2020 F1 Esports Pro Series Presented by Aramco: Round 5 Highlights 

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The F1 Esports Pro Series headed to Canada, for one of the most chaotic races to date...
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2020.nov. 7.






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bug be like: imma about to this man (Tonizza) whole career
laughingwater 11 napja
Atleast if there is a severe crash then the racers wont get hurt nor the car XD
RAJ7Y Gaming
RAJ7Y Gaming 12 napja
Jarno opmere, mercale kiefer and TRL LIMITLESS the best f1 leagues drivers ever
kevin garay
kevin garay 14 napja
Why he did not get a penalty? he not leave any room
silas 14 napja
wait what? Opmeer is not getting a penalty for that?
Juan Pablo Conde
Who are the comentators?
André Dornelles
5:33 Ocon feelings... Sergio Perez would be proud of that move.
jarno man cmon, you dont know how to race, ohhhhh david
phyrexkasgaming 12 napja
It was a bug
David Robinson
David Robinson 15 napja
Please put this on its own channel. Most formula 1 fans do not care for watching people play video games.
Filippo Marino
Filippo Marino 15 napja
David Tonizza dice:< Vaffanculo...gioco di merda
Moritz Weber
Moritz Weber 15 napja
was eine unehre von jarno opmeer
Lightening McQueen
I'm surprised Opineer didn't get a penalty for that clash with Tonizza.
Adam Hoban
Adam Hoban 11 napja
It was a game bug
Xendex Motorsports
We crash and 🅱️ly as one
Александр Кириленко
вин оф бхэтэр ! это младший ШУМАХЪЕО
Chuck Norris
Chuck Norris 16 napja
Nic Hamilton is the best presenter
Railey AKA RL
Railey AKA RL 16 napja
Bruh the footage looks like in a video game now Edit:nvm just realise it is really a video game
Evidence House
Evidence House 14 napja
Dude, I was it's real until they showed the weird camera angles.
Ty Wild327
Ty Wild327 16 napja
Still more exciting than actual F1...
Francesco Dalla Vecchia
Causing a collision : 5 seconds penalty (at least). Victory goes to Rasmussen . WHY NOT? Isn’t this supposed to be a simulation ? Please explain
Matthew Buchanan
There was a game bug that caused tonizza to not show up on opmeers screen, opmeer couldnt do anything about it
auzzyboy 16 napja
Luv the action. Wish I was taking part! Influenced me jump into my sim rig after watching :) Got the need for speed!
Ben 16 napja
more real f1 stuff please....
Xast 16 napja
que embole por favor, igual que las carreras! que basura es la F1 por favor
Random Name
Random Name 16 napja
What does f1 racers drive while they aren't at the track?
RealDave Roldan
RealDave Roldan 16 napja
Tonizza 5:32 ohh boyyy!!! 3:32 teleporting lols
Iceman 14
Iceman 14 16 napja
Embarassing from codemasters
Blodershade Donald productions
I thought it was real life ffs.
Evidence House
Evidence House 14 napja
Esmeralda maria Yaros
Trading2020 lol
Trading2020 lol 16 napja
this is why you need simulation damage
Jake Feinerman
Jake Feinerman 16 napja
Opmeer does NOT deserve victory with the way he blatantly wrecked Tonizza. But of course when you decide to use a video game instead of a simulator for esports, this is what happens...
GeneralArmorus 16 napja
that bug was pretty hilarious
Opmeer wasn't correct with tonizs
Rememeber sochi 2016
Japyoo 16 napja
Opmeer the goat
W. e.S
W. e.S 16 napja
So is there a clip from Opmeers point of view that shows he couldnt see Tonizza?
W. e.S
W. e.S 14 napja
@Phạm Lê Vinh that doesn't answer my question. So far I see no actual video evidence of what Opmeer could or couldn't see. We just see generic replays where both cars are there.
Phạm Lê Vinh
Phạm Lê Vinh 14 napja
Opmeer explained down below Or you could watch the whole stream but it will cost time
_ OhhMyNaanO_
_ OhhMyNaanO_ 16 napja
Jarno Opmeer this Is not a race
Romanische050 16 napja
Unearned victory...
ab8jeh 16 napja
DRS ruins things even in the virtual world.
Unfy 13 napja
Ernesto José Calvo Estevez
Well played Jarno. Doing what ever you need to be a champion. Sarcasmo.
ReyBee9 16 napja
I dont care if opmeer saw tonizza or not, hes still on the right, u cant pass someone that quickly, the apex is davids
phyrexkasgaming 12 napja
@ReyBee9 instinct says it's clear, so you can go there, of course tonizza is still there, but Opmeer may have been thinking that he crashed into the wall or something
ReyBee9 14 napja
@Phạm Lê Vinh he managed to dodged from running into david, he must know that for the next corner tonizza would still be there, he plays the game everyday, he should know
Phạm Lê Vinh
Phạm Lê Vinh 14 napja
So tonizza was invinsible in opmeer's screen
Phạm Lê Vinh
Phạm Lê Vinh 14 napja
Tonizza was not existed in Opmeer's screen lol How can u expect someone to back off if his opponent was literally not there?
ua ua
ua ua 16 napja
Jöööns MO
Jöööns MO 16 napja
What does the colors in thumbnails mean? Blue is for F2 and F1 esports, grey is for F3 and then what are red and white for? And why both F2 and F1 esports have same color? And are there even more colors?
Jöööns MO
Jöööns MO 16 napja
You should add the final score at the end and also championship standings.
Platte 16 napja
the kiefer overtake in longuet missed
桜ヶ丘ジン 16 napja
Opmeer can't see Tonizza in his game, it's a common bug. Please don't jump on the hate wagon without understanding the context
shinchan 16 napja
I thought it was real race but it's a game..💯💯😂😂
jannick Jansen
jannick Jansen 16 napja
Jarno don't to deserve the win whit the contact whit the ferrsri driver
CRAB 101
CRAB 101 16 napja
The Ferrari was invisible on his screen
Σταλινιστης Τσιπρακος
Tonizza cry...😭😭😭😭😭😭😭
Matteo Pera
Matteo Pera 16 napja
Seriously...even here you don't give penalty to people who are against Ferrari...
Draftmission 16 napja
It's a game bug. Opmeer couldn't see Tonizza at all, hence no penalty
ThePaintitwhite 16 napja
It seems that every time a bug happens in this game, it affects Tomizza. Is this Alfa Romeo's master 🅱️lan?
Yogendra Bijwe
Yogendra Bijwe 16 napja
Did Opmeer keep his win? Why did they not tell it at the end...it's like a cliffhanger
Draftmission 16 napja
He did keep his win. Apparently it was a bug causing Tonizza to be invisible to Opmeer.
Zachary Tan
Zachary Tan 16 napja
If only Alfa was this competitive in real life.
nobys nobys
nobys nobys 16 napja
Man I thought it was the real life race 😂😂
Kubon 002
Kubon 002 16 napja
How on earth they had 25 laps race here? That's illegal
Tom White
Tom White 16 napja
How did the Alfa not get a penalty? Squeezed him into the wall and then ends up with the victory...
ab8jeh 16 napja
5 second penalty to codemasters.
Phạm Lê Vinh
Phạm Lê Vinh 16 napja
He cannot see Tonizza in his screen
Phạm Lê Vinh
Phạm Lê Vinh 16 napja
Game bug
izidor 16 napja
5:33 Holy moly he just crushed him into the wall lol ...should be disqualified.
Raditya Indera
Raditya Indera 15 napja
GeneralArmorus 16 napja
@No_name they should stop pumping them out every year. that might help.
Jöööns MO
Jöööns MO 16 napja
@No_name I hate those bags :)
No_name 16 napja
@Phạm Lê Vinh Really? It seems like Codies make game their game worse and worse every single year in terms of bags, glitches etc. So sad :(
Théo Sieurin
Théo Sieurin 16 napja
It was a bug, Tonizza was invisible on Opmeer screen
girandole 16 napja
5:19 I see bugmaster is hard at work. It is embarrassing to see such a buggy game at an official tournament. time to give other developers a chance with f1 franchise.
Patrick FR
Patrick FR 16 napja
Like who? EA? Ubisoft? lol You comment as if there are several game studios waiting for a chance to develop an F1 game, paying for the license and taking on the responsibility of launching a new F1 game every season that would be profitable enough to cover at very least the dev costs If no decent racing game studio (IRacing, ISI or Kunos) is interested then it is better to keep it as it is, F1' physics in this game yet are far more convicing than F1 cars physics in Gran Turismo or Forza
kaustabh jyoti bhuyan
5:32 Reminds me of a russian driver😂
Fabian Rocha
Fabian Rocha 15 napja
The Torpedo?
BO SS 16 napja
win with alfa romeo come on
Jarno Opmeer
Jarno Opmeer 16 napja
It issa me
xMarmite 1
xMarmite 1 16 napja
Amazing drive
Phạm Lê Vinh
Phạm Lê Vinh 16 napja
U r legend
LukeSquare 2015
LukeSquare 2015 16 napja
The alfa romeo player is a toxic
Phạm Lê Vinh
Phạm Lê Vinh 16 napja
He cannot see Tonizza in his screen
Phạm Lê Vinh
Phạm Lê Vinh 16 napja
It is a game bug bro
khjfreddy 16 napja
The pinnacle of motorsports Formula 1. And its extension into sim racing. The Formula 1 games series. 10 years of experience and exclusive official license to represent the sport And here it is, the latest and by far the best edition of it. And the most unique feature of it all -273 degrees tyre temperature
phyrexkasgaming 12 napja
@桜ヶ丘ジン that's "ExTrA rOtAtIoN" for you
桜ヶ丘ジン 16 napja
neutral for EXTRA ROTATION
aFuturnaught 16 napja
"My tires are MINUS two hundred degrees!" lol
Marcus Joaquin Escurel
The only place where we will see a ferrari strong, and a Alfa romeo winning.
the Sun
the Sun 16 napja
Ivan Villavicencio
Opmeer left no space 🤦🏽‍♂️
Ivan Villavicencio
@TSJAwesome 628 that's some bs then
TSJAwesome 628
TSJAwesome 628 16 napja
It was a game bug. Opmeer couldn’t see Tonizza on his screen
Vyas Ponnuri
Vyas Ponnuri 16 napja
Sad tonizza, he was driving a brilliant race until his crazy flip
Gaurang Arora
Gaurang Arora 16 napja
I really wish they had wheel to wheel,less time gap and close racing like this in real life
F W 16 napja
*Car flips multiple times* Commentator: hEs gOt FrOnT wInG dAmAgE
laughingwater 11 napja
@F W RL vs VG XD
F W 15 napja
@FJ Nemo ye, whatever
FJ Nemo
FJ Nemo 15 napja
I mean he did, did he not?
Joe7107 16 napja
Great game codemasters 👍
Shanmu bianchi
Shanmu bianchi 16 napja
Shldnt have happened to tonizza
Gaurang Arora
Gaurang Arora 16 napja
Whoa Opmeer just became Maldonaldo of F1 esports
Gaurang Arora
Gaurang Arora 16 napja
@Phạm Lê Vinh oh ok, my bad then
Phạm Lê Vinh
Phạm Lê Vinh 16 napja
Opmeer did not even get damage lol
Phạm Lê Vinh
Phạm Lê Vinh 16 napja
@Gaurang Arora tonizza was literally not existed in his screen
Gaurang Arora
Gaurang Arora 16 napja
Didn't he bumped in to the back of his Ferrari, causing him to collide with wall and then came on the side of him and pushed him to the wall causing the car to crash?
Ark 16 napja
@Phạm Lê Vinh Sure.
Luis Meister
Luis Meister 16 napja
I think this overtake was ridiculous from Opmeer because he left way to less place for Tonizza. A penalty would be deserved
Luis Meister
Luis Meister 15 napja
@TSJAwesome 628 so this change the case completely, didn't know that I'm sorry
TSJAwesome 628
TSJAwesome 628 16 napja
It was a game bug, Opmeer couldn’t see Tonizza on his screen
Citrix no. 5
Citrix no. 5 16 napja
Wait, is what Opmeer did legal?
Python 15 napja
​@Donato Colangelo there's a bug in game which makes an opponent invisible for some reason. Jarno explained it later in the interview. He said the same thing happened to Brendon Leigh in quali where Jarno was on the hotlap but got blocked by Leigh because Brendon couldn't even see the Jarno's car on his screen - it was invisible.
ONETABS 15 napja
@Azka osd yours is so bad you can't even understand what you're trying to say... So yeah grammar is important because you, sir, look like a clown.
Donato Colangelo
@xMarmite 1 could you please explain to me why Opmeer could not see Tonizza on his screen? I still can’t understand it.
Azka osd
Azka osd 16 napja
@AnDre_3310 who care about gramar 🤣🤣
AnDre_3310 16 napja
@Azka osdyou need to study some english grammar
Piotr Kobielus
Piotr Kobielus 16 napja
2020 F1
2020 F1 16 napja
Wow, it’s amazing.. Alfa Romeo RACING ORLEN team, it was difficult to finish 9th or 10th on the highest difficulty.
Ben14 16 napja
This is online, all cars perform the same
GKC MrMikpik
GKC MrMikpik 16 napja
Aramco... "we race as (m)one(y)
sBinnala. exe
sBinnala. exe 16 napja
Formula 1 Master 🅱️lan
Jeffrey du 94 SMDF
Longuet P3 Vive la France
Jeffrey du 94 SMDF
What a big crashes In real life that will be a disaster
Love Pizza
Love Pizza 16 napja
Opmeer needed to be disqualified. Edit: no he didn't. Jarno answered here below to explain what happened. I'll leave this comment so that others who didn't know what the problem was can see Jarno's answer.
Love Pizza
Love Pizza 16 napja
@Jarno Opmeer ok, sorry I hadn't seen the explanation anywhere before. Thanks for answering.
BezerkMaster 16 napja
Jarno Opmeer Thanks for telling people who have no idea.
Jarno Opmeer
Jarno Opmeer 16 napja
As explained many times already. David was not on my screen for the whole race. Hence why i didn't get penalised.
BenLeagueRacing 16 napja
Shut up if you dont know what you're talking about
it's me lucaa
it's me lucaa 16 napja
Go guys! Go fast✊🏿🎈🍾🍾
Simon F B
Simon F B 16 napja
Better than the real F1 The real F1 is soo booring..
Jeffrey du 94 SMDF
Longuet et thomé 2 FRANÇAIS 🇫🇷🇫🇷
sBinnala. exe
sBinnala. exe 16 napja
We have the 🅱️est Master🅱️lan because we try to overtake from the air but it's on 🅱️ETA.exe
sBinnala. exe
sBinnala. exe 16 napja
@Captain_ Nesquik Shhhh Other teams will co🅱️y us don't reveal our Master🅱️lan
Captain_ Nesquik
Live Racing
Live Racing 16 napja
Live gang
Yolkie 16 napja
hran7 16 napja
Tonizza at 5:32: Why do I hear boss music?
Yolkie 16 napja
I dontknow
Yuwawira Azmi
Yuwawira Azmi 16 napja
Yolkie 16 napja
One like and no views.... Well done HUrun! Edit wait commenting is that WTF1?
Yolkie 16 napja
@Szandor the 13th oh ok
Szandor the 13th
First of all its HUrun xD And yes its Matt Gallagher from WTF1