2020 FIA Prize-Giving Ceremony LIVE 

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It's prize-giving time for the international motorsport community.
The ceremony might be being held remotely due to one of the most unusual and difficult seasons, but that makes the celebrations all the sweeter and more important as we recognise success at the highest level across motorsport - including the official awarding of the Formula 1 drivers and constructors prizes.
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Ye Efrem
Ye Efrem 10 napja
is it gone start now everybody
Leo de Riese
Leo de Riese 12 napja
1:29:03 I watched this live and it was scary
Kevin Johan
Kevin Johan 12 napja
43:17 I was hoping he would say "Yamate Kudasai" with such spirit
Felippe M Marques
Thanks for the best season ever! 👊
Zrob8 18 napja
Why does every motorsport have a leader with 7 championships? Formula One: Michael Schumacher and Lewis Hamilton. NASCAR: Richard Petty, Dale Earnhardt Sr., and Jimmie Johnson. Indycar: A.J. Fort Rally Car: Sebastian Ogier STOP IT!
Zakari 19 napja
song at 1:53:05 ??
Avi Riddle
Avi Riddle 21 napja
Anybody knows the song? 53:14
Drew S
Drew S 26 napja
Romain sporting the new low-profile headphones.
Chris Hammer
Chris Hammer 26 napja
How did Lewis beat Norris for Personality of the Year???
Forward 26 napja
1:58:06 what happend there with toto is it greenscreen or is toto not real
Jazz Zsm
Jazz Zsm 26 napja
Really enjoyed the show, Well done everyone, well done Lewis, just one thing left to get ( Knighthood) then you have achieved everything that you have worked for and deserved. Also how exciting does rally cross look, we need more of that on mainstream TV the driving is fantastic.
Su 26 napja
自分用 Yuki Tsunoda 40:30~ Kamui Kobayashi 58:55 Kimi 1:09:25 Special 1:27:34 F1 1:45:55
Marke5FSI 27 napja
Botas is kinda foreshadowed between 1st place Lewis and 3rd Max. Not feeling it for him...
Elizabeth Del castillo
Prema is like the son of Mercedes...
Sebastian DiStefano
Lewis gets the personality of the year how.
Luis Enrique Pérez Montaño
1:11:57 Kimi being Kimi...
K4D0R 28 napja
William Healy
William Healy 28 napja
That opening joke about spacial awareness made me cringe 😂
astrid654 27 napja
IL CRITICO 28 napja
• 7 ☆☆☆☆☆☆☆ Formula1 World Champion (World Record, with Schumy) • 1 ☆ Formula2 World Champion • 1 ☆ Formula3 World Champion • 95 GP Winner (World Record!) • 98 Pole Positions (World Record!) • 165 Podium (World Record!) • 29 Different Tracks Winner (World Record!) • 29 Different Tracks Pole Positions (World Record!) • 3778 Points (World Record!) • GP Winner in all seasons (World Record!) •Pole Position in all seasons (World Record!) • 8 Times Winner in One Circuit (Hungaroring, World Record! with Schumy) Ladies and gentlemen, Lewis Hamilton!
George Brown
George Brown 27 napja
WOW what a record.
Verena Radonich
Verena Radonich 28 napja
Gian Miguel LABOR Obierna
Look at Kimi, his eyes are dilated, meaning he's flattered by the award!
Gerb 28 napja
1:47:10 that montage is absolutely incredible
Chuck LorreBazinga
Great and pleasant review on the Motorsport year 2020. Thank you and a “well done “ to all people involved
Bogdan Ivan
Bogdan Ivan 28 napja
1:58:02 watch the hand with the cup,he will move his arm like a robot !!!!!!!
William Healy
William Healy 28 napja
Lol I think they edited two clips together but in a weird warped way Looks weird af
valid bharde
valid bharde 28 napja
Kimi should have been awarded for finishings multiple times ahead of works Ferrari drivers.... If he have a drive like Lotus2012, he can still post challenge to podiums....
iamAX 830
iamAX 830 28 napja
It's so dull. Should be like an award show but nooo
Gustavo Javier Taborda
Next year: Fernando Alonso will win the prize Youth pilot
Timmy Schnitzel
Timmy Schnitzel 28 napja
Hamilton is not wearing pijamas this year? 😪
ハナウタ 28 napja
Николай А
Хемильтон как проповедник.
Shaun Hutchinson
Bigging up Bromsgrove massive :)
Emilie Khednah
Emilie Khednah 29 napja
Did someone know the two musics use during the F1 flashback for the season and Lewis ?
Alfonso Ruiz De Esparza
Still looking for those!!!
mark 29 napja
hamilton got personaitly of the year what personailry has he got what a joke
Madhusudan Vaishnao
Believe me guys Pierre Gasly is a legend and everyone else than Lewis is a smoooooooooothhhhhh drrrrrriver
モンキー53 29 napja
41:00 TSUNODA 角田 43:18ガンバッテクダサイ
Kane 29 napja
Crazy to think Lewis and Michael have won 20% of all F1 titles ever.
The Sun
The Sun 29 napja
Blink Blink
Blink Blink 29 napja
I've followed Kimi since his debut and I've seen enough for me to say that he's the best out there after Shuey's retirement. I don't care what some kids today say.
Provider_02 29 napja
Song at 53:30 for RallyCross, please?
Marc de Boer
Marc de Boer 29 napja
If Lewis wants to add to diversity he should make way for a new driver that isn't British. Very culturally inappropriate to have multiple people from the same country in one sport. I like this whole woke culture thing 🤣. We have 20 drivers on the grid and probably 15+ nationalities from every civilized continent and it's not diverse enough?! I would personally like a woman in the sport again if they can keep up. Be a pioneer Lewis and give up your 2021 spot for a woman. Otherwise don't be a hypocrite.
Terrible Gamer
Terrible Gamer 29 napja
I would also like to see women in the sport.
Terrible Gamer
Terrible Gamer 29 napja
There are no drivers from Africa.🌍
Vinícius Apolinario
We say no to Mazepin
Hex 29 napja
We say no to people without morals in general. But the FIA doesn't apparently
Redrover 29 napja
I don’t want to watch it all. Where is Kimis award at?
Ashwin Ve
Ashwin Ve 28 napja
1.11.00 flying lap.. action of the year (F1)
Hex 29 napja
There are so many comments saying mate just look for them 😂
Love Traveling
Love Traveling 29 napja
lewis truly looks like a super villian here 😂😂😂
Saket Ramgarhia
Saket Ramgarhia 29 napja
My best and favorite team is Shahara force India Racing point team
Ciaron Smith
Ciaron Smith 29 napja
Kimi the legend.
정콩만 29 napja
Congratulation to 7 time World Champion Lewis Hamilton
emmairvine75 29 napja
How on earth did Hamilton win personality of the year 🙄
MySipuli 29 napja
@emmairvine75 Absolutely, Schumi was actually the first real athlete in the sport not only mentally but also physically. Superb athlete.
emmairvine75 29 napja
@MySipuli Schumacher still the best on my opinion
MySipuli 29 napja
@emmairvine75 could be true. Still, story of Lewis Hamilton will be one of the most told from this era when we look back in 10 to 20 years
emmairvine75 29 napja
@MySipuli don’t like him at all! Throws his toys out of the pram when he doesn’t get his own way!
MySipuli 29 napja
The personality of the year trophy is synonym to: " the Face of Formula 1 of the year ", so thats why it can be little misleading. And regardless of who you ask, I think Lewis is the superstar to wear that title.
Reiner Anselmo
Reiner Anselmo 29 napja
i think it' an irony to hear romain was against the halo, then it saved his life
Andrew Dieffenbach
@Timmy Schnitzel Yes because a crash helmet alone would have been enough to repel a steel barrier at 190mph. Ask Francois Cevert and Helmuth Koiningg how that worked out.
Timmy Schnitzel
Timmy Schnitzel 28 napja
Didn't save his life.
Imran Bradarić
Imran Bradarić 29 napja
Who else counted how many times Yuki Tsunoda said:"uhm"?
ken hin
ken hin 29 napja
Matthew Samuel Kenneth
actual video start: 3:54
jarppi yolo
jarppi yolo 29 napja
1:11:05 kimi first lap and speech.
MySipuli 29 napja
Legend !
Caglar Kuyumcuoglu
Why everyone writes GOAT when Lewis is on screen??? The one and only GOAT is AYRTON SENNA.
MySipuli 29 napja
@Caglar Kuyumcuoglu appreciating your view. I can only say that its more or less a personal view as comparing drivers from different era, different teams is difficult. As a Formula 1 romantic, Ayrton Senna lights also me the brightest star. Along side with Schumi. However, after reading, learning and hearing from the pioneers and legends of F1 from various positions I must adore Lewis Hamilton being something extra ordinary.
Caglar Kuyumcuoglu
@MySipuli if we talk about a top then of GOATs then yes. But if we talk about one GOAT, then its only Senna!
Caglar Kuyumcuoglu
@Imran Bradarić naaaah, im not Joking.
MySipuli 29 napja
Jim Clark, Fangio Schumacher too
Imran Bradarić
Imran Bradarić 29 napja
Are you joking @Caglar Kuyumcuoglu? The only goat is Schumi!
Crystals 29 napja
1:17:14 For the WRC fans out there
Pickle Nick
Pickle Nick 26 napja
Thanks mate!👍
FS G7 29 napja
Seb Ogier must be personality of the year !
FS G7 29 napja
WRC 1:17:13 - 1:25:52
Ryan Robin
Ryan Robin 29 napja
1:20:44 song?
simfer 678
simfer 678 29 napja
Personality of the year is Hamilton? LOL
Marc de Boer
Marc de Boer 29 napja
They wanna put on that woke front while they continue having races in countries without human rights
MySipuli 29 napja
Its more like a trophy for the face of the sport, personality is misleading
Jacopo Moscariello
It is boring
Morturiom 29 napja
They should scrap this nonsense and give the champions the throphy's when they win them on track.
Morturiom 28 napja
@Mr. Ghost well there are only a few races normally where a drover/team can win the tittle. Surely not that hard to take with you. And i get your point, it is a tradition. But i would love too see the newely crown champ walk away with the throphy when he/they win it. Instead of something 90% of the fans don't bother to watch anyway.
Mr. Ghost
Mr. Ghost 28 napja
😂 then that would have been biased on which track the trophies will be given , unequal and dull . This ceremony's give the sense of a special occasion a Traditional Beauty
Zeike Abren Millones
Gt sport me whooo yes😀
JohnyG29 29 napja
Why is her blouse made out of a bin liner?
McPhat.TV 29 napja
Where that timestamp at?
Kaan Yıldız
Kaan Yıldız 29 napja
54:40 name of the song?
Sonya 29 napja
did anyone actually watch the first hour of this
Kaan Yıldız
Kaan Yıldız 29 napja
What's the name of the song that play in the rallycross part?
shree ganatra
shree ganatra 29 napja
fraud todtt! Ferrari sellout please leave
RL_BDR0802 29 napja
Everyone there on zoom showing their face: Kimi just showing a picture of him:
fi mul
fi mul 29 napja
If you notice, I guess there are some other drivers also do the same. Anyway, yeah, what made it so frontal is that it's right behind the female host
Vitalina 29 napja
Why is this so boring ? I feel like they could’ve made it more exciting...
Aoife Brady
Aoife Brady 26 napja
Never mind exciting, they could have made it enjoyable or even engaging. New presenters next year please & perhaps the writers can link pieces together better
astrid654 27 napja
There were a lot of awkward moments. Esp from the guy 😬😬
Mr Bungle
Mr Bungle 27 napja
The problem isnt that,its the fake engagement that everyone had,its awkward and no one wants to be there,thats the problem,maybe this award ceremonies are not aging well
Doug Eller
Doug Eller 28 napja
I think that was unavoidable. This isn't BAFTA or the Oscars where everyone involved is an actor used to putting on a show and playing a part no matter what the surroundings or circumstances. So, task an auto-sport with putting on a ceremony set during a pandemic with no audience, no clapping or cheering, no organic energy in the room whatsoever and it's destined to fall a bit flat. All the shiny video clips and zoom participation in the world aren't going to make up for zero natural human interaction you normally expect from an event that's by definition supposed to be in person, collective glitz and glamour.
Don Starnes
Don Starnes 28 napja
Whomever they use for their production is at fault. So, so stuffy and jilted. The transitions, the direction: nearly everything could have been better. I did like the virtual background use, however. At least that part was creative.
kian lavin
kian lavin 29 napja
1:45:56 is what you lot are here for...
JakeMcl13 29 napja
There’s a flying number 3
Lewis Hamilton repeat mode🔥🔥
Jyri Similä
Jyri Similä 29 napja
Have to say that making shout out to halo covers Fia's own mistake on supervising track safety. When they embarrass Romain to being avaimet halo they should apologise their own mistake to demand a safe track to drivers. That fence placement was like rookiefail.
JohnyG29 29 napja
Unexpectedly swerving across the race track could also be considered a "rookiefail".
mii car
mii car 29 napja
it was also a rookie mistake that caused the crash in the first place...should have never happened there.
BiG Jèfè
BiG Jèfè 29 napja
I love you Grosjean I will miss you very much
Timmy Schnitzel
Timmy Schnitzel 28 napja
Idiots be one liked only when they almost die.
Rill Music
Rill Music 29 napja
Summary Lewis won everything FIA is corrupted No one cares about trophies
Chknball18 29 napja
😭 lol
- Kallz -
- Kallz - 29 napja
Lewis deserves everything he gets and hopefully wins more races, championships & awards‼️🙌🏽
MySipuli 29 napja
Kimi will win next year WDC
Alexis Luna
Alexis Luna 29 napja
The FIA just created an award for Kimi.
etc MCLHmp4:6
etc MCLHmp4:6 29 napja
Shivaansh Aggarwal
Kimi being Kimi
la Putin
la Putin 29 napja
kimi-"thanks for creating a new trophy, so i can won one" haha this is do funny!!!
Atishay Kankaria
bwoah award of the year
MySipuli 29 napja
Personality of the year there !
Yuxi Zhang
Yuxi Zhang 29 napja
This live chat is the most united I've ever seen, well done
Bi773n 29 napja
the chat going crazy with the nomazepin hashtags xD
Hex 28 napja
@Franziska W. Yes thx 😂
Franziska W.
Franziska W. 28 napja
@Hex I think you mean *morality, right?
Hex 29 napja
I wish they would be enough for F1 to listen to what the fans want or don't want. But apparently money is more important than morality
The Sebâs
The Sebâs 29 napja
hearing Romain's kids laugh while he speaks... what a different future could it be
JiuJitsuMonkey 29 napja
formula 1 is not the first international sport that set the bar in the pandemic, the ufc is
MySipuli 29 napja
Didnt they talk about sport not fighting
AdiBiaza 29 napja
1:47:06 Dope Montage 🔥
Alexx Conroy
Alexx Conroy 29 napja
A wall of 107 unhappy people
Hamilton is a true legend, such personality and racecraft. Love him
rockzs74r 29 napja
Kimi opening lap is like he did that on 10% ai on codemasters F1
taytay 24 napja
@Parr Such an original comment, might have seen it like a thousand times. Very creative
Parr 24 napja
Such an original comment, might have seen it like a thousand times. Very creative
mathias 29 napja
@Yiğit Arslan Yaşar 1:11:05
Yiğit Arslan Yaşar
Where is it on the video?
Kat Koehl
Kat Koehl 29 napja
No wonder Kimi was trashed during this in 2018...
MySipuli 29 napja
Personality of the year !
Hannah Barley
Hannah Barley 29 napja
At least he got the drink that year 😂
rockzs74r 29 napja
Kimi is such a legend that he won an award for a performance in a race he didn't score points
Mr Bungle
Mr Bungle 27 napja
@rockzs74r 2022 cant come any sooner,he needs a more competitive car,to just show if he can still kick it
Mr Bungle
Mr Bungle 27 napja
That start was maybe one of the best ever
rockzs74r 29 napja
@Skyscrapers & MegaProjects the most fascinating part of it was he did it so clean. He didn't even touch any other car or went off a single bit.
Skyscrapers & MegaProjects
I’ve watched F1 for a long time and that was by far the best first lap I’ve seen, the way he was able to switch on those softs was amazing
lorenzo bordignon
For what????
Daniel M
Daniel M 29 napja
So the intro focuses on WEC/WRC/FE because of Michelin?
Luke Mallory
Luke Mallory 29 napja
MSC, ALO, and KIMI for me.
Ashwin Ve
Ashwin Ve 28 napja
Seb too😉
Ryan Sanchez
Ryan Sanchez 29 napja
Nascar 👎🏽
When Christian says Ganbatte Kudasai bro... okay yikes
Ergh 29 napja
why are award ceremonies like this always so cringe?
Althaf Avilla
Althaf Avilla 29 napja
Your standards are way to high
Winston Dalva Aditya
We say no to mazepin
Sebastian Lim
Sebastian Lim 29 napja
1:11:52 BWOAH
Jodie Triawan
Jodie Triawan 29 napja
1:11:57 , Kimi for FIA Action of The Year 2020
MySipuli 29 napja
Best guy in F1, personality of the year !
Abhishek K.
Abhishek K. 29 napja
I was only here for that 😂
MC Mental
MC Mental 29 napja
Lewis be looking like a priest
Donny Leong
Donny Leong 29 napja
Hello from Canada. Who are the presenters?
Donny Leong
Donny Leong 29 napja
Never mind, thanks Google. Tom is the man at le Mans. And Nicki is the FE pitlane reporter.
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