5 Moments You Forgot | Portuguese Grand Prix 

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Overtakes, collisions, and everything in between... the Portuguese Grand Prix has seen it all! Take a look at these five moments obscured by time.
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FORMULA 1 Hónapja
Where the title says 'Moments You Forgot', just imagine it says 'or Didn't See Because You Didn't Exist Yet' 😜
Spore Hux
Spore Hux Hónapja
I was screamming BOX BOX BOX for more breast milk
Wander Pires
Wander Pires Hónapja
Subtitles in portuguese, please!
Lord74 Hónapja
Im from 88, and my dad could only see F1 on eurosport, with Ben Edwards and John Watson, as commentators. I could name almost all drivers, when i was 3 years old :D
Ryan O'Neill
Ryan O'Neill Hónapja
@becky cai 🤣
becky cai
becky cai Hónapja
On the 1985 Portugal Grand Prix video I wanna let you know that Alain Prost had a ton of HUrun accounts and used them to dislike that video
Diego Caissón-Palomba
Villeneuve overtake Schumacher in 1996 is a beatifull image
CometF81 Hónapja
And now included in there, Kimi 10 spots up in the opening lap... in an Alfa Romeo.
Marco Wikkerink
Marco Wikkerink Hónapja
@Formula 1 Perhaps next time you could include Pierluigi Martini leading the race for one lap in 1989... still a highlight for the Minardi team!
Lian Summer
Lian Summer Hónapja
Xuso!!!, ese ultimo adelantamiento estuvo cabrón. Saludos Desde Panamá.
luiz guilherme moreira sales
Chris Butt
Chris Butt Hónapja
I was born in 1982 and i remember everything!
Frank Smith
Frank Smith Hónapja
Seen all of them bare the Hill roll since it was not shown on TV in my country. There were many others: Hakkinen being better than Senna in his first race for Mclaren, Lauda winning over Prost for half a point in 1984 in the epic finale, a big crash somewhere in 1987 at the start, another one in 1995 when Katayama rolled on the top, and oh so many other.
Andrea Gallagher
nice music formula 1
Andreas Wiesheu
Andreas Wiesheu Hónapja
Villeneuves Overtake on the outside from 96`?
Hazazi Azizan
Hazazi Azizan Hónapja
*Top 5 Where i wasn't born yet*
Zoundshine Hónapja
Alesi vs Brabham - are you kidding me? That's nothing worth to remember. What about Gerhard Berger 1993 pit exit?
Title: *5 Moments You Forgot* Me: I wasn't even born when these moments happened!
Seppe Tank
Seppe Tank Hónapja
Mansel was so underrated. He drove that Ferrari on another level.
F19 Septix
F19 Septix Hónapja
Ok I know the Gp is soon but you have to admit it’s probably Hamilton that’s gonna win but the reason why verstappen should get the win because it was actually contended for unlike the black bullets of Mercedes
Rob Wainfur
Rob Wainfur Hónapja
If you watched F1 in the 80's and 90's, don't read the comments below.
Shadow Blade
Shadow Blade Hónapja
I like that f1 is doing commentary coverage using modern mics for this
limpius Hónapja
You too seem to have forgotten the Berger Patrese 1992 crash, surely it deserved a place (more than Alesi and Brabham imho)
Andrea Rojas
Andrea Rojas Hónapja
I remember them all very well as Senna & Berger fan.
That MTV F1 car tho 🔥
Nonagon Infinity
loving the originality in this comment section
Nick Hill
Nick Hill Hónapja
Ha, all of the "I wasn't even born yet!" comments actually fill me with hope because it tells me F1 is alive and well with the younger crowd, not just old farts like me. 👍
Diogo Freitas
Diogo Freitas Hónapja
It's so exciting have F1 back to Portugal back to Portugal after many years. I dont even remember the last GP in my own country. I guess not everything is bad in 2020.
Christoph Fischer
"Both Ferraris out by Lap 39" - Hey. That`s my Tip for this Weekends race. What a coincidence.
Negevs are for pros
It is amazing that the footage from the 80s and 90s can be digitally remastered to be full HD, looks fantastic.
dbt 843
dbt 843 Hónapja
what's with the dubbed commentary...? Not got the rights to BBC Murray comms?
Dennis Schmitter
1985, Sennas first F1 win! How is this not here?
Andrea Rojas
Andrea Rojas Hónapja
If somebody forgot that then the F1 fanbase would be very poor...
Ford galaxie Fan club!
ok who forgot mansells incident
Autowerks Hónapja
Bring back V10!
Jordy de reus
Jordy de reus Hónapja
I always loved the Simtek it was beautiful!
eoinh1 Hónapja
Warwick drove for Ferrari? I don't remember that at all tbh.
Leo Ducreux
Leo Ducreux Hónapja
The commentator was realy calm after that crazy mansell overtake.
7mgtesup1 Hónapja
Hadn't forgotten any of them...
themacs Hónapja
1:43 ... He came back on track like an idiot ... .... Lance Stroll, Monza, 2019
Fernando Manzanares
You are making me feel old with all those comments about not being yet born when this stuff happened! I'm just 33 and I was born when all of them happened - although I wasn't following the sport back then, had more interesting things to do, didn't I?
Henrique Mesquita
1:13 Pronto Jean...SBINALLA!!!
Cédric Benoit
Cédric Benoit Hónapja
I wasnt even born
Abdillah Setiono
Pit crew with short cargo pants. Well, that is something you not gonna find out everyday.
S B Hónapja
Saying that we didn't forget because we didn't exist is clearly the smartest argument ever! I wasn't born in 1940 but I heard about the WW2... When a sport is a passion, you know a lot about its history and events which occured in the past.
oscardriver Hónapja
Dramatic track, perfect for 2020!
Saurophaganax Gaming
@2:07 Its like Hamilton passed Alonso, Hulkenberg and Ocon in Bahrain, but no DRS. Pure racing skills.
smashingwarden Hónapja
Actually remember them all except the Jean Alesi one. Yeah, I'm old. 😆
chuala428 Hónapja
I know 60% of them and I was born in 2011 😉
White Point
White Point Hónapja
wasn’t born then so.... i didn’t forget those lol
B Hónapja
You can't forget something you never knew
MMGI 11 Hónapja
Yoo anyone wanna be in an f1 group chat? There’s mostly girls but there’s some boys in it too
Jontium Morkimus
Mansell, Hill and Button are by far the best British F1 racers in my opinion. What's Hamilton done besides drive for the best teams in F1? Nothing.
H K Hónapja
I only remember one: Häkkinen outqualified Senna at his first qualification
Andrea Rojas
Andrea Rojas Hónapja
first qualification as a McLaren driver. He was in Lotus 1991 & 1992. Also Berger outqualified Senna on his first McLaren weekend, USA 1990 even took Pole Position.
AditbukanYudis Hónapja
Forgot? I haven't born when any of these happened haha
Glyne Martin
Glyne Martin Hónapja
Should have been titled "Resurrecting five Historic Moments of the Portuguese Grand Prix." instead...
Luís Bita
Luís Bita Hónapja
Best Regards from Portugal 🏎
Aniketh Kulkarni
car jacks were invented in 1795 people before 1795: 0:53
Marcelo Bourdette
👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 to Mansell!
Deny Rachmat Ramdhany
Nigel Mansell Pit Fails is one of the Portuguese GP moment that you'll need to remember.
Curious Cat
Curious Cat Hónapja
All of these are in the iconic track of Estoril. Which is no longer used for GP´s... The race this year will be at Portimão, it will be the first GP ever there.
Olivyay Hónapja
Still no Villeneuve passing Schumacher on the outside. 🤔 Disappointing.
jonnies Hónapja
Seriously. Easily the best moment.
Michael Lucas
Michael Lucas Hónapja
Dear f1. Please give us some different in-race and highlights camera angles so that we feel the speed of the cars better. Thank you.
NeonColored aka Manuel
Next up: five Mansell moments you forgot
kieran Beaton
kieran Beaton Hónapja
I'm thinking that becausePierre Gasly won his first race this year at the Italian Prand Prix with AlphaTauri he's is going to move up to Red bull Racing team in the future and win some f1 championship like Sebastian vettel did
Felipe Holtz
Felipe Holtz Hónapja
A very special moment was the last Portuguese Grand Prix in 1996 where Jacques Villeneuve overtook Michael Schumacher in a sensational maneuver completely off the racing line in Parabolica corner before the pit straight.
Jan Brady
Jan Brady Hónapja
The last time there was a Portuguese Grand Prix was a year before I was born.
Sergio David Buitron
Os falto el momento cuando Pierluigi Martini lidero la carrera con Minardi
Pedro Cação
Pedro Cação Hónapja
Those were the days!!
Airbus Dumbledore
Yes yes yes we know that you werent alive, leave us Alone, we know what were doing
Vítor António
Vítor António Hónapja
Estoril '84 Lauda's championship?
Maxi F
Maxi F Hónapja
Thank you F1 for these iconic moments of the Comeback Portuguese Gp but this time we race at the Algarve Gp so the Portimão circute is the place where Hamilton get the 7 title in his pocket then mission complete the Schumi Challenge is complete i hope that Charles get the podium back & Seb finish top 7 a Max or Bottas can fight for the win but Ricc, Perez, Sainz, Kvyat + Gasly & co. can fight for a great top 10 result i wish all the best luck for the drivers to get the title fight still alive & stay save in this down year
Atombrot Hónapja
1:50 Hill will be like: "Get me out of here. I'm hanging here like a cow. Got me out. There is fire. There is fire."
wabba67 Hónapja
Hill turning upside down is quite unforgettable; one of the images of the 1994 season.
Ben Beames
Ben Beames Hónapja
Whose the commentator at the end? I demand every moment from the 80’s and 90’s be commentated by the legend that is my inspiration in life, Murray Walker
Jedi Disciple91
Jedi Disciple91 Hónapja
“Five Moments You Didn’t Know About”
McPlayer8t Hónapja
So Mansell has been disqualified for breaking pit stop regulations twice in Portugal...
Mansell's 1991 pitlane nightmare actually is one of the most infamous moments in the history of F1, even those which haven't witnessed it might still have heard of.
Silas Humphreys
Silas Humphreys Hónapja
Nigel never did have much luck with the pits in Portugal.
Danielo Vega
Danielo Vega Hónapja
Estoril 1993 Estoril 1991 Estoril 1994 Estoril 1995 Estoril 1989
Robert Kelly
Robert Kelly Hónapja
All you folks saying you were born after these is making me feel old! Awesome times though and I'm chuffed I was around to watch it live.
Agustin Mondella
Portuguese GP 1993. Schumacher’s Second Career Win after a great battle with Prost. Alain finished 2nd to secure his 4th and final World championship.
World Traveller
World Traveller Hónapja
There is another incident you should have included in this compilation, but I can't remember what it is right now.
Rob Hónapja
Contrary to what I always hear, based on this comments section, it seems F1 is having no trouble attracting young people to the sport.
Michael Watkins
Michael Watkins Hónapja
"Moments You Forgot" - jokes on you, F1. I wasn't even alive for these...
Ilmārs Suveizda
That Simtek livery is really nice looking! :)
Armchair Racer
Armchair Racer Hónapja
Mansell and the black flag in Portugal. Name a more iconic duo.
Stepladder Hónapja
2000s kids rise up
Leandro -
Leandro - Hónapja
One year: 1989. One word: Onyx
Matthew Blackwell
Top 5 moments you forget Me who wasn't even born. No no he's got a point
Chris 90
Chris 90 Hónapja
@F1 Why you repeat the crashes of Patrese/Berger (Not this vid) and here Hill/ Irvine, but dont show us the start crash of 1995?
SergioF1LG Hónapja
Villeneuve Pass Schumacher 96
Joy L
Joy L Hónapja
That is impressive, 3 overtakes in 1 straight by Mansell.
Ryan O'Neill
Ryan O'Neill Hónapja
I remember in the pit lane vid, mansells wheel fallin off
Pokimenstrual Cramps NOT
Its the Tuscan Grand Prix all over again
Just Tong
Just Tong Hónapja
Pitstops in Portugal and Mansell are just not a great combo
Maurits Heesbeen
Some people aren't not born. And they make some jokes about it. Such a shame. But, hold my beer jokes down below 👇🏽 🖕🏽
UJ2K Hónapja
Mansell: pulls out of pits Tyre: *Bai have a great time*
You can see at 0:31 just how dangerous that tire could be, thinking of Imola, terrifying!
meme GOD
meme GOD Hónapja
2:03 - btw: without DRS 😲😨💪💪👍👍
Gaurank Pandey
Gaurank Pandey Hónapja
When was the last time Portuguese gp took place??
UJ2K Hónapja
1995 I think
JB PERM Hónapja
Me: born in 2007 also me: That's why I am here
Scorpione 0243
Scorpione 0243 Hónapja
First time you make a video and don't show Hamilton doing something, congrats.
Kevin Flores
Kevin Flores Hónapja
Please put Portugal grand prix rather than Azerbaijan grand prix at baku city circuit.
Harry King
Harry King Hónapja
Only knew the first two
Hanti Dávid
Hanti Dávid Hónapja
I cant forget it if I wasnt born
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