2020 Turkish Grand Prix: Pre-Race Interviews 

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Hear what the drivers have to say about their prospects for the weekend ahead in Istanbul.
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alwishy 9 napja
Red Bull are mental if they don't sign Perez
Maradeí 9 napja
You can make a drinking game out of how many times Lando says "Little".
virdewinder singh
Lewis is ancient at Istanbul Park 🔥
Simon Gosselin
Simon Gosselin 10 napja
Albon always looks shy during interviews
Perez to mercedes?
Scraptorx_x 10 napja
George's face looks so dead
mse 10 napja
adamsin valtteri parti kuy oy verelim
Зайниддин Дорн
Я болею за Феттеля и Рикардо
Fabian 10 napja
was there ever a driver who said that he does not like the track?
Rasal Hague
Rasal Hague 10 napja
"Track is wet and slippery" Yep. Part of the master🅱lan
konto marki
konto marki 10 napja
Where is CC?
Ahsan Haider
Ahsan Haider 10 napja
0:51 Antonio's mask violating the nose limits. Geez Gio, i thought millenials are better than this, see Kimi, how well he is using his mask
Gabriel 10 napja
MsYar2000 10 napja
DnB_1989 10 napja
Will these drivers ever wear masks that fit!
guremre14 *
guremre14 * 10 napja
Welcome to Turkey guys İ LOVE YOU FORMULA ONE ♥️🇹🇷
Enes Peker
Enes Peker 10 napja
İnteresting pist in turkey ı am really excited...
Zack Stout
Zack Stout 10 napja
F1 drivers about Istanbul - we love it F1 - ok so Barcelona, France , Hungary & Saudi Arabia
Eva Kaneron
Eva Kaneron 10 napja
I really want the Hulk to get that red bull seat. But if Perez gets it instead? Well, I will be probably happy about that too.
Romario Roach
Romario Roach 10 napja
Lewis reminding us how long he's been in F1..... Bottas was in F3 🤣
SaLaTaToe 10 napja
Is it practice today or just tomorrow?
daph701 10 napja
Lewis after turn 8 in Lap 1: Bono, my tires are gone
Liam Eastwood
Liam Eastwood 10 napja
For the one race that still has to be picked For 2021 I hope they put turkey
archimedes 10 napja
poor lance; we could tell that the mugello crash very much shook him
TheFilipinoEmerald Channel
Carlos:Wide, open, fast, (pauses) slippery. Me: Wait. Did Carlos fall while doing the track walk? Carlos on track walk: *falls down* Tom, write that down, slippery.
Freddie Blancas
Freddie Blancas 10 napja
Yo why Ocon call 'em out like that xD , savage
Rushil Patel
Rushil Patel 10 napja
ric podium
Onur 7
Onur 7 10 napja
Türkler +1
Ianevitable 11 napja
Soham Mhatre
Soham Mhatre 11 napja
If not in F1 then I really hope he joins one of the WEC projects, surely he'd be a massive signing for any of the teams in the LMH category
Sai Priyanshu
Sai Priyanshu 11 napja
Perez deserves to be in redbull. Like if u agree.
shusan khatiwada
Take a shot everytime someone says "yeah"
The Impostor
The Impostor 11 napja
"It's pretty impressive. Looks wide, open, slippery." That's what she said 😏
Artem Irlitsa
Artem Irlitsa 11 napja
Угадай по маске,кто надел ее для галки)))))))
BlitzNinja Gaming
Come on let's see another Red Bull 1-2 again... Hope Albon has a great weekend
Tom Bystander
Tom Bystander 11 napja
Goodluck men! Cant wait to watch a fun and safe race❤️❤️
Kevin 11 napja
Cool masks, pity none of them fit!
Sebastian Vettel
seriously, what's the point for this kind of interviews? you know, i know, everyone knows Hamilton wins Botton second Max third for 2020 and 2021 that's it BORING obviously we better play Ping Pong seriously
S-2046 Aaditya Shetty
@Sebastian Vettel 😂😂
Sebastian Vettel
@S-2046 Aaditya Shetty yes obviously.seriously i don't even want to spin to entertain you guys this year
S-2046 Aaditya Shetty
So I'm assuming you probably have not watched the race in monza, or SO SO many other races where it wasnt always these 3 on the podium😞
Tony Cox
Tony Cox 10 napja
Couldn't agree more, try BTCC it's a lot more exciting. 👍
Nom 11 napja
It's sad to see them with masks on. It's like putting a muzzle on a dog.
Ultramegatron 11 napja
GOOO GEORGE, P10!!!!!!!
drchpt 11 napja
Lewis, old and killing it!
Cidinha Ferreira
0:57 I dont owe anybody anything now thanks to, *p a i d t o b e h o m e .c o m*
Mr Bungle
Mr Bungle 11 napja
Signed Checo for my team in season 4,rly sad im broke so i cant do the same IRL
royal Indian mapper
While ocon was kicked perez said " you know today you next its me?"
Nadia Passarelli Carvalho
The gap between Charles and Seb Is huge even on the interview video
Armchair Racer
Armchair Racer 11 napja
4:14 wrong, Lewis. 5 times in F1
V12 Naturally Aspirated
Please FORMULA 1 upload the lap of Juan Pablo Montoya 1:24.770 on lap 39 (lap record) and fastest lap overall on that circuit, 2005 Turkish Grand Prix, both from the outside and onboard, thank you very much!
Ersan Alkir
Ersan Alkir 11 napja
I’m pretty sure Lewis raced here more than 3 times. He came 2nd in 2006 in GP2 and then 5 more years in F1 until 2011 😉
son 11 napja
F1: We are the Pinnacle of Motorsport Also F1: Let's not put the best circuits on the calendar next year 😐
Frank0221 9 napja
It's not F1, it's the tracks not paying F1 to host an event there.
Real Racing Gamer
Money Talks
Vladimir Ulyanov
Pre-weekend interviews
Astro Turf
Astro Turf 11 napja
millions of dollars at their disposal and they cannot make a face mask that stays in place .................................
EddySamba 11 napja
Lando « a little bit » Norris
tempest 11 napja
adam gibi adam valtteri bottas gerisi yalan
Aidin B
Aidin B 11 napja
Esteban: Yeah the Crash with Vettel and Webber Seb: Yeah it's been a while...
tempest 11 napja
abi adamsınız
J Ps.
J Ps. 11 napja
forteferstTRacuolCiDidismoRning..... cheers Anto, you deserve another year of this
Luke 11 napja
They can design a 10 000 000$ car but a face mask ? ... nah
Emre ÖZDEMİR 11 napja
Hamilton is always intimated. He's a great figure for F1. I'm saying this as a Turkish F1 fan now but wherever he goes he always act warm-blooded to keep excitement high. I'm sure we'll see him as 8 time world champion. But I want him to be in this competition to keep others drivers alert all the time even after his 8th championship. After all his achievements he still looks so humble. It's his difference. Btw. I'm a fan of Max✌🏻
Saira Yassar
Saira Yassar 11 napja
He is not confirmed
Overhaul 11 napja
Imagine telling Bottas in his 2011 F3 career that he'd be challenging the 2008 f1 wdc for the 2020 F1 title... Ah what a horrific lie that would be
BarceGT 11 napja
Had us in the first half ngl 😂😂
punch 11 napja
Lewis first time in Istanbul with Mercedes Sebastian first time in Istanbul with Ferrari Kimi first time in Istanbul with Alfa Romeo
Yakeen 11 napja
Pierre seems much more calmer, wise and mature now
Jean Jim
Jean Jim 11 napja
Lance “Uh” Stroll
royal Indian mapper
@Nnemi Eime "i am capable of crashing and put pressure on perez"
Nnemi Eime
Nnemi Eime 11 napja
Lance "I know what i'm capable of" Stroll
BaasB 2
BaasB 2 11 napja
All this innovation at f1 but they cant seem to invent something that keeps the facemasks on the face of the drivers 🥴
Catbird 11 napja
I find it funny how it cuts from Ocon talking about Vettel and Webber crashing to Vettel himself
Orkun Geçer
Orkun Geçer 11 napja
Everyone seems liked this track. Im so glad as a Turkish fan :)
Orkun Geçer
Orkun Geçer 10 napja
@Anurag Dutta yeah thanks :)
Atlas Deniz
Atlas Deniz 10 napja
Kanka kaçta turk şeysi
Peter Porker Esq.
@Anurag Dutta It's "it's."
Anurag Dutta
Anurag Dutta 11 napja
Its everyone seems to have liked this track. Grammar check
Steven Samuel
Steven Samuel 11 napja
Turkish fans are some of the most passionate. It's a shame they don't have a race every year
izel ege
izel ege 10 napja
Finally some people understand us!! Thank you 🙏🏻
Emir Halıcı
Emir Halıcı 10 napja
@vincenzo cherubini its even cheaper now. Turkish Lira has been on a big dive for the past years. You could literally come with 5 grand of europian money and spend some of it, spend a week here and then your money would be the same as it was at the first place in lira. Turkish GP would drastically attract tourists to Turkey if covid19 didn't exist.
Sami Demirci
Sami Demirci 10 napja
@Hard Margin All tickets sold out in this race.İntercity announced it from its official instagram page but after that,Fia or government i don't know,one of them is decided to race without spectators.
vincenzo cherubini
And possibly the cheapest. Came here to watch 2 races when it was on the calendar. Even with flight & hotel cheaper than European GP's. Put it back on the calendar!
-MuKeO- 10 napja
Steven mate, you understand us...
ismet can Beller
Turkish GP never give up !
Vogel Taga
Vogel Taga 11 napja
Hamilton nailed Bottas in a funny way 😆
JanDH_87 11 napja
Turn 8 is going to be insane!
M_42emir 11 napja
Welcome To Our Country 🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🏎️🏎️🏎️
Oğuz Çalıkoğlu
🇹🇷Well come 🏎
Moda Tasarımcısı
Kvyat: Yes F1: Okay thats enough
Pedro Brito
Pedro Brito 10 napja
They cut him off... :(
Selcuk Aydogan
Selcuk Aydogan 11 napja
Most of the drivers say "It's one of the greatest circuit", but last race was in 2011. That's interesting 🤔🤔
Alex Rt
Alex Rt 11 napja
I am getting used to this ad for turky
Sean Mather
Sean Mather 11 napja
Someone give poor Sergio a car to drive, he shouldn’t be driving a couch!
Gerardo B
Gerardo B 11 napja
If he starts P11 with the right tyre, he might put that couch on the podium! No seriously, it's clear this year we all feel bad about his situation, let's hope there's more Checo in F1 next year.
Rubianoose 288
Rubianoose 288 11 napja
Great video
please let drivers use normal face masks, like riccardo's, cause the cool looking ones are always falling
David St-Pierre The Lefties
Albon already finding excuses xD
Ethan Hawkins
Ethan Hawkins 11 napja
you can see that lewis has been more relaxed for the last few races and it allows you to see more of his funny side
Barış Kılıççalan
Sebastian vettel looks like a hero in turkey
Zhang David
Zhang David 11 napja
Funny how after Ocon said Vettel's crash, vettel showed up
Kristjan Bahun
Kristjan Bahun 11 napja
Valtteri probs had a chat with Romain before this... mega possible
Praveen Sharma
Praveen Sharma 11 napja
Hamilton X Grosjean = Hamiljean
Praveen Sharma
Praveen Sharma 11 napja
Lando the dude
Rexhinald Hazizaj
just put turkey on the calendar already !
Batuhan Can
Batuhan Can 11 napja
Hannibal's GTRacingProject
they are spendin hundrets of millions into a car and can't afford 15 Bucks for a fitting mask. Amazing.
Maverick Dmajor
Maverick Dmajor 11 napja
It's gutting to hear Checo's response
Stephen Taylor
Stephen Taylor 11 napja
If it was up to me the 2021 calendar would start on March 13th and finish on December 5th and look like this 1 Austrailia 2 Aragon 3 Estoril 4 Mugello 5 Nurburgring 6 Magny Cours 7 Monaco 8 Montreal 9 Indianapolis ( Road Course) 10 Red Bull Ring 11 Hockenheim 12 Silverstone 13 Hungaroring 14 Spa 15 Monza 16 Zandvoort 17 Paul Ricard 18 Catalunya 19 Suzuka 20 COTA 21 Imola 22 Portimao 23 Jerez 24 Ricardo Tormo - Valencia
Muhammed Duran Sacid Koza
only istanbul grand prix loeple are saying welcome you see turkish flags what a country we have amazing😂
Relax Music
Relax Music 11 napja
giovinazzi needs a better mask it literally never fails to slide down
Redward 11 napja
Ah,that was a nice giggle with Lewis :D
Batuhan Demir
Batuhan Demir 11 napja
Please just add this circuit to the next years calendar
Ozgur Oksuz
Ozgur Oksuz 11 napja
Sürücülere başarılar diliyorum.
Sambit Ranjan
Sambit Ranjan 11 napja
Hope Checo can get a sit in Red Bull which is most unlikely to happen but if it happens, Mercedes will get another one to give Pain in their A$$ after Max.
tacitus 11 napja
Hoping Hulk will get a seat at RB
Csanád Kardos
Csanád Kardos 11 napja
It’s not unlikely, it’s the most likely, at least more likely than sticking with Albon
Eri Asaf Mejia
Eri Asaf Mejia 11 napja
Because RedBull tends to pick up young drivers from RedBull academy, I hope they pick up checo but who knows.
Siddhartha Nath
Siddhartha Nath 11 napja
Why most unlikely to happen?
Adham El Attar
Adham El Attar 11 napja
Grosjean And Checo Are so sad
Yizhou (Jerry) Hao
checo makes me feel so so sad :(
royal Indian mapper
Me too. He is on form and is kicked Red bull see orgin
Jake F1 Ferrari McLaren MB
I’m just preparing for the ocon alonso 2021 battle 😍😍 there’s gonna be so many crashes between them 2
muhammed korkmaz
waiting for the race will have been competitive. love to Istanbul
Yusuf seven
Yusuf seven 11 napja
Hope ferrari gets a podium
Sylvester Staline
Please stop blocking users who use a VPN
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