2020 Emilia Romagna Grand Prix: Press Conference Highlights 

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It's been a while, but we're finally back at Imola! Tune in to press conference highlights as all 20 drivers - plus their team representatives - preview what is sure to be a weekend of unpredictability and excitement.
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FORMULA 1 25 napja
Reminder that we have just a single practice session this weekend, and it's taking place on Saturday!
Ok, thanks Benjamin!
xxx 24 napja
@Darryl Huntley They were showing both the Merc drivers at the same time and it would be unfair if Valterri got cut off, whereas the other 'close-ups' were of some of the drivers on their own.
TheJokerit19 24 napja
@ThatsRaidillonActually What do you mean? They're for the local track time and the user's current location.
Benjamin McIntosh
@ThatsRaidillonActually you can sync the calendar with your Google account everything gets converted to your local timezone automatically
Does anyone know if the times on the website are converted for daylight savings?
Glenn Beeston
Glenn Beeston 22 napja
Driving a car brand that has endless money, obviously they're going to win everything. I used to be a F1 fan over 30years,but it's all the same. Mercedes/Hamilton/Bottas 😴😴
Gian-Luca Nardini
Mo Adam
Mo Adam 24 napja
Seb: we assume equal machinery 🙃
Andrea Sánchez
Andrea Sánchez 24 napja
Sebastián Obviously Bald Vettel
Nigol T.
Nigol T. 24 napja
Formula 1 is D.E.A.D. or D.O A.
Jay 24 napja
2022 and max will be winning more podiums 100% along with Alonso and Vettel
failtolawl 24 napja
Finally these spoiled kids are getting grilled.
Jack J. Jones
Jack J. Jones 24 napja
1:57 I stopped my job because of, *p a i d t o b e h o m e .c o m*
Leonel Messi
Leonel Messi 24 napja
1:38 I don't need anymore my 9-5 thanks to, *p a i d t o b e h o m e .c o m*
Lucas deABREU
Lucas deABREU 24 napja
you can tell how hard this year's been to Seb from comparing his hairline with last year
Nikolaj Hansen
Nikolaj Hansen 24 napja
15:08, he was about to say, "looking forwards to switching to Aston Martin" XD
Nikolaj Hansen
Nikolaj Hansen 24 napja
14:42 Jesus is it just me or is Seb balding. Like a lot? Even his hairline is trying to escape Ferrari XD
Simon Thompson
Simon Thompson 24 napja
Seb has not been the same since he has had a child. I think he has lost speed?
im Conspire
im Conspire 24 napja
Honda are clever. sign Gasly who's doing well and hold off on the Kvyat, lol knowing they got the financial backing KaBoom
Homo Sapien Human being
What a long sentence by kimi there
Daniel L
Daniel L 24 napja
Kimi doesn't want to slow down and we aren't ready to let him go :)
13sheeran13 24 napja
Why did Lewis Hamilton not get a close up? Are F1 not behind black lives matter?
Deepak s
Deepak s 24 napja
is it me or is there is a bit off arrogance in the way Lewis talked?
Ryn 24 napja
bruh Pierre comparing himself to Seb winning 4 world championships after a win in Monza w Torro Rosso is kind of far fetched, not like they're the same driver I mean Pierre was in the right place at the right time with all the top teams at the back of the field. Not taking anything away from his driving ability or talent but he shouldn't just expect a red bull seat after one lucky win as if his stint with them in 2019 didn't happen.
Sweoz 24 napja
imola not emilia
ItsJustRomario 24 napja
Goodbye my name was woahmaan gwosain
Sue Keil
Sue Keil 24 napja
Funny strolls bad run since Perez got the boot
AM75 AM75
AM75 AM75 24 napja
Vettel reckons he's adaptable!?!?!?!?! Who's he kidding??? He's been complaining about the rear end not being to his liking since 2014! He's always had an excuse for his failures. The 2010-13 car faltered him. We're now seeing the truth. He's not on par with Michael, Lewis, Fernando, Max and Charles. They can win in anything! Vettel needs the car to behave in a certain way. They just need the 4 wheels pointing in the same direction. Vettel's legacy will be lucky 4 time world champ repeatedly beaten by rookie team mates and limited to what a certain type of car. Give me one of the other drivers any day!
Elia Bagolin
Elia Bagolin 24 napja
Is Lewis racing for Racing Point team??! 🤔🟣😂😂😂
Kushagra Chaturvedy
Imagine if Pierre wins on Sunday with that helmet
phpmvk1 24 napja
Reporter: Lewis, can we get your thoughts on Valtteri, his approach...? Lewis: Sure. Me, me, me, me. And Valtteri is a lot like me.
Sports Passion
Sports Passion 24 napja
Expecting kimi this time in top 5
delbroox 24 napja
Did not understand the question about Bottas to Hamilton, what happened?
Abel Mendoza
Abel Mendoza 24 napja
0:00 Williams 1:40 Haas 3:06 Alfa Romeo 4:13 Racing Point 6:12 Alpha Tauri 9:24 Renault 11:15 McLaren 12:25 Red Bull 14:20 Ferrari 15:49 Mercedes
Renata Taveira Munhoz
Please turn subtitles ON!!
Aaron Vannistelrooy
I hate how f1 has become about who can bring money as a driver. That’s absolutely disgusting
The Skinny Guy
The Skinny Guy 24 napja
Russel to reporter (at start) - you dare to challenge the power of emperor Toto
Melissa Temm
Melissa Temm 24 napja
Can you still watch drivers briefings like you use too?
Shawn 'TheSheep' Harris
a part of me wants to see hamiton, verstappen, bottas, leclerc in williams and haas and actually see what they can do with them.
Skippity Blippity
Christian Horner is such a great speaker!! Podcast NOW
Mark 25 napja
Otmar outraged bout perez reprimands. Stroll, not so much
John Whittaker
John Whittaker 25 napja
I don’t mind the brutal questions, but fgs stop all asking the same questions and listen to each other. The amount of times they were asked the same question but worded slightly differently just shows the journos here need to listen to their peers
Cirdna 25 napja
Gasly just said he did 2 podiums for toro rosso this year
Vettel: you never had problems before? Do you remember teammate Ricciardo? Now we can see true performance of Sebastian. Without number one status in Scuderia it's doens't seem so obvious to see greatness of Vettel. Now Vettel has same cards as Kimi had against Vettel in Scuderia for years. If Kimi was slow against Vettel in Scuderia, how should we describe Vettel is now doing against Leclerc?
John Bloor
John Bloor 25 napja
Sergio Pérez may be the big surprise of the weekend, don't underestimate him, this boy is strong and hungry for victory. Watch out for Pérez. He has matured a lot in 10 years of Formula 1. He is used to showing his potential on the track and has closed many mouths.
Mercedes: this is how you build our car People: don’t Mercedes: time to be children
Aayush MK
Aayush MK 25 napja
Did latifi shave his head?
LennyGuru 24 napja
You don't need to yell... Its due to noise restrictions why they only have one fp.
James Harrell
James Harrell 24 napja
F1 is testing a new 2-day format
Vance Heard
Vance Heard 25 napja
These were excellent questions and responses.
SUMUKH S 25 napja
Go, Alex
Jon Rojas
Jon Rojas 25 napja
Am I the only one who thinks that Charles Leclercs rival in 2021 will be George Russell
raden irfan
raden irfan 25 napja
1:40 it's not normal when you say it's normal
Jason 25 napja
"HUrunrs F1 Q+A"
Amitabh Roy
Amitabh Roy 25 napja
Seb: I assume I get the same car. Something's fishy
Alexander Lemberg
Please, Don't wear your face masks in interviews please! Can't hear or see, and can't stand the muffled voices anymore! You are already distancing a lot, and the aerosols comes through the masks anyway...
Alexander Lemberg
@Devanand Djati In my eyes they - ARE - in enough distance, and they are even wearing masks outside?
Devanand Djati
Devanand Djati 25 napja
They can't because you know, social distancing
SMFeist 25 napja
4:00 what's bane doing here?
ELCAIFAN10 25 napja
Checo to Red Bull 21 Albon last race
Sarath Kumar A
Sarath Kumar A 25 napja
Lewis always does this..beats the pulp out of Bottas & then praises him as much as he can.....😃
Scott Elder
Scott Elder 25 napja
That last one was awkward
tigerrx 25 napja
You don’t need Red Bull seat Pierre, you go out there and you beat whoever is in the Red Bull, if you can’t beat Max they consistently beat the 2nd seat. Then when they come calling, say you’re quite happy beating their “top” drivers.
duarte castro
duarte castro 25 napja
Had to come to youtube because it has tons of lag in the official app...fix it please❤
David F
David F 25 napja
Seb gotta go see Lewis Hair doctor...
Mohamed Hossam
Mohamed Hossam 25 napja
Vettel :"Like you said I ASSUME the same". That's basically him saying that he does not think he has the same machinery and honestly that's very obvious. Anyone who thinks a 4x world champion is suddenly being beaten by more than a 0.5 second in the same machinery needs to go watch another sport.
Frosty Apples
Frosty Apples 25 napja
Does anyone else kind of feel bad for Daniil 😣
The Psychologist
15.00 ... Vettel - "I"m not able to get the same out of the car as Charles is" Flashback to 2014 "I'm not able to get the same out of the car as Ricciardo is" Fast Forward (hopefully not for Vettel fans) "I'm not able to get the same out of the car as Lance is"
Justin Spencer
Justin Spencer 25 napja
Rodrigo Rex
Rodrigo Rex 25 napja
Where's the part Lewis is trying to dodge the question about saudi arabia? Don't get me wrong, i like him but it was obvious he's not OKAY with saudi arabia
brian mclendon
brian mclendon 25 napja
you showed the one guy from mercedes that no one cared to hear from
Eli James
Eli James 25 napja
Thanks for the all great comments and stay safe and I love your video and I love your car
Kylemsguy 25 napja
The transition sound effect is coming a bit early in this video...
Bojan RONDRAS 25 napja
Everyone talking about Perez leaving but we're losing the Torpedo next year.
Mario Driessen
Mario Driessen 25 napja
Pierre Gasly forgot he already had his chance at Red Bull. If he hadn't, he probably WOULD have been promoted to Red Bull after this years racing, like Sebastian Vettel got his chance at Red Bull after his win in his Toro Rosso. But Vettel took his chance and became a four time world champion, while Gasly....., well he didn't.
Jaap 25 napja
Nice intro.
Smhezra Keen
Smhezra Keen 25 napja
Got to love how they happen to miss out all the questions about racing in Saudi next year 😂
Keith Randolph
Keith Randolph 25 napja
Kimi “darth vader” Raikkonen
Dawson Darnell
Dawson Darnell 25 napja
Ya know I always wondered why Gasly wrecked so much bc he’s such a phenomenal driver. And look at that Albon is experiencing the same issues. It’s not RB it’s Verstappen Bull
Julian Schwertz
Julian Schwertz 25 napja
Horner even said that there is a chance whoever replaces Albon will also have the same issue. It will be interesting to see how Perez or Hulk do if they happen to get the seat. Both very experienced but I can guarantee it'll be the same story. Maybe a liiiiiittle bit more consistent.
Rodrigo Rex
Rodrigo Rex 25 napja
Freddie Blancas
Freddie Blancas 25 napja
"Commentators: *FORMULA 1 DRIVERS* always driving past the limits!! (awesome rock music ensues )" Real Drivers: "Ok .. that was right on the limit ... " (x
chill ma
chill ma 25 napja
Would rather keep mag an gro than gio tbh
Anugerah Tunggal
Podium 1 Lewis 2 valteri 3 max
Ali Razzaq
Ali Razzaq 25 napja
Magnussen got his vibe checked
Kamil P
Kamil P 25 napja
Where are other drivers, namely, Leclerc, Bottas, Albon and others?
Cybervibe 25 napja
15:10 One of the logos on Seb's left arm is covered up. Maybe they've dropped their partnership or whatever, but seems peculiar
Adithya 25 napja
That logo is blocked from Austria. One of their sponsors Weichai left them before the season even started.
Andrea Taddeucci
I think there was Weichai
Tom Shaked
Tom Shaked 25 napja
Scummy questions to Pierre...
Rizky basuki
Rizky basuki 25 napja
Imagine, how's kvyat feels during conference.. So sad
Stupidity 23 napja
Kvyat? What Alex Albono
Maurits Buijs
Maurits Buijs 23 napja
@UnseenLive1 I know it seems harsh but it's an integral part of your job as a competitive driver. When you chose to be a competitive driver; you chose to be hired or fired by your performance on track. The media is honestly very tame to drivers about the topic. Seb for example; has not excuse for his performance on track or his criticisms. He's one of the highest regarded, most experienced drivers in one of the highest regarded teams with one of the biggest budgets. He should have been questioned far more and far harsher about his poor performance on track. Especially since he blames the car and his team a lot while Leclerc is out there scoring decent points almost every race. Kvyat deserves these questions and more. He's been on the field for quite a few years now. He's even been in the Red Bull team before Max showed up for quite a while. He has plenty of experience and has had plenty of chances to improve himself and do well. So far; he isn't doing well. Gasley is performing better and still growing in his ability even though he has much less experience in an F1 car. If Kvyat has reached the limit of his potential, like it seems he does, then he should be replaced. If you think that's harsh, consider that he can still find plenty of other worthwhile racing series to drive in. His chances of being hired are also pretty high. Being an average midfield driver in F1 still makes you better than most of the other drivers out there.
Arnold Sammy
Arnold Sammy 24 napja
Same thing with Albon
docxx4 25 napja
@UnseenLive1 I agree, a lack of empathy. The drivers don't owe us anything, they're not elected and need to be held accountable.
Taleef Tamsal
Taleef Tamsal 25 napja
@UnseenLive1 exactly
Motorsports Guy
Motorsports Guy 25 napja
I was trying to turn on the TV for replays of Practice but till i saw the pinned comment
Mahbuba Mizan Murshed 049
I feel so bad for Kvyat, he seems to be in pain. The journalists really should be kinder.
Motorsports Guy
Motorsports Guy 25 napja
Daniil Blyat
ibrahim turan
ibrahim turan 25 napja
For a moment i toughed hamilton was a pink mercedes driver
Joe Jenkins
Joe Jenkins 25 napja
Lewis sounded like he just got high af and was just rambling 😂😂
Alan Saad
Alan Saad 24 napja
And what’s Kimi saying, asking for a friend?
Rjdks 25 napja
that's why you skip all of lewis' interviews
Emilio Avila
Emilio Avila 25 napja
Hamilton seemed to really struggle with that at the end. Their relationship must be getting tense but no one wants another Hamilton-Rosberg situation on their hands. Toto might actually start losing some hair
RichardsRockin 25 napja
It's a completely different relationship. Back then, Hamilton and Rosberg were duelling very closely. Now Bottas just can't match Lewis' race pace. It must be awkward, because he simply can't, but not in a sense of rivalry, but mostly in a sense that everyone around the team knows he can't beat Lewis.
E M 25 napja
Why is toto wearing a diper?
Tom Menten
Tom Menten 24 napja
I think Toto knotted his sweater around his waist and the sleeves are just in a weird spot
Karri Karthik
Karri Karthik 25 napja
@T. P. hamilton is still okay but toto looks a bit weird
T. P.
T. P. 25 napja
And why is Hamilton half-dressed as pink panther?
Batters56 25 napja
Vettel, the man who adapted to the ultimate counterintuitive, pressing the accelerator when the car was losing grip in the blown diffuser era, admits to not being able to adapt to this years car.
Eric van Druten
Eric van Druten 25 napja
so the question is: what's wrong with the car?
Baggings Truetoyou
Wow a lot more direct questions in this conference than normal
BrocaRaton 24 napja
It almost feels like they’re trying to make it onto season 3 of Drive to Survive.
V8Hilux 24 napja
There normally is just that the f1 channel doesn't show them. Find the full sessions from other youtubers.
Rjdks 25 napja
how it should always be, no snowflakes pls
Chuckiele 25 napja
Did I miss something or why is Bottas' behaviour now becoming part of a discussion rather than the fact that Mercedes is a bunch of hypocrits?
Uthmaan Bhamjee
Uthmaan Bhamjee 25 napja
Sad Gasly makes me sad
justingt3rs 25 napja
clearly, everyone is a Senna fan.
LuminalSpoon 25 napja
Lewis Pink Pants Hamilton
Ben Zemanek
Ben Zemanek 25 napja
I really wish Albon could just get his seat back at Alpha Tauri, that second seat at Red Bull is toxic.
TerribleFire 25 napja
i dont get the Perez reprimand
Vajira Kashyapa
Vajira Kashyapa 25 napja
Are they tourturing somebody with a car battery in the background?
Elias M
Elias M 25 napja
Thomas 25 napja
Those are camera noises (still pictures cameras)
kevin n
kevin n 25 napja
I watched that race when Ayrton crashed. I had to go out quickly so I didn't find out he died until much later in the day. It was such a shock. I was a huge fan of his. Thanks to Pierre for wearing that newly designed helmet for Ayrton. You must be channelling his spirit to win Pierre because you've done what most drivers couldn't. You became better after being knocked down. I'm sure you've impressed a lot of people around the world with your incredible rebound. Keep up the great drives!
kevin n
kevin n 24 napja
@Simon Lundell just a typo my friend. I’m old & losing my eyesight.
kevin n
kevin n 24 napja
@Shantam Sridev wah. Thanks. It was a typo. Morning dyslexia.
Shantam Sridev
Shantam Sridev 25 napja
@François M. Accidentally spelling the name wrong in HUrun comments doesn't make you a less of a fan of a person
François M.
François M. 25 napja
@Rakesh Chavan bruh. Even I don't know his greatest hits but know how to spell his name properly. 💁🏻‍♂️
Rakesh Chavan
Rakesh Chavan 25 napja
@Simon Lundell oh, you like Senna. Name every album of him😤😑😑😑. Stop gatekeeping dude .
Jan Šebek
Jan Šebek 25 napja
Clicked just to see LewHam outfit :D 😂 not disappointed. Shame he didn't came up with something more edgier on face mask.
Darryl Huntley
Darryl Huntley 25 napja
Interesting how we were shown close-ups of ALL other talkers except Hamilton. His face mask obviously had something written on it but we weren't show what it was. Assumed it was an, "End Racist" oriented slogan of some kind but if the media is also part of this new movement it really seems strange that they wouldn't show only him in the frame.
Daeori WOW
Daeori WOW 25 napja
His mask just reads 'black lives matter'
Travel Legend
Travel Legend 25 napja
These press conferences are a yoke
Manuel Light
Manuel Light 25 napja
I missed free praxis this week :/
Matt Crick
Matt Crick 25 napja
That’s tomorrow :)
S 13
S 13 25 napja
This is a bit of an unpopular opinion but i think Albon will keep his RB seat. Red Bull realise Albons talent and are starting to open their eyes to the fact that the car has to be more balanced for both drivers, without that even divers like Checo will not succeed in Red Bull. I think theyll give Albon one more year until the regulation change making sure another talent doesnt slip through the cracks. Theyll be able to take the risk of keeping Albon and seeing if hes really worth their time since realistically Red Bull wont have a chance of competing with Mercedes until 2022 and wont receive any major pressure from the midfield teams.
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