2020 Turkish Grand Prix: Weekend Warm-Up 

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Will Buxton and Lawrence Barretto discuss the major talking points in the F1 paddock ahead of round 14 of the 2020 world championship.
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Sarthak Jethi
Sarthak Jethi 6 napja
Will predicted seb's podium
Luko_44 6 napja
20:32 - Well done, guys.
Arin Agarwal
Arin Agarwal 6 napja
he called it!!
Glenne 7 napja
what a great prediction it was
MonchoYT 7 napja
i had to watch this again to just say that Will Buxton might as well be a fortune teller when he mentioned Seb being on the podium
Oarabile Mogotsi
Seb on the podium. Will called it 😅
Gage Horobetz
Gage Horobetz 8 napja
He predicted Seb, I can’t believe it
Martin Oskarsson
How did Will call that SEB podium?!?! Mad
Xertoveizer 9 napja
20:36 Will Buxton : "...SEB on the podium , why not , lets do that " I cannot believe this guy called seb getting a podium on the turkish gp
Gaëtan Douyon
20:45 Will Buxton predicting the unpredictable again
4 Dragons
4 Dragons 9 napja
Great pick with Seb can’t believe you were correct. However I am pretty happy now
Rishabh Seth
Rishabh Seth 9 napja
When you realize Will predicted Vettels podium
Sid Ramgolam
Sid Ramgolam 9 napja
20:44 That aged well
SVLEMVER 9 napja
munen F
munen F 10 napja
You can NOT understand a word Lawrence Barrett says. ????? and what does he have on his feet? Dead puppys?
Matthias Borremans
It's really not him, it's you. Most people have no problem undertanding him
DANIEL2400abg 10 napja
Nico hulkenberg should replace Simon roberts for this weekend
ma ta
ma ta 10 napja
Best Track in Formula 1 Race. Turn 8 just fantastic
ja ne is klar
ja ne is klar 10 napja
I saw the thumbnail and thought Borat was interviewing in his grey suit
Jörgen Hallin
Jörgen Hallin 10 napja
Does anyone else have problem to play the clip? On my iPad it online sats”videoklipp isnt avalible”
Keith Mason
Keith Mason 9 napja
Having my VPN on causes this message for me.
motusid 10 napja
Rather dull looking shoes there, Lawrence. What gives?
Cake Doge
Cake Doge 10 napja
weekend might be warm but the track isn't lol
Jack Mundo
Jack Mundo 10 napja
Toto working late into the night. Maybe that’s a clue why Mercedes dominates.
Norton Robey
Norton Robey 10 napja
I love the chemistry between Lawrence and Will, and the banter and respect with everyone in the paddock - awesome content!
Henk Jan van Raikonnen
My compliments for Lawrence his cool outfit and his Adidas. These two guys are the best dressed reporters on the Paddock 9,5 points. Eat your heart out Mr. Kai Ebel😁💪👍
StormShadow 11 napja
Why does no one realise that it was his engineer who thought Ericson hit the car, not Romain himself.
amir qwerty
amir qwerty 11 napja
Again. What are those?!
House Station Live .com
actualy week end warm up is a name of a world famous house music podcast. we used to broadcast it, but we broadcast it on morning, it cames warm up wake up. funny story, huh ? nobody cares ? cool, i wasted 30 seconds of my life writing it.
miguel angel tudela sanhueza
Grande Kimi 🤘7
R K 11 napja
I still think that Max and Sergio at Red Bull would be a formidable team. Both are incredibly talented, driven, and have the ability to bring the absolute last drop of performance out of a car.
Haven Wisner
Haven Wisner 11 napja
Although I hate Stroll. I kinda like Lance Stroll
uysipikachu 11 napja
It's crazy to think that McLaren isn't as resourced as Racing Point and Renault while their road cars are so envied. What a contrast.
soubido 11 napja
I see you Lawrence rocking that adidas Rivalry Hi Chewbacca
Haki Kaki
Haki Kaki 11 napja
I love watching racing on 2 wheels MotoGP and WSBK and this weekend will be the first time in a long time that I will be tuning into 4 wheel racing F1🏁🏎️🇹🇷
TimmiSilver 11 napja
Ferrari wants an italian at alfa romeo. Thus we have Gio.
Glenn Lockett
Glenn Lockett 11 napja
Let me guess Hamilton wins ... boring sport
VenuXMOSS 11 napja
I think one of the top 5 tracks in the world must be more
özgür akıncı
Not the car. Driving skill will be important for this circuit. We will see who is best
A M 11 napja
I like it more when these 2 are together rather than just will
jim smith
jim smith 11 napja
Do Will and Lawrence have the same hairdresser?
Alp Er Tunga
Alp Er Tunga 11 napja
neden acaba sadece bu kanalın videolarını izleyemiyorum..
Got_it Understood
I like Lawrence but everyone in F1 is trying to push Pre-judgement notion drivers should be measured upon their skill alone. Lawrence never fails to mention rich dads whenever he mentions Stroll or Mazepin(guy didnt even come into F1). Biased to Russell Roast some other driver for the same mistakes only reason why we need to watch the raceday and forget about all the nonsense drama
Shane 5
Shane 5 11 napja
1:07 dude you get the best barrels ever dude. Ride the barrel and get pitted so pitted BWAAAH
Paul H
Paul H 11 napja
America brace yourselves. The DumbHaas brothers could be heading your way
James. 11 napja
i like the idea of leaving rober in F2 to light them up.. feel bad for the rest of the kids. but if illot stays down a year as well, they could make for some killer racing... f2 could be really exciting to watch next year
TLK-Murgh07 11 napja
i love that will said hey george and lawrence was like see ya later george
João Tomé
João Tomé 11 napja
17:10 Angela Cullen, Hamilton's fisio
Emmanuel Goussot
the guy gets paid and does not know where he is at. I cam do a bettee job
.a 11 napja
Thank you!
Herman Whitaker
Herman Whitaker 11 napja
18:06 "He is a star of now my friend, He's a star of now..." so true
Sujeeth Narra
Sujeeth Narra 11 napja
Is the racing point front jackman alright? That was poor form from Lance hitting his teammate and first thing out of his mouth about cold brakes.
Ben Wetherill
Ben Wetherill 11 napja
Imagining explaining to Gunther that you missed your flight by 15 minutes - prepare to be ripped a new one.
Kris A
Kris A 11 napja
F1 has become 'woke', populated by too many liberal, lily-livered drips; in and out of the cars.
VGinside 11 napja
Dont shoot video in dark with guy in right... Cant see him :DD
Kane 11 napja
"See you later George!" "OooooOooooOooh friendddd. Racingggg friendddd"
Vasisht Vasudevan
Is this that Vardy and Schmeichel reference? Lol. Nice one
mtgPlayer 11 napja
George going home was funny :D
BList 11 napja
No fp1 highlights
Ave Jaly
Ave Jaly 11 napja
ALPHA TAURI is on fire. My sleeper pick!
J R 11 napja
Sorry guys I cannot resist nor hold myself. The comments are like watching paint dry, but!!! One of this two blocks kicked a cat or dog to death, then made shoes for the cold Turkish weather.....Now!!! the paint is dry and I am ready for the race..
Durka Durk
Durka Durk 11 napja
Can’t take you serious if you wear shoes like the token who’s only here for “equality”
gaurav gupta
gaurav gupta 11 napja
F1 should pull out from turkey , as there policies support terror spreading religion and institutions
Hassan Miah
Hassan Miah 11 napja
One of the presenters is boring, I'll let you guess who.
Ayush Dwivedi
Ayush Dwivedi 11 napja
Seb on the podium😍😍😍😍
Rubenn Cops
Rubenn Cops 11 napja
Will is such an energetic guy. He legit makes me excited for the weekend
Mark Wideberg
Mark Wideberg 11 napja
Yep. These reports add *so* much value to the whole weekend. Love them.
Praveen Konda
Praveen Konda 11 napja
We know who that team is Lawrence
WANO - No Copyright Music
Lawrence brings so much swag to f1, Like do yall the see SCOTTS, Underrated man.
Ste J
Ste J 11 napja
lawrence.... stop looking at the camera .... its strange!
George Thomas
George Thomas 11 napja
Why are you in the DARK????? Williams and George Russel are so close and should get points in the next few races. Racing Point did not help Perez and never really have. Stroll will need to get his head together, does not seem strong enough for F1 Renault did not handle the split well, Ricciardo did. McLaren will be BEST OF THE REST -- They have two drivers who can make the car work and the car does perform well given half a chance. They will only do better with a Mercedes engine. Alpha Tauri have worked hard to be were they are and both their drivers make the best of the chances they get. But they will need both drivers to hold back the teams above them. That has not happened yet. RED BULL -- ALBON is the best that they have and better than others in the field. Putting money on him may cost but ultimately when he wins and gets podiums they (RED BULL) will be lauding their decision to keep him. AGREE HAMILTON IS ALMOST CERTAIN TO WIN THE DRIVERS CHAMPIONSHIP THIS YEAR .... and he will win another race this year
Nusret y.
Nusret y. 11 napja
bizi seçtiğiniz için teşekkür ederiz.
Michael Harrison
I can’t believe F1 will lose Perez, it’s a real shame someone of his talent might be gone..
Ave Jaly
Ave Jaly 11 napja
The Empress Palace
I could watch will and Laurence over and over again! They just get on so well!
Josh Kirkby
Josh Kirkby 11 napja
If seb gets a podium I’ll shave my head
Sergio Sierra
Sergio Sierra 12 napja
Please Red Bull, pick up Perez for next year, you will not be disappointed!!!
kaepria 12 napja
These masks are necessary to show people that there is a pandemic but no stacked bodis and last years deathcount is higher than this current year. peasants
kaepria 12 napja
Mandatory cognitive dissonance
woody Vallallellalunga
Lets hear how many pro`s use the unprofessional word "erm" or "er" in a sentence.
DemiQuad FPV
DemiQuad FPV 12 napja
Hamilton 2006 was a great drive to 2nd, 1 driver put up a decent fight that day... Is that Glock!
wildshirts 12 napja
I think RedBull keep Albon, leave Gasly where he is as he's performing well (why disrupt that) and keep him as a Max replacement if Max decides to go elsewhere in 2022 and Alex doesn't improve next year.
legendary Killer
Seb on the Podium would be lovely 🥺 but even a top 5 finish would be nice by now 😍
Shag Nasty
Shag Nasty 12 napja
racing points problems stared with upgrades ... should have kept mercs setup
Ricochetrabitt 12 napja
These weekend-warmups are f****** amazing. L & W speak the gospel when it comes to F1 coverage.
bloodtv_ 12 napja
5:58 Love your reaction Will! Nothing is set in stone yet!
Ivan Pozdeev
Ivan Pozdeev 12 napja
The voices are muffled. Hard to understand.
Naveen K
Naveen K 12 napja
Excellent comparison between Daniel/ Renault vs Sebastian/ Ferrari on seperation from team & drivers. Yet, world of difference in their thought process. Fantastic.👏😎👌
Ansh Bav
Ansh Bav 12 napja
Perez deserves a top car so much. Most underrated driver on the grid by far
Ansh Bav
Ansh Bav 12 napja
Perez deserves a top car so much. Most underrated driver on the grid by far
Dorian Becker
Dorian Becker 12 napja
oh, hey george 😂
X Peria
X Peria 12 napja
Anubhav Bhattacharyya
Crazy end to the warmup. Will being will 🤪 lawrence being classy as usual and then a Cheeky Toto appears. 🤣😛
Tim de Boer
Tim de Boer 12 napja
Lawrence is such an eccentric dresser, look at that Chad coat he is wearing!
Seb on the Podium? Loving it😏
Orkun Çolak
Orkun Çolak 12 napja
I'm not one to leave comments on HUrun, but these guys chatting up is the next best thing to the race! Really enjoying guys. Thanks.
HLHout 12 napja
Will and Lawrence : Let's finish our Job. ToTo : Hello, It's me.
Ethan Porter
Ethan Porter 12 napja
I wonder when Redbull will announce who their 2nd Driver will be next year...
Ankit Kasi
Ankit Kasi 12 napja
Also, given how technical and turn heavy this track is, with the resurfacing can we expect some big spins?
Muhamad Adhitya
Muhamad Adhitya 12 napja
Ah yes, the classic excitement feeling of a new track, but same old result. Bottas p1 friday and saturday, hamilton p1 sunday. Mercedes 1 - 2 whole weekend
Ankit Kasi
Ankit Kasi 12 napja
11:20 Danny ric is just that awesome Its impossible to argue or be rude to someone that jovial
Ankit Kasi
Ankit Kasi 12 napja
@Akmal Ibrahim ikr imagine a callback in a 2021 press conference to question from the 2019 season XD...
Akmal Ibrahim
Akmal Ibrahim 12 napja
Danny and Lando will be a hilarious duo.
Karan Gupta
Karan Gupta 12 napja
That word again "undulating", I fear it now.
-TJ- 12 napja
Lawrence's boots are visible at 3:54 for those wondering.
Andrew Blucher
Andrew Blucher 12 napja
Can recommend watching at 1.5 speed!
Primark Gaming
Primark Gaming 12 napja
I think Alpha coming in 3rd would be the most welcome surprise
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