5 Moments You Forgot | Turkish Grand Prix 

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Ahead of our much-anticipated return to Istanbul Park, what better time to revisit some of the most exciting moments from Turkey that may have slipped your memory?
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eduardo augusto
Michael is a real spacious man indeed.
Wong Wai leong
Top 5 for Turkish GP 2005,Williams Mark Webber and Ferrari Michael Schumacher are come together but big mistake?!
M KID 9 napja
Honourable mention: Hamilton puncture in 2007
Brian Piard
Brian Piard 9 napja
Fisicella and turkish gp a great love story
Zazymiroo 9 napja
Obi-Wan Kenobi
Trifact 10 napja
mcLaren-mercedes Kimi raikkonen won the first race organized. it was not posted on video.
ibnu yaqin salim
1:13 am I the only one Missing the old Screams 🔥
KHASAN 10 napja
Five moments you forgot *continues to show the famous 2011 crash of Sebastian Vettel
0s_ ar
0s_ ar 10 napja
What a coincidence that f1 hosted the Turkish GP in November because Thanksgiving is in November and in Thanksgiving you eat sometimes turkey and this week its the Turkish gp. 🤔
S S 10 napja
Super circuit this !
Vihaan Singh
Vihaan Singh 11 napja
Sbinastian vettel 😂😂😂😂
Benson Chuang
Benson Chuang 11 napja
What is this? I only watched 1 video about trackmania and they r suggesting my this???
V12 Naturally Aspirated
Please FORMULA 1 upload the lap of Juan Pablo Montoya 1:24.770 on lap 39 (lap record) and fastest lap overall on that circuit, 2005 Turkish Grand Prix, both from the outside and onboard, thank you very much!
Süheyl Kural
Süheyl Kural 11 napja
Where is the crash between Vettel and Webber ?
Sathyanarayan I
Sathyanarayan I 11 napja
The Micheal and Webber accident is similar to Max and Ocon... But the way the two behaved showed the difference between a mature driver and Max...
MarshallGA12 10 napja
Michael was not on points position, Ferrari was bad in 2005 and especially in Turkey it was VERY bad... so no reason for drama
ENES ÇETİN 11 napja
Türkiye yaşasın
Chewie Decks
Chewie Decks 11 napja
lol schumacher was in the race at every moment
punch 11 napja
Typical Schumi, always crashing into overtaking cars
Metin Yoleri
Metin Yoleri 11 napja
Webber-Vettel Crash?
Çevre Gazetesi
Çevre Gazetesi 11 napja
why Kimi first Türkiye GP win ?
LittleTigger 11 napja
1:20 I can see some Toscan Grand Prix 2020 going on here
Ben Tan
Ben Tan 11 napja
Michael Schumacher was the original Lance Stroll. Proof? Watch this video.
rcC Will
rcC Will 12 napja
2:51 love the Ferrari guy in the background
Luigi Crisci
Luigi Crisci 12 napja
Everyone's blaming Schumacher for the crash with Webber (and I TOTALLY agree), but when you tell them Verstappen was at fault for closing the door on Ocon in Brazil 2018, they say you're crazy. Fanboys.
UnimatrixOne 12 napja
0:40 Schumacher should have stayed in retirement!
Benn87 12 napja
The "Michael Schumacher hate train" is again running at top speed. RIDICULOUS
App Magician
App Magician 12 napja
I Love My Beard
I Love My Beard 12 napja
5 Moments You Forgot | Turkish Grand Prix I don't. Stop telling me what i have forgot.
oktay yilmaz
oktay yilmaz 12 napja
As a Turkish 34 year old, I couldnt go to 2005 or 2006 races to see my hero..So then 2011 came, I gave my ticket to my brother ..so he went to the race..So after all these years human being I am done to be excited to see any F1 driver...Istanbul will not see any greater f1 pilot than Michael Schumacher in my lifetime..In 2006 race, when Michael smashed the fastest lap in Q2, I was very certain that that year was him..But at the race I just hated turn8 because Renault was making gap to Ferrari in turn8 ....Still sad about that race:) Turkish Gp just did not fit Michael...As the 2006 season:(..Stay strong Schumi..
Joy L
Joy L 12 napja
Webber and Schumacher really did not like eachother did they?
Joy L
Joy L 12 napja
"...curb a little bit" - when Vettel was fully straddling the curb. He should become a politician he makes up fantasies so well.
Redm0ns 12 napja
Cagri Boranoglu
Cagri Boranoglu 12 napja
probably only thing we couldn't forget at Park is Schumacher
Cagri Boranoglu
Cagri Boranoglu 12 napja
V8 sound makes me wet
Danielo Vega
Danielo Vega 12 napja
gp da turquia 2010 gp da turquia 2011 gp da turquia 2006 gp da turquia 2007 gp da turquia 2005
Talip Koç
Talip Koç 12 napja
Hamilton özledik 😍
2:29, ah, yes, when this happens to Schumacher, it's his fault, but when it happens to Verstappen, it's Ocon's fault...
@MarshallGA12 I mean, you have a point...
MarshallGA12 10 napja
but Schumi was only on 10th place then and he was probably glad that his race was over :D
Luke Daniel Galon
honorable mention of chinese gp where Vettel lapped by kamui in 2014
Arturo Smaglia
Arturo Smaglia 12 napja
Sure, we forgot Massa's first win...
Brandon M
Brandon M 12 napja
I reckon most of us remember all 5 of these
floorbrother 12 napja
This doesn't seemed to be the favourite track of Schumi :D
Esra Işık
Esra Işık 12 napja
N M 12 napja
If Hamilton did half of what schumi did haters will come barking all over this comment section.
ALI ODUN 12 napja
we are looking forward to watch f1 race from Turkey ...
The last one is like the Verstappen-Ocon incident in Brazil. Or is that just me?
Rakesh Yadav
Rakesh Yadav 12 napja
1:56 I no longer need my work because of, *p a i d t o b e h o m e .c o m*
TheJokerit19 12 napja
The first footage is directly from the official 2011 season review. I don't really consider any of these forgettable moments.
Rafiki 12 napja
Every week we are getting a video that shows us some of Michael's bad traits.
I didn't forget Massas first win. I hardly doubt anyone did
racercek 12 napja
Kobayashi pass Schumacher on the grass!!!
Ulas CSG
Ulas CSG 12 napja
turkish gp is one of the best gp
Yakov Grinberg
Yakov Grinberg 13 napja
First corner is so similar to Interlagos.
TL Alicetears
TL Alicetears 13 napja
Seb Mr.s🅱️inner
Oilapes Motoring
turn 8 mate
リhir 13 napja
Maybe, fans are not forgot.
bajo5e 13 napja
I wonder why they put Schumacher here when there is plenty of incidents on this track !
Sachin Hegde
Sachin Hegde 13 napja
Pietrov = Torpedo Sr? 🤣🤣🤣 Literally shoves his teammate into the pit lane...
Liam 2069
Liam 2069 13 napja
I miss those days when vettel was like max , always pushing the limits of the car and crashing in practice and his mechanics were rushing to fix it
Elliott Wardle
Elliott Wardle 13 napja
Wow this was a real bogey circuit for Schumi!
Patrick Cesalesta
Petrov, the amazing and promising Russian boi.
Kami Sama
Kami Sama 13 napja
0:55 "you hit the wrong part of him, my friend"
Rodrigo Bedin
Rodrigo Bedin 13 napja
I mess the first 2 races because I was very sick.
Dave McKeegan
Dave McKeegan 13 napja
Its always funny hearing Brundle & Coulthard trying to lecture Schumacher on how to drive ... with their combined 71 podiums, 13 wins and 0 championships I don't think Coulthard can lecture anyone after his wonderful Belgium GP of 98
Zombie Alive
Zombie Alive 13 napja
I never know Webber ever drive for Williams
George Williams
George Williams 13 napja
Seems like Michael Schumacher gets himself in lots of clumsy accidents or even deliberate crashes, but that determination and instinct made him a great driver
-TJ- 13 napja
2:49 That Schumacher hat person doesnt look pleased with Webber.
Adam Advocaat
Adam Advocaat 13 napja
I guess Schumacher mistook Petrov for Villeneuve.
Nathan _Wyllyans
0:12 S🅱️inalla!
SuperSonic14 13 napja
Schumacher caused two collisions at the same corner. Great driver and champion, but he was too overly aggressive sometimes.
Huseyin Akturk
Huseyin Akturk 13 napja
That sound... Just F
Jacob _N_R_Z
Jacob _N_R_Z 13 napja
I miss felipe
Kelemeth 13 napja
Webber is always trying to de-escalate and be civil when someone else does him wrong. Great racer. Great dude.
Justin Krizenesky
@Ainz Ooal Gown Sama you don't win LeMans being trash
Ainz Ooal Gown Sama
great racer ? haha nice joke
oat meal
oat meal 13 napja
Can't forget or know something i never saw war crimes in a nutshell
Donny Lane
Donny Lane 13 napja
That's was disaster crash back in 2006!
Donny Lane
Donny Lane 13 napja
If Lewis is going to be winning this time here at Turkish Grand Prix!
Rusan Guvenc
Rusan Guvenc 13 napja
Jack Barnes
Jack Barnes 13 napja
Shows Michael and Petrov in a moment "we forgot" Shows Race Highlights 3 hours later with than incident so we wont forget
axis Villena
axis Villena 13 napja
0:13 S🅱️innala
aaron 13 napja
how could we have forgotten smedleys baby first win
Casualicious //
Casualicious // 13 napja
Schumacher was having flashbacks of Jerez 1997. Can't beat... turn into them is his tactic
Daan Noordhoff
Daan Noordhoff 13 napja
Man.. bring back those engines, the sound is just something else
Wizzkidwas 13 napja
I don't think any of us would have forgotten Massa's 3 wins in a row here, nor he 3 poles in a row, this was his playground before his accident
Yash Patel 7
Yash Patel 7 13 napja
Shuemacher is in every one crashing!
matthew 2779
matthew 2779 13 napja
Who cares
Marjan B
Marjan B 13 napja
Nice and the right words from Webber to Michael Schumacher. He doesn't like to be overtaken, that's why he is a Champion. 🤩
Matheus Nogueira
I'll never forget Massa's first victory in F1
Jako co
Jako co 13 napja
O,h no Is Crash Vettel And Weber
Bruno 13 napja
nowadays the red bull mechanics would fix his car so that he could drive again in the same session
Hakovani DG
Hakovani DG 13 napja
0:16 today redbull mechanics would repair this car in no time, before next session
Marijn Nes
Marijn Nes 13 napja
Webber did an Ocon.
Stephen R
Stephen R 13 napja
Those 2011 blown exhaust cars sound savage
Isn’t it kinda weird that DC was surprised that Michael didn’t give up the position even though he raced against him for about 8 years?
bsk_n 13 napja
I am sorry but there is nothing we forgot about this legendary track🇹🇷
Jack cooper
Jack cooper 13 napja
What happened to 2010 when the red bull took watch over out
Arda 13 napja
You think we forgot the Massa's first win? No mate, no.
Dondurma Cebap
Dondurma Cebap 13 napja
Beyler türkiyenin sehircisiz yapılması üzdübe
Riccardo Berti
Riccardo Berti 13 napja
Brundle is not a shumacher's fan, we got it
Yakup Keleş
Yakup Keleş 13 napja
Welcome to Turkey 🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷
Broken Lantern X
Moments you forgot. 6) Petrov exists.
Charles Iznaur
Charles Iznaur 13 napja
Ah yes Vettel spin
Top 10 Turkish Grand Prix Moments