7 Of The Biggest F1 Punishments 

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$100 million fines, disqualification from the championship and even team members JAILED! Here are 7 of the biggest punishments in Formula 1 history.
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HazeVI 34 perccel
If fifa was making a decision on a punishment for a thing like half of these combined, they would fine them a 3 pound meal deal
Jhetner Borja
Jhetner Borja 3 napja
Chris T
Chris T 3 napja
You forgot the expanding Michelin tires....
John Lim
John Lim 4 napja
Alonso also reveals that Ferrari took this year's engine from the 2015 McLaren.
O Fenómeno
O Fenómeno 8 napja
At the moment of the penalty, nobody thought Raikkonen was on the fight for the title
The brummie Rail enthusiasts
Racing point actually had 400 euro fine for the brake ducts being brought from Mercedes
The brummie Rail enthusiasts
Yeah Renault team was charged in 2009 for breaching the sporting code
Sk Hazie 11
Sk Hazie 11 12 napja
Shut it
kosys 12 napja
No wonder I'm not a fan of F1.
Brenda Vorster
No no you you cant say that
ManU4Eva Spunky
ManU4Eva Spunky 13 napja
And to think that Schumacher is seen as one of the greatest drivers of all time. Just imagine how many more world championships and race wins Lewis would have if he'd done the same.
Xen Uno
Xen Uno 13 napja
Use of time filler stock clips of no importance .. the mark of a rotten channel
PredatorUy 14 napja
My god. Such an annoying video. Terrible edit.
Khushal Unadkat
Khushal Unadkat 16 napja
its Mercedes why you say maclaren
Dom 16 napja
This explains why this sport will always be rigged and uncompetitive... Make F1 an actual race again
陳鵬 17 napja
So basically we should be really worried that Alonso is back because of the amount of controversies he is involved with
Ball Buster
Ball Buster 18 napja
What drama....
kimitheworm 18 napja
The Sato comment is a little unfair - how many of the F1 grid have one Indy once Let alone twice!
fantasticfourmatt 2010
sd fd
sd fd 19 napja
FIA: Don't do this again Racing point: Just a little penny Edit: TYSM for the likes! This is the most likes I've ever had on a comment
Malicia the Octoling
16:18 : And considering all the saga between Sassetti and McCarthy... (Sassetti mistreated him when the FIA told him he couldn't make another driver change since he already changed his drivers twice so he decided to try and kill McCarthy or make his whole life miserable (he got an offer to participate in a testing driving for Footwork, but Sassetti forbid him from ever taking part to that testing...)
Malicia the Octoling
In fact, I think the whole F1 world know Andrea Moda, but not for the best reason. :)
ElementLu 20 napja
👍🏼awesome video
The brummie Rail enthusiasts
Yeah Andrea moda should not do that
Cristian Sontay
Cristian Sontay 24 napja
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The brummie Rail enthusiasts
At the German Grand Prix alonso should have stayed behind massa and let massa win in Germany
John Wayne
John Wayne 27 napja
I wish that one guy would've been more harsh with punishment. These teams have been shown year after year to try to cheat away some points or find loopholes. Loopholes are fine for one use. Trying to abuse it again is plain cheating. I wish the FIAA would start putting out more harsh punishments on teams and drivers that decide to risk the life of you and/or another driver, however little that chance may be. I also highly doubt that a driver would be the one to willingly suggest that he, himself, be the one to suggest the whole idea of crashing into a while in order to benefit his teammate. That's just ludicrous in my opinion. That driver knows the stakes in play if the obvious is well.. obviously seen. I think DQ'ing someone from the championship is the harshest for a driver. DQ'ing from the constructor's title is also harsh. Those were both deserved though. The audacity of someone to try to purposefully make another driver crash like that in my opinion is absolutely detestable and I honestly believe that after a very thorough investigation that if any driver has been found to purposefully make an attempt to crash another driver they should be DQ'd from all FIAA motorsports for life. Fuck driver's who do that unless it's in retaliation to someone trying to crash you that in order to not crash yourself you have to end up taking a hit and hope for the best if you want any chance to finish the race.
Andrew Barnes
Andrew Barnes 28 napja
Wow nice article, I didn't know about Andrea Moda.
Yes Sir
Yes Sir 28 napja
No penalties on Leclerc for driving without the seatbelt on? Seems like a major infringement of safety regulations...
The brummie Rail enthusiasts
Perry McCarthy is the older version of the stig from top gear
Kokki 535
Kokki 535 29 napja
Interesting Noice
Evan Jones
Evan Jones Hónapja
barrichello getting fined by the FIA for getting fucked over by his team and teammate 😭 poor guy
Ari Pea
Ari Pea Hónapja
Some of the commenter are not a fan of Takuma Sato? He's a quality racer, was exciting to watch during his F1 outings, an engaging and genial interview, and a 2x Indy winner. That last one puts him in rare company indeed. He is certainly no Senna, Fangio, Schumacher, or Hamilton (or Clark or Prost or Stewart or Vettel, but you get the point...) but he is probably the greatest Japanese racer in history, a country with immense pedigree and a real love for motorsport. He found his level on the world stage, and has had a very long and successful career. I'd put his career accolades in the ballpark of drivers like Webber or Coulthard. Mostly because of his Oval track success, but he drove pretty well in his F1 days too! Many happy Sundays watching him, and shows no signs of quitting yet! The Sato's of the world are under appreciated in their time, but beloved in retrospect.
Diether Santos
Diether Santos Hónapja
Why This Video Keeps Recommending Me 😡
Rafa Firdaus
Rafa Firdaus 6 napja
Looking at your pfp, because motorsport.
ricky Hónapja
'Spygate' fine was reduced to 50 million then McLaren claimed it back against their taxes. The British public purse paid that fine.
Baxter Hónapja
Turns out there is much more drama in the racing industry than I thought. Interesting nonetheless!
Low F1
Low F1 Hónapja
Ferrari currently sounds like andrea moda
Adam Callow
Adam Callow Hónapja
The FIA need to humble up and let racing be racing, why restrict it?
michael tucker
michael tucker Hónapja
Changing the Rules in F1 to stop Ferrari winning all the time in the late 90s early 00s.
The brummie Rail enthusiasts
Yeah the fans were fuming with the Ferrari team about Michael passing Rubens before the end of the race
The brummie Rail enthusiasts
9:31 the Ferrari team should have tell Michael Schumacher to stay behind Rubens barrichello and let barrichello win in Austria
The brummie Rail enthusiasts
9:15 yeah that’s why BAR were cheating
Tsubasa Genzo
Tsubasa Genzo Hónapja
7:54 Sato and so what ? He's a 2 times indy 500 winner, and you ?
Steve C
Steve C Hónapja
Podium protocol? the guy actually did the right thing and still was punished. What a lame rule. It was his trophy he can let whoever he wants to touch it whenever he wants.
Charles Pletzke
Charles Pletzke Hónapja
11:22 that rule (while no longer existing) put Gasly in the incredible position to win at Monza 2020
Nate Sturm
Nate Sturm Hónapja
No one, literally no one - _________________________________ F1 - *are those tyres rubber* ?!?!?!
GreatBriton Hónapja
You look like a girl while you're wondering 00:13
MH Marques
MH Marques Hónapja
15:12 Tell me who this driver looks like.... Jules?
Bob England
Bob England Hónapja
the biggest scam of all, who is keeping and spending all of this money from fines?
Mrcheez Hónapja
House Nebula
House Nebula Hónapja
So when you intentional collide with another F1 car in speeds of up to 320kmh, "common sense" is to not consider that an attempted murder? Is that what you are saying? When i intentionally crash my car into another, top 1 possibility- prison. But the fuck do i know riiiight
sefs sfsefs
sefs sfsefs Hónapja
Je possède un banc de puissance, je travaille tous les jours avec, et il y a plusieurs choses qui me choquent en regardant cette vidéo : 1. Les sangles ne sont pas "verrouillées" (poignée refermée). Heureusement, à la fin elles l'étaient. 2. La personne qui passe sont bras sous la voiture, juste derrière la roue avant. Ou celle qui tourne autour de la voiture en plein test, il est beaucoup trop près ! 3. Des spectateurs juste derrière la voiture en plein test. Si un pneu explose ou un gravier coincé dans un pneu se libère, le projectile lancé à une vitesse élevée peut blesser quelqu'un ! Enfin, il faut préciser qu'une voiture ira toujours plus vite sur un banc qu'en vrai, car il n'y a pas d'air pour freiner la voiture. C'est comme tester la vitesse max d'un scooter en descente...
Morgan Ritson
Morgan Ritson Hónapja
That Renault thing was so terrible because the team basically tried to go after Piquet for it, and the community as a whole decided that it was a bigger deal that the driver had confessed than it was that the team had committed a crime. It genuinely makes me sick, and I think if anything similar were to happen now, it would never play out like that. Horrible, horrible, horrible.
MotorCityOctane Hónapja
NASCAR team used the "lead shot" method as well. The cars are tube chassis, they filled up the chassis tubes with BB's & had a secret button to release them making the car lighter. It worked well until a driver accidentally hit the button on pit road & released 1000's of BB's on pit lane in front of an race official
The_One_Titan Hónapja
Andre Moda one at the end was just funny
Matty talking about Schumi: I'm not a fanboy just a fanboy
Jeric Liwanag
Jeric Liwanag Hónapja
so your telling us that FERRARI A ONE BIG GIANT CAR COMPANY cant afford a printer?
Analia Rondon Arias
Can we talk about the favoritism the FIA has for Ferrari?
Sauradeep Dasgupta
What happens to the 100 million dollar fine?after paying FIA
Veer Sheth
Veer Sheth Hónapja
Am I the only one who is wondering if McLaren wasn't fined then maybe they wouldn't have to have put the technology centre for sale
Andrew Hale
Andrew Hale Hónapja
Biggest 'Non' pnishments, basically everything Ferrari did whilst Jean Todt was around, they got away with absolutely shed loads of stuff, then there's Brauns Double Diffuser season, no punishments, but lots of investigations and whining from Ferrari, (and every other team in the pit lane - but mostly Ferrari) and of course the biggest controversy - Senna's Steering Column! Did Williams get away with Manslaughter??
Thomas Perakovic
Gheesh its like is there a racing year which isnt either cheates within or influenced by a cheater! Greasy euros!
Chris Kelly
Chris Kelly Hónapja
Whilst "team orders" were not illegal, it could be quite easily seen as match fixing as it is clear that the natural result of the competition is being influenced which is not only illegal by the rules of the FIA but is also a criminal act in many countries.
Notsoepicbear Hónapja
is F1 a sport or politics? Holy shit
romefox Hónapja
Wow, so much intrigue, sounds like the plot to a 007 movie
76csabish Hónapja
Ferrari, team orders, 2002= scandal, outrage Everyone, team orders, always= crickets chirping...
Ruben Magana
Ruben Magana Hónapja
They should fine Williams for being so bad
Fireheart Industries
Wait, you can't refuel? As someone who has pretty much no knowledge of F1 (or racing in general) I didn't realize that was a rule. With as much power that these cars have, I can't imagine races go on for too long if you're not allowed to add fuel in the pits
Benito Mussolini
When Ferrari lied to Vettel, gave him a shite car and then expected him to win in the motorised shoebox!
Kenny Patts
Kenny Patts Hónapja
“Fernando. Is faster. Than you.”
heddu you
heddu you Hónapja
Your account name is WTF1
Mario Treglia
Mario Treglia Hónapja
I don’t see why Sato has to be mentioned as if he’s a mediocre driver, he won the Indy 500 twice, it is not easy to show results with a bad car, Moreno, the same one mentioned in the Andrea Moda story, the one who managed to qualify a car without parts to an official race, came in second on his first race with Benetton at Suzuka, his teammate Nelson Piquet won that same race, but the Brazilian, I mean Moreno, lost his place on the team for the next race to a certain younger driver from Germany, called Michael Schumacher who was debuting in F1...
M Juwildia
M Juwildia Hónapja
Mclaren cheater!
RawLu Hónapja
"MAYBE ITS BECAUSE I'M BLACK" - Yes, He did say that over penalties in the past so you know its even more of that Craziness now... They are walking on egg shells to not offend the poor Black American... @ Americanization 24/7/365...
Betty Kamara
Betty Kamara 2 hónapja
Shouldn’t it be Fernando in the main pic?
Seb Dizon
Seb Dizon 2 hónapja
Isn't "had'nt" spelled as hadn't
Pek Vek
Pek Vek 2 hónapja
Hamilton should be punished and banished for all those idiotic kneelings
NZ Salt Flats Racer
What a clusterfuck F1 is!
Do py
Do py 2 hónapja
Yeah but what you don’t say about villeneuve shumacher is that williams made a deal with mclaren to not push too hard and Villeneuve would give the 1 and 2 place.
slade-joseph- Wilson
Make a video about resent secret messages during the race
Paul Kilburn
Paul Kilburn 2 hónapja
Hamilton should be fined for his antics with a t shirt demanding arrest police.
Nemesis McNasty
Nemesis McNasty 2 hónapja
Perry Mccarthy went on to become Top Gears first Stig.....
Rukiyati Kuebler
Rukiyati Kuebler 2 hónapja
HELLO GOOD NIGHT FORMEL F1 GOD BLESS YOU 👍 AND IWAN'T COMEBACK TOP STORY 🌳 🌳 🌳 🌳 🌳 🌳 🏎🏎🏎🏎🏎🏎🏎🏎🏎🏎🏎🏁🏁🏁💯💯💯👑👑👑🏆🏆🏆❤❤❤🌍🌐🌏🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧😍🇬🇧🇩🇪🇩🇪🇩🇪🌳🌳🌳🌳🌳🌳🌳🌳🌍🌐👍👍👍 OMG ...ALMOST MASS ✍ ISEE LITTLE CRIME SORRY ! WARNING FOR YOU !🚨🚨🚨🚦🚦🚦🛑🛑🛑🚨🚨🚨
SnakeSolidPL 2 hónapja
Is CORPSE the tatooist from the Max Payne movie? xd
Baconlips 2 hónapja
8:45 That's not how that contraction works, my good man.
OzanBurada 2 hónapja
"into disrepute" Haha. F1 is always into disrepute. Damn thing is too political for any real race. Probably we're seeing the tail end of F1 now.
AppleLauda 2 hónapja
Biggest F1 punishment: *INSTANT KARMA*
wtfuredead 2 hónapja
youtube is getting pretty comfortable with these double unskipable ads
Jayde R
Jayde R 2 hónapja
some of these are insanely ruthless. some are insanely lenient
Thustine 2 hónapja
You got to the start of this video list, completely wrong, it was the front brakes that were found illegally procured, as they copied the current Mercedes front brake spec, the back brakes were the previous year’s design and deemed legal, and if you did research you’d know that since that RP fine, the team has now copied this years Mercedes back brakes as they did the current front brakes.
Graham Clayton
Graham Clayton 2 hónapja
Gary Brabham and Bruno Giacomelli driving the terrible Life L190 during 1990 has to be the greatest punishment inflicted on any Formula 1 driver :-)
Gordon Marshall
Gordon Marshall 2 hónapja
Asking someone to crash into someone one else is like asking them to commit murder. I would be compelled to tell the other team and or the authorities. I say that now that I'm old, there's a chance I may have completed the crash when I was younger under that pressure, but I would always regret doing the crash.
RagingUtai 2 hónapja
Did they appeal?? Surely thry didn't pay out that much.
English. 2 hónapja
I just wish hamilton would crash and die like Senna did.
Ultrase7en 49
Ultrase7en 49 2 hónapja
Tracing point confirmed
BCtiger 2 hónapja
It was years of watching F1 before I learned the Raidillon is the steep, fast right hander that everyone loves and maybe fears lol and Eau Rouge is the left hander.
moses gikeri
moses gikeri 2 hónapja
So drivers were this dirty including Schumacher if Hamilton did some of these things Alonso and Scumi did he would have zero fans and get banned for life. FIA is a joke that they all got away
Vicius 2 hónapja
15:24 No he is not the stig :V
Ron DLH 2 hónapja
Currently there is no chance that anybody wants to copy anything from Ferrari
Bob Agg
Bob Agg 2 hónapja
Michael Schumacher and Seb Vet are the two dirtiest cheats in F1 history.... the reason I now detest Ferrari.
KDavisJr86 2 hónapja
Nando's pretty lucky that he was involved in two major F1 scandals and never got punished.
Daniel McAllister
Daniel McAllister 2 hónapja
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