2020 Turkish Grand Prix: Race Highlights 

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A shock polesitter. Unpredictable conditions. And one man on the edge of securing a historic seventh world title. After a nine-year wait, Turkey delivered a classic race!
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Veegy 6 perccel
Bruh why would FORMULA 1 make this a ad 😂
Christopher Bland
Who is Richard Mille or what did he do his name is on the cars
Claudio Bisio
Claudio Bisio 8 órája
Beautiful words by Hamilton and what a driver, legend
Bora Sefer
Bora Sefer 11 órája
lewis hamilton is the greatest of all time. it's that simple.
Alper Kutluca
Alper Kutluca 11 órája
Lewis hamiltona boydan gireyim
ToFu 11 órája
Grand Prix: has rain S🅱️inotto: I can s🅱️in you
Anshul Jain
Anshul Jain 12 órája
Best race of the year
Anshul Jain
Anshul Jain 23 perccel
@mikin lirou yeah totally agreed
mikin lirou
mikin lirou 8 órája
This race is dedicated to all those who say Lewis' achievements are only because of a superior car!
Frahman 12 órája
Why does everyone think it’s always sabotage when seb gets a slow pit stop. As if a team WANTS their driver to do bad (I get the people joking about this but some are serious)
mikin lirou
mikin lirou 8 órája
am i the only one who finds it hilarious this is an ad
Echo Legend
Echo Legend 13 órája
Car: speed matter! Turkey: Hold my s🅱️ins
SEBA - Sami Eğlence Bilişim Ağı
I am Turk and I am very satisfied with this Grand Prix. You came to us after 9 years.
The Joe L.C
The Joe L.C 16 órája
Yanuar Yustie
Yanuar Yustie 19 órája
Sebastian vettel back on the podium, really happy
Grand Prix YT
Grand Prix YT 20 órája
I SWEAR EVERY F1 related video starts off with max and his puma shoes ffs
ToFu 11 órája
And now Ham too Ffs
RIZ GAMING 22 órája
I see the race like a fast and forious tokyo drift😂
Diego Balam Balam
Diego Balam Balam 23 órája
Buen año para ti Pérez
Stimulated Stats
Amazing Turkish Grand Prix
Haris Khursheed
vettel vettel vettel
Lazer Shark Productions
When this race was on my exams were the next day. I deliberately stayed up late at night to watch this race. I sacrificed my grades for F1. :)
Shimeih Napja
That edit at 6:15 🙌🏽. It's great. Putting his best moments on the helmet visor 🙌🏽wow. I just noticed it today. Great editing team at F1. Also Angela celebrating and how Lewis runs to hug her in celebration is so so wholesome. Love that woman.
Thinking Human
How Hamilton swerved to celebrate with the team brought tears to my eyes. Mercedes invested right. What a team. This is a very high point in humanity.
Luis E Gomez
Por que pusieron al revés los escaños del podio? normalmente era E 2 1 3 y en esta ocacion E 3 1 2 por eso el error de las banderas de Pérez y Vettel
Allen Playz
am i the only one who finds it hilarious this is an ad
Shimeih Napja
It's an ad?😂
Ask to seduce Miss
This race is dedicated to all those who say Lewis' achievements are only because of a superior car!
Shimeih Napja
To those who say so, watch his F3 and F2 campaigns. Then after that they should watch his F1 rookie season in 2007. Same car but he beat the 2 time defending champion who I believe is one of the best drivers our generation has seen. 9 podiums (including a win) in the first 9 races for a rookie is unprecedented. The pressure is immense
Come To My Gaming Channel
How Hamilton won this is out of this world.
Duc4life Napja
One of the best tracks in the world. HAS to stay on the F1 calender.
Enes Napja
It was the best race of this year
Ask to seduce Miss
Excuse me, why are you shouting ??
zakekaGe Napja
Drs ruined the race, but it nice to see seb on podium
Euan Legge
Euan Legge Napja
Lap 33: Hamilton sits in the top 6, probably not even in contention for a podium. Chequered flag: Wins race with a 30 second gap to 2nd, taking his 7th title. On a track where the field was much closer than before, it really shows how far ahead of everyone else he is. Verstappen should've won this but cracked under pressure. I would not call Hamilton the Goat simply because you can't compare drivers across decades, but he's to be the closest to perfection as we're ever gonna see.
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Randy Martin
Randy Martin 2 napja
kids to dream the impossible Ha! Give a kid a fast car!!
Randy Martin
Randy Martin 2 napja
get rid of DRS its a joke......
DavidEmanuel Garcia
mikin lirou
mikin lirou 2 napja
Sergio "tyre management" Pérez. congrats.
Mr Bungle
Mr Bungle 2 napja
What a season, definitely the best or one of the best races in this season, Monza,Mugello,Turkey,Austria top 4
Recep Buyukyilmaz
Arda :D
Arda :D 2 napja
ne kadar bok gibi desende kazandın demi hamilton
Osman Yaman
Osman Yaman 2 napja
Piste kim yag döktü soylesin 😂😂
mikin lirou
mikin lirou 2 napja
Nice Greek asphalt.
MonacoPoker 2 napja
As Drake said "started from the bottom now he is here".
Trabzon 61
Trabzon 61 2 napja
Back to Turkish Gp
Ayub M
Ayub M 2 napja
Excuse me, why are you shouting ??
Ling Yap
Ling Yap 2 napja
You mean the commenter?If that is what you mean it is sought of what he does when something interesting is happening
Salih Ercüment
F1 2021 İstanbul Park Türkiye 😇
Eren İnan
Eren İnan 2 napja
the three drivers on the podium had previous experiences in istanbul park
Gautham Shanbhogue
This race is dedicated to all those who say Lewis' achievements are only because of a superior car!
Lanceloth h
Lanceloth h 2 napja
Please F1 back in Türkey
R SM 3 napja
Turkey and Portugal deserves to be in the calendar!
Geometrix Dx
Geometrix Dx 3 napja
What gets everyone triggered is Lewis saying he’s not even done yet in F1 lol.
Joanna 3 napja
The Turkish Grand Prix showed people the following truth, that is the truth of the racers' abilities, not the cars.
Juan Manuel Sañudo
Why this doesn't have any subtitles?? At least in English!
Ling Yap
Ling Yap 2 napja
Why would you need it?
mneilan123456 3 napja
Not the biggest fan of f1 - only really getting into it this year due to the Netflix series and I decided to get the f1 game too. I only watch the highlights on HUrun btw. But Hamilton is a massive role model for kids and is amazing
TH CrOFu 3 napja
4:27 I don't know why but I like that frame
Joanna 3 napja
Can't stop waching lol
Pacifist Gaming
Nice Greek asphalt.
ljt95 3 napja
Verstappen showing again that he a rash driver.
Andrew Cartwright
These types of races as really tricky as they are show the best drivers and skills and yet again Lewis leaves them all standing in the wet. A true champions drive from Lewis!!!! The greatest F1 driver of all time Lewis is in my opinion!!!! Verstappen poor performance with only himself to blame and has a lot to learn!!!!
Hethaa T
Hethaa T 3 napja
That was intense Mr LH 😳
Jesus Manuel Morel
Hamilton perez and vettel excellent race 🏁👏👏👏👍
armando santamaria
Una buena carrera, la pesadilla fuel la lluvia... Felicidades perez... orgullo latino
peter james Njoroge
👏👏👏👏👏congratulations to lewis hamilton
mert cevik
mert cevik 3 napja
David Gretlein
Hamilton is no where the greatest of all time. Anyone of the active drivers can drive the 44 car and win. Retire now Hamilton ..... Sky F1 needs real experts, not drivers (former drivers at that), aero-experts to analyze and comment on the aero differences that are obviously shown on the bodywork.
Surfex P
Surfex P 3 napja
Please send this "expert" comment of yours to Bottas. Clearly, you need to stop watching F1. This sport is definitely not for you, bro. 😂
Peter Johnston
SADLY, an average driver has won his 7th world championship - not because of his skill (which, like I said, is average at best), but because of an unbeatable car, and blind luck. Time for Lewis Hamilton to take his political message somewhere else. He and Mercedes have singlehandedly ruined F1.
Mustafa Kalafat
Montoya's name will be on top at least for one more year there.
Dominic Downs
Dominic Downs 3 napja
Congrats merc and Hamilton. Hopefully red bull Choose a better second driver for next year and hopefully Max and his teammate can fight for constructors and championship.
Samuli 3 napja
Painful to watch, that Bottas' race is ruined first round. Thanks Hamilton
Timo Schneider
Great achievement for Lewis, just a shame he's a first class bell end
Zayn Iman
Zayn Iman 4 napja
Can't stop waching lol
Phantom 4 napja
Love the Narration
teo teo
teo teo 4 napja
Esta f1 es una porquería ese protector se ve muy feo y le quitaron el apasionante sonido del motor la f1 del 2000 hasta 2010 fue la mejor se cagaron la f1...
Adem Sekman
Adem Sekman 4 napja
Canım Ülkem, Ülkemin Taşına Topragına Kurban 🇹🇷🇹🇷
opzz xsin
opzz xsin 4 napja
Max: why no DRS? many seconds later Max (thinking inside his head after that spin): why we want DRS?
Bryan119 4 napja
Give Lewis a different car from a different team see who wins lol it ain’t about the driver in F1 it’s all about the team .
EasteRoCK 4 napja
i'm very excited for the race 🏎️🏎️
Türk 4 napja
real race real pilot real pist
opzz xsin
opzz xsin 4 napja
Kıvanç Onat Alim
Lewis Hamilton: I don't know why, but they paved the ground again. Millions were spent for this. It is impossible to control the car in wet places. This is a great track… I am aware that there has not been a race here in a long time, but instead of spending millions on new asphalt, it just might have been enough to clean it. AFTER Lewis Hamilton is the champion of the Turkish Grand Prix.
pina colada
pina colada 4 napja
4.7 milyon oldu. Helal be
Hacı Can Coşkun
This race said "welcome to turkey" 😁😁😁
Jason Kruse
Jason Kruse 4 napja
When are we going to see a race with Mercedes dominance. We need some chance. Variables. And a more competitive races.
Sergio I
Sergio I 4 napja
Checo is the most underrated driver on the grid
Elber Galarga
Elber Galarga 2 napja
Aashwath Chowta how is Carlos underrated though? He wouldn’t have gotten a Ferrari seat if he was. But I agree he drives beautifully!
Aashwath Chowta
I'd probably give that moniker to Carlos Sainz. The man drives beautifully
Kevin Ratano
Kevin Ratano 4 napja
Congratulation Lewis Hamilton Your Got 🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆 7th world title
Svl Svl
Svl Svl 4 napja
Turkish best
Trabzon 61
Trabzon 61 4 napja
Best race
Feyza Tarık
Feyza Tarık 4 napja
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MR. Ege
MR. Ege 4 napja
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ABONE 1 4 napja
Kardeşlerim beğeninde yabancılar anlamayınca çatlasin
Ahmet Gursoy
Ahmet Gursoy 4 napja
Gereksiz insan
can uzun
can uzun 4 napja
why this man yelling so loudly
gguktaeis 4 napja
Ami 4 napja
ハミルトンが好きだけど、このレースはボッタスの精神力というかそういうのがすごいなと思った 自分だったら1周目の1コーナーのクラッシュというかスピンで「もうやだ」って言ってやめてハンドル投げてる気がするから。 0:14 勿論、ハミルトンもチャンピオンかかってる中で優勝したのはすごいし感動した。 6:16
Steve Jones
Steve Jones 4 napja
Didn't expect Hamilton to win
Yiğit Kayılı
cars are more important than drivership.
Abhishek Mewar
If that's not dominance,I don't what else is!
Redbaron9495 4 napja
Formula Mercedes...no longer Formula 1. It's been a 2-car world championship for the last 6 years.....with the rest making up the numbers on the grid.
Dimitris Boros
A fiat holding a rocket for many laps just seb thinks
Charming nowhere to hide
Word of the race: "Spins around"
Pata Küte Bam Bam
Turkey Amazing Contry ,İstanbul İ Lowe You
Fiyat Performans
Turkey grandprix the best in world
Fiberop 5 napja
Hamilton is such a tool.
Charming nowhere to hide
Noticed that many things changed after the DRS decision.
rogerio maria
rogerio maria 5 napja
7 times a legend ✊🏿✊🏿
Khaleel Ulla khan
Talent every one has in this world but yeah to achieve in becoming a sports you gotta have money as well....it's like most of the dreams gets shattered due to financial crisis like for example to compete in formula one you gotta pay for you seat In it like and lots of sponsors and yeah it's first time your entering in f1 grid as a rookie you need to pay around 10 million dollars for a seat.....it's the reality... Talent and hardwork only doesn't matter there should be equally money as well to become a sports man....I hope you got that Lewis....
Alex Galvis
Alex Galvis 5 napja
Crashtappen doit again , jaja
Irving Vazquez
The experience podium
김종철 5 napja
Hello I want to extened highlights Thank you
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