2020 F1 Esports Pro Series Presented by Aramco: Race 4 Highlights 

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This. Is. Zandvoort! The F1 Esports Pro Series is back, with the first trip to the Dutch resort in 35 years. Take a look at what happened around this classic venue...
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2020.nov. 6.






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with 100% lap, they can show a weakness especially managed tyres (always lockup brakes)
dum 14 napja
Rony Fhebrian
Rony Fhebrian 15 napja
F1 esports is not a real F1, just as Verstappen said. But also, no one watches real F1 anymore. That’s it.
N A Z I F 16 napja
The only place where Mercedes joining the midfield
auzzyboy 16 napja
Why do i watch this more than the real thing.. o yea I'm sick of them danm Mercedes😂
Duvro 16 napja
That Longuet guy looks like Kubica.....am new following this series...probably someone already said it...
B-rad B
B-rad B 16 napja
Scary to think someday it won't be possible to tell what is reality and what isn't. Even science fiction is not so much fiction anymore. Crazy to know this is all really the future
Bhrz 16 napja
You are ruining this channel with these irrelevant contents. It's not "Formula 1" Why they just don't create another channel for these sort of contents?
أبو عصفور
camera work is really lazy. it's just focusing on one car. they should have fixed cameras.
Der echte purtzel2017
More onboard pls
auzzyboy 16 napja
I'm with you👍
Federico Reyes
Federico Reyes 16 napja
No one cares about F1 esports. Make another yt chanel for those losers
Romanische050 16 napja
I still think, that they should put the race distance up to 50%.
Clok-Roo, The Primordial
That side-by-side between Brendan Leigh and Nicolas Longuet... If only we could have more of THAT in the real sport. That was awesome! (It's sad when the e-sport is more entertaining than the real thing.)
Gaming Gladiator44
When Indian Grand Prix Come Back?
Bugsy Malone
Bugsy Malone 17 napja
F1, it's a disgrace you decided to go racing in SA, the country that has no right for women of basicly no rights for others than Saudies. You know that if there would be a woman racing in f1 she wasn't allowed to race in SA? Shame on you f1, shame on you.
Mr. AKB 17 napja
M P 17 napja
Very unrealistic. Mercedes isn't the best car.
Ekspedisi Candi Nusantara
FRFM00 17 napja
Women can't even make it eSports F1... Where they at?
Valkyr-R 17 napja
F1 esports should have real lap count. What is the problem?, racers are not even required to bear g forces, exhaustion an deshidratation as in a real car.
DivineDaoist 16 napja
@Valkyr-R yeah a bit unfortunate
Valkyr-R 16 napja
@DivineDaoist I know, my point is that real racers not only get mentaly exhausted but they also has to fight against g forces, physical exhaustion, deshidration, heat/cold, rain, etc. It is too much to ask for the F1 e sport to have at least 100% circuit lenght? . Or something closer like 75%. If it's boring for newcomers to watch, you can still make a highlight video to encourage watching the whole thing.
DivineDaoist 16 napja
In games like this the longer you play the more mental taxing it becomes, you get tired or get very sore later even break concentration, I play endurance races.
the Sun
the Sun 17 napja
Joseph Eller
Joseph Eller 17 napja
Matt fits right in announcing for this league. I’m so glad he’s becoming more closely involved in F1 esports
Yogendra Bijwe
Yogendra Bijwe 17 napja
This eSports highlights is longer than F1 race's highlights, that too with fewer laps.
Timothy Provost
Timothy Provost 17 napja
When the highlights are better and longer than real F1
BeachJedi101 17 napja
The Red Bulls are like Hamilton/Bottas. While Jarno is Verstappen and his teammate is Albon..😬
French Chicken
French Chicken 17 napja
@BeachJedi101 Yes I know "Was supposed to"
BeachJedi101 17 napja
@French Chicken “was supposed to” he went into the pits before getting in between Jarno and the RBs.
French Chicken
French Chicken 17 napja
Bereznay was supposed to hold the RBs for Opmeer because Opmeer was leading heavily in the championship board
cham_ theman
cham_ theman 17 napja
He buys jarno a lot of time
cham_ theman
cham_ theman 17 napja
Bereznay holds the red bulls up so jarno can win
Aleksa944 17 napja
Lol no etihad ad in game. Looks like they knows gamers dont travel much, their ads are useless.
ShamanMafia 17 napja
the encoding used for this video made it really choppy, it hops around while being smooth between chops
DivineDaoist 16 napja
@mushie can confirm it still needs some fixing though
mushie 17 napja
no lol the f1 game is really choppy when playing online
Jet Lag
Jet Lag 17 napja
2:27 wadda heck!?
Harry H
Harry H 17 napja
This is the future F1 when there is no more oil on planet earth.
Incessant 16 napja
@Nancy Brady-Fiore Yep, humans will always find a way to continue these things
Nancy Brady-Fiore
nuclear-power (Thorium) will be the F1 future, still can have that roar of a engine, albeit .....steam motor
Jeffrey du 94 SMDF
P5 LONGUET 🇫🇷🇫🇷🇫🇷🇫🇷🇫🇷🇫🇷🇫🇷🇫🇷🇫🇷🇫🇷🇫🇷🇫🇷🇫🇷🇫🇷🇫🇷🇫🇷🇫🇷🇫🇷🇫🇷🇫🇷🇫🇷🇫🇷🇫🇷🇫🇷🇫🇷🇫🇷🇫🇷🇫🇷🇫🇷🇫🇷🇫🇷
GABRIEL 17 napja
Yo confirmando la ley del suanfonson
Jeffrey du 94 SMDF
A lot of penalty
Jeffrey du 94 SMDF
mzf 11125
mzf 11125 17 napja
Jarno need to go neutral for EXTRA ROTATION
Jarno Opmeer
Jarno Opmeer 16 napja
Aah i forgot🤣
BezerkMaster 17 napja
Guys if u have ps now on ps4 u can get f1 2020 I’m so hyped to play this game
messyDranzee 17 napja
When the Ferraris performed like their real F1 cars
Stupidity 17 napja
ferrari right now: (;´༎ຶٹ༎ຶ`)
Marwan El-Sayed
Marwan El-Sayed 17 napja
I always say esports is more entertaining than the real thing. Politicis is killing F1
M.Z. 17 napja
imagine a world where everyone has the exact same car like here
Fabian Rocha
Fabian Rocha 15 napja
Python 15 napja
​@Taufiq If f2 is boring, then f1 is a lullaby.
Romanische050 16 napja
@Taufiq exciting battles > best car wins
Romanische050 16 napja
Formula 2
Dutch-Racer 95
Dutch-Racer 95 17 napja
@Taufiq you don’t watch F2
Sawan Gahatraj
Sawan Gahatraj 17 napja
eSports feels more real than irl F1 !
Karan S'jet
Karan S'jet 17 napja
Lowkey more exciting then actual F1
Saynem Maynem
Saynem Maynem 16 napja
trueee. compared to the real thing, the esports is so much more competitive and closer
i cant think of a name 69
How are they racing with only 25 laps? This isnt a option in the game?
GeneralArmorus 16 napja
cuz game mods exist
The Devil
The Devil 17 napja
in f1 esports they have an extra option of 35% race distance. it's not included in the normal version of the game
GamerAce3000 17 napja
2005 Pontiac Aztek
Love the series, hate aramco
can 17 napja
vaov the circuit seems crazy
Patryk Mikos
Patryk Mikos 17 napja
I think Jarno didn't have enough extra rotation
Vinita Gowda
Vinita Gowda 17 napja
Who hve tried ths game like me...
Piotr Kobielus
Piotr Kobielus 17 napja
ElastocK 17 napja
Heyy coucou toi ! TA 1 MINUTE ?😊 ecoute je demande rien a personne je propose rien de plus et je m'excuse pour ceux qui n'apprecie pas ce genre de message mais la verite fait qu'ils font avancé , alors si jamais jai une chaine multijeux plutot orienté voiture , voila je fait pas les meilleurs montage , mon but n'est pas de vous vendre ma chaine , mais juste vous proposez de y faire un tour , dans un mal entendue vous aimerez peut-être , bonne journée 🔥☺️😉💪🏼😉
Feedii100 17 napja
Here before TRL limitless
Shanmu bianchi
Shanmu bianchi 17 napja
Tonizza 14th noooooo😭😭😭 is it part of master 🅱️lan I guess nooo
NicoNinjago 17 napja
My bro watched this on HUrun on the tv and I asked if Lewis Hamilton was winning.Then he said it was a game 😂 man, technology changes every day!!!!
auzzyboy 16 napja
Haha i also have someitmes had to question whether some footage is real or not, fascinating how far it has come! Luv the immersive graphics when I'm racing:)
Rotua Frans Manalu
sometime its way too real that you consider real life as virtual many times i see video game and real life comparison, and hate real life because looks unrealistic 😂
NicoNinjago 17 napja
@Gouthaman Guna it’s incredible!!!
Gouthaman Guna
Gouthaman Guna 17 napja
The engine sounds and downshift sounds are all so real for each and every one of the cars matching exactly the same
NicoNinjago 17 napja
@IAN CRUZ ha ha I dread to think 😂🤜
David Štěpán
David Štěpán 17 napja
one opinion
one opinion 17 napja
What game is this?
auzzyboy 16 napja
@Bhrz 😂tickled me
GamerAce3000 16 napja
Bhrz 16 napja
Call of duty
TheMatrix Gaming
@one opinion yeah no problem, we’ll have to hop in a lobby sometime!
one opinion
one opinion 17 napja
@TheMatrix Gaming thanks
Abdel Karim Severo Cruz
Dios los bendiga a todos
DJ Lozza
DJ Lozza 17 napja
If only I could afford this game
The Devil
The Devil 16 napja
@chris zani yeah, it's a joke
chris zani
chris zani 16 napja
@The Devil thats why they pre record the races
Reynaert 16 napja
@The Devil This game crashes more on my PC than any of the other 40 games I have on it.
GeneralArmorus 16 napja
must conquer the means of production
Xxshadowz 17 napja
Bababoi Bababoi
Bababoi Bababoi 17 napja
esports is more fair than the real f1
GeneralArmorus 16 napja
@lolololo lol The power of friendship
The Devil
The Devil 17 napja
@Luukebaas f1 was always mainly a constructors-competition. deal with it or watch something else
Luukebaas 17 napja
@The Devil Because that's not F1
The Devil
The Devil 17 napja
if you don't like it that all teams have different cars, why do you not just watch a racing series where everyone has the same chassis & engine? it's that simple
Frosentechno 17 napja
Im just happy mercedes isnt n1 XD
frank cantlay
frank cantlay 16 napja
Frosentechno 17 napja
@Explorer 6.180 I dont mind if they win but can they atleast not be as dominant as they have been this year
Croco from Asia
Croco from Asia 17 napja
@Explorer 6.180 how exactly
Explorer 6.180
Explorer 6.180 17 napja
Lol..what a Hater😜
IAN CRUZ 17 napja
im so early theres only 1 other comment
Emil Moffatt
Emil Moffatt 17 napja
More entertaining than russian gp ngl
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