5 Moments You Forgot At The Nurburgring 

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The famous German track has produced so many talking points down the years - but do you remember these incidents?
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Trouble in Paradise
Wo sind die deutschen Kartoffeln? Ich meine da steht was deutsches (theoretisch) im Titel und ich finde hier keinen einzigen deutschen Kommi? Was los? Lasst mich nicht alleine😂
David Caudry
David Caudry 12 napja
Diniz's 1999 roll at the start ???
Benjamin Guilhot
And kimi raikonnen in 2005? The last lap he was P1 before him crash
ab8jeh 13 napja
The Alonso famous brake test
TheRacingWeazel 14 napja
Can’t wait for 5 moments you forgot at Yas Marina: Every Abu Dhabi GP except for 2016z
formulafan 15 napja
Formula video + listening to the music I like (Delta Parole, Metallica and other) make me feel the speed and excitement!
halil yılmaz
halil yılmaz 15 napja
Mattinho Got Game
Suprised Kimi's suspension exploding didn't make the list
RAWTEC 15 napja
Yes I forgot.. But many I remember.
Hoten Hitonokoe
Hoten Hitonokoe 15 napja
Go Hamilton
Buzzmas 16 napja
0:43 his poor footsies are wriggling in pain
wifightit 16 napja
That Hamilton hit, I felt it in my feels. Glad he was okay. Whew.
Waleed Afzal
Waleed Afzal 16 napja
strangely the Frentzen 1999 retirement isn't here
Elliott Wardle
Elliott Wardle 16 napja
Soo glad this mega track is back this weekend! 👌😃
Σκούρτης Στέφανος
Jokes on you, I didn't forget any
Sheik881 16 napja
What about 2013 race?!
James Cox
James Cox 16 napja
So many great moments at this circuit
Zoltán Grbálik
Lewis was on a flying lap... *proceeds to fly in the barrier*
Kenny Ren
Kenny Ren 16 napja
Seems like it's now kinda reasonable for Hamilton to complain about his tyres... horrible crash really
Jakarta Plane Spotter
I dont think we forgot the hamilton huge shunt
Jan 16 napja
Here for your title you can copy and paste it: ü
Hantter 16 napja
Первый как формула
Joopie de Lange
Joopie de Lange 16 napja
Rain ,rain ,please let it rain!
asimb0mb 16 napja
LOL nobody has forgotten the Hamilton crash.
Dimpet Ferrari1925
When will Hamilton and Bottas crash? I have been waiting since 2017 😂
Sigi Faito
Sigi Faito 16 napja
Why do drivers juggle their feet when crashed?
Ninja Aung YT
Ninja Aung YT 16 napja
1:09 F1 drift
ツFrosty 16 napja
5 moments you forgot be like 1. A CRASH 2. TYRES BLOW UP 3. TEAMMATE CRASH 4. AN OVERTAKE 5. DOUBLE CRASH
Philippos Stamoulis
What about Kimis last lap punchure? What about Webbers pitstop crewmistake?
cocabeer 16 napja
And again a "this is what you forgot" vid of which I totally remembered everything. 2 possibilities: 1. Most people watching F1 are fairly new. 2. People watching suffer from dementia.
Sávio Freire
Sávio Freire 16 napja
Lewis Hamilton shaked his legs like: Please work please work please work 😬😬😬
Adog. exe
Adog. exe 16 napja
Looking at Lewis’ legs after his crash scares me
Patricia Harrison
I'm Single 😍😥
dubi dobi
dubi dobi 16 napja
Serious? Diniz closed the door for Hill? Hill the idiot Just think everyone make him pass even If they battle for a Position. Have to be a british thing
heathen_fxdb 17 napja
I’m so stoked for this race
Rishabh Purohit
Rishabh Purohit 17 napja
0:44 why'd he do that with the legs? Is it a safety procedure?
Kouta K.
Kouta K. 17 napja
1:10 おいおい、冗談だろ(激寒)。
Donny Lane
Donny Lane 17 napja
What a earth is happening to lose the car?!!
Matthew Smith
Matthew Smith 17 napja
Nurburgring and Mugello isn't made for F1
John Paul Dorado
Who is the commentator with Brundle in 2000's?
Janina Pendel
Janina Pendel 17 napja
1:06 completley unrelated but look at that colorful grid it looks amazing! not like nowa days where u can barley tell tha haas from the alpha romeo or the williams from the alpha tauri
Rhys Benjamin
Rhys Benjamin 17 napja
For Imola: - Hill hits Schumacher (1994) - Mansell’s epic save (1990, I think it was, or 1989) - Button’s first pole (2004) - Schumacher’s huge crash (1995) - Schumacher passes Senna’s pole record (2006)
Nicolás Soto
Nicolás Soto 17 napja
Every time I see the title I think: How you can be sure that I forgot those moments? But I keep watching and enjoying every video of Formula One
Sam Wilson
Sam Wilson 17 napja
0:44 Lewis checking his legs still work.... ouch
Andrew Calvin
Andrew Calvin 17 napja
cinegraphics 17 napja
1:20 "synchronized spinning" will be added to the program of Summer Olympics in Tokyo.
Oniel James
Oniel James 17 napja
I'm new to F1... I noticed when Lewis crashed he was moving his legs alot, does anyone know the reason?
Mully 17 napja
The Hamilton/Alonso/Webber battle in 2011 was epic. Never forget Hamilton exiting the pits and going around the outside of Alonso in turn 2.
ExSapper Madman
ExSapper Madman 17 napja
You can't say Hamilton hasn't paid his dues......That was brutal!.....
LCRAZ2009 17 napja
0:43 what’s wrong with those legs
Twin540i 17 napja
Difference being hard and fair vs. Hamilton, Webber leaves the space, Hamilton leaves a blade of grass for webber to run on
Alex Dunbarr
Alex Dunbarr 17 napja
Lewis showing the world how to beat a dominant car.
Diclonius 2
Diclonius 2 17 napja
I really did forgot those, cause they‘re all boring.
Naghtraik Dovah
Naghtraik Dovah 17 napja
Why does Hamilton wiggle his legs?
MCLumeaPatrata Zduby
So Nice 💘💘💘💘💘💘
Sergio David Buitron
Webber vs Hamilton,de lo mejor que he visto ultimamente en Nurburgring. Que ganas tengo de que llegue
Brum Racing
Brum Racing 17 napja
Fom: "hmmmm a chance to give us some legendary Murray walker commentary.....nah shove on some random voice over guy instead? That'll do"
Lord Eddie 666
Lord Eddie 666 17 napja
the only thing we remember of the nurburgring gp is marcus winkelhock lead's
TheJokerit19 17 napja
I most definitely hadn't forgotten 2 and 4. The latter is quite underrated, though.
The Boost kid
The Boost kid 17 napja
Who else is ready for the German Grand Prix?
Marvin_040 17 napja
What is Hamilton doing with his feets at 0:43 ?
S.E.S S.S.
S.E.S S.S. 17 napja
Senhores diretores da F1 sei que diminuíram a potência dos motores de alguns anos pra cá por segurança dos pilotos .... agora pense comigo ... que tal voltar pelo menos o ronco dos motores decentemente ???? esse ronco atual parece que o motor está engasgado tirando tudo que sempre chamava atenção nas corridas da F1 🇧🇷🏎🏎🏎🏎
Blue Monkey
Blue Monkey 17 napja
I really don't like the "music" / "sound" in this one
tom pinto
tom pinto 17 napja
I'm Alone 😍😥
Justin Smeaton
Justin Smeaton 17 napja
I hope Hamilton crashes this weekend.
Blame 17 napja
Hill was no real champion.
Dale Houghton
Dale Houghton 17 napja
Rain forecast 😀
Vishy V Sankar
Vishy V Sankar 17 napja
Fredrik Z
Fredrik Z 17 napja
What about Schumacher pushed to the gravel by Montoya and pushed back by the marshals and he went to take a photo with them
anthony wauters
anthony wauters 17 napja
No raikkonen 2005 ?!?!?!?
Jared Huang
Jared Huang 17 napja
Somewhat underwhelming list from a somewhat underwhelming track
Taeke van der Zijl
No one forget Hamiltons crash...
Kai Franke
Kai Franke 17 napja
Best track ever
4192362 17 napja
those orange arrows are beautiful
Fer M
Fer M 17 napja
Big british bias in the #1. What was Diniz supposed to do? let him go? there was no room for Hill.
I want to see next sunday the same rain carnage than few years ago x)
schonka2 17 napja
I like the new background music style!
cosmic loops
cosmic loops 17 napja
1:53 blown diffuser
Leonardo Almeida
Flanker 27
Flanker 27 17 napja
Merc fans: "Vettel won his WDCs because the redbull was a dominant car, blah, blah, blah..." Toto Wolff, 2014 onwards: "Ferrari has the advantage, we are the underdog here"
Flanker 27
Flanker 27 17 napja
@Alex Dunbarr Thank you for your point. You can watch the above video to see how "hard" it is to Lewis to overtake a Red Bull (driven by Mark Webber, who still put a spectacular fight, as you will notice in the other comments). Mclaren was the faster car in 2011. As for Toto using the specific words "Mercedes is the underdog", just google "toto wolff underdog" and you will find plenty of articles by respectable publications quoting that exact sentence. Multiple times, since 2017. Your turn to try again
Alex Dunbarr
Alex Dunbarr 17 napja
where did he say "we're the underdog"? He said Ferrari had the faster car in 2018 and 2019. Which is true. And merc fans say that Vettel won his WDCs in 2011 and 2013 because of his car. Not 2010 and 2012. Try again.
Saurophaganax Gaming
Study Power
Study Power 17 napja
I always wondered why Hamilton was superconscious over tyres compared to others. Maybe it is psychological due to previous crashes because of tyre blowouts.
Rohit Chhetri
Rohit Chhetri 17 napja
It's not this, it's more to the fact that he lost the world championship in his rookie year due to the tire issues. That would haunt anyone for life. When u can easily become the rookie world champion but tyres gave out at the last moment
SleekStratos 17 napja
I was about to comment something along those lines, that smash into the wall would make just about anyone more sensitive to their tire conditions.
Avda 17 napja
Schumi vs Montoya
cone 17 napja
Jokes on you, I never knew about these in the first place
I wish they put in bianchis car rolling down a hill but I already knew they Definatly wouldn’t :(
TSR_Tomsoft 17 napja
I think Hamiltons accident is one of the most memorable, not forgotten, moments. I'm surprised he was alright after that.
Eduardo Martins
Eduardo Martins 17 napja
Hill x Diniz is the rivalry I didn't know I needed
Wong Wai leong
Wong Wai leong 17 napja
Top 4 for Nurburgring GP 2011,Webber vs Hamilton?!
aditya banerjee
aditya banerjee 17 napja
I know Sato got a lot of stick for his poor performances in F1 and Fisichella was a Perez-like midfield monster in the early 2000s but...the heck was Giancarlo thinking? Did he brake thinking it was the old Castrol S and not the new hairpin?
Aivaras 17 napja
Engine sound 😍
P M 17 napja
I know why I forgot them... they are pretty forgettable :D
Ali Rico
Ali Rico 17 napja
I'm Alone 😍😥
Javier Torres
Javier Torres 17 napja
Can anybody explain me why is Alonso's fault with Coulthard? I see nothing wrong. He didn't move or anything.
Umut Tunca Özbakır
number 1 says alonso coulthard crash, alonso didn't crash anybody
John Aiwone
John Aiwone 17 napja
I wish they would upload Hamilton's Q3 lap at the track in 2011. One of the best qualifying laps he's ever done
Joao Ferreira
Joao Ferreira 17 napja
Why forgot the dispute between Hamilton x Webber? I dont understood it
Jovan P
Jovan P 17 napja
That crash of the GOAT looked really scary...
louielouie95 17 napja
You Forgot Raikkonen's Last Lap Retirement At The 2005 Race
Hamilton's gonna crash again.
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