5 Shocking Moments At The Nurburgring 

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The Nurburgring is the home of non-stop drama! Enjoy our top five shocking moments from a series of enthralling races.
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Raptor543 8 napja
Muhammad Jazlan
Muhammad Jazlan 10 napja
1:16 Vettel has successfully emulated Michael in his time at Ferrari
Sébastien Vittel
This is the 3 time that my Porsche manthey broke down !!! I am 😡
velsonline 15 napja
0:04 Tire: hey Kimi Kimi: what Tire: imma head out Kimi: *FOR WHAT!!*
Rizki Fauzan Amri
1:03 schumacher red mist again?
gregmos1994 18 napja
I miss this nice commentary voices instead of shity crofty nowadays
韋伯 18 napja
If Liuzzi hit the track in 2007, The rule under SC will be modified. Bianchi would not died in 2014 JP...
TobiX09 18 napja
Wassup Maddafuk
Wassup Maddafuk 19 napja
I think you don’t know what shocking means.
SurrealScoop 19 napja
I was not shocked
Jan Vor.
Jan Vor. 19 napja
Laudas Crash
Miggy Aviles
Miggy Aviles 20 napja
Imagine Turn 1 will be like turn 16 last year in Hockenheim
David Caudry
David Caudry 20 napja
".......... YESSSSS"
Michael Jüngermann
You forgot Lauda
Sarang Sharma
Sarang Sharma 20 napja
Do u guys think it'll rain tomorrow for the race
Lance Lantingan
Lance Lantingan 20 napja
2007 what the f%$*
killermester 20 napja
the one we miss: Lauda's horrible accident
Γεώργιος Παναρέτου
when i speak about shock at Nurburgring i ONLY rememmber Niki Lauda !!!!
Goalie QBC
Goalie QBC 20 napja
Lauda burns in Nurnburgring but.... yea not shocking
KMerse1 21 napja
Sure... The most shocking moment of the 1999 GP was Coulthard's retirement. Not Badoer's, nooooo.....
Sergio Narvaez
Sergio Narvaez 21 napja
Qué alegría ver al gamín de Montoya en estos listados jajaja.
Naufal Nabil
Naufal Nabil 21 napja
can we have these moments this weekend?
Andrea Bertani
Andrea Bertani 21 napja
Another Spinning Ferrari
Edivad Occirb
Edivad Occirb 21 napja
1997 start
Hoten Hitonokoe
Hoten Hitonokoe 21 napja
Red Card
Red Card 22 napja
The 2007 GP with the Lap 3 rain chaos has stuck in my memory ever since that happened.
Axel Fagerberg
Axel Fagerberg 22 napja
Scary Bianchi-like moment at 2:10...
JagarKlato 22 napja
No Lucca Badoer or McLarren losing both wings in turn 1 ?! (I hope it was McLarren)
Workin' Joe
Workin' Joe 22 napja
I wonder if these old footages are being post-processed and intermediate frames are inserted with an AI / deep learning algorithm or does F1 really have 50fps footages from the 90s as well??
lakai2305 22 napja
This weekend is gonna be fun :D
Israel Luque
Israel Luque 22 napja
2007 Hamilton on crane, hahahahahaha
Pavel Polyakov
Pavel Polyakov 22 napja
Wet track is so much fun to watch they should spray water on it even if it's not raining.
Samuel Mateo Giménez
En el 4 se os ha olvidado poner la grúa
PSKeon 23 napja
1:08 "S🅱️inalla, est. since 2003" - Ferrari Master 🅱️lan
Gregorio Nocco
Gregorio Nocco 23 napja
10/10 clips. 1/10 music.
Victor Diaz
Victor Diaz 23 napja
2:10 Jules Bianchi
ozar78 23 napja
Now the DRS destroyed it
ALHAREZ 23 napja
That was an absolutely shocking moment when Schumacher overtook Alesi
Lord Mahaveer Maldonado
Lauda's crash might be the most shocking for me, and that was 20 years before I was born so I have no idea what it would've been like live. Obligatory Pronto Michael? S🅱️innala.
Jack McClain
Jack McClain 23 napja
Oh well, Ferrari s🅱️inalla happened in 2005. Just fate I guess
Mark Meadows
Mark Meadows 23 napja
I hope Michael Schumacher is doing okay.
davide strada
davide strada 23 napja
2:10 rip Jules
Tiziano Pegoraro
1:55 Jenson be like: Let's get the F* out of here!!!
TheJokerit19 23 napja
1:08 - So this is what taught Seb how to spin without making contact or at max only little contact with something. The 2005 last-lap tyre failure and the 2007 chaos at T1 are very memorable, though. Liuzzi's car made slight backward contact with the crane some seven years and about two months and a half before a certain infamous fatal incident in the 2014 Japanese GP.
Inter0190 23 napja
0:37 "COULTHARRD.. DAVID COULTHARD HAS GONE OFF" Tell me something I didn't know. Coulthard and mistakers are a better couple than Eddie Irvine and girls
xSmithyx 23 napja
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Maxi F
Maxi F 23 napja
Juan & Schumi epic battle 2003 the touch was a hard one this moments of the Nürburgring are never forget this are great Remmeber of these legendary Track in the heart of Europe
Yeezy 747
Yeezy 747 23 napja
Coulthard ‘99 sounds like Vettel ‘18
rzober89 23 napja
We want to see Turn 1 chaos from all angles!
Everyone likes the drama of accidents and crashes on the race track. Motor racing may well be best served in the future if they change the rules to allow one half of the field to race in the opposite direction to the other half. Just say'n.
Jay Jay
Jay Jay 23 napja
1:08 Sbinalla
sultanabran1 23 napja
alesi losing another race victory was heart breaking for me
ReBeLhIpI 23 napja
kimis crash with finnish commentary is what we want
Mick30willa 23 napja
Love seeing Schumacher get a taste of his own medicine
Tom.B 23 napja
I guess it rains down in Germany
mev202 23 napja
I still am amazed how Schuey made that chicane with all that mud on the road and Alesi up the inside, the car is dancing all over the place. And as the slip and slide action.....
Ali Rico
Ali Rico 23 napja
I'm single 😥😥😥😥😥
L 23 napja
If Schumacher had not been pushed, he would have lost the title
Winkler Media Videos
bring us Nurburgring back ☝️
dave 23 napja
Uhm they do? Like this sunday
Cars & Guitars
Cars & Guitars 23 napja
« 5 shocking moments at the Nürburgring » and doesn’t even mention Lauda’s crash 😅
Cars & Guitars
Cars & Guitars 20 napja
dave Well no it isn’t. Since the Nordschleife was created way before the GP track, it was at first gives the name Nürburgring Nordschleife, then they made the GP track which is why giving that precision would seem quite wise
dave 22 napja
@Cars & Guitars No. Because the Nürburgring is the GP track. The Track where Lauda died is called Nordschleife. Both tracks were always distinguished that eay
Cars & Guitars
Cars & Guitars 22 napja
dave Like i didn’t know 😉 Then you write Nürburgring « GP »
dave 23 napja
Because thats a different track
Adrienne Salazar
Kimi's tyre is the impostor
Tane Mahuta
Tane Mahuta 23 napja
Niki Luada's crash at NurbergRing was a shocking moment...... These were 5 lame moments from recent races
dave 23 napja
Lauda crashed at the Nordschleife, not Nürburgring.
Tane Mahuta
Tane Mahuta 23 napja
Cars ramping off the banked corners and over the fence were shocking moments.......
Noah Idea Gaming and life videos
600th comment
BlueFlag Alpha
BlueFlag Alpha 24 napja
That puncture costs Kimi the title
Peter Scandlyn
Peter Scandlyn 24 napja
Most interesting part of that was revelation that FIA has form for getting forklifts/cranes on to the circuit doing recovery while cars are still actively racing! Who'd a.....
Raz 23 napja
The way Sutil's incident was handled in the 2014 Japanese GP was consistent with hundreds of other races found their own investigation. This shouldn't be that surprising
goomba1982 24 napja
So shocking Im shocked
Mishael Trivennios
F1 HAMboring Shocking time zzzzz
Madhav Anilkumar
that was close to kims head
Frederic Nasuti
Frederic Nasuti 24 napja
2:12 absolutely 0 safety for the drivers
xMix Dx
xMix Dx 24 napja
I want another 2007 ngl
The Gemini God
The Gemini God 24 napja
Wait, wasn't there a rule in 2005 that forced people to make the entire race on the same set of Tyres? Because if I remember, it was also one of the causes for the Indianapolis mess of a race.
Lucas Rabelo
Lucas Rabelo 24 napja
I think the number 4 will happen this weekend.
Dr Doofenshmirtz
McLaren in Nurburgring since 1997 1997: Two cars out 1998:Hakkinen wins 1999: Coulthard out 2000: 2nd and 3rd 2001: Coulthard 3rd 2002: Kimi 3rd 2003: Baikkonen blown engine and Coulthard spun off 2004: both cars blown eengine 2005: Kimi out
Le-WiiSs 24 napja
El BonitiilloO
El BonitiilloO 24 napja
1:06 well deserved michael.
John Paul Dorado
Looks really funny when a lot of cars went to the gravel at turn 1. But it was dangerous.
Alastair Watchman
1:15 origins of Sbinalla
Rafael Teixeira
Rafael Teixeira 24 napja
2:12 Jules flashbacks :(
Jack Goldstone
Jack Goldstone 24 napja
so we just aren't gonna talk about Niki?
The Marauder
The Marauder 24 napja
Can we have gravel traps back please as run off areas don't punish mistakes. Far too many drivers abuse the track limits during the race and get let off by the stewards.
Donny Lane
Donny Lane 24 napja
He will fight between Montoya against Schumacher back in 2003!
TheManThatIsF54 24 napja
James Allen's commentary on the Kimi tyre failure incident still gets me to this day. I TOLD YOU SO!!!
Susan Davis
Susan Davis 24 napja
How do you have a top 5 list of shocking moments at the Nürburgring, and leave out Niki Lauda in 1976?
moenchii 24 napja
I have a slight suspicion that this years Nürburgring race will be similar to the 2007 race...
MS 24 napja
What was shocking about the last one?
Vogel Taga
Vogel Taga 24 napja
You forgot the 2003 Kimi's engine blowing, from that episode he lost the World Title that year
Max Versthappening
A Ferrari: Spins on the inside of another car Everyone now: haha meme
C. I. A.
C. I. A. 24 napja
Waiting for some people thinking that this is Nordeschleife... *smh*
Milliond 24 napja
2:40 only one chicane. Doens anybody know why the Nürburgring add another chicane at this place. (2:40 weiß jemand warum dort eine zweite Schikane hinzugefügt wurde) ???
Philipp H
Philipp H 24 napja
So essentially Vettel is pulling a Schumacher-move when he has the inside line and spins, like his idol
BananenBoerBob 24 napja
I'm not entirely sure how pitting would've prevented him yeeting the entire front wheel in the first one as it seemed to be more of a suspension issue. Wasn't there also a certain car that caught fire at the ring? I'd say that was pretty shocking
TheRo33a 23 napja
The suspension failed because of vibration caused by a flat-spotted tyre
Varun Sambi
Varun Sambi 24 napja
Michael did sbinalla before Seb made it cool. 😂
Le Joker
Le Joker 24 napja
The Toro Rosso almost sliding into the mobile crane is so terrifying to watch with the hindsight of Bianchi´s crash
Guhan Sundaravathanam
Martin brundle the legendary commentator ❤️
Jakub Kebukaj
Jakub Kebukaj 24 napja
What song is that?
Rory Burke Racing
Nowadays this would never happen
Olivyay 24 napja
"Coulthard blows it" A classic Formula One saying, 1994-2008
Tom Postma
Tom Postma 24 napja
Where is niki lauda
David Carvalho
David Carvalho 24 napja
2:10 ...
Antonio 24 napja
Narrator: How Michael spun and Montoya didn't I have no idea... Vettel: Let me explain for you.
David Vasquez
David Vasquez 22 napja
무조거니 23 napja
???: S🅱️inalla
Henrique Mesquita
Binotto: No, let me explain better...SBINALLA!!!