2020 F1 Esports Pro Series Presented by Aramco: Race 1 Highlights 

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And we're away! Tune in for highlights of the opening round of the 2020 F1 Esports Pro Series, presented by Aramco, as the stars of the digital frontier do battle once more...
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Itzyaboy 56
Anyone else clicked on this video thinking it was actual f1 until the cam of the racer just sitting there at home????
Dávid Boros
Dávid Boros 2 napja
Hajrá Dani:)
UMU-i-D 3 napja
In a way I enjoy this as much as the real race. mainly because it's not dominated by Mercedes Benz. Although I'm a huge fan of 44 and want him to win again and again
Timoto58 3 napja
Please force them to drive in cockpit can, with no HUD
TDGx773 4 napja
Hamilton: Bono: The tires are gone
T Someone
T Someone 4 napja
It's a game but lot more entertaining than F1.... I want entertainment really else I'd drive my own car....
S.F M 5 napja
like how do the cars work in this. they all the same? or like regular some cars are faster
Angus Noble
Angus Noble 4 napja
All equal cars
Noah Miller
Noah Miller 5 napja
Why are Brazil about to tear down a rainforest for a new track, when we have such real racing from home!
Dwayne Errol Badua
Get in there Bono!
OC 5 napja
All the dislikes come from the boomers who don't understand how technology works
i wish if this was the real f1
MrBryan86 5 napja
When people are comparing the real F1 to F1 ESports with equal cars. Beat those comparing F1 to F2 by a mile!
7240 hdw
7240 hdw 5 napja
In game : same performance car In real : never
The comments prove that the theory of f1 die hards that equal cars in f1 would destroy the sport is bull 💩. The best drivers in equal cars would be amazing
Falln1 5 napja
I thought I was watching a real life race this whole time
Hoten Hitonokoe
Val Valerio
Val Valerio 5 napja
Oh man... I was scratching my head with this until they showed the gamer. Like who tf are these drivers. F1 esports looking real af.
Flavvin 6 napja
so are the cars similar to the real life cars or are they all the same?
the Sun
the Sun 6 napja
Youkachi 6 napja
This is better than Italian gp 2020
Lori Owens
Lori Owens 6 napja
When you're being tailgated in traffic. Lol
Sean B
Sean B 6 napja
This time it's Bono's tires that are gone
Aykut 6 napja
Nicolas Longuet wearing F1 gloves 😂
lnlarxg 6 napja
Wow I thought it’s real until I saw ‘esport’
GamerJongen NL
A Dutch world champion coming?
Riccardo Radici
Can one buy this videogame?
Riccardo Radici
@Jarno Opmeer Thanks
Jarno Opmeer
Jarno Opmeer 6 napja
Yess you can! It is the F1 2020 game made by Codemasters
Carlo Scognamiglio
Doppietta alfa romeo adoroooo❤️ forza alfa e Ferrari ❤️
Obaid bin nasim Haider
Is that an actual race
The Devil
The Devil 6 napja
it's an official esports race, yes
Obaid bin nasim Haider
This is like a game why
A.I. Malek
A.I. Malek 6 napja
What is this race?
Osy999 6 napja
Only 20 laps? Why?
Jess 6 napja
Poor Tonizza
BenW Piano Covers
noone relized that they showed lap 7 before lap 6? im surprised
Chetan Ashish
Chetan Ashish 6 napja
No heroics into sainte devote please
Dr Polar
Dr Polar 6 napja
Tonizza P20?
Jarno 6 napja
I like Jarno Opmeer its a nice name :)
Father Plays
Father Plays 6 napja
Big congrats to the two Alfa Romeo drivers to do a 1-2. Dani next time you will win, cheers - a fan from Hungary! ;)
xtratzii 6 napja
At first i thought it was real lol
Fiora 6 napja
please more
Luke Wood
Luke Wood 6 napja
Wow. The world's fastest gamer was not so fast this day
man 1122
man 1122 6 napja
NFS have more physic than this...
Tedris Threed
Tedris Threed 6 napja
Please make the races at least 50% duration. Way too short to have proper strategy and margin for error or incidents.
Anouar Ben Othman
Holy moly I thought this was real life at first
林建安 6 napja
Vyas Ponnuri
Vyas Ponnuri 6 napja
An Alfa 1-2!! If this happened in F1 we'd have memes for days
2020 F1
2020 F1 6 napja
This is my favorite circuit. British Circuit. The Mexican circuit, the Russian circuit. I like the Austrian circuit.
Carlitox b
Carlitox b 6 napja
It felt so real it’s awkward
Luke Daniel Galon
I don't know why peps had to spoil the results when there watching the video they have a participation award.
Maithresh 6 napja
Iin few more years this would look like real life
김뽀로로 6 napja
이거 게임이였어?? 그래픽 쩐다
Piotr Kobielus
Matthew Ledford
Look at the time gaps between the players during the laps, that’s how real F1 should be.
Matthew Ledford
@UnknownUser Exactly
UnknownUser 6 napja
Equal cars
J Y 6 napja
I am interested in playing this game. Any veterans can provide some tips on how to get started? What equipments should I get on a budget?
Jack Cribbs
Jack Cribbs 6 napja
I just use the PowerA enhanced Xbox controller. The enhanced one has reprogrammable buttons on the back that I use to shift, I reprogrammed them to A and X to shift up and down. right now I use medium TC and ABS on, I used to use the racing line before I got more into it and turned it off if you want to turn every assist off though, get a Logitech G29 or Thrustmaster wheel like I plan to do. With that, you can get more information on whether the car is oversteering or understeering and much more.
Lukia Bl
Lukia Bl 6 napja
20 laps is basically a drag race, why not make it a real challenge 100%... they all got the gear looks like a wasted potential
Clok-Roo, The Primordial
@Lukia Bl Mental and physical reasons. Plus, it would be a strain on the eyes. Believe me; I'm a gamer, and prolonged playing tires you out FAST!
Lukia Bl
Lukia Bl 6 napja
Clok-Roo, The Primordial why not ?
Clok-Roo, The Primordial
I don't think they can last 2 hours. (More or less.)
Kimi Klimenko
Kimi Klimenko 6 napja
Even in virtual Ferrari is tractor 🧐
The Muha Sblek
If Jimmy Broadband was here i would watch
Matthew Shorney
love it
Kim Yau Cheung
How can this be better than real race?
Your Favorite Elite
I really think they should have their own liveries and teams. It would really help this progress as a proper competition
Mig29_Will16 6 napja
You do realize that these guys are actually running for the real f1 teams. So they are already on a proper team.
n5vBill 6 napja
Put this on a different channel
Sean R
Sean R 6 napja
I really like this game But i only having F1 2015 :(
P SD 5 napja
@Jack Cribbs oh okay, and I noticed you’re not the OP either. Oops
Jack Cribbs
Jack Cribbs 5 napja
@P SD Yes, buddy, I said barely any different, not the same exactly
P SD 5 napja
@Jack Cribbs Didn't 2020 make the whole MyTeam thing?
Jack Cribbs
Jack Cribbs 5 napja
@P SD I use career mode, but they're barely any difference from 2018 to now
P SD 5 napja
@Jack Cribbs I’m guessing you don’t care for the career modes?
Ihsanul Mukhlas
Bad race from 2 times f1 esport champions brandon leigh
whale oil beef hooked
This quarantine computer game stuff is back again??
The Devil
The Devil 6 napja
f1esports exists since 2017 dude.
Jack Cribbs
Jack Cribbs 6 napja
esports has existed before the pandemic
Justice Warrior
Looks so freaking real!! But the physics are garbage and tire modeling as well
Chris Harrison
Better than real races. xD
Paul Cucea
Paul Cucea 6 napja
You can easily fool a non racing and non gamer guy that this is the real thing
Leo Pacca
Leo Pacca 6 napja
Alfa Romeo Racing! Yess, I love you guys, this is absolutely fantastic, congratulations🤩😍😍😍❤❤❤💯
Sagnik Raychowdhuri
what loopy land is this? is this what reality should have been?
More exciting than the real deal.. And that says a lot!
Riccardo 6 napja
When virtual F1 is more interesting than real one...
Jack Cribbs
Jack Cribbs 6 napja
they got equal cars on, so of course it will be
Neon Rayz
Neon Rayz 6 napja
Esports ready
Jay Jenks
Jay Jenks 6 napja
Worth noting that James Baldwin I believe is the same James that races in Jenson Buttons GT team. That guy can do it all
The Devil
The Devil 6 napja
yes he is. he was also in mclarens worlds-fastest-gamer competition
Dobby The free elf
Don't know any of the drivers, first time watching something like this, but I still felt it is more interesting and exciting than this year's actual F1.
P SD 5 napja
The equalizing makes it a spec race. All driver, no car. F1 isn’t F1 if the car isn’t a factor. Then again, spec is best for game tourneys in general because it’s patently unfair for the drivers to be on unequal footing.
Jack Cribbs
Jack Cribbs 6 napja
because they have equal performance for the cars on
James Branch
James Branch 6 napja
I swear there is always an Alfa Romeo in the top 3 of any online f1 race
Amit Sonawane
Amit Sonawane 6 napja
If the cars are all equal, it’s not Formula 1. If Mercedes aren’t 1-2, the teams aren’t sharing their cars’ true stats with the game devs.
The Devil
The Devil 6 napja
dude, there is an option in the game to turn the perfomances equal. so basically every driver in there has a mercedes, just with different liveries. do you rather want to see 2 drivers dominating just because they have the fastest car (like in real f1)?
Motorsport Channel
Bono and s🅱️inalla together in the same GP kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk
Riski Agil
Riski Agil 6 napja
Imagine if real f1 is replaced by virtual f1 one day
Matt_ IZ
Matt_ IZ 6 napja
Alfa Romeo 1-2 makes me smiling man. Reality check it's just a game(fantasy).
THEssSFM 6 napja
Aramco F1 insights is frikken trash.
Yoyo Yooo
Yoyo Yooo 6 napja
Many things are different but Ferrari still Ferrari
Adrian Ang
Adrian Ang 6 napja
hari kaushik
hari kaushik 6 napja
Colour saturation: left the chat
KuimPlays 6 napja
It's just Bahrain
dorasoh447 6 napja
For a while, I couldn't realize that this is video game.
Wildan Roisakbar
Even just in a game, Ferrari is still so bad😂
Jack Cribbs
Jack Cribbs 6 napja
Ferrari won 2 races after this one
SwayJJ 6 napja
In F1 esports do different cars have different performance like in real life or are all the cars level?
Flávio Dias
Flávio Dias 6 napja
Sabotages 6 napja
JARNO is a freaking monster. My one true love
Gareeb Engineer
ferrari is struggling here too
Bruh this is more entertaining than the real thing. How sad. Tbh I want both the game and the real thing to be fun but in reality the real f1 is too boring
Gabriele Candita
Way more interesting than real F1!
Jack Cribbs
Jack Cribbs 6 napja
because equal performance is on
Nikita Rudenko
I was shocked to see Alfa Romeo leading the race. Then realized it's a game
Prophet 6 napja
If only all races were in this line up.
JaySamurai79 6 napja
Do the cars carry the attributes of their real life counter parts or is it balanced so the drivers win on their own merit if you know what I mean.
The Devil
The Devil 6 napja
@JaySamurai79 nah. the constructors competition is a huge part of f1's dna. if you want spec car racing, you can watch indycar, formula 2, formula 3, formula e, etc
Ristar85 6 napja
@JaySamurai79 if u wanna watch equal cars, u should watch F2. F1 is the race of the champions, both in terms of machinery and man.
JaySamurai79 6 napja
Thanks everyone. I wish the same could be done for the real F1. It would make for much more interesting races.
Ristar85 6 napja
equal cars.
IcyFox 6 napja
Theres an option for equal cars in the game. I presume they are using that. At least it would make sense.
kamel alg
kamel alg 6 napja
0:03 déjà vu :)
M Ilham Farrohi
Alfa Romero one two, if only this is the real ones, that would be a wonderful moment for kimi and his fans
winwiker 4 napja
And for history
Jeffrey Vences
Stephen Miles
Stephen Miles 5 napja
CodeMasters F1 1950
Craft Racer
Craft Racer 6 napja
Giovinazzi: *am I joke to you*
turb0_b00st3d 6 napja
Kimi is gonna be like: Team: Kimi You won the opening race of Austria Kimi: For what did we get a penalty?
Loitering Rambler
races are too short make it 50%
Jack Cribbs
Jack Cribbs 6 napja
f1 multiplayer only supports 25%
The Aerophile
The Aerophile 6 napja
Nice to see Matt commentating
Raffa 53
Raffa 53 6 napja
0:23 ah yes that graphic was made by jeff, same strOtegy
arnold kamau
arnold kamau 6 napja
Why not play v10 engine sounds of the early 2000s in place of that drone?
Luciano Machadodo Amaral
Só em games pra isso acontecer.kkk
Motorsport Channel
Bono e s🅱️inalla juntos no mesmo lugar
Matteo Milanesi
To go off track like this before a turn should not be allowed, even in real life
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