2020 Russian Grand Prix: Post-Race Driver Reaction 

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Sochi's eye-catching 2020 race brought jubilation and despair in equal measure. Hear what the drivers had to say after an action-packed afternoon in Russia.
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Hunter Doc
Hunter Doc 24 napja
ALC 26 napja
Checo deserves to go to RB
Kota και ριζι
2:32 glad to see Kimi got the drincc
Joseph Dungee
Joseph Dungee 27 napja
0:28 They Robbed you Lewis., just like Monza. Chin up Mate!
Michael Bay
Michael Bay 29 napja
Albon is pathetic
ewoud van aalst
ewoud van aalst Hónapja
I have been replaying 2:37 for three hours now
Shivaansh Aggarwal
Wow never seen kimi speak this much
FreshTheFallen Hónapja
2:32 Look people, he has "THE DRINCC"
Krunk Sounds
Krunk Sounds Hónapja
beef between Stroll and Leclerc... interesting
Tahar Zobeir
Tahar Zobeir Hónapja
Lewis Hamilton is the best
Alperen Çetinkaya
why lance is a crybaby?
crazybeartimba Hónapja
Maybe they'll keep Albon since the nephew or grandson of Redbull escaped jail in Thailand. Take the heat off one thai guy and onto another. ;)
Vi Tang
Vi Tang Hónapja
You have to show F1 new Italian boss. How much you love Italian team.
HaaS-19 Hónapja
hamilton sus
Derrick Best
Derrick Best Hónapja
Oh yes Perez you go out on a high with your head up.
xiao xiao
xiao xiao Hónapja
F**k FIA and the stewards. intentional nonsense oversevere penalty!
warren010h Hónapja
I love how Kimi always seems busy moving or doing something during his interviews 😂😂
Caleb K
Caleb K Hónapja
Perez gets 4th with the better package?! That's an episode of Drive to Survive I'm not excited about.
Rx 1
Rx 1 Hónapja
Did Leclerc get a penalty for hitting Stroll, damaging his,ending his race and could have caused him physical harm? But Lewis Hamilton was penalized for practice start, not during the race, but hey rules are rules.
Julian Höfler
Julian Höfler Hónapja
"Great! Well that's everything!"
yofre angelo maldonado
Valtteri says that I dedicate that victory to those who do not trust him but the truth is that he is not at the level of the best talents such as a Hamilton or a leclerc or verstapem. I am not toxic
Nick Missiaen
Nick Missiaen Hónapja
Hamilton "Bit of a loss today." c'mon dude you finished 3rd!! He's too used to winning
Samet Özkan
Samet Özkan Hónapja
Zlatan of F1 2:32 you're welcome.
paulo henrique
paulo henrique Hónapja
What reason for not watching the Stroll and Leclerc incident? Since Albon vs Ham in Austria was identical ...you embarrass Charlie Whiting's memory and everything he built
lange darm
lange darm Hónapja
george russel is such a great guy. He just blatantly admits he made too many mistakes without trying to blame the car or anyone else. That's great character right there!
giorgio ciaravolol
Ric and Perez: the dark horses of F1
Rush Adrenaline
Rush Adrenaline Hónapja
2:37 the two drivers touching each other who really should be at Ferrari, those 2017 and 2018 times🥺
Kamikaze Abe-ru
Kamikaze Abe-ru Hónapja
Checo is the best no.2 driver on the grid!
Yurded Mhams-Kaant
Kimi 'but uhhhhh' Raikkönen
Saiful Saiful
Saiful Saiful Hónapja
Petronas the best sytium in the world🇲🇾⛽🏎️🏍️fabio quantararo win world champions motor gp catalunya🇫🇷👍👍
Jeffrey Morris
Jeffrey Morris Hónapja
It has been reported widely in various media that former F1 driver and 2020 F1 Sochi steward Mika Salo, has been critical of Lewis Hamilton. Invective language was allegedly used. Is this appropriate for an FIA official?
jean ramambason
jean ramambason Hónapja
If I were Lewis Hamilton, for the remaining GP, I would drive and stop short few millimeters before crossing the line and let everybody beat me. It would increase the FIA prestige because that is the kind of racing it wants.
biocybernaut Hónapja
It's about time you morons throw away your muzzles.
Piotr Kobielus
Piotr Kobielus Hónapja
Hoten Hitonokoe
Hoten Hitonokoe Hónapja
Russ Serpico
Russ Serpico Hónapja
What a class act Bottas is on the radio, "to all the critics, "f*** you". How original and how profound. Sergio, unlikely you're entitled to any upgrades, only Lance is, since Lawerence is busy taking care of his son. Don't worry though, you'll still out perform most of the grid, solely on your talent and put a weaker car in the points or podium with a car that doesn't belong there, as you have done your enitire career.
Nick van Betuw
Nick van Betuw Hónapja
0:22 that was Albon not Max
James Kershaw
James Kershaw Hónapja
Mika Salo needs to be investigated. The Finnish press knew of this penalty 10 minutes before the FIA/Stewards announced the penalty during the race. The fact that he is the face of a betting company too is concerning. The Hamilton penalty was the only way to stop Hamilton winning. But we were robbed from a possible wheel to wheel fight with Hamilton and Verstappen and even Bottas because of the 10 second penalty. Engineering a race is not what the fans want.
Joe Banana
Joe Banana Hónapja
Masks are what for? They are all healthy, aren't they?
AS19 Hónapja
Kvyat did a great job
Joseph Robinson
Joseph Robinson Hónapja
Yea can't blame he it different when it at home or in you country
TheHjkkkl Hónapja
I like leclerc but i think he deserved a penalty, its quite unfair what happenned to stroll who could have scored easy points with a better car than Perez 4th
ripped life
ripped life Hónapja
They don't even want to show the footage from Lecrec's car
thejoeyg Hónapja
perez is out here giving that racing point 10/10ths
Phil Goodhusband
So nobody’s gonna talk about hamilton using the 1st placer’s area (for refreshing/removing head gear after getting off the car) so disrespectful to bottas and bitter for his loss.
Ofentse Tlaka
Ofentse Tlaka Hónapja
Please next season have a south African grand prix
Cool Reviews
Cool Reviews Hónapja
Bottas will win..
Pat176 Hónapja
3:56 if it was Hamilton instead of Leclerc he'd get a penalty and people call him lucky 🙄
Lukas Spögler
Lukas Spögler Hónapja
Kvyat knew he was the best
Justin Williams
Justin Williams Hónapja
Driver of the Day: Sergio. Steady and fast after a great overtake.
F1Radio Hónapja
Top job Checo 👌
Sam Malloc
Sam Malloc Hónapja
The two people who you can tell were very sad were Albon and Seb.
Jared Barnes
Jared Barnes Hónapja
Even with upgrades daddy's boy can't even finish above perez even tho lance crashed
Pretorius Sarel
Pretorius Sarel Hónapja
Everyone is Gatvol even the stewards of Lewis crying about everything, get over it lewis you were wrong!
saviourR 1337
saviourR 1337 Hónapja
0:18 that's albon's car, not max's...
showmin hossain
showmin hossain Hónapja
They showed a clip of albon for verstappen
Oki Doki
Oki Doki Hónapja
Lecrerc must have 12 penalty point for push off people in the first lap. It is a shame he get away with it every time
Seweryn Kosznik
Seweryn Kosznik Hónapja
Rassell 😂😂golden boy 😂😂😂
Mundo Rosas Landa
Sebastian is such a shame of a driver....
Mundo Rosas Landa
Teresa Maria
Teresa Maria Hónapja
Pia mistake to get penalty to Lewis. Lecrerc get penalty to stroll not Lewis.
Andy Bush
Andy Bush Hónapja
We need to see Riccardo's smile, exempt him from the face masks please when he is talking.
Vyas Ponnuri
Vyas Ponnuri Hónapja
Leclerc- Gives room to Stroll Stroll- That was sloppy on his part, I gave lot of room Bruh
Teresa Maria
Teresa Maria Hónapja
Ice man dark win Bo......
Emilia Camacho Camacho
I've been checking the rules and I'm a lawyer. There is in fact an FIA predisposition to punish Hamilton and as it moves the championship few journalists will complain. The start training rule was an FIA recommendation for this race. The first time Lewis did it on the right side but as the exit was closed to other cars he decided to do it, the second time, ahead and asked the k team that it was ok. an FIA recommendation cannot be subject to such a heavy punishment for the pilot .... but Masi and Mika salo, filands, maybe wanted to help Bottas..the FIA ​​now only punishes for extra racing issues and leaves the bids racing for journalists ... what has become F1 today !!!! ...
MrCurry Hónapja
It’s disappointing the race stewards denied us a race today, by imposing ridiculous penalties on Hamilton before the race even began.
Tone Hónapja
Albon behind both Alpha Tauris. No excuse
BroAverage Hónapja
Only reason leclerc did ok was because seb was left out to defend
Anders Ottosen
Anders Ottosen Hónapja
Max clearly cheet , he go strait in. The cornor after he positioned him self totally wrong . Speeding over the safetyarea and continue without loosing places ....hmm FIA is sleeping
Sindhu Sojan
Sindhu Sojan Hónapja
Ferrari International Assistants didn’t give leclerc a penalty for ruining another drivers race but gave Danny ric and Alex albon penalty for cutting corners a tiny bit
Cure Hónapja
It feels like if Albon cant wait to get out of Red bull, the guy looks devastated!
Heini-Sten Poidjutšenko
Alex "Yeah" Albon
koppy7 Hónapja
I smile every time Kimi comes on
Nico Glock
Nico Glock Hónapja
I wish Perez was taking Hamilton's place.
Anatoliy Hónapja
Albon need to go somewhere ASAP. He is so depressed with his seat in RB. Almost same as Vettel in Ferrari now.
Laex Hónapja
Im afraid the conclusion will be being replaced by Tsunoda and going back at Alpha Tauri with Gasly.
Picklewiickle. Hónapja
Someone has it in for Lewis. That is twice now.
Cool Reviews
Cool Reviews Hónapja
Romain Grosjean is everyone's life story.. Trying very hard and getting crashed...
Henry Allende
Henry Allende Hónapja
I feel like Pierre lowkey mentioned his battle with albon on purpose so everyone could hear how he beat him in a lower tier car
Cool Reviews
Cool Reviews Hónapja
Antonio is underrated...
arnold kamau
arnold kamau Hónapja
Why didn't Leclerc get a penalty? Simple, Leclerc never gets any penalties even when he endangers other drivers on track like in Japan 2019. Don't worry people, Ferrari International Assistance has it all under control
Harry One
Harry One Hónapja
Ric>>>>>>>>>>>> ham tilton
Kimi Raikonnen
Kimi Raikonnen Hónapja
I really do feel bad for stroll, so high in Monza and these last two races have been terrible
AG_BOSS The Original
Well he got great luck in Monza and Bad Luck has compensated it in Mugello and Sochi 🤷🏻‍♂️
2020 F1
2020 F1 Hónapja
There was a penalty reversal by the FIA. Removed Hamilton's 2 Super License penalty points He said he was going to impose fines on the Mercedes team. That's fortunate.
Dandy Randy
Dandy Randy Hónapja
Y is noone talking about how Hamilton got robbed?
Sachindra Mihindukula
Sainz really tried to suicide
Rick Lee
Rick Lee Hónapja
I wish someone would discover the elixir of life so Kimi could stay on forever.
Drummer Boy
Drummer Boy Hónapja
Hamilton (10 second penalty, whinging): the stewards are out to get me!!! Ricciardo (5 second penalty): it's ok, I'll just drive faster 😂😂😂
JimL Hónapja
FIA manipulating results just to get some excitement in the Russian GP. Sad.
rjjello Hónapja
Reverse rolls with Lance and Charles and its a completely different story.
Matt Teee
Matt Teee Hónapja
well yeah, gymnastics is completely different to motor racing.
Solar Winds
Solar Winds Hónapja
Next race penalty for Lewis. Driving black.
Mr Bacun
Mr Bacun Hónapja
I don't think RP 'upgraded' their car when stroll was miles off the pace this weekend
Impeto94 Hónapja
Stroll: Red sus *FIA decides* Stroll was not The Impostor
Arjun Grewal
Arjun Grewal Hónapja
@darkmegaman44 dont expect that? Kinda sus tbh
darkmegaman44 Hónapja
Impeto94 wow never expected to see Among Us in F1 lol
chaddy1969 Hónapja
Having trouble sleeping? Play this video on repeat. Do not play whilst driving or operating heavy machinery
Bjorn Hónapja
unlucky hamilton :(
DayDreamer Forex
perez is underrated, racing point is making a mistake
DayDreamer Forex
@Crashtacular how much ? It was up 5-6 percent (about 60 gbp) .. last close was at 50 gbp .. that means all the hype of seb. Joining aston martin has fizzled away .. stock is down 90% from all time highs of 545 in oct. 2018 and it is down hill from there. In big scheme of things in aston martin company seb would be a spec of dust .. which cannot revive its future
Cure Hónapja
@Crashtacular No one is saying that they should have not signed him, the kicked driver is the issue.
Crashtacular Hónapja
Did you see the Aston Martin stocks shoot up the moment they announced that they signed Vettel?
Saucy Wings
Saucy Wings Hónapja
Hamilton needs to get off his high horse
YouTube Commenter
What high horse? He's already done more than anyone could have done even better than those FIA judges penalizing him even did in the motoring careers. He's rivals mostly end up winning when he gets penalties.
jonny hull
jonny hull Hónapja
Bottas is the luckiest driver ever, he only wins when Lewis gets grid penaltys 😂😂😂 Lewis will still win the championship no matter how much they try to stop him, then he will retire at end of the season equalling Schumacher record
Parham Azadi
Parham Azadi Hónapja
1:14 Ocon, let Ricciardo pass for the championship...Let Ricciardo pass for the championship.
Nidin Vijayan
Nidin Vijayan Hónapja
Oh dear Lance!
MrAckers75 Hónapja
These rules are so inconsistent it’s beyond ridiculous and it seems Charles can literally do what he wants. He can even not wear seatbelt and get away with it! It’s very obvious what’s going on here in the 2020 season.
Sorry checo...no upgrades for you ...still junior Is un front of you....what a disgrace!!!