2020 Turkish Grand Prix: Turkish Commentator Goes Wild For Hamilton's Seventh Title Win! 

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Turn up the volume as S Sport commentator Serhan Acar calls home Lewis Hamilton's title-clinching moment in Istanbul... excitement levels = maximum!
Footage courtesy of S Sport
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Ilyas Kurt
Ilyas Kurt 16 órája
Kral'ın sesiyle yayınlamışlar,Serhan Acar 👏👏👏
m2 kütleli cisim
m2 kütleli cisim 22 órája
He's like headmaster of Turkish F1 community. Bring back Turkish GP pls.
Stimulated Stats
Amazing Turkish Grand Prix
Walter Smith
@formula1 please subtitle this
Luis Colón
Erdem Özdemir
oo serhan abi
Sabih Bağcı
Dooku17 Napja
Serhan Acar the GOAT
Akatoruko 2 napja
Murat Ceylan
Murat Ceylan 2 napja
He is not just a commentator, at the age of 26, Serhan Acar was the assisstant of Race Director Charlie Whiting at first F1 Turkey Grand Prix in 2005. His superhuman efforts made Turkey Grand Prix one of the most successful races in the F1 calendar for 7 consecutive season. When it was announced that as per the changes in F1 calendar due to the pandemic Turkey Grand Prix would return after 9 years, it was less then 3 months until the race and Turkish Motor Sports Federation just knew the GO-TO PERSON. Although he is the best F1 commentator of the country and a true lover of this sport, because of his responsibilities in the organisation, he never had the chance to broadcast Tutkey GP before during the initial 7 years. In his own words: "This time I had to do it, my one and maybe only chance to broadcast Turkey GP. A little boy's dream come true". That's why he was quite nervous through out the whole race hoping everything will run smoothly "behind the stage", while at the same time he was making the show much more entertaining for the Turkish audience with his commentator skills. Thanks a lot Serhan Acar.
Selim çilibaş
Serhan acar
dataBus 2 napja
Serhan Acar is a legend!
Krusty 4 napja
he counted from 50s before that
skr svs
skr svs 4 napja
Turkey race deserves to be there at least as much as any other ones. Thats just sad it won't make it
Camilo Almendra
It will be great to provide English subtitles for this. I also suggest checking out the final lap narration of Kleber Machado (Globo/Brazil), a true masterpiece.
Hakan Yurtlu
Hakan Yurtlu 3 napja
@Camilo Almendra FULL TRANSLATION: '93-94 and 95 legendary Michael Schumacher, '96 Hill 97 Villeneuve , '98 and 99 Mika Hakkinen. By the way Hamilton is going to back straight just now! Micheal Schumacher era starts from 2000 to 2004, back to back five championship. Alonso wins 2005 and 2006. Kimi, the last championship of Ferrari, wins 2007 . 2008 is the first title of Hamilton. Jenson Button wins 2009. Sebastian Vettel wins 2010-11-12 and 13. Mercedes was unrivalled in Turbo Hybrid era. Lewis Hamilton won in 2014-15. Nico Rosberg defeated Lewis in 2016. 2017-2018-2019 and 2020 and in Istanbul, in TURKISH GP Lewis Hamilton wins!!! HAMILTON IS WORLD CHAMPIOOONNN!!! HAMIILTON IS WINNING IN ISTANBUL. HE LEAVES TURKEY WITH A VICTORY!!! Statistically, Lewis Hamilton becomes the best driver in the history. We're witnessing a historical moment in Istanbul and Istanbul Park. In the mean time CHARLES LECLERC!!! Charles Leclerc is about to pass Perez in back straight, Perez reclaimed his place back!!! An Unbelievable battle is here at the very last moments!!! Excitement storm lasted from start to end in Istanbul!!! Peres is still P2, respectively, Vettel and Leclerc is P3 and P4, ranking situation is changed. Perez becomes P2, Vettel takes podium. SEBASTIAN VETTEL is catching podium in last lap!!! Vettel is on podium dear spectators. A magnificent race. Sebastian Vettel caught first podium of the season in last lap and defeated Charles Leclerc. Vettel is third, Leclerc is fourth, Sains is in fifth place right now. Verstappen, Albon and Norris ranking in back. Let's watch how Sergio Perez is making mistake here in last lap. Charles Leclerc went on front at back straight and they came along together with Perez. Things completely went crazy in last three turn. Leclerc is coming with DRS on from back, Perez is on out and that locking up in tyres made Leclerc to lose the podium. Sergio Perez is the name of who goes in and following Vettel punished his teammate's fault dear spectators. Perez and Vettel catch their first podium in this season. Hamilton won and took the world championship. Thing that we were waiting for months is happened in Turkish GP. Hamilton is having 7th World Championship in Istanbul and Turkey, dear spectators.
müzik diyarı - music land
yes he is the best commentator in f1.Its pitty that u don t understand Turkish language. He knows very much about this game.I loved this sport because of him from 1998
mark hughes
mark hughes 4 napja
Liked the tilt towards the team at the line....
Onkar Indurkar
You guys should atleast put English subtitles if you are putting such an interesting video in other languages tha; English. Atleast that much work you guys should do.
mandla hlambelo
i cant hear what he's saying but it sounds beautiful
Rodrigo Gonzalez
Great commentator chronic, with feeling in a period when feeling isn' t really there. Sorry.
Okan Yavuzaslan
Tamer Ucar
Tamer Ucar 5 napja
Actually he was counting all F1 drivers since first champion to the last. But video is starting 93 champion.. I was searching for this video. It was so exciting..
Jovan P
Jovan P 5 napja
The commentator went wild! Always nice to see that passion and excitement! That's how you do you job! 🙌👏😎
no name
no name 5 napja
This speaker is Serhan Acar. Vaow
Ke Er
Ke Er 5 napja
The Turkish Grand Prix showed people the following truth, that is the truth of the racers' abilities, not the cars.
Sinan ÇINAR 5 napja
We missed you too much F1
Gültekin Vural
Bizimki niye kiçini yirtiyorsa,sanki babasinin oglu
u1b2 5 napja
zoom out! can't appreciate the speed of these cars with these ridiculous zoom where for half the race im counting carbon fiber strands on the side of the cars.
Ulisa777 5 napja
Nikki Minaj ?....I’m so confused 🙃
Ahmet gül
Ahmet gül 5 napja
F1 Legends Rankings In Turkey: 1)Serhan Acar ...
Oğuz Yıldız
Oğuz Yıldız 13 órája
Rankings 1. Serhan Acar 9,1 / 10 2. Okay Karacan 9,0 / 10 3. Others puan 6,3 / 10
Omer Sarı
Omer Sarı 5 napja
TurkishGP 2021
ferhat baygara
Serhan Acar abim o kadar mükemmel anlatıyor ve olayı biliyor ki şu f1 olayını 2 3 e katlıyor.
Gürkan Kurt
Gürkan Kurt 5 napja
His name is Serhan Acar go Serhan abi goooooooo :)
Arda Birsel
Arda Birsel 5 napja
Serhan acar beeee
Il Capitano Alexandr
That's a proper commentator
batuhan şahin
Serhan Acar the boss
ÖMER ZEREN 5 napja
F1 to get the turkey in istanbul 🏁🇹🇷🏎🙏🏻
Scuderia Furrari
Gp Monza 2020 France TV = 🔝
Brojaxs 123
Brojaxs 123 5 napja
You see Sercan Acar.
Badauce 5 napja
Even if I didnt understand anything at all, i had goosebumps!
Wynnter. 5 napja
There are lots of people that can't stand his commentary too like me because he presents the races as if it is a football match or horse racing a lot of screaming and unnecessary comments. It's really annoying tbh. Like can you just shut up I don't have to listen you screaming the info that I already know. I guess his commentary appeals to the new f1 fans or the people that don't know much about f1 and get bored easily but want to watch. I prefer Crofty even he makes lots of mistakes.
Abhishek Kumar
Divided by language United by Hamilton
gokce guzel
gokce guzel 5 napja
serhan acar
Süleyman Ali Şahin
Yürü be Serhan abiii
at least put subs..?
Selçuk Topel
Selçuk Topel 5 napja
Serhan acar
Siteus1 5 napja
Its amazing how slow the camerawork makes the cars look
Kazi Samir
Kazi Samir 5 napja
Give the man some water
Umonunki 5 napja
Commentator name is Serhan Acar he is absolute a formula one lover and most known voice in Turkey. Next year Turkey has to be on the race calendar come on FİA
subtitles would be nice. someone get this man a spot on sky sports. we need more of his energy
Deniz Fidan
Deniz Fidan 5 napja
Serhan Acar. He is not only commentador. He is also someone who made great efforts in Turkey to F1.
Yusuf işler
Yusuf işler 5 napja
Olm serhan reyiz be kulakların çınlasın
mstrbkr 5 napja
Get this man on sky to replace Croft and his dad jokes please.
the passion is unreal
this is what we need in english commentary
Erdem msume
Erdem msume 5 napja
serhan ACAR BEST ithhink R E S P E C T
Erdem msume
Erdem msume 5 napja
best gb Turkish Grand Prix
AsafKaan Sahin
It is S Sport Plus I love S+
Yiğithan Köseoğlu
Serhan Acar effect
Çınar Alioğlu
gelecek74100 6 napja
Serhan ACAR
gelecek74100 6 napja
Kabul edelim adam Dünyanın en iyi formula 1 anlatıcısı ve bu abimi her sene İstanbul'da formula 1 anlatması güzel olacak.
Tonic Shondlani
Prasad Kalgutkar
Now that's what I called commentary
matt lew
matt lew 6 napja
It's like a Turkish version of Stephen A Smith 😂😂
Mehmet çulha
Mehmet çulha 6 napja
Put Turkish Gp on calendar!
Steven Samuel
Steven Samuel 6 napja
Looking back, it looks like DRS actually took away the podium from Charles. He was carrying too much momentum into that corner. Also respect to Serhan!
m şen
m şen 6 napja
Serhan Acar bir numara gerçekten. Yarışı hem yaşıyor, hemde yaşatıyor ...
Effect Phoenix
And 6 napja
숨막혀요 ㅋㅋ 🤣
Ted Fieri
Ted Fieri 6 napja
Sometimes I wish English commentators would show this level of enthusiasm
Berkay Günenç
He counted every victory Lewis has when he was winning in Portugal he counted every teams that won constructor championship in imola and then this happened
Mr Macky
Mr Macky 6 napja
I didn’t know Crofty spoke Turkish!, get in there lad.
tristany tatauxa
i really love how 2 tracks that were not supposed to be in the calendar and probably won't come back will stay in history forever (Portimao 71st win and now Turkey)
I Own YOU!
I Own YOU! 6 napja
Seems like everybody else has got a great commentator....... while I've got to settle for the likes of Crofty 🙁😐😥😕😒
wigs887 6 napja
Wow! That’s how it’s done.
Serhan Acar is a Legend!!! Greetings from Türkiye...2021...waiting for you...come to Türkiye
Gábor Miklay
Gábor Miklay 6 napja
This track and Portimao should stay on the calendar. Has delicate details for a challenging race.
onuR eRgün
onuR eRgün 6 napja
Serhan ACAR🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷
Sarp Öncü
Sarp Öncü 6 napja
Quick To Reason
and people say lebron and Mj are the greatest - ok...................
Ahmet Dalıcı
Thank you Serhan Acar :)
Fatih Aydın
Fatih Aydın 6 napja
KİNG Serhan Acar
Odojman 6 napja
Serhan Acar abim be
Turgay Karagoz
Serhan Acar is an electric-electronic engineer.He Love to his job.
SelçukMilne 6 napja
Serhan Acar 🤙🤙
Semet Kilinc
Semet Kilinc 6 napja
Ses gitmiş... bogaz şişmiştir
Santi Sicardi
Santi Sicardi 6 napja
jajajajajja give us subtitles
i hope codemasters see that for the new game..and f1 for the new season...TURKEY lOVE F1
Dror Cohen
Dror Cohen 6 napja
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
So i understand
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
Im turk
Ali Karatekin
Ali Karatekin 6 napja
he is a king. he really tells by living. Turkey we were watching the races with his excitement and new information we are more passionate. you are awesome Serhan abi 😌🥰
Ömer Kendirci
Serhan Acar yine muhteşem anlatıyor
Emre Yamangil
Emre Yamangil 6 napja
I love this dude :)
Soner Altun
Soner Altun 6 napja
this is not the full version. he started to count from 60s
Gábor Miklay
Gábor Miklay 6 napja
Never thought Turkish people are this big fan of F1. Actually only 1 now, but if he's this excited then I think the ones who watched the TV are close, although in terms of excitment only, cause it was a closed event with close racing. 👍 Yeah, well phrased. 😀
Alex Lamas
Alex Lamas 6 napja
It would great to see Hamiltons Turkish win in other languages.
Alex Lamas
Alex Lamas 6 napja
Bring back the Turkish GP!!! Permanently!
seVbo57 6 napja
Just imagine what would happen if this man comments a golf tournament 😂
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