25-Minute Pilates Workout to Tone Your Abs, Butt, and Arms x WundaBar Pilates | Class FitSugar 

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Get ready for a focused Pilates workout that will tighten your entire body, while strengthening your core. This 25-minute workout is intense but won't leave you sweaty. Amy Jordan, creator of LA-based WundaBar Pilates, leads this workout, and you're going to love it. You don't need any equipment, but don't forget to breathe.
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WundaBar Pilates
WundaBar Pilates 6 hónapja
Thank you everyone for the positive and constructive feedback! 💙Thanks for watching and please subscribe to our WundaBar Pilates HUrun channel for more workouts and tips from Amy Jordan!
chamsika1 Napja
I love this workout and never get tired of it!
Anjelly Beans
This routine has helped me a lot with my lower back pain (I sit in front of the computer for at least 8hrs, 5x a week). I would agree that at first the instructions might be a little confusing, but I also love how she explains things, and which part of your body should be feeling the workout. I felt the improvement on my back after doing this for just 4x a week for 2 weeks. Thanks a lot for uploading this! Anyone else here have the same experience?
MTG ASMR 16 napja
Been doing this workout every day for 2 months! Such great pacing, super fun routine! I'm am now officially into pilates XD
Duke of Sardines
Sardines salad 🥗 after Pilates 😍
Paolo Ambrosi
Paolo Ambrosi 20 napja
Sono anch’io un Istruttore, Mi piace questa lezione! Complimenti
Sculp'd 24 napja
This is such a good workout, we love "sculp'd"-ing our bodies through pilates!
biplob chakraborty
Celebrity trainer??? If I am train a doctor so I called a doctor trainer 😁😁😁
Sarah Hughes
Sarah Hughes 25 napja
Bono 28 napja
For me your video was totally amazing to work with!!! I felt my deep abs in every single move. Thank you so much!!!😍😍😍
Phoenix Flaring
Phoenix Flaring Hónapja
I had to wunda was this WundarBar-Pilates Instructor was sayin' and doin'; it was more of a neck workout than anything else.
Юлечка Воронова
Превосходный комплекс! Спасибо, супер!
Geeta Monpara
Geeta Monpara Hónapja
Good workout, I just hoped that the advertisements were not popping up randomly during the workout.
Leto M.
Leto M. Hónapja
Magnificent sequence, thank you! 🙏
sam adam
sam adam Hónapja
Jole' Hope
Jole' Hope Hónapja
0:50 Great tip
Sukaina Reza
Sukaina Reza Hónapja
Yeah....never gonna do this
Ms. B
Ms. B 2 hónapja
All these adults making comments sounding like little baby toddlers. Just do the work or go back to your couch !! 😃
Aleesha Gaines
Aleesha Gaines 2 hónapja
*Luisа, Mеіn Ergеbnis іst -17 кg in 3 Wochеn...Es hat gеholfen **fodano.ru/schlank?v=RDQmnzuE2q4*
3North 2 hónapja
I'm not sure this one's a winner. Maybe slow down and use normal words. 🙅
RhythmsKids 2 hónapja
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Veronica Canales
Veronica Canales 2 hónapja
Silondile Jali
Silondile Jali 2 hónapja
When I could understand what to do, the movements were a great challenge but I spent most of the video watching to understand what to do which meant I was always behind. And I’m not new to Pilates. I wish the instructions were clearer.
Shaadi Elias
Shaadi Elias 2 hónapja
midway trailer 2019
Catherine Sludds
Catherine Sludds 3 hónapja
Sorry, gave up after 3 minutes. Too much talking - actually it is constant talking. The exercises are too complicated with off putting descriptions which are distracting. Hard to do the planks actions when you cannot follow what she is saying and you cannot see the screen from the floor. Definitely not simple and easy to follow. Going off to do a more exercise friendly workout!
Elizabeth Petro
Elizabeth Petro 3 hónapja
I enjoyed the workout, just not the ads that happened in the middle of it. Never experienced that before with a workout video.
Royalty Free Music
Royalty Free Music 3 hónapja
Studio Pilates Body Motion is such an amazing studio - I was absolutely hooked after my first class! The instructors are really encouraging and make you work hard to achieve great results. I can't recommend this Pilates studio highly enough! Visit the Website for the best Pilates Fitness Studio in Israel. www.bodymotion.co.il
ApolloKids 3 hónapja
The best pilates fitness studio in israel. bodymotion.co.il
Pummel 3 hónapja
Best Pilates Studio in Israel: bodymotion.co.il
kids watch
kids watch 3 hónapja
doing it again today I don't feel as hurt as yesterday but it was a lot easier bc I knew how to do it
kids watch
kids watch 3 hónapja
thank you this was very helpful and I will use it a lot
KillerKikyo5 3 hónapja
So its like yoga?
Sumi Kmpi
Sumi Kmpi 3 hónapja
This channel is so helpful for women. I love this video. Crawl Walk Run Fitness Foundation Finish Life Strong! Join… and... Like... As an integrative Nutrition Health Coach, I am a guide mentor who empowers you and provides continuous support and guidance as you set goals for yourself. Moreover, we will explore sustainable changes that will improve your health and happiness. facebook.com/CRWFitnessFoundation
Ash Michele
Ash Michele 3 hónapja
The commercials are killing me!
Melissa F
Melissa F 3 hónapja
Great workout. I thought she explained fine!
hamedi sayed
hamedi sayed 4 hónapja
elizabeth jimenez
elizabeth jimenez 4 hónapja
What exercises can we do if our wrists are still not strong enough to hold for to long? My wrists are still to weak
Isabel-Mae99 4 hónapja
idk if I was doing it wrong, or if it's because I do daily yoga and normally cardio workouts...but this didn't feel like it did anything. That girl on the right has a six pack, yet she kept complaining the whole time.....like was she just trying to seem relatable for the out of shape viewers? I didn't break a sweat at all and didn't feel anything in my core
KrissiJu 4 hónapja
I loooove it🤩
Emanatomy TV
Emanatomy TV 4 hónapja
Thanks i really broke a lot of sweat bags today 😉 I’m so ready for the adobo and fish for lunch 😋
Pilates Workouts Online
Feeling my core after this flow!! Thank you for the workout today!
Rabbit of Peace - Background Music Video
loved your channel and already sub. Meet the RABBIT OF PEACE . Much success and happiness.loved your channel and already sub. Meet the RABBIT OF PEACE . Much success and happiness.❤️
itsmykieee 4 hónapja
I thought the instruction was fine, but I've done barre and pilates before. It would be helpful if she demonstrated the move before we were expected to do it together, though.
Nicole Raheem
Nicole Raheem 4 hónapja
I managed to do 17 Minutes, today. I'll continue doing this for the next few weeks. This was a great workout!! 💜
A Ogórkowa
A Ogórkowa 4 hónapja
the best workout on this channel
An vo hoang
An vo hoang 4 hónapja
oculus rift s
Honest 1718
Honest 1718 4 hónapja
How can she talks so calmly when doing this
Isabella Rosé
Isabella Rosé 4 hónapja
who's here tryna look like Lisa
Alexa Jesse
Alexa Jesse 4 hónapja
this is amazing, finally an actual pilates teacher!!
Elizabeth Young
Elizabeth Young 5 hónapja
Great quick workout if you don't have much time. Not to hard though so the burn wasn't really there but my body feels stretched.
Robin Brown
Robin Brown 5 hónapja
Haley Laningham
Haley Laningham 5 hónapja
A super fun way of explaining what's going on. loved this
amalin.writings 5 hónapja
How does she even talk?
Yamil Murzagilbin
Yamil Murzagilbin 5 hónapja
Закордонская Дарья
Хуйня какая-то
Megan Castle
Megan Castle 5 hónapja
This is such a feel good workout, mostly stretching and isometric. Perfect for my non-running days. Thank you Pop Sugar for making such a beautiful variety of workouts. For more cardio challenged pilates, I recommend Pop Sugar's 30 min workout with Kit Rich, another celebrity trainer
Lucy Duran
Lucy Duran 5 hónapja
Amazing instructor ♥️ I love it
Dana Stone
Dana Stone 5 hónapja
The explanations weren’t clear or detailed enough. I don’t know what turn the door knob movement is. To bad because what I could understand it was a great workout.
Peach Tao
Peach Tao 6 hónapja
I probably can do this workout everyday! Love it!! Thank you!!!
leeleeformeemee 6 hónapja
I loved this! It was challenging but I never thought about time. It went by so quickly!
WundaBar Pilates
WundaBar Pilates 6 hónapja
Thank you for watching! 💙
Jordan LeClair
Jordan LeClair 6 hónapja
I have been doing this video for almost 3 months now, and it's my favorite! The jump board followed by the four point mill has actually snapped my knee back into place as well! My callouses have gone away, my circulation has improved, I'm not snoring as loud, and my skin is radiant! The benefits are just amazing because I thought that I was going to have to get knee surgery, because I broke my knee back in highschool. I could feel arthritic type symptoms coming on! Thank you so much for this free video!
WundaBar Pilates
WundaBar Pilates 6 hónapja
We love to hear this! Great work Arcenciel! 💙
K L 6 hónapja
String of pearls down, magnetize your thighs, shine your hips, make guacamole, done.
j l
j l 6 hónapja
Thanks, this helped.
Kaaren Fehsenfeld
Kaaren Fehsenfeld 6 hónapja
Body shaming, gross! She says about herself, after saying to use your body weight, "What body weight?" Please.
sassarific 6 hónapja
I feel like this confirmed I just hate pilates.
N#3 6 hónapja
wish this had no music so i could use my own
Namra Namra
Namra Namra 6 hónapja
I finished it with so much difficulty. I wanna cry 😭 Is it kinda little advance kind of work out? If so, I am proud of myself. If not, I am still proud. And thank you.
WundaBar Pilates
WundaBar Pilates 6 hónapja
Congrats Erina, we are proud of you too! 💙Thanks for watching!
weirdflexok 6 hónapja
this was an amazing workout! i cant speak for everyone but i found it quite easy to follow along with the workout. best workout i’ve had thus far. burned 200 calories!!
WundaBar Pilates
WundaBar Pilates 6 hónapja
Thank you so much and great job! 💙
Joan Ojenima
Joan Ojenima 6 hónapja
Nice body workout !
WundaBar Pilates
WundaBar Pilates 6 hónapja
💙Thanks for watching!
Jacklyn Rojas
Jacklyn Rojas 6 hónapja
what the hell does energize the thighs even mean....came for a stress relief and ended up changing halfway through because the terms were stressing me out
PT Claudette
PT Claudette 7 hónapja
Love how you keep talking that I forget the time while working out 💕 makes me motivated. Thank youuu
WundaBar Pilates
WundaBar Pilates 6 hónapja
K 7 hónapja
I agree difficult to know if you’re doing these correctly. And no offense, I feel like I wasn’t getting much of a workout. Might be good for 65+ year olds but not people that are looking more for a challenge. Needs to focus more on core and less on heels. I would highly recommend seeking out other Pilates workouts.
Olivia Cheung
Olivia Cheung 7 hónapja
i loved the idea of doing this workout but it was just too complicated for me and I found it hard to follow it unless I twisted my neck in an awkward position to watch the video...
Charlotte de Casabianca
excellent workout for people who are already familiar with pilates :) Balance, core control, and toning on the menu 💙
WundaBar Pilates
WundaBar Pilates 6 hónapja
Appreciate your comment! 💙Thanks for tuning in!
Nᴏᴏʀ Aʟ_ʜᴜᴅᴀ
Yeeesss, l did it💪💪💪✌✌✌
WundaBar Pilates
WundaBar Pilates 6 hónapja
Woohoo! 💙
Abby 7 hónapja
I did have to maintain laser focus. Anna is sweet, but she talks too much and interrupts the instruction mojo of the instructors.
D W 7 hónapja
the music is disturbing and annoying...
Stephanie Fritz-Ta
Stephanie Fritz-Ta 7 hónapja
I like this workout, but it does have a lot of Pilates jargon. I have done it multiple times and it gets easier to know what to do with practice.
Crissy Phillips
Crissy Phillips 7 hónapja
Great workout. Move parts I never used.
WundaBar Pilates
WundaBar Pilates 7 hónapja
Thank you so much!
Anette Scherzer
Anette Scherzer 7 hónapja
*Luіsа, Mеіn Ergеbnіs іst -17 кg іn 3 Wосhеn...Es hat gehоlfеn **fodano.ru/schlank?v=RDQmnzuE2q4*
Elemit Yoga
Elemit Yoga 7 hónapja
Nice class 🙏🧘‍♀️ #Elemit Yoga
Livewith Zeal
Livewith Zeal 7 hónapja
9:49 best move
WundaBar Pilates
WundaBar Pilates 7 hónapja
Couldn't agree more! We love our signature #WundaTwist too!
Namrata Mohile
Namrata Mohile 7 hónapja
Great workout but difficult to follow
Eugenia Robles
Eugenia Robles 7 hónapja
Meh, is this pilates? disappointment.
Timo Hummel Reloaded
What an annoying presentation. Couldn`t hold the voice for 2 minutes.
Anibal Roldan
Anibal Roldan 7 hónapja
Wow the trainer is strong asf
WundaBar Pilates
WundaBar Pilates 7 hónapja
Thank you so much! 💙
Liam Murtezaoglu
Liam Murtezaoglu 7 hónapja
I love this video when I'm in the mood to challenge myself- those side planks (even the easiest one) was not for me though! I love the countdown timer too- 'can I survive another 8:53 minutes of this?'
WundaBar Pilates
WundaBar Pilates 7 hónapja
Katerina HQbeautycentre
head in line with your spine 13 41
Melissa Petrescue
Melissa Petrescue 7 hónapja
So good! This has become a part of my weekly workout routine. Effective instruction and guidance! Thank you!
WundaBar Pilates
WundaBar Pilates 7 hónapja
Hi Melissa, glad you enjoyed! 💙
Rebecca Cuevas
Rebecca Cuevas 7 hónapja
I loved the workout , keep up the good work and don’t let the negativity of these people get in the way .
carolyn erickson
carolyn erickson 7 hónapja
The sound effects were just too much
Jordan L
Jordan L 7 hónapja
This was my second time ever trying Pilates and I got a GREAT workout!! Who cares about the terms? Seriously? I can’t believe so many people are complaining about something so minor and silly! They’re probably jealous because you’re drop dead beautiful... Thanks ladies, I personally think this was a great work out! Awesome job! You all seem so kind and sweet.
WundaBar Pilates
WundaBar Pilates 7 hónapja
Aww appreciate your support! 💙
FasterThanU 7 hónapja
I got a great workout form this! I compete in mens physique and this was a great way to mix up the routine and excite new muscles! Focus more on your own mind body connection, how you feel and just go with the flow!
Qian Min Mak
Qian Min Mak 7 hónapja
Pilates aren’t for beginners but for those who’ve gone through body training this is a very good exercise that test you on your control of the body muscles. I can feel every inch of my muscles stretching when I’m executing them. Thanks for the workout teaching session.
WundaBar Pilates
WundaBar Pilates 7 hónapja
Gizem Eren
Gizem Eren 8 hónapja
great exercise, thank you!
Roberta Migliaccio
Roberta Migliaccio 8 hónapja
too much talk
Buruguduy Ng puso Ko
Looks very relaxing!will try soon!
Sarah Hui Li
Sarah Hui Li 8 hónapja
Not good workout as the instructions are not verbally clear and need to stare at the screen all the time to get the exercise
Whitney Lane
Whitney Lane 8 hónapja
GREAT work out!! This will definitely be a go-to. I felt every bit of it!!!
Shafiqa Alsalami
Shafiqa Alsalami 8 hónapja
Amazing 25 min workout thanks ladies
WundaBar Pilates
WundaBar Pilates 7 hónapja
Thank you for checking us out! 💙
Iris Cui
Iris Cui 8 hónapja
she is just in general not a good instructor. TOO MUCH TALKING
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