2020 Emilia Romagna Grand Prix | Pierre Gasly's Circuit Guide 

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It's been 14 years, and Imola has changed! Jump onboard with Pierre Gasly for a lap of the historic Autodromo Enzo e Dino Ferrari as this venue returns to the calendar.
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BMXTANDER252 14 napja
“Coming into the first shickannnn”
2ndLastJedi 23 napja
What simulation is this track taken from ?
Panzerkampfwagen Ausf VI Tiger 1
1:05 "Uphill Chicken*
Sergio David Buitron
Siempre me ha gustado el trazado de Imola,es como una mezcla de Monza y Mónaco. Ojala se quede durante mucho tiempo en la F1 otra vez.
Jabid21 24 napja
So is Raikkonen is the only one on the grid who raced on this track before? (Formula 1 only)
The Psychologist
So the old Variente Bassa is gone, but they have a new one which is used for the bikes. Why don't they use it for F1 as well. What's the reason for this?
GT Racing
GT Racing 25 napja
1:21 This Turn is rather "Heartbreaking" 😄🙈
Michalis Roussounelos
What engine sound was that? An electric car or something?
They should have kept the last chicane.
Alex Llg
Alex Llg 25 napja
2020 atleast race went back to old f1 tracks
ByTe Deluxe
ByTe Deluxe 25 napja
1000th comment
Charlie Robins
Charlie Robins 25 napja
It’s sad nobody mentions Roland Ratzenberger
mdiazp23 25 napja
Seems hard to overtake with these fast current F1 cars... not so many strong braking spots...
r. tide
r. tide 25 napja
Sure hope they’ll remove that Dunlop sign.
I still call this GP the "San Marino Grand Prix"
Abhimanyu Kohli
Abhimanyu Kohli 25 napja
Alonso and Gasly at Renault for 2022.
Duff McWhalen
Duff McWhalen 25 napja
Chicken. Some chickens are pretty fast, apparently.
Nikita Guys
Nikita Guys 25 napja
Lucas Biglia Gonçalves Ramos
no Brazilian stays comfortable watching this GP
Kraven83 25 napja
On this track overtaking was difficult when the cars were 4.6 meters long. Now it will be impossible, if not by relying on DRS. What a pity to revisit this track with these cars.
Guy Incognito
Guy Incognito 25 napja
The camera on the front wing doesn't give the best view to appreciate the track imho..
Zalan Gueth
Zalan Gueth 25 napja
*...The last left was flad out. Coming into second chicken...*
Real Struggle
Real Struggle 25 napja
Just got one question: Why does only one FP take place in Imola?
It’s light out and Lewis Hamilton wins...
LtzAiman 25 napja
1:04 chicken, take alot of carbs
Michael Ambrus
Michael Ambrus 25 napja
Kentucky fried chiccane
Race & Rally
Race & Rally 25 napja
In my opinion gasly is 10x beyter than alex albon
Nonna Yurbuzness
I would have loved to see these cars go through Tamburello
David B.
David B. 25 napja
Did he do the the lap with a RC car?
Perfect 2760
Perfect 2760 25 napja
Keep Imola for the next years please...
Mashed Potatoes
Mashed Potatoes 25 napja
Chicken chicken chicken
Nivola 1953
Nivola 1953 25 napja
when Hollywood takes over F1 racing, this is what you get, a “dramatic “ view of asphalt racing toward you. You can’t see trajectory, car attitudes, and can’t recognize the track the car is on, all you can see is a “blurred gray tape” . If I want to see a movie on F1 I’ll go to a theater. A real racing event video should show a car racing on a circuit, not blurred tar or a spinning wheel with a moving background. Too many TV idiots that don’t know car racing are in charge of the F1 show. Moto GP is a 1000 times batter from this point of view, go and learn from them how to improve the viewers experience.
Lightening McQueen
The final corner is changed!
Jon 309
Jon 309 25 napja
Last time kimi was here, he was racing with Max's dad.
Dive Entertainment
Who is here after Sebastian Vettel took Pole in Imola 2020?
Lucas Lucas
Lucas Lucas 26 napja
Nice track
maxouf1 26 napja
1:19 Didn't he say "specially BEAUCOUP DE front locking"?? 🤔 (="a lot of" in french) 😄
andy chen
andy chen 26 napja
i remember this track on the computer game GP2.
HondaMegane 26 napja
New Alonso confirmed? *C H I C K E N*
Simone Melillo
Simone Melillo 26 napja
Alpha Tauri team will have an advantage this week-end!
Dhawal Kumar
Dhawal Kumar 26 napja
Didn't understand even a word what Gasly said. Please never do this again!
goatee01 26 napja
He sounds excited
Linkb7 26 napja
It's so weird to see racing where the legend Senna died
Scott Mcnicholas
Pierre belongs back at Red Bull!
TjdrrNG _
TjdrrNG _ 26 napja
Where did Senna died can you give me the time lap in this video cause I couldn't find it during onboard
Alain Raad
Alain Raad 25 napja
Sai Gopal
Sai Gopal 26 napja
Have they changed tamburello
Moises Serrano Merlin
Is it just me or does the footage seems from a slower care but accelerated?
Jon Lenin
Jon Lenin 26 napja
Pierre "Back into the Time" Gasly
George Cooke
George Cooke 26 napja
Its odd... but of all the races this year... i am looking forward to this one the most.
PUB WIE 26 napja
if this was Project cars, he would have got a 10-second penalty for touching the outside track line
Google Uwo
Google Uwo 26 napja
Where is the pitstop, I Cant see obviously
Juan carlos Garcia rodriguez
Me gustaría saber del juego tomaron esa vuelta al circuito, es un insulto a sena cuándo habla de tamburello
MasterGaming Nic
Why isn’t Kimi the one doing the guide?
KingReaperGamer 99
Tbh I'm not proud of this and I'm probably gonna get hate but when I heard him say artons accident I giggled a slight bit.
ezgames 7
ezgames 7 26 napja
And we are off oh and Lewis Hamilton has tyre problems and gasly takes the lead of lap 1 Lap 2 Lewis has retaken the lead and has made 238 fastest laps in one lap and wins the chicken gp
Armed Astronaut #1
mrtheoden 26 napja
terrible viewpoint FOCA...
Danny Rocha
Danny Rocha 26 napja
Well, guess what memories are gonna come back from this.
Tg 130
Tg 130 26 napja
I swear i heard hi its rick astly
Fio Abdillah
Fio Abdillah 26 napja
This RC car so fast
Phillip Gonzales
The second chicken?
Skeeter McTavish
Kimi is the only driver actually able to give a circuit guide to Imola. Also, I'll bet you anything Hamilton does some over the top dramatic photo-op/video with the Senna monument there.
So will miss last left right kerbs bfr d start line dis time which is why today's children dont know what was Formula 1 during v12 n v10
Jeremy Johnson
Jeremy Johnson 26 napja
Tamburello into tosa was utterly ruined by the chicanes. Like Monza's long bend onto the start finish straight, it's these corners that coined terms like "temple of speed" - and man, tamburello was pure speed before the neutering..
LouisPrudhomme 26 napja
Should have been Kimi... Only 2020 driver having actually raced there 😅 What is Gasly even talking about? Haha
Alex Chen
Alex Chen 26 napja
I cannot see the track curve at all from the view angle at this height.
Tom Shatt
Tom Shatt 26 napja
Albon's last race for Redbull.
paiermen 26 napja
usually there's a lot of corners here but with this years car it just flat out all the way
James Masey
James Masey 26 napja
1:05 🤣 Chicken
Kayzo 26 napja
Nice, we cannot see a thing
Thiago ST
Thiago ST 26 napja
Seesaw41 26 napja
Would have liked it a bit more if you named it the San Marino gp
xrbsp 26 napja
Can’t wait to hear the complaints Sunday after the race being a procession 😂
Freddy Chale
Freddy Chale 26 napja
So... *That's a Chicken's POV in a Race Track. Right?*
Freddy Chale
Freddy Chale 26 napja
*"Lights out and Away we go!"* 1st. Chicken... 2nd. Chicken... *STR* cuts the chickens... *HAM* wins, *BOT* takes the chickens home.
ubxoldier 26 napja
Why aren't the trees swaying? lol
TDR Bando
TDR Bando 26 napja
Neck Peck
Neck Peck 26 napja
After Portimao... all tracks look boring
Both Mercedes out of The podium
nakasuma89 26 napja
I like the trees
ceeg93 26 napja
Look at all those chickens
Kimi R
Kimi R 26 napja
1:15 my brain read the sign as sbinalla...
Coses 26 napja
Did they film this with a RC car?
Nathan Richards
Nathan Richards 26 napja
Worst camera angle for watching a lap my eyes and head hurt seeing this car go round
Noorwamohammed N
I am a little bit not excited because of all the crashes in Italy. First barichello had a massive crash and was lucky not to be very hurt then we had a worse death of ratzenberger then lamy and letho crashed out then senna died then leclerc crashed then 5 others and then stroll but the rest I am verry excited
heretustay 26 napja
The biggest thing this year's track selections has told us is basically "oh hey, there ARE interesting tracks out there... TILKE 👀"
lukaku20wba 26 napja
Close walls and the highest cornering speeds in F1 history. Someone is going to have a scary crash this weekend, hope they're OK whoever it is.
Noah Lehmann
Noah Lehmann 26 napja
Why is there no final chicken? That is meant to slow the cars down. Apparently they don't know aht they are thinking when they say, "Slow the cars down." BTW please sub my boiiis
Miklós Szekeres
Last time there was F1 grand prix in Imola, Gasly was 10, while Kimi was 5th.
Maverick TV
Maverick TV 26 napja
What a track, absolutely legendary. Salut Gilles.
tflLoTuS 26 napja
Imagine if AT/ Pierre ^2 wins another Italian GP
Talapino Music
Talapino Music 26 napja
Looking for the chicken still
Dominic Gaccioli
1:04 there’s a chicken running a lot of curb if you’re interested.
Nabeel 355
Nabeel 355 26 napja
I heard the intro at first as 'hi guys, it's Rick astley'.... Lol
Polar 26 napja
Does anyone remember 94?..
Erik Iwaniw
Erik Iwaniw 26 napja
Perfect opportunity to show some v10 cars onboard of this track. Sad F1 didn’t think of that.
Aldila VoKRID
Aldila VoKRID 26 napja
So much chicken, I guess
Salvatore Piscopia
0:14 Senna....
MCRaceLab 26 napja
I cant tell if this is a real lap in a real car or on a sim...
Jessy Fitpilates
I speak french...no english 😭