 22 napja
woman croissant
champagne from hollywood
Romain Grosjeans Circuit Guid should include a crash
Helio GT
Helio GT 22 napja
last time at nurb f1 cars had sound...
Tomasnok 22 napja
This is Formula One GP track not Nordschleife.
PRIS 22 napja
I guess Eifel, Nurburgring and Nordschleife are all interchangeable? 🤷
azamiruddin 22 napja
Thanks for the guide my friend.
Rob 69
Rob 69 22 napja
And on the weekend he will show how to crash
nealynealster 22 napja
the wasp wanted a closer look
Juan Manuel Correa
Hi guys romabfjsmsbd-joan. I'm not going to have a job next year.
Dr. J Plays PH
Dr. J Plays PH 22 napja
Rooomainnn Crashjean b
Dalai LMAO
Dalai LMAO 22 napja
Wasp: *minding its business* Grojean: crashes onto wasps too. Wasp to engineer: "You take care and they crash onto you!"
Raúl Vidal
Raúl Vidal 22 napja
Hi guys Goman Gogan
Pascal Meijer
Pascal Meijer 22 napja
So funny to see that most of the comments are about the wasp, or whatever it is🤣
Chris T
Chris T 22 napja
I am grosjean I promise to complain again and probably crash
SenserLess *
SenserLess * 22 napja
1:03 Lando's hornet?
ales__arte 22 napja
Jesus Christ that bee got deleted
MalteZockt 22 napja
Turn 1, Turn 2 I ThInK EricSoNn hIt Us
Android 22 napja
To Grosjean, Stop complaining and focus on the race and only think of your car but don't crash into other cars. I want you to grab some points. Your concentration seems to break all the time when you start talking (mainly complaining)
Alonso morales
Alonso morales 22 napja
thejonathanrath 22 napja
he didn't crash!
Callum Palmer
Callum Palmer 22 napja
I'm surprised he didn't crash the Lotus.
Alfie Nichols
Alfie Nichols 22 napja
Thx grosjean
MyLuckySuperegg 22 napja
Uh oh no more podium streak Monsieur!!!
Zalán Jakab
Zalán Jakab 22 napja
1:05 ewwww a butterfly splashed on screen lol
Juda 22 napja
HI guys I aM grOsjEan... VIDEO CRASHES (due to Internet connection)
JerainJezza 22 napja
Nordschleife is more fun :D
gustavo adolfo ramirez bonells
Such an idiot! Romain .
Big Nibba
Big Nibba 22 napja
How did he not crash
The Old Bad Gamer
The crash guide?
NeedyWallaby20 22 napja
01:05 bee
ilyas ahsan
ilyas ahsan 22 napja
Here for romain crash
SpatialDragon 22 napja
You know the Allies made Germany give Paris and the Eiffel tower back to France... LOL
Ben Morrison
Ben Morrison 22 napja
Title alternative: Romain Grosjeans Eifel Grand Prix Crash Course
d martinovicova
d martinovicova 22 napja
hi omae grosja
Garski 22 napja
it should be vettel doing this because he's german right?
sEbAs mS
sEbAs mS 22 napja
Esa avispa no pudo con grosjean
Matthieu Lo
Matthieu Lo 22 napja
Lol grosjean s circuit guide, now you know how to be last
Adhd Andy
Adhd Andy 22 napja
romain showing us every corner that he can crash at lol
Bill Weeks
Bill Weeks 22 napja
Gives credence to Bottas' bee story.
Clemens f.
Clemens f. 22 napja
Grosjean this weekend on the Podium would be a dream
Raoul Wegat
Raoul Wegat 22 napja
Just before the last corner you should turn left. It’d make for a much more interesting race 🤣
1:05 rip bug
Adithyadev Mattada
1:05 Ericsson is clearly at fault here
Adrien 22 napja
I don't understand ... when is the moment he crashes into the wall ?
Hort Vano
Hort Vano 22 napja
We wanted to see the presentation from Vettel :(
E 22 napja
Was it a bee or a poo?
Txema Nogueras
Txema Nogueras 22 napja
Something had to be crashed with Grosjean. This time was a bee.
L'ton 22 napja
@1:37, go left and lets the fun begin!
Ashish Kulkarni
Ashish Kulkarni 22 napja
Where is the halo?
John Raney
John Raney 22 napja
0:40 I have no more stress because of, *p a i d t o b e h o m e .c o m*
Lightening McQueen
Can't wait to see how today's cars race on the Nurburgring!
Peya 22 napja
Hi guys omagoja imma take u around trakc
Helena Lopez
Helena Lopez 22 napja
So Nice 💘💘💘💘💘💘
TaeNy35v 22 napja
sorry what? that casualty distracted me
Mujahid Islam
Mujahid Islam 22 napja
Hi, i'm Romain Grosjean and this track is a straight line for me.
Sven Schmitz
Sven Schmitz 22 napja
I was there in 2005 sitting right at the 'airpin'