2020 Turkish Grand Prix: Drivers' Press Conference Highlights 

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Catch up with all the pre-race chat as the drivers look ahead to the weekend's action at Istanbul Park.
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Power of Castles
Why didn’t share Turkey 🇹🇷 Race Highlights? It was great race!!!
Shahid Majiid
Shahid Majiid 6 napja
Spoke like a true champion George
War Peace
War Peace 7 napja
My biggest takeaway from this is Charles LeClerc has improved and looks a more polished, more complete driver despite his car. If Ferrari can get parity, Charles may be the difference that gets them a title in years to come.
Vlerke Damne
Vlerke Damne 8 napja
Max's mindset is something to look up to. Respect that he has the discipline to choose pain over comfort.. It's such a huge difference padding or padding
Vlerke Damne
Vlerke Damne 8 napja
Hamilton: "Greatest contract in terms of......" He thinks "money" but he doesn't want to say it haha so he says time management instead what a legend
Yağız Kanmaz
Please make Turkish subtitles
Harold Flite
Harold Flite 8 napja
Turned off after more diversity. ....
Pamela Fearnley
George needs to race in a decent car then his true natural talent pushed by his passion for racing will be there for all to see!
gizzy guzzi
gizzy guzzi 9 napja
Why on earth do they need to wear a mask while being interviewed? It's ridiculous, and can't understand them. The only reason is appearances, complete BS.
YouTube Commenter
Right wing nut. It protects the drivers with a race on the weekend and a championship at stake especially in Lewis' case.
Cant wait to see Kevin's Future
thata boy George!!!
ma ta
ma ta 9 napja
Istanbul Park is the Best Track in Formula 1, Turn8 is fantastic
Daithi Halleran
Lewis wouldn't be talking soft if he knew he would do better
Lucas Mancini
Lucas Mancini 9 napja
George gave me chicken Skin!
holmikehol 9 napja
😂Lewis thinking...getting more than my 60 million😱😂 Diversity🤣 Not finished yet..there is always a way to get me more millions🤣
COMIDA em casa Rodrigues
Vamos MAX go go!!!
Hamilton be like....I have the best contract in terms of................oh yeah salary
Juan Quezada
Juan Quezada 10 napja
I would love Romain in indycar
Mel Adou Wilfried Yvon Michel
konto marki
konto marki 10 napja
Where is CC?
George Montero
George Montero 10 napja
I don't fckng know why they fckng still wear those fckng masks! That's fckng absurd.
khanman v.1
khanman v.1 10 napja
ill be a grosean indycar fan
Xboxplaya1988 10 napja
George is getting too much stick for making a human mistake, mostly from himself, head up mate, you all make mistakes, the best wont make that mistake twice, we are proud of you bro
.a 10 napja
Thank you!
Cris 10 napja
Padding... Padding... Padding where or what? Maybe useful to let the interviewer finish his question, that way everyone knows what's being discussed.
Phil Master
Phil Master 10 napja
If im quite honest, i hope Lewis leaves F1 because the will be another Driver who finally wins a Championship
Varun Krishnan
Varun Krishnan 10 napja
This Kimi guy is talking too much.
GreyPenguin1337 10 napja
magnussen looks devistated and broken
Asare Isaac
Asare Isaac 10 napja
Will be excited to see Magnussen and Grosjean in IndyCar 🤩🤩🤩🍃
whisper0555 10 napja
Excellent question for Ricciardo to talk about Racing Point. 🙄
Tyler Bosworth
Tyler Bosworth 10 napja
Well said, George!
Paritosh Kaushik
I would love to see LH in 24hrs of Le Mans. 😁
Ádám Elekes
Ádám Elekes 10 napja
9:43 Perez bwoah
hahaha hahahaha
hahaha hahahaha 10 napja
Bottas is praying right now for lewis to retire and hoping that someone slow will be bottas teammate next year
Christophe Ribeiro
Turkey should be permanent on the f1 track calendar
Anthony Boulus
Anthony Boulus 10 napja
The rich kid cant even sit up straight and look respectable.. looks like a sloth Sergio to red bull please
Anthony Boulus
Anthony Boulus 10 napja
@Ave Jaly yeah but seriously look at lance sloth hahahaha
Ave Jaly
Ave Jaly 10 napja
Who do you mean ? They're all rich.
Anthony Boulus
Anthony Boulus 10 napja
That is why max will be world champion one day
Love ya seb
JAHOBOS 10 napja
I'm a Hamilton fan, but Alonso is the only raw driver that could've challenged him in this era. Lecrec and Verstappen are and will get there. It's unfortunate that Hamilton didn't have the opportunity to truly challenge himself - because Hamilton despite his weak teammates would've taken the challenge and defeated most in any era. Lets not forget he challenged Alonso as a rookie, but they both have evolved and grown. In an alternative universe on equal machinery they Alonso/Hamilton would've been the new Senna/Prost Era. Alonso/Jaques/Lewis/Senna = raw talent
Cherry 10 napja
Verstrappen is already there in that mix .. his raw talent cannot be over emphasized and given equal machinery he will challenge Lewis from the very first race... If not take him down.
I'd love to see Romain come to the US for Indy car and start winning races.
Michael X
Michael X 10 napja
Russell seems like he’s over-thinking this.....
Joseph Brian
Joseph Brian 11 napja
George Russell turning into a philosopher there. I really hope he is in a competitive car, come 2022.
Lenin Emmanuel Espinoza Marin
Sergio Pérez 🇲🇽
David Chapel
David Chapel 11 napja
Perez.... Perez is 1000x better driver than Stroll... But F1 IS MONEY 💩
David Chapel
David Chapel 10 napja
@Chris K oh i know all about Telmex it is just sad that if your father owns the team you have priority. We are on the same page. Love and respect!! Perez is BETTER THAN STROLL!!
Chris K
Chris K 11 napja
I really like Perez and truly thinks he deserves a seat but your comment is so ironic it isn't even funny considering the fact that Perez got in the sport due to the amount of $$$ his Mexican backed sponsors brought in. Grow up. I could even say the same for Schumacher considering he is technically a paydriver as well.
David Chapel
David Chapel 11 napja
Kimi?? Why?? No better than Vettel, Alonso, the "MAISTROS" no more KIMI
David Chapel
David Chapel 11 napja
"Grosjean Gone" goodbye!! Never been worthy... Magnussen Master of None" deserved another season in a superior team,.. His downfall has been too long goodbye...
David Chapel
David Chapel 11 napja
Albon was funny and innocent to a point now he's just rude and condescending! Alex has got to go, switch with George Russell let's see.....
Maky 6969
Maky 6969 11 napja
I like how George answers. . He truly a mature racer and a person.
AVP • 11 napja
George - Fear nothing except fear itself.
Krishna Kireeti Tata
I cant stop laughing seeing Kimi seriously listening to the question.
Felipe Santell
Felipe Santell 11 napja
Lewis is getting bald (again).
Burger Man
Burger Man 10 napja
Cause he went vegan. Unfortunately he doesn't know how unhealthy veganism is
Oxycontin. 11 napja
This guy's hairline is the weirdest I've ever seen on an human being
Alvaro Giron
Alvaro Giron 11 napja
Kyvat “just throw it in there and see what happens...” 😂
Alvaro Giron
Alvaro Giron 11 napja
Sergio Perez “in a way”, yeah, I can translate that for you.. lol
Alvaro Giron
Alvaro Giron 11 napja
K-Mag seemed to go full interview mode.
Jamol Jay
Jamol Jay 11 napja
Alex might need some padding for his career.
Russ Serpico
Russ Serpico 11 napja
The irony, all mid field drivers are stating how they can finish in the points or do better, while Sergio has to defend Racing Point and their calls to prevent him from getting a podium race after race.
Guilherme Henriques
vettel boah xD
Doginu 11 napja
Lewis do your job. Diversity is a personal issue
Kyle Joynes
Kyle Joynes 11 napja
the haas rejects falling down to indy is anyone surprised
HiFi Tommy
HiFi Tommy 11 napja
Is it just a coincidense that Vettel's team mate isn't confirmed yet and Mercedes still haven't agreed to pay Lewis 44 millions? My guess is that Aston Martin keeps the seat open for Lewis... Some will say "But Lance is the son of the owner, so he will get the seat". But who do you think Lawrence Stroll would prefer as drivers, Lewis and Seb or Lance and Seb? It will definetly be a great chance for Lewis to prove, that he's better than Sebastian in the same car!
Der Riethelm
Der Riethelm 10 napja
Stroll is already confirmed, you know?
Justin Désilets
Vettel for gold medals in swimming for 2021!
Neon_Racer_222 11 napja
Happy b day lando :)
Guido DJ
Guido DJ 11 napja
the more and more i hear Lewis i hear a tree hugging, bird spotting, anti plastic in the sea, black lives matter, sociofoob answering questions he simply can't... no offense...i just noticed...
Ave Jaly
Ave Jaly 10 napja
He learned his PR catalogue 6 months ago and regurgitates it since.
Ave Jaly
Ave Jaly 10 napja
Same. And I'm a fan.
TiNNY 11 napja
If Alex were actually fast enough like Max he may need padding. They pad me so hard
Chris Chris
Chris Chris 11 napja
Seb 'beaten by Charles' Vettel
William Wells
William Wells 11 napja
Why the mask on camera?
Suchagug 11 napja
Justin M.
Justin M. 11 napja
Imagine if Mercedes collide coming up to the 3rd to last corner
Mark Jamel DC
Mark Jamel DC 11 napja
anybody getting a ton of ‘invest in turkey’ ads?
whosAltoon 11 napja
it's a shame that alex will be losing his seat to grosjean for 2021
Weigner Leigner
Weigner Leigner 11 napja
I don’t think lewis understands how businesses work.
Kat Green
Kat Green 11 napja
Why don’t they bring back the FIA briefings?
Double k
Double k 11 napja
so they are just snubbing bottas now? lewis is nothing with out a GREAT car
Ferri Sabo
Ferri Sabo 11 napja
I was a Lewis hater, And now i am his biggest Fan, Is this normal?
Ave Jaly
Ave Jaly 10 napja
Jonteh Hel
Jonteh Hel 11 napja
Seb got the last word;)
Mitchell E
Mitchell E 11 napja
You know it would be sick if Lamborghini joined f1 Then it could be lambo v Ferrari
Mrsimon47 11 napja
"I'm still swimming and I will keep Swimming"
pspsps S
pspsps S 11 napja
lewis's speech was like going to google, and then searching for google .
Andy Bear
Andy Bear 11 napja
Seb will find the nicer swim for sure !
James Jordan
James Jordan 11 napja
Red Bull / Verstappen have anything constructive to add?; tldr
Ed Archer
Ed Archer 11 napja
George Russell, calm, collected, intelligent answers and a superb driver. He needs to be with a top team soon.
V12 Naturally Aspirated
Please FORMULA 1 upload the lap of Juan Pablo Montoya 1:24.770 on lap 39 (lap record) and fastest lap overall on that circuit, 2005 Turkish Grand Prix, both from the outside and onboard, thank you very much!
Er Kaan
Er Kaan 11 napja
Finally in Turkey, yeah baby..
Steev 11 napja
Skill >>> Colour
yaraislief 11 napja
Unlease the lion Max!
jackson dale
jackson dale 11 napja
Grosjean = Jean Girard from Talladega nights and he's going to America to defeat Ricky Bobby
Loran V
Loran V 11 napja
Oompagite 11 napja
Lewis doesn’t have all of the answers Hope he gets them
San 11 napja
11:13 "Throw it in there and see what happens.." Torpedo tactics 😎
Tom Hedrick
Tom Hedrick 11 napja
0:28 I stopped my job thanks to, *p a i d t o b e h o m e .c o m*
Karaus 11 napja
Why Vettel has Italian flag stripes on his right shoulder but Leclerc hasn't? Is it because France (IK, Monaco isn't France but c'mon) and Italy are rivals or what? (not obviously but secretly maybe?) :D
Italymich 11 napja
Hamilton is so hypocrite
Paulo Remocaldo
Paulo Remocaldo 11 napja
just keep swimmin just keep swimmin
Space Martian
Space Martian 11 napja
Vettel really doubled down on that aquatic analogy.
thesleeper90 11 napja
No padding, resist the pain, feel the car :) now we know some things :)
Fhodil 15
Fhodil 15 11 napja
I would love to see Lewis in 2022 because I want to see him in that car it will be really different
Lee Jordan
Lee Jordan 11 napja
Nice to see that this time they asked ricciardo a question
PetrolHead88 UK
PetrolHead88 UK 11 napja
That was some monologue by George, fantastic. If and when he wins a championship of his own some day, people will look back to this point in time.
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