2020 Emilia Romagna Grand Prix: Qualifying Highlights 

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An old favourite returns to the F1 calendar - who will take pole at the Autodromo Enzo e Dino Ferrari?
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Sami Sert
Sami Sert 9 napja
Formula1-İki saniyede teker değişimi ve Formula 1 İstanbul : samisert
AlfredBarron 14 napja
are mercades still using the DAS? I haven't noticed it recently
seiom jvony
seiom jvony 19 napja
For being on the “lower team,” Gasly sure isn’t showing it. He’s competing with Verstappen now.
mikea hiooi
mikea hiooi 20 napja
Gasly in 4th is excellent. Amazing job out there. And Kvyat in 8th as well, absolutely brilliant stuff from AlphaTauri. Go get them!
Carbon Crank
Carbon Crank 20 napja
who do I have to pay to make him stop shouting and shouting and shouting and shouting and shouting and shouting and shouting and shouting and shouting and shouting and shouting and shouting and screaming!!!??? Somebody needs to b**** slap him and tell him to shut the f**k up.
Brian Tcqr
Brian Tcqr 20 napja
You talk too much Low f1 sound, You agree?
mikea hiooi
mikea hiooi 20 napja
I personally don’t like watching Mercedes take every pole position this season, but Jesus Christ did anyone notice how planted Bottas’ car looked around the lap?
Hoten Hitonokoe
Hoten Hitonokoe 22 napja
Hoten Hitonokoe
Hoten Hitonokoe 17 napja
@pida siouy pida siouy R.I.P.
pida siouy
pida siouy 17 napja
Formula 1 R.I.P.
bilinas mini
bilinas mini 22 napja
If gasly wins he should be allowed one free punch on horner.
pida siouy
pida siouy 17 napja
I personally don’t like watching Mercedes take every pole position this season, but Jesus Christ did anyone notice how planted Bottas’ car looked around the lap?
Tranqilo 22 napja
"Software problem easy to fix" - Famous Last Words
Nelson Bento
Nelson Bento 22 napja
Boa tarde para todos do canal que é chou de bola
ILETYOU WIN 22 napja
whos this new commentator ??!
Louis Nel
Louis Nel 22 napja
People keep saying how Ferrari is bad now and I get that, but why can Leclerc do so well , not to well you can see the Ferrari is not up to par with the others but Vettel is always WAYYYY down the list.
bilinas mini
bilinas mini 22 napja
did i just hear the words BIGGUP YOURSELF RED BULL 😂😂😂
ray chia
ray chia 23 napja
again 1,2... boring!!!!
James Gutierrez
James Gutierrez 23 napja
Gasly got a red bull car painted as alphatauri
Dieter Müller
Dieter Müller 23 napja
Formula 1....totally Horseshit...
pida siouy
pida siouy 23 napja
*Bottas gets pole* Hamilton haters: Please don't give us hope.
Matt Z
Matt Z 23 napja
Mercedes is a different breed
JoeOvercoat 23 napja
3:55 The Brit was thinking “Americans won understand the word purchase so I better change it to traction”, and he’s right. ;)
samuel dollani
samuel dollani 23 napja
forza Mercedes!!!
Dolley Fusik
Dolley Fusik 23 napja
Gasly and Ricciardo! Let’s go!
pida siouy
pida siouy 23 napja
flying at Alpha-Tauri. Well done lad!
Payne Brawley
Payne Brawley 23 napja
I personally don’t like watching Mercedes take every pole position this season, but Jesus Christ did anyone notice how planted Bottas’ car looked around the lap?
mark nvt
mark nvt 23 napja
Formula 1 R.I.P.
FatBikeRacer 23 napja
Why is Hamilton allowed to exceed track limits and Raikonnen is not?
페라리 23 napja
Vettel is gone~~
Ves†a_J 23 napja
did i just hear the words BIGGUP YOURSELF RED BULL 😂😂😂
Hamilton is a girl-boy
Wellington Ribeiro
O melhor circuito da temporada... Que corrida linda.
David Torres
David Torres 23 napja
"Valtteri, it's james".
Don't bother speaking your mind here, because the 'people' (insanely friendly substituted word) will simply yank it.
Vitalis H.
Vitalis H. 23 napja
Can’t believe i still offer my weekends for this, without Verstappen such a boring parade...
Computer Addic
Computer Addic 23 napja
Vettel is gettin into retire after this season,thats obvious..
ً 23 napja
He is driving for Aston Martin next year you F1 newbie
Darth Visceral
Darth Visceral 23 napja
Gasly has really shown his worth this season & it seems his podium has really boosted his confidence. I’m glad he didn’t move back to Redbull’s second seat, he’s absolutely flying at Alpha-Tauri. Well done lad!
Archadious GC
Archadious GC 23 napja
If gasly continues like this he will have the interest of other teams for sure so we will be seeing this guy for a lot more time
Thomas Ning
Thomas Ning 23 napja
Watching the merc flying through these corners is incredible, since our last footage of this track was quite a few generations of cars ago.
sifkn 23 napja
Red Bull and Alpha Tauri will be missed in F1 because there are many factory teams on board F1. Were there private teams that were so successful? 15 years in buisness, both teams won races and even 4 world titles for Vettel. Because it just becomes too expensive to develop the engine further and so they will get off. Because Ferrari and Renault will not deliver the same engines and in Italy or France they will not be happy if RB stands with their engine in front of their factory teams and therefore RB will not get the same expansion stage from the 2. So RB and AT will get out of F1.
Kaizen 23 napja
Luiz Felipe Vilela
Maaaan this cars looks faster going side to side through this tight corners
Saturday Afternoon: Bottas on pole position. Sunday Afternoon: "Get in there Lewis"
watch night
watch night 23 napja
VladK 23 napja
Jesus wept... Mercedes haven't bothered putting any upgrades on their car for a couple of months now - still easily 0.5 seconds ahead of RBR. 2021 is gonna be bleak guys.
Jeremiah Bachmann
Hammy Fans be like: Hamilton on Pole: Best Driver Ever!!! Bottas on Pole: Only there because of the car.
Edward Jam
Edward Jam 23 napja
If Gasly was at Red Bull he would cackold Max.
Danny Ric still pushing that renault to its max. would like to see him win a championship one day
Amir Hussain
Amir Hussain 23 napja
LeSushi Frosty
LeSushi Frosty 23 napja
Gasly : i want be alongside verstappen. Horner : no. Gasly in Q3 : i said yes.
Marian Mrkvický
This comentary is so poor..
Big Yes
Big Yes 23 napja
gasly is something else man
Scathing Keyhole
Q3 Hamilton should have got a penalty for track limits. The last 2 corners he exceeded
Raditya Julung
Raditya Julung 23 napja
I think sector 1 F1 2004 alot faster and sector 2 is close but sector 3 the circuit is change.. Why imola delete last chicane?
crxdelsolsir 23 napja
Gasly is right to stay in Alpha Tauri Why go to Red Bull when you still get podiums and wins without the pressure? Why go to a top mid field team when you are the ONLY mid field team that wins a race and gets more podiums than any other midfield.
Buffy Plays
Buffy Plays 23 napja
verstappen + vettel fans mad af as usual 😂🤣😅
Timmy Morgan
Timmy Morgan 23 napja
Q2 can't be real! Albon is ahead of Max... 😂😂
Coz 23 napja
Brilliant Gasly, brilliant Russell
Ali Gültekin
Ali Gültekin 23 napja
Q3 Bottas P1 Hamilton P2 Race "Bono my tires are gone. I have no grip" Hamilton wins Bottas P4
Xavi Cockburn
Xavi Cockburn 23 napja
Happy Halloween 🎃
Marcin Kościelny
Next season: Max promoted to Alpha Tauri Because it's easier to drive.
crxdelsolsir 23 napja
MUGEN! come already!!!
crxdelsolsir 23 napja
Alpha Tauri: Wins Horner: Meh, it is just an easier car to drive.
Luis Philipp
Luis Philipp 23 napja
Where is the raikönnen penalty?
MetalFilms 23 napja
Can we also please appreciate George Russel? Less than 3 tenths away from Q3 in a Williams?
travis irish
travis irish 23 napja
the more recognition gasly gets the more impressive gasly becomes
Demetris Yiokkas
The power to grip ratio puts you off so much that you seriously think of switching to snooker
ThriftybyNature 23 napja
Is it just me, or is Max the most unlikeable driver on the grid?
Rasal Hague
Rasal Hague 23 napja
What a drive, Pierre! I bet Ayrton's so proud of you.
Priyam Gupta
Priyam Gupta 23 napja
Ferrari is that attractive girl - every driver wants to be in but strongly regrets later
vN 23 napja
Albon goes through curbs - Lap time deleted Hamilton goes through curbs - FIA goes blind
James Jenky
James Jenky 23 napja
Can I get George a better car for Christmas
F P 23 napja
Mercedes is so dominant it's almost boring to watch
Pawel Wojcikiewicz
Where the another tech talk video
Triija 23 napja
what a suprise mercendes 1-2 formula 1 is so boring nowadays
Shubham Chauhan
Shubham Chauhan 23 napja
Redbull must be feeling sorry right now....
Vyom Richharia
Vyom Richharia 23 napja
Idk if anyone else has noticed this but it's often the case that Lewis is the fastest in just the final sector despite some minor errors and bottas or whoever is second is faster in the other sectors yet somehow can't beat Lewis. It's like he's got this ability where he progresses and speeds up through the whole lap.
Ishaan Saxena
Ishaan Saxena 23 napja
Mercedes, Red Bull, Red Bull rejects. Our front 6 cars.
Dos Santos
Dos Santos 23 napja
Gooo for gasly!!!!
Anej Z
Anej Z 23 napja
Lights out and away we go bottas gets a bad start and lewis hamilton wins Emilia Romana GP
Allen Miranda
Allen Miranda 23 napja
albon outqualies max, pierre outqualies albon. *interesting*
ken chin
ken chin 23 napja
vettel should take retirement
Elijah sk
Elijah sk 23 napja
wow guess what teams on pole again
Oliver Ingram
Oliver Ingram 23 napja
Mercedes..Silver Arrows..can we have an end to the temp paint job now please...
Prakatheesh Jathugulan
great race
James Treloar
James Treloar 23 napja
I love it, half way through Q3 and a video tag comes up in the top corner suggesting you to watch "Bottas' pole lap". cheers for the suspense killer 😂
Hovermotion 23 napja
F1 Has become so booooooring...it just the same team wining all the time.. On top of that they have the best pit boxes and why are all the safety cars no matter what track is a merc..
twoluckyone 23 napja
Mercedes at pole, Verstappen 3rd qualifier. Conclusion: another very boring race to come today.
# Floblo67
# Floblo67 23 napja
albon il pueeeeeeee like si tu es d'accord
Anand Rs
Anand Rs 23 napja
iam from India, can you please tell me a proper channel to watch f1 2020
Mercedes engin +1000 HP Red bull engin 980 HP If bowth had same HP results will be different
Kieran Cliffe
Kieran Cliffe 23 napja
I almost thought Russell was in Q3 for seconds
lou de borger
lou de borger 23 napja
Where can you watch formula 1 in belgium?
maxouf1 23 napja
When RB and AT have same budget (2022) that will be even more interesting comparing the two teams, mhahaha
Hafidz Garib
Hafidz Garib 23 napja
Gasly will be driving for Mercedes when Lewis decides to hang his racing suit. His great relationship with Lewis will be the key to his Mercedes drive.
Nuzayh Abrahams
Nuzayh Abrahams 23 napja
If gasly keeps on doing this he will and I'm sure he will go to redbull
MAL 9000
MAL 9000 23 napja
*Stewards delete albon's fast lap* albon: They punish me so hard
ryan34ssj 23 napja
Bit faster than Alaphilippe earlier in the year
Burning MrB
Burning MrB 23 napja
This wasn’t as exiting as the commentators suggested at the end concerning the first line, c’mon guys
wowww so fast mercedes petronas
Maurizio Di Ianni
Go Leclerc
Hideyoshi No-Kami
Alpha tauri, best Italian F1 team is back ragazzi!
Patrik Suchý
Patrik Suchý 24 napja
Almost 1sec. between Mercedes and the others 🤦‍♂️....
Doctors n Politicians are Frauds
most boring racing is f1👎
aley haikal
aley haikal 24 napja
it’s getting boring now that mercedes dominates every single race. i don’t even watch this anymore cuz i knew who will win and who is on pole
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