2020 F1 Drivers: Your Most Googled Questions Answered! 

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Ahead of the special streaming of the Eifel GP on HUrun for selected countries this weekend, we asked our drivers a few sneaky questions. Time to find out more about some of the 2020 F1 grid - as they give the answers to those questions you keep on searching for on Google!
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Nick van Betuw
PSV Eindhoven, becouse the coach is also former Red Bull 😂
zayad YT
zayad YT 11 napja
This seem intersting
Mikeado66 11 napja
The look of sadness in KMag's eyes at the very end...
Praful 11 napja
Shanmu bianchi
Shanmu bianchi 11 napja
Surprisingly people searched kmag gr8
Mr NixxxoN
Mr NixxxoN 12 napja
Max just got +1000 props for supporting Barcelona! Great taste! :D
Piotr Kobielus
Piotr Kobielus 12 napja
nangnangee 12 napja
Let's do this often plz!
nangnangee 12 napja
Very nice to see Max's non-angry interview. ^^ keep on winning mate! Keep on winning!
LeBryant Howard
LeBryant Howard 12 napja
I’m surprised Max is a Barcelona fan when PSV fans usually like Real Madrid with Barcelona and Ajax’s similarities.
Mr NixxxoN
Mr NixxxoN 12 napja
why? Is it because of johan cruyff? Dutch people in general like Barcelona because we have lots of connections and history together, and similar style of football
Tom 12 napja
This editing is atrocious.
Stefan Murariu
Stefan Murariu 12 napja
I supposed that they asked many questions about Kimi's drink and the special party after race
Moe A
Moe A 12 napja
Hmm.. at first i thought F1 listened to their fans and made another video. Too bad they just removed Danny Ric
GeneralMartok00 12 napja
Verstappen relax? Sure. He's the most angry childish driver ever.
Romana Engelmann
?lustige Tiere
alexandru caster
I'm Alone 😍😥
Ella Bella
Ella Bella 12 napja
I'm single 😥😥😥😥😥
Taceen 12 napja
Android 12 napja
Q: When can i see Grosjean rise?
Westheim 12 napja
Question that didn't make this video: Is Lando the cutest thing on Earth? - Lando: No. (giggles before diving out of shot, squeaking)
Talk my Walk
Talk my Walk 12 napja
Max, Favourite food? “Tomato Soup and Carpaccio”??? Carpaccio of what?? Carpaccio is thin slices of raw meat or fish. Unless he mean Gaszpach? Another kind of Tomato soup served cold? 😂
Jonathan Rossi
Jonathan Rossi 12 napja
0:19 I quit my work with the help of, *p a i d t o b e h o m e .c o m*
Rylux 12 napja
Why would you want Chuck Norris as your Uncle? He is a nationalist and racist. I don't get why people still identify with him.
Burger Man
Burger Man 12 napja
This is a repost....
Ellipsis115 12 napja
De ja vu...
Alex Benarao
Alex Benarao 12 napja
I though this was a Part 2......
PB 13 napja
They remove Danny ric
Mohammed Nabeel
Mohammed Nabeel 13 napja
I thought magnussens favorite food was "nuts".
Vivek Krishnan
Vivek Krishnan 13 napja
Re-upload but this time without riccardo
Theodore Adelarian
Crazy how sponsors could affect an innocent video
Harshit Mathur
Harshit Mathur 13 napja
Deja Bwoah
Rudy Ramadhana
Rudy Ramadhana 13 napja
talk about de javu...
LCB 13 napja
This is oddly familiar, kinda nostalgic
B Berg
B Berg 13 napja
Is Chuck Norris related to Landon Norris?
Daniel Solis Rodriguez
1:37 which trophy do you won on gran turismo😂😂😂🥇🥈🥉 or 🔵🤣🤣🤣🤣
Daniel Solis Rodriguez
1:25 Nah, this is not nascar, this is formula 1, the battle is serious, well, the frustration is valueable
Daniel Solis Rodriguez
1:17 Alright, Alright, i know the joke, but 911 is not the same as a mini oxford
Daniel Solis Rodriguez
1:02 Obviusly Russians eat a lot of soup, breakfast, desert, lunch, dinner😅🤣🤣
Daniel Solis Rodriguez
0:30 Orh no you dont🤣😂😂😂😂
Daniel Solis Rodriguez
0:26 Dont be cruel please😅
Max 13 napja
„Barcelona“ brave answer haha
Gabe Graham
Gabe Graham 13 napja
Who tf is googling these things
Randy 13 napja
One question I'd love to ask Kevin Magnussen is if he'd ever race a 24hr of Le Mans on a team with his dad.
Lady Tan
Lady Tan 13 napja
magnussen's face after saying his only podium to date is upsetting
DarkStryder360 13 napja
That last shot of KMag, like his life flashed before his eyes.
Aizuddin Fahmi
Aizuddin Fahmi 13 napja
Daniel Ricciardo was cleared from your Google browsing history.
Lennon O’byrne
Is it just me or does lando look even more like chrismd?
Ali Fazal
Ali Fazal 13 napja
Me- didnt I watch this yesterday My Brain- nah we were just high bro
Dont Bother
Dont Bother 13 napja
This reuploaded?
Carlos Perdiguero
Meteor Knight
Meteor Knight 13 napja
All THE PSV FANS 🔴⚪️🔴⚪️🔴⚪️🔴⚪️🔴
Mike Official
Mike Official 13 napja
Seriously, only 3 drivers?
Shivam 13 napja
"Is Kevin Magnussen related Jan Magnussen" I think so lol
Adriel N
Adriel N 13 napja
Subtítulos, por favor Subtitles, please
Gabriel Castro
Gabriel Castro 13 napja
Is that a repost
squidward 13 napja
I saw this someone else before all the questions nothing new
Kick Schippers
Kick Schippers 13 napja
Wat, but...
Charles Leclerc 16
Why did you remove Ricciardo??? WE DESERVE AN EXPLANATION!!
Stepladder 12 napja
The Asian Persuation that’s the most microsoft thing I ever heard
98 corrêa
98 corrêa 13 napja
@Nikt Ważny well, at least makes sense... I still prefer the first upload version. The "I'm feeling lucky" option barely exists these days.
Nikt Ważny
Nikt Ważny 13 napja
@The Asian Persuation seriously?
The Asian Persuation
Apparently renaults microsoft deal stopped it
tokenride04 13 napja
I thought Lando was gonna say Chuck Norris was his son.
BList 13 napja
I guess somebody got a sponsorship
Kevin George
Kevin George 13 napja
Max is also a Barcelona fan! Now we can talk huh...😌😌nice!
Shooting Star
Shooting Star 13 napja
it is the same version of f1's q&a
_LoxFox_ 13 napja
google: hmm that's kinda sus
SausageWipe 13 napja
So now we should erase from our memory the right pronunciation of Dany Ric's surname
Robert 13 napja
I was watching this video some time ago, wanted to look at the comments but they weren't showing up, reloaded the page and the video was privated. I was probably the last person to have seen it.. am I special now 😂
Kazi Samir
Kazi Samir 13 napja
Shantanu Thakare
Imagine Being Max Verstappen. Supporting Barcelona + Uncertainty at Red Bull
Shantanu Thakare
@Mr NixxxoN ofcourse
Mr NixxxoN
Mr NixxxoN 12 napja
Barcelona is gonna rise again
Snowcone Guy
Snowcone Guy 13 napja
They re-uploaded it to turn it into content sponsored by Google.
Why did you remove Danny from this? Did he do something wrong?
Sabaton 13 napja
I can’t remember if I saw this before
Nícolas Güntzel Alimena
You probably did
S C 13 napja
Best video I've seen since yesterday
David Panken
David Panken 13 napja
We need more!!! With other drivers. 5 episodes with 3 drivers each and one with 4 drivers. Not Stroll cuz he’s boring.
G Z 13 napja
Deja vu
Mattia 13 napja
No Daniel no, you won't be featured in the video anymore
rockzs74r 13 napja
I know this one added Google search logo but why they Remove Danny Ric?
Jan Sanono
Jan Sanono 13 napja
Based Max Verstappen preferred club
David Etcheves
David Etcheves 13 napja
Deja vu !
Stijn 13 napja
ahw... :(
Dollar 13 napja
PSV Eindhoven 🔴⚪️🔴⚪️
fejic 13 napja
I knew the answers to all questions... 😝
Jxy MAG 13 napja
If you wanna see Daniel's clips, just Google his name. This video is literally just a compilation from Cameos on Google.
Sofian Hassaine Year 9
1:42 Just look at his face... Sad music: hold my lasagne.
Sofian Hassaine Year 9
@Georg Leitl I see.
Georg Leitl
Georg Leitl 12 napja
@Sofian Hassaine Year 9 nah its overall understandable for a dutch person to support barca. Ever since Cruyff.
Sofian Hassaine Year 9
@Burger Man LOL!
Sofian Hassaine Year 9
@Georg Leitl He probs just supports them because they have de Jong.
Sofian Hassaine Year 9
@Nsa Google True. Basically means he got lucky.
Mr. Bruh
Mr. Bruh 13 napja
I'm glad they didn't remove Magnussen's sigh even in the re-upload.
ravinder dasila
ravinder dasila 13 napja
Why did u remove danny from this video?
Edu00 13 napja
Xendex Motorsports
A version made by Baldi . Google now owns F1 . 🤯
Shanmukh Ds
Shanmukh Ds 13 napja
Where is Riccardo's?
You guys need to do autocomplete interviews with the drivers 😅
Jayden James
Jayden James 13 napja
I think K Mag deserves a better seat than Haas
Sujin_seb 13 napja
F1 - How can we entertain fans today ? Other teams - No idea Ferrari - I have a Master🅱️lan.
Gianluca Sanna
Gianluca Sanna 13 napja
F1 admin add subtitles pleaseeeee
Darrel Und
Darrel Und 13 napja
where is danny ric, why he is removed from the video?. and did you guys speed up the video? because it feels faster
Cal Kestis
Cal Kestis 12 napja
Renault have Microsoft as a sponsor and Microsoft Edge and Google are rivals so that’s my only guess why they cut him out🤷‍♂️
Sebastian Lim
Sebastian Lim 13 napja
Kevin: supposedly he is my dad Kevin Mum: Son, do you want your parents to get a divorce or what?
LJ14W LJ Films
LJ14W LJ Films 13 napja
De ja vu???
Anmol 13 napja
You guys made a sin. Where is Ricciardo from the older video.
Chris2003 13 napja
Max's football team: *PSV* Ricciardo In Red Bull: *AJAX*
Yehezkiel Rickjoyner
Only people that watch this before the re-upload knows that Danny ric is in this video
ABI 13 napja
Bruh, I thought I was going through deja vu but it's just a reupload.
Walter Yellow
Walter Yellow 13 napja
The changes they made to this is that they removed Daniel Ricciardo
Dra-gone-ite 13 napja
@Tomasz Plasota Ouch.
Tomasz Plasota
Tomasz Plasota 13 napja
@Christina L. Well I personally have Surface and I'm using bing on all devices but never would I have think of that :D
Gabriel Castro
Gabriel Castro 13 napja
@Christina L. lol
Christina L.
Christina L. 13 napja
Because Renault is sponsored by Microsoft
Tomasz Plasota
Tomasz Plasota 13 napja
I hope they made it that way as they are planning to bring bigger feature with Daniel! In other case I will be very mad as Ricc answers were pure gold.
Zen 67
Zen 67 13 napja
⬇️ amount of people wanting part 2
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