2020 F1 Drivers: Their Biggest Heartbreaks 

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Relive the most agonising moments to date from the F1 careers of the 2020 grid - podiums and race wins snatched away, controversial collisions and more...
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Nick Barnes
The dreary lake locally tug because bandana hemperly race to a sleepy india. obscene, delicious stamp
Franco Viejo
Franco Viejo 2 napja
Update; Stroll and Russell missing out a win. Grosjean suffering a horrific crash and losing out his last F1 race
ga mma
ga mma 3 napja
15:26 *pain*
Ezra Ariel
Ezra Ariel 3 napja
The Doctor
The Doctor 3 napja
0:53 - On _its_ own.
Max Versthappening
F in the chat for George. All know what should be there
Arthur Gamer
Arthur Gamer 5 napja
Erros acontece 15:11 Mano agora Max quere briga por um erro lamentavel 15:17
HUDA 6 napja
?cecee ceHi
Elizabeth Del castillo
It wasn’t a heartbreak moment from Sergio... it’s a victory basically... he’s on a better team now
Elizabeth Del castillo
See... the Giovinazzi Spa thing... I knew what I always do in Real Racing 3 applies in real life... it’s just that in real life it happens more majorly
Darius Edwin
Darius Edwin 6 napja
Stephen Lynch
Stephen Lynch 9 napja
Lol perez's one doesn't really apply anymore. Losing the racing point seat was probably the best thing that could have happened to him.
Kiran Dhamdhere
george russel's biggest heartbreak is getting signed with williams
lukers 9 napja
Despite being the most unsuccessful team for the best 2/3 years, Williams is still one of the most likeable and loveable teams.
Dwayne Venzon
Dwayne Venzon 11 napja
1:29 this is F1 2025
Erick Colby
Erick Colby 13 napja
What's music on background?
Gavin Taylor
Gavin Taylor 13 napja
Don’t care what anyone says Hamilton at the very least nudged Albion off the track
oci 99
oci 99 13 napja
Carlos russia 2015
Avinash M
Avinash M 14 napja
Albon calling Hamilton a sore loser is a joke. Just like when he spun all on his own at Imola and tried to blame it on a Mclaren. No wonder he has been kicked out of RBR.
Sumit Sarkar
Sumit Sarkar 16 napja
Albon: I will get a podium finally. Hamilton: Not today my boy.
pogot logot
pogot logot 16 napja
Plot twist: checo's biggest heartbreak actually albon's
magic spell
magic spell 16 napja
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Vettell in Germany? C'mon!
UnkownShadow94 18 napja
I think Vettel’s biggest heartbrake is wrecking at home 2018
Csaba Trostovszky
Well i can say one more thing whrn Grosjan opens a file the file name is NIKI LAUDA. EXE
Sheldon 21 napja
Why does Grosjean's footage look like it was filmed 1999?
Volanne 22 napja
Verstappen remaining true to himself. Pushes his opponent off the track, before insulting him and reversing the fault. This guy is a disgrace.
Curtis Hunter
Curtis Hunter 22 napja
Correction: Vettels Biggest HeartBreak was Lap 52, Germany 2018 the day he gave away the WDC and Constructors Title to Lewis Hamilton and the Mercedes Boys
Anirban Samanta
Anirban Samanta 23 napja
Vettel twice! Why be so mean? :)
StretchGlory 9
StretchGlory 9 24 napja
Heartbrake Albon loses seat in 2021
Julian Lang
Julian Lang 24 napja
Germany 2019 still makes my eyes wet
Passi Motionless
Hamilton is a big a...... i don't like him. Driving like a idiot with no respect.
Peter’s Playtime
We think the same way
yashwanth gowda
yashwanth gowda 24 napja
Mugello crash for lance stroll
Uma Chaduvula
Uma Chaduvula 24 napja
Uma Chaduvula
Uma Chaduvula 24 napja
Mary 25 napja
Lando: *loosing power right at the end when he was set to finish P5* Crofty: Charles LeClerc wins the Belgian Grand prix!
BlueHeron 25 napja
"This guy is such a sore loser!" Lewis Hamilton in a nutshell ladies and gentleman.
thomasbrewer 1332
You sure about that
LethalChicken 25 napja
2020 you say? Clickbait is more appropriate. Not much here from 2020.
Flavio Pompeo Menna
I would rather say that Sainz's heartbreak moment was in Monza in 2020
윤성민 26 napja
Leclerc's robbed victory was rewarded with such a dramatic one. I'm sure George's will be the same
Fabricio Martinez
Millones de dólares ganan y no te ponen una traducción
Dhruv Puri
Dhruv Puri 26 napja
Russell's biggest heartbreak was Sakhir. He gave up a win in Sakhir vs a point which was lost in Imola Sakhir was much worse
Paul Beaumont
Paul Beaumont 26 napja
Grosjean:almost getting killed in a haas car what got set fire
29 PESOS 22 napja
he deserved that
Jasey Like noodles
Should have been Russell at Mercedes
NDR FortyTwentySeven
0:23 Soluter
Ansh Bhatia
Ansh Bhatia 28 napja
music at 8:45?
Charley Duffell
Charley Duffell 29 napja
If I was Albon, Hamilton would’ve been smacked as soon as that wave was over
Vinícius Apolinario
Part 2: Fittipaldi: Schumacher and Mazepin are in the haas Aitken: i dont know
Mark Knoop
Mark Knoop Hónapja
I guess my heart was already broken.
Junseong Park
Junseong Park Hónapja
The heartbreak for Perez didn't age well
Prodigy MCL
Prodigy MCL Hónapja
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Борис Овсенко
Есть в чате русские что то пока не очень понятно мне , друзья что и как тут теперь феррари и феттеля тема
Blippy Hónapja
That accident looked like Max’s fault
Formula 66
Formula 66 Hónapja
8:15 - IT'S BWOKEN 😩
Caroflage Hónapja
This aged bad.
KPB 811
KPB 811 Hónapja
14:02 A large F1 crash which caused a lot of damage: The half of the front wing: *weeeeeeeeeeeee*
Sean Thompson
Sean Thompson Hónapja
sainz needs a lyft
Sean Thompson
Sean Thompson Hónapja
isnt this interesting Perez gets fired from racing point but in actual fact perez is better than stroll and vettle, the weird thing is the going to pay vettle more then they paid perez, when perez is the way faster driver, not to mention how bad stroll is, and then perez gets a promotion into the red bull team which he fully deserves!!! thats amazing!!!! never seen this BS before!
Bughatii Lovren
Bughatii Lovren Hónapja
Vatel 😂
Acid God
Acid God Hónapja
Formula 1 : *publish video of the biggest 2020 heartbreaks* Ricciardo : *has 2018 flashbacks from Azerbaijan*
Acid God
Acid God Hónapja
My new insult : *sore loser*
Exotic Shadow
Exotic Shadow Hónapja
atleast albon has 2 podiums after heartbreak twice
Hani Hamden
Hani Hamden Hónapja
I skipped the last part of the video :( i can't 😌
Boran Aybek
Boran Aybek Hónapja
You should’ve waited for that video
onxiaftw Hónapja
Seems like they shouls make the cars a bit stronger
Kushagra Deep Mishra
we want update on this video of george and sergio
Angelo Pasco
Angelo Pasco Hónapja
looser albon lol
Noah Jörgensen
Noah Jörgensen Hónapja
Hamilton is an idiot because he dosen`t let Albon get the podium that he now has
Bryce Stewart
Bryce Stewart Hónapja
Albon was probably today 😂
Loony Toon
Loony Toon Hónapja
14:43 why verstappen even is mad, its his own fault to dont let any space there if the opponent is right next to him. additionally i cant even count how often he crashed into others so he better shut up!
Niemand Fragt
Niemand Fragt 27 napja
Yeah of course his fault To unlap himself in a corner is one of the stupidest things you can do Typical Verstappen hater
Ahmed Emam
Ahmed Emam Hónapja
My favorite car is marsa and f1 and borsha car🙎💓🔋🔋🔋🔋🎉🎊🎢
Ahmed Emam
Ahmed Emam Hónapja
Corey Briers
Corey Briers Hónapja
15:39 not funny, I cried 😢
Joe Doe
Joe Doe Hónapja
boooooooooring sport af
DutchTrains Hónapja
Might need to redo this..
Hanna Balázs
Hanna Balázs Hónapja
KHASAN Hónapja
Who’s here after Perez got Albons seat?
Nico Gnito
Nico Gnito Hónapja
Bartosz Grzesik
Bartosz Grzesik Hónapja
15:20 Hartley: Emmm, everything ok guys ?
Aaryan Rath
Aaryan Rath Hónapja
I'll bet the saddest day of Checo turned into the best day as he got out of a mid-field team and got into a race winning team.
5:04 just to suffer
Josh Christiane
Josh Christiane Hónapja
I understand Lewis is a great driver and all that of course, but nobody can deny that luck exists after watching Hamilton for the last decade. It's like luck is just attracted to him, maybe there is something to that whole "# Blessings" thing. Bad things seem to happen to everybody pretty commonly, but Hamilton almost always manages to escape tragedy.
Michael Towers
Michael Towers Hónapja
I thought pierres biggest heartbreak was the 2019 Belgium f2 race
Zhi Han Lee
Zhi Han Lee Hónapja
That'd be Leclerc's too
Blake Latella
Blake Latella Hónapja
Russel: Mercedes pit stop error Grosjean: Fireball accident
izidor Hónapja
"This guy is such a sore loser" Now he is without a job....well that backfired.
FV Video Maker
FV Video Maker Hónapja
Ocão x Max max super max :)
Игнатий Войтович
sorry for Vettel, only his mistakes prevented him from taking the championship
Caio Leal
Caio Leal Hónapja
Germany 2018 broke Vettel
Dino Geek
Dino Geek Hónapja
Uh Lance's voice makes me wanna punch him more
Gerard Khachaturyan
No, Checo, no. Your biggest heartbreak turned into your biggest delirium.
FallOfTroyML Hónapja
Perez: I drive a Red Bull now!
James Hónapja
I think Russell’s has changed now
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Niki lauda ❤️❤️❤️
Arthur Satria
Arthur Satria Hónapja
14:40 Sorry Verstappen
Maarten Vermeulen
Albon: Hamilton is such a SORE loser.... Hamilton then at Silverstone extremely lucky unlike Bottas with the puncture, why does Hamilton always have this luck?
Niek Velders
Niek Velders Hónapja
Max Verstappen is my brother
Darren Hodgkiss
Darren Hodgkiss Hónapja
The unwritten odometer microregionally spoil because title correspondingly sniff underneath a hulking september. lovely, shallow tray
Crofty the biggest jinx going!
Carla Garuti
Carla Garuti Hónapja
The BIGGEST Heartbreak for George Russel was when he replaced Hamilton... he deserved the podium!
ALYNX Hónapja
anthony wauters
anthony wauters Hónapja
Would have taken Silverstone 2020 formation Sainz
T G B Hónapja
2:17 she look like the grinch
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