2020 Emilia Romagna Grand Prix: Practice Highlights 

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Just one practice session ahead of qualifying as F1 returns to Imola using a new two-day format.
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Brian Tcqr
Brian Tcqr 24 napja
You talk too much Low f1 sound, You agree?
Vlerke Damne
Vlerke Damne 25 napja
Kimi stays!! What a relief haha 🥳
Vilmar Silva
Vilmar Silva 25 napja
Damar Fadlan
Damar Fadlan 25 napja
Mercedes always 1 2 every week
Ben Hargreaves
Ben Hargreaves 27 napja
Not sure if I like this new format for the weekend... Just seems like everyone is under much more pressure. Can't be nice for the teams
bitkarek 27 napja
how english speakers cannot pronounce Kvyat... there is no letter between K and V. They say something like Kivyat
Disappointed 27 napja
He took his haas over the graas
Kentor 27 napja
It is actually way more interesting with fewer Training so that failures have a bigger value etc .
Mateusz Michalczak
Looking at Gasly's helmet it really gives me impression that Ayrton Senna is driving there himself.
ti to
ti to 27 napja
We race as one except Asia 🤣
Jakir Hossain
Jakir Hossain 27 napja
0:10 I stopped my job with the help of, *p a i d t o b e h o m e .c o m*
PJ Sinohin
PJ Sinohin 27 napja
Kimi: i've driven here before, just leave me alone.
Lian Summer
Lian Summer 27 napja
jaja ocon metiéndose en el área de mclaren jaja. Saludos Desde Panamá.
Fun fact, out of the last 8 F1 races on this track, 7 of the wins were scored by a Schumacher
Etienne C
Etienne C 27 napja
I'm really impressed by Ocon's performance. He's not far in practice and quali from Ricciardo in the last races.
Joe Shelton
Joe Shelton 27 napja
This will be a challenge to all cars and drivers. F1 has not raced in Imola since 2006 the last time they were there when Michael Schumacher won their the last time. Also, this is also Ferrari's home soil so they would love to win it in front of their tifosi. Hard to predict a winner. 🏎🏁🏆
Read my Lips
Read my Lips 27 napja
Kimi would be the oldest F1 driver in history's?
Gary Mitchell
Gary Mitchell 27 napja
A lockup is one of the few highlights of the single practice session. Modern F1 is so wow
Jarub 27 napja
Please don’t ever do the two-day format again!!!
TerribleFire 27 napja
Really hope Perez doesn't get a drive for 2021 the way his people have behaved towards Williams/George Russel.
Adam Fialka
Adam Fialka 28 napja
im glad that russel stays in f1...would be a shame for the whole team to dump him..such a talent
Dreamy 28 napja
I truly love how professional and calm this narrator is. She makes F1 feel super modern yet also very grand.
Goran Lepen
Goran Lepen 28 napja
Meh, boring Formula Hamilton...
Ed Longs
Ed Longs 28 napja
Russian boy thinks he is driving those Ladas....
Not_PopSK Gaming
Alpha tauri fast
Jeremiah Webster
Max is carrying Red Bull right now 🔥
Filippo Lescai
Filippo Lescai 28 napja
Thr last imola GP was 2006?
The Archangel
The Archangel 28 napja
"Exciting and UN-Predictable qualifying session." I'm about to go watch that, so I BET Hamilton gets pole!
stuntmonkey00 28 napja
"An old favourite..." along with happy back ground music. I'm sorry F1, this is not how I'll ever see Imola, not ever again.
A or Ta
A or Ta 28 napja
1,2 & 3... -The best machines vs the best driver. sooo boring :(
Beji16 28 napja
"Guys, stand in the way so no one see our secrets to speed" - Williams
Nathaniel Wu
Nathaniel Wu 28 napja
No one except Kiki raced in a F1 car on this track, yet there’s only one practice session, terrific
Chester Draws
Chester Draws 28 napja
Feel bad for Russel staying with Williams. Should go to Haas, at least have a chance of finishing in the points. Dude deserves a better team. Sorry but it’s true
Arjan Kleene
Arjan Kleene 28 napja
0:50 "If Mercedes can outscore Red Bull by 34 points this weekend, they'll wrap up the constructors championship." Close, but no. If Red Bull does not outscore Mercedes by 34 points, then Mercedes wraps up the title. And given the consistency of both Mercedes drivers and the lack of performance of one of the Red Bull drivers, it is likely that Mercedes will win the title.
Toni Monola
Toni Monola 28 napja
I dont like this 1 practice weekend. Id like to see the drivers get more time to find the limits
Christian •
Christian • 28 napja
New to formula 1, hey why wasn’t there practice yesterday?
David Dumitrică
*The midfield teams once again very closely matched* Shows HAAS and S🅱uderia Ferrari
Flying Walrus42
Flying Walrus42 28 napja
I prefer 3 day weekends
Suketu Patel
Suketu Patel 28 napja
Just change the new thumbnail theme
zach morgan
zach morgan 28 napja
i liked the intro music on this vid, not usually a fan of that kind of music but it was actually nice with the sound of the cars.
wpdn Rla
wpdn Rla 28 napja
Gasly 4th yesss👍👍
Allen John
Allen John 28 napja
Please don't take away Friday practise
Cristian JiMénEz
Definitely those pre-season test in imola helped alphatauri.
Csanád Kardos
Csanád Kardos 28 napja
Aaaand Hamilton made the mistake to win practice and we know who wins the practice, comes second in Q3 :)
Johnny_Dioxin 28 napja
Who's the drama queen that's presenting?
Antoine Mauger
Antoine Mauger 28 napja
Alpha Tauri practice positions = quali positions, how the turn tables... xD
Axel Arrés
Axel Arrés 28 napja
What did she say about Russell and Latifi? they are letting them go?
Green Planet
Green Planet 28 napja
Was there only one practice???
SmashGhost 28 napja
Unpredictable quali? Nope.
Darius guinds
Darius guinds 28 napja
Im gonna take a wild guess saying Hamilton might win the race with Bottas 2nd and Max 3rd. Really hard to predict what might happen...
Leo RV
Leo RV 28 napja
Haas’s cars just look taken straight from f2. :v
Dat-Mudkip 28 napja
Everyone's talking about Hammy. Meanwhile I'm excited that Kimi is staying for another year.
Cristina Torre
Cristina Torre 28 napja
What if somebody crash in tamburello
Jack Britt
Jack Britt 28 napja
Just be glad y'all get practice at all. NASCAR doesn't get ANY, Or qualifying. Unload the car and push it to the grid.
Zlatko Allbertus
Latifi is useless for Williams
Khamlesh Budhai
Khamlesh Budhai 28 napja
Iam so disappointed with honda for leaving f1 especially since iam a honda fan.
Qualinn Mobley
Qualinn Mobley 28 napja
“The other silver arrow” when its black
Ricardo MC
Ricardo MC 28 napja
Wow, never noticed the yellow things at the top of the cockpit. I assume those are the cameras
p Cv
p Cv 28 napja
I want Gasly to win. Driver with Senna helmet winning at imola would be a great spectacle to watch
STR AQIL Official
Eric haskell
Eric haskell 28 napja
Wake me when Hamilton retires.
Omkar Jha
Omkar Jha 28 napja
I can't see kimi in that Romeo and at last of the grid 😔.
Maverick Wolf
Maverick Wolf 28 napja
"Unpredictable" she said
TofferrYT 28 napja
exciting qualifying session: bottas 1 hamilton 2 verstappen 3 X D
Mow Vu
Mow Vu 28 napja
gasly to double up in italy x2🇮🇹🇮🇹 you heard it here 1st✌️
nlkong 28 napja
fan pandy
fan pandy 28 napja
Imola in San Marino?
VladimirTrump 28 napja
I have a feeling there might be a underdog victory here?
MrShadow 28 napja
hope it rains like crazy. So the best DRIVER will show himself
Mike Miller
Mike Miller 28 napja
Pérez not Peréz.
Eth0zz 28 napja
this is interesting. SEBASTIAN VETTEL IS MY IDOL.
Yente Dizz
Yente Dizz 28 napja
So now we already now who is going to get that constructors sorry to hear for Red Bull
Eimantas Mereščenkovas
So I'm confused is Gasly staying in AT or is he going to RB? Or did they just say that he got an offer?
Casper Speelman
Casper Speelman 28 napja
Albon can say bye..
Peter Marais
Peter Marais 28 napja
Alfa romeo is really one of those teams I am reminded that exists every now and then
Nefer La Deus
Nefer La Deus 28 napja
Did she say unpredictable???? LOL Joke of the Century.
Wolves Brigade
Wolves Brigade 28 napja
I was Finna ask where the practice vids were nvm
Slipperydjdan 28 napja
F1: Practice highlights Me: Uhhhhhhhhhhhhh Fp1 Fp2 Fp3?
Timo 28 napja
That human wall at Williams at 2:28 had me laughing. Are Williams afraid another team is going to get intel from them?
Handaru Pratomo
Handaru Pratomo 28 napja
"...Taking his Haas into the grHaass..." Where's Will Buxton when you need him?
El Majico
El Majico 28 napja
*3 Alpha Tauris and Max Verstappen Honda Racing Team*
Jim Wilson
Jim Wilson 28 napja
Great to see F1 back at more classic circuits this year, they’re much more interesting than the bland acres of tarmac that seem to have become the norm.
wyllian buzato
wyllian buzato 28 napja
Considerem legendas em português. Obrigado.
IPTY 28 napja
If kvyat isnt driving next week im protesting
Pew Live bibingka
Gasly's car must be a red bull in disguise
Mayank mayank
Mayank mayank 28 napja
Lewis Hamilton must have watched Nico's Imola masterclass
Richa Kingwani
Richa Kingwani 28 napja
Looks like Hamilton wants wins in the practice now too.
zayad YT
zayad YT 28 napja
Fp1:Hamilton Fp2:bottas Fp3:bottas Qualifying:Hamilton Race:hamiltom
John_Kolbie 28 napja
Silver arrows: They’re black
Flying Spagetti
Flying Spagetti 28 napja
Black silver....
Youkachi 28 napja
first leclerc, now gasly. who's next, norris?
Nathaniel Smith
Nathaniel Smith 28 napja
Hang on - so Russell and latifi are for Sure staying on at Williams? Checo is not coming in?
Verstappen, Gasly, Leclerc and Hamilton out performing their cars.
saiteja kondepudi
It isn't gonna be unpredictable..here are my predictions.. Hamilton P1 Bottas P2 Verstappen P3
Burned Potatoes
Burned Potatoes 28 napja
Gasly out preforming his car is just phenomenal
MATS Channel
MATS Channel 28 napja
"Midfield teams once again closely matched" *shows Ferrari and Haas* 😂😂
Moises Simoes
Moises Simoes 28 napja
Gasly's Helmet 😭. What a drive! What a feeling!
『ATR』Magnum 28 napja
Jason Farah
Jason Farah 28 napja
It's KVYAT not Kivyat
CaptainRoti 28 napja
It's "KVY-AT" not "KY-VY-AAAAT"
Fluffy Billy
Fluffy Billy 28 napja
Ok this one practice session is messing with my head
Origins of The Silver War (COMPLETE)
This is Formula One
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