5 Moments You Forgot At Imola 

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Epic overtakes, forgotten battles, and crazy collisions, Imola has seen it all! Take a look at five moments from Imola you might have forgotten over the years.
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Badeend 20 napja
Im sorry but the one with montoya and schumacher is the one i just can't forget lol
Matze96DAK 20 napja
Well actually i always have neutral after first but thats just how my Ironhead Sportster is built and further more after fourth is finish and you do not see me complain about it.
Nsd Fancy
Nsd Fancy 20 napja
1991 commentators:”he spun at the pits chicane” 2020 commentators:”OHH NOOO HE SPUN, HE SPUN AT THE PITS CHICANE
darwinism18 22 napja
Imola was even worse than Hungaroring. NO OVERTAKING EVER.
Juandalg 22 napja
Montoya had no chill 😂 Shame he didn’t last very long in F1. Only a few years in F1 and he achieved a lot, can’t imagine what else he could’ve done
Ahrcéus 22 napja
0:02 John Cena
KHASAN 22 napja
Yep, I forgot the famous shumacer vs Montoya
Ernesto Martinez
Nigel was also angry because his teammate Riccardo Patrese was completely overshadowing him in the Williams team. In fact Patrese outqualified Mansell in the first 7 races that year to an overall 10-6 at the end of the season including 4 poles for Patrese (3 in-a-row) againts just 2 poles by Mansell. In this particular moment when Nigel was yelling to his engeneer, Patrese was leading the race and inching away from Senna on a wet track !!!
Maxi F
Maxi F 23 napja
The schumi vs Montoya inccident was an famous stuff schumi was maybe a liar if he sad that he dont see Montoya while he pushed him off the track but when this both fight the true leader is far away in front so thats was a daycare fight
Obamium 23 napja
I didn’t forget I wasn’t even born
PotatoGamez 23 napja
1:10 did anyone else hear the “its racing...” in the background?
thorpedrof1 23 napja
Imola is a wonderful track, with great and sad history at the same time. This circuit had real man racing real cars, not instagram toy boys
Pietro Pernarella
Seguite i b1s dx
szewei85 23 napja
Haha cool
Imola is a circuit that really ends lives. I mean not only did it end the life of Senna and Ratzenberger-but it also ended the F1 careers of Gaston Mazzacane and Yuji Ide.
pinut187 23 napja
Nothing that I shouldn’t forget.
Lukieo20 23 napja
what does David say at 1:50? They may be leading a Grand Prix one day...?
H Magix
H Magix 23 napja
You should have put a.senna crash
Petoyusa-dono 23 napja
I can already see Palmer's analysis on Schumacher vs Montoya: "This is so aggressive, but the Verstappen rule of Austria says you can do it."
athanaste 24 napja
when kimi was racing the last race there most of the grid were playing with go carts!!!!!
Gábor Miklay
Gábor Miklay 24 napja
00:27 it's funny how JPM just didn't fell for Schumi's mind game and replied funnily.
ThePuliUkko 24 napja
Fia president in 2004 Max Mosley didn't go Senna's funeral, he was at the time in Ronald Ratzenberger's funeral.
Ata rani Ciner
Ata rani Ciner 24 napja
Kushagra Chaturvedy
Before the Bwoah, there was the Pwoah
Penduga Nafsu
Penduga Nafsu 24 napja
who cares😴😴
Lynch 616
Lynch 616 24 napja
Schumacher wouldn’t have won the titles he has if he had today’s rules and penalties
Taofede 24 napja
Love Montoya
Laurie 24 napja
When F1 was actually entertaining
Bunta Fujiwara
Bunta Fujiwara 24 napja
How about doing a video: "Ten reasons why F1 used to be way more entertaining than it is now"?
AyDoubleYou 24 napja
But there is one moment I''ll never forgive 😞
Sidney 24 napja
Martin brundle had been commentating since forever
heliumtrophy 24 napja
Old Nige being a hissy drama queen - the crowd love it!
々Rahul77 YT
々Rahul77 YT 25 napja
I'm kinda new F1 fan, so sad so hear that a driver like senna lost his life 😔
Sunotmy 25 napja
where is pironi vs villeneuve or when berger hit the wall in flames
Proteome 25 napja
Last time F1 Raced at Imola -Leclerc was 8 -Max was 8 -George was 8 -Lando was 6 -Kimi was 5th
Garnatic 22 napja
underrated comment
Roger Vallve
Roger Vallve 25 napja
i forgot montoya raced in f1, didnt achieve much
David Calderon
David Calderon 25 napja
Bmw f1 is the best
carlos briceño
carlos briceño 25 napja
Montoya el piloto que nunca supo diferenciar un fórmula 1 a un carrito choco
Johannes Berglund
And people still believe Michael was a clean driver...
digs2000 25 napja
Shumy saw Montoya... he also found a tree Rip legend
Steve Lawlor
Steve Lawlor 25 napja
Mansell's 360!
God War
God War 25 napja
1:30 I stopped my 9-5 thanks to, *p a i d t o b e h o m e .c o m*
Vinicius 25 napja
Only Formula 1 forgot to pay tribute to Ratzenberger and Senna!
Endri Mato
Endri Mato 25 napja
The world lost Senna and Ratzenberg at Imola ! RIP
Patrick Brookings
There is one weekend at Imola which we will never forget...
J11 Films
J11 Films 25 napja
who else misses seeing some of these big names on screen
İbrahim Kök
İbrahim Kök 25 napja
Montoya was right againist Schumacher. Schumacher has pushed out Montoya deliberately. Even while explaning condition, Schumacher definetly said lie. It is certain from his eyes.
Dennis Biesenbach
Montoya is overrated AF...
Antonescu Rares 9A
We wont forget senna's death
Alex Dordrecht
Alex Dordrecht 25 napja
I remember a race that all the leaders were out of fuel, but i am not sure it was at Imola
Theo Villamarím . Gardona
Faltou o Yudji Ide em 2006 com a Super-Aguri Honda
Pepík Johanek
Pepík Johanek 25 napja
Passiegames One
Passiegames One 25 napja
Mate i was 2 when the last race was there
ENVI 25 napja
Montoya is the man
SilverfoxThe 25 napja
Looks like you’ve forgotten some of the most memorable moments........(even ignoring the obvious)
Ricardo Felipe
Ricardo Felipe 25 napja
Old f1 drivers speak better english than current F1 driver's.
Laylee 25 napja
2:36 oh look williams 2020 car is already there
Mujahid Islam
Mujahid Islam 25 napja
0:32 was that a "bwoah"?
CN1221 LC
CN1221 LC 25 napja
This is why no one liked mansell
Driver Scottie-C
Ngl I'm an American from the late 90s. So like... This is all new to me
TimTomTaylor 25 napja
I've never been a big Montoya fan but his ironic is epic 😅
iNTERS22 25 napja
Why are they showing San Marino flag in an Italian race?
ARB6769 25 napja
Montoya was a straight savage
Snowpiercer2 25 napja
Next video will be 5 things you want to forget at Imola......honorable mentions:
eVCephei 25 napja
They were so passionate back then.
Stephen Canavan
Stephen Canavan 25 napja
I think you missed the moment kimi's steering wheel came off
indobleh 25 napja
Marmite Mansell !!
Ruben Rodriguez
Ruben Rodriguez 25 napja
there's a memory here i want to forget
I kind of miss the goofy Walrus Nosed Williams
R Rupadharshini
R Rupadharshini 25 napja
Alt title...5 mome ts u thought WE forgot at Imola!!!
Prabakaran Chandrasekaran
There is only one moment for me in imola which I won't forget😭RIP SENNA.
Hafidz Garib
Hafidz Garib 25 napja
when people are talking about 1994. I would like to remind that Schumi won against Schumi in 2001 in the wake of their mother's death. That was one of the most saddest win.
Anurag Agrawal
Anurag Agrawal 25 napja
I can see Seb losing his cool like Mansell
Bunta Fujiwara
Bunta Fujiwara 24 napja
Mansell was the type of guy to lose his cool even while sleeping.
Attila Dezső
Attila Dezső 25 napja
And please don't forget about the one and only Yuji Ide, whose superlicence was withdrawn after sending Cristijan Albers into the air here in 2006.
Les Voitures Ont La Parole
One moment they forgot : Ratzenberger and Senna crashes... R.I.P
Gustavo Santos
Gustavo Santos 25 napja
We all know what is the moment we won’t forget :(
paulowski 25 napja
codemasters should do a whole remaster of 1998-2001 seasons. Or even seasons where the old olds were fighting each other. Would be amazing cause it is just awful to me how much i miss these eras!
Ian McNeil
Ian McNeil 25 napja
0:47 All those people standing at the side of the track. How times have changed.
Sohum Dua
Sohum Dua 25 napja
This is a re-upload, no?
Captain_ Nesquik
SuperSonic14 25 napja
Montoya definitely added some spice with his comments. Normally drivers hold back and keep their emotions in check. Not Montoya though. It was highly entertaining.
Lapi 1990
Lapi 1990 25 napja
Broadcast the Alonso vs Schumi Imola gp
vikranth reddy
vikranth reddy 25 napja
Just to make 500 comments
Nixer Doyle
Nixer Doyle 25 napja
Of all the successful top tier racing drivers over the years, Mansell was probably the least gracious guy I've encountered.
Mayers Family
Mayers Family 25 napja
That t-minus drink was 🔥
Gabryx 25 napja
0:48 "oooh so close"
Kieran Cliffe
Kieran Cliffe 25 napja
We will never see the day of R.I.P
paolo spr
paolo spr 25 napja
Poor Motoya, what a clown.
Bibin kumar
Bibin kumar 25 napja
Just in News: Raikkonen and Govinazzi confirmed at Alfa Romeo for 2021
Giuliano Sarti
Giuliano Sarti 25 napja
Can we please stop saying “Senna Ratzenberger” or “we can’t forget 1994”? I mean guys, don’t worry, we won’t forget it, it’s impossible, just stop saying it every time Imola is mentioned
Polish Motorsport
2:00 thats cringe
Blackjack 91
Blackjack 91 25 napja
Missed those V10/V8 screaming.. those were the F1 days
Wolfdog 25 napja
1:12 Blue flag song plays in distance
Khaled Ghoush
Khaled Ghoush 25 napja
will never forget that schumacher was a cheater
Dusty Dengel
Dusty Dengel 25 napja
Senna 🇧🇷🇦🇹 Ratzenberger
Windows 7 Fanatic 2013
0:58: Mansell is so mad!
Rody Tise
Rody Tise 25 napja
Aah yes, im fall asleep while watching
Sanat Kapur
Sanat Kapur 25 napja
Senna ❤❤❤ Ratzenberger ❤❤❤
Kn1ght Gaming
Kn1ght Gaming 25 napja
Title: 5 moments your forgot at imola Me: How could i forgot when I didn't even exist?
amokachi31 25 napja
My daughter was born in 2006. I was 30.
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