A Closer Look At The Race Start In Sochi | Jolyon Palmer Analysis | 2020 Russian Grand Prix 

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Jolyon Palmer dissects the race start in Sochi, taking a look at Valtteri Bottas' near perfect start and both Lance Stroll and Carlos Sainz's Lap 1 crashes.
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n00bdax 12 napja
Alex Wurz on commentary made a point that the polystyrene chicane is badly designed and would be much safer with grass as a natural deterrent instead.
uculetzu 14 napja
0:26 and 1:01 if out slow down the video you can see what hit Bottas
Sandra Lantau
Sandra Lantau 15 napja
Thanks for another insightful video. Do you have any thoughts about LeClerc's practice start at Spa? I understand the Directors Notes in Spa were very clear about where the practice start can take place (marked box), even having photo attached. But Leclerc's practice start was not within the designated space. There was no penalty or even investigation apparently.
Fluppi 15 napja
4:35 He does hit Norris. I don't think he got damage but if he did, that didn't help
Anthony Leslie
Anthony Leslie 15 napja
Jolyon Palmer .... EXPLAIN How is it that Lewis got penalised in sochi yet Lecrlec did the same thing in spa & got away with it ? The same notes about where to practice starts were also in the race directors notes in Spa as in Sochi, Plus they had a digression as to weather or not to in pose penalties as the race hadnt started & the team gave him permission to to them where he did them, the team admitted this & they should have been fined not Hamilton, especially since the race hadnt started, so why not penalties for Lecrlec in Spa / You say & make excuses for Leclerc causing a collision, just because its the first lap it doesn't make it any less his fault for crashing into & ending Stolls race, he went for a gap that was always going to get tighter as they got to the apex of that corner, Yet he gets away with it. The same as in spa with his practice starts which were also covered in the directors notes EXPLAIN please
TechnoGuy11 16 napja
Sainz did touch Lando you could see a little tire smoke when he did. Lando's lucky he didn't get a puncture.
SRJT16 18 napja
I can't believe LeClerc did not get a penalty for that. The incident was 100% his fault
Peter Miechielssens
There is an important piece missing this time (which I saw on F1 TV Pro) ....
Gopr311 18 napja
Verstappen always over uses the run off areas - coward
hazeluzzell 18 napja
Wasn’t a driver killed when a bird hit his visor. No consistency in stewards decisions. I feel that I’m seeing more tyres rolling free than last season...
Formel FreeZe
Formel FreeZe 18 napja
Why didn't we get to see Magnussens lap, where he gained 9 places
robinheil 19 napja
Previously, Bottas pumped iron and ate porridge to beat Hamilton. Next year, Bottas 3.0 will be a beekeeper.
Malcolm Jitam
Malcolm Jitam 19 napja
It was a butterfly (looks very much like one) and not a bee that hit Botas's visor. You can see it at precisely at 1.01(you'll need a bit of luck to catch it).
dgretlein 19 napja
Hamilton deserved both penalties. Should have served them both. Now that Merc paid off the FIA, again, they rescinded the penalties. Bottas is better than Hamilton, Hamilton cries and complains more. Maybe, maybe I’ll resubscribe to F1TV when Hamilton leaves. Doubt it, though.
Haze_ Piano
Haze_ Piano 19 napja
if u look at the start u can see that there saying valltity is russian when he is actually finish
xB-DeathKnell 19 napja
Who is he talking to????
Stanley Schmidt
Stanley Schmidt 20 napja
Funny how palmer kinda makes excuse for leclerc hitting stroll. If the positions were reversed would he give Stroll the same consideration???? Doubt it. Seems the stewards have a blind spot for leclerc when it comes to penalties.
senraXD 20 napja
I feel bad for Norris. He had to pit because of Sainz's crash which pretty much ruined Norris' race.
Sergio Palacios
Sergio Palacios 20 napja
Really like Jolyons commentaries.
Alex Beau
Alex Beau 20 napja
I'm not a F1 connoisseur, why are so many people moaning about this circuit? What's wrong with 90° corners? Why are they so unpopular with the fans? Does it always have to be about speed? Isn't the "trickyness" and the high differential between slow corners and fast straight lines what makes it more interesting?
Christophe Juszczakiewicz
The giant bee that made Bottas miss his braking zone a little at turn 1 is visible near Hamilton's front left at 1:01.
Martin Pichette
Martin Pichette 20 napja
I want more Jolyon analysis, compared to other driver he is great at explaining stuff. Great voice and flow
Papa Grounds
Papa Grounds 20 napja
Leclerc didn't leave that one car width of space and he should've been penalized by that incident with Stroll.
Lotus cola
Lotus cola 20 napja
sainz jr cant make a standing start, how can he judge the sc restarts.
mrsynm 20 napja
the bee can be seen in Hamilton's on board @1:01
Lando drops 10 positions so he kind of lost out anyway. Perez on the other hand...
CIinbox 20 napja
Pause at 0:25 Use , and . keys to skip frame by frame. You can clearly see an object fall onto Lewis' car and then bounce off and hit Bottas in the face. It even bounces up from his helmet and whizzes past the camera in the lower right.
DarkWater4Eva 20 napja
Hamilton vs Albon in the Austrian Grand Prix 2020.............and Hamilton vs. Albon in Brazil 2019 had similar accidents. Both incidences Hamilton was penalized for it. But in this case LeClerc gets no penalties. I encourage viewers to go review these 3 incidents and tell me F1 officials isn't out to get Lewis.
Kakha Khmelidze
Kakha Khmelidze 20 napja
Always knew that Carlos is full of false. He is a poor artist. Quite mediocre driver
MiyaChrome89 20 napja
FIA is a yoke, a yoke~!
Thomas John Solidum
Carlos crashed because he didnt want to cut the chicken.
Aiden Mocicka
Aiden Mocicka 21 napja
4:40 I actually think Sainz just hit the rear right of Norris with his front wing
Thomaxonal 21 napja
Carlos cash is him preparing to step into Vettels shoes. Next we'll see him doing some spins, particularly in stressful, and crucial situations.
Bernardo Reyes
Bernardo Reyes 21 napja
Giant bee is on Hamilton's onboard on minute 1:01 !!
LeCharles07 21 napja
I think that the turn 2 runoff should be redesigned for safety. Cars bouncing across the track like that is super dangerous.
DrumsNstuff 21 napja
You can see the bee in both Bottas and Hamilton’s onboards
TheHB'STech JZ
TheHB'STech JZ 21 napja
"you need to be alert on a street circuit."
Freddy 21 napja
Sainz is an amateur!!! Get rid of him!!!
De Apenhoofd
De Apenhoofd 21 napja
Did Grosjean have to take the escape road in turn 2 when he was essentially pushed off the track by Vettel?
Michael Bay
Michael Bay 21 napja
Sainz didn’t stay alert!
Sami Khamis
Sami Khamis 21 napja
Where is palmer ?
blknsxy10 21 napja
Is F1 racist after penalizing Lewis Hamilton and causing him to lose a race at the Russian GP, and not penalizing Charles Leclerc for doing the same thing at the Belgium GP. Why have you not said anything about this!
aadamson725 21 napja
quit with these non skippable ads and ads every 2 mins just driving away new audiences
blknsxy10 21 napja
Is F1 racist after penalizing Lewis Hamilton and causing him to lose a race at the Russian GP, and not penalizing Charles Leclerc for doing the same thing at the Belgium GP
Cookivirus 20 napja
Addster 21 napja
I think leclerc was a racing incident and I think Hamilton/albon was also a racing incident. But the stewards have to give leclerc a penalty because can't be 1 rule for one and one rule for another. Bottas radio was embarrassing. He was over half a second behind lewis in qualifying and Hamilton had penalties with a slower tyre strategy ... He hasn't proven anything other than he can't beat Hamilton in a fair fight yet this season.
Ben Hewitt
Ben Hewitt 21 napja
Can see something like a 'giant bee' on Hamiltons camera at 1:00
J. Carlos Andrioli
''course one might say if Bottas followed Jolyon's advice to take more risks he might also be having as many accidents as Jolyon did in his career...
K D 21 napja
Trying to justify Leclerc taking out Stroll and see logic behind hitting another driver and not getting penalized for it is sickening. You hate to hear it and you love to ignore reality but we all know why Lewis will pick up a penalty for the same thing another driver has a chance to get away with.
Moe Marino
Moe Marino 21 napja
Can't wait for Germany! GO FERARRI!
William J. France
Sainz’s crash is a rookie error?! They were asking drivers to go through a space CENTIMETRES wider than their cars which is next to a wall (could they have not placed that system further away from the wall) which can forgive his mistake. I think turn 2 in general is very problematic on this track
Yellow Tea pot
Yellow Tea pot 21 napja
He’ll fit in perfectly at Ferrari. So glad he was booted 🥾 from Renault. Couldn’t stand his Motorsport royalty attitude. Bye bye 👋🏾
George Seaton
George Seaton 21 napja
Robert Higgins
Robert Higgins 21 napja
Carlos did touch Norris back right tyre, you can see a little bit of smoke coming off Norris tyre as they touch.
Dan Shearing
Dan Shearing 21 napja
Says the man who couldn’t hack it on f1, what a wholly
MrBryan86 21 napja
Meh. Still think Leclerc should have gotten a Penalty for the collision. As mentioned, he accelerated out of the corner knowing that he’s under steering and has stroll on the outside, even blamed stroll for not giving enough space pfft. Inconsistent stewarding as always
Cracking the Shell
wow that was an amazing opening move by stroll
One Million Dead Koalas
I would actually really like to see Palmer analyse other stuff, too. Like people getting into arguments while waiting in line, or teenage breakups. Just arbitrary stuff that isn't inherently interesting, but for the fact that Palmer is giving such an emphatic and researched opinion on the matter at hand. 😂
Bazillyyy 21 napja
Really like these closer looks at the starts, reallly breaks down one of the most important moments of the race, keep them up!
Chevy 21 napja
where is Palmer?
Rory 21 napja
Upload full eps
aljaca98 21 napja
Upload full episodes ffs
v m
v m 21 napja
Carlos could have never made that turn from that angle.
Joel Farley
Joel Farley 21 napja
Sainz forgot that you have to be alert on a street circuit
diegovski 21 napja
In the old days when a driver missed the breaking spot and went wide, often it was game over, stuck in the gravel trap. I understand the need to use paved run-off areas for safety, but it should penalise drivers more, with a longer path that really makes them lose time. Verstappen barely tried to take the turn, instead cut the corner at full speed without losing any time. That simply doesn't feel right.
Shawn 'TheSheep' Harris
That run off area on tune 1 is a YOKE. Is it necessary to give them such a narrow space?
Logan Bicker
Logan Bicker 21 napja
Loved this! First one I have seen. Palmer gives awesome insight. Hope to see more of this in the future!
Sam 21 napja
If Seb was the one who punted Stroll off rather than Charles, this would've been a controversial incident. Along with Seb jokes. Fight me if you think otherwise.
Lesley Murugesu
Lesley Murugesu 21 napja
Awesome video. Thumbs up👍
Color Emperor
Color Emperor 21 napja
So if maldonado never won his race do you think Alonso would have on the 2012 championship?
JohnyG29 21 napja
So what was his opinion on Hamilton's penalties?
Joshua Walter
Joshua Walter 21 napja
Thanks Hamilton did it with Albon gets penalised Charles goes scott free. Also he got double penalty in this race 10secs and still took 3rd. Bottas did well but i wont be proud of a win that robbed my teammate. If hamilton raced without penalty we know its get in there Mate. So bottas well congratulations same number of wins as Max. Who is much younger and not in a Mercedes.
Heath Cliff
Heath Cliff 21 napja
Azerbaijan attacked Armenia and are now at war over Armenian land. A few thousand troops are dead in the past 3 days. Is it right to race at Baku next year? Will F1 stand against racism but not war?
Max G
Max G 21 napja
Hmm. Bit too soft on Sainz for his monemental error. That was a shocker and as for the barriers after turn 1, most of these drivers wouldn't be running wide in the first place, if there was a gravel trap. I personally think drivers should be punished for mistakes, instead of loosing a few positions and being allowed to rejoin the circuits. I must be old fashioned.
Roberto Vezi
Roberto Vezi 21 napja
Hes so bad at diving but nice at analysing
jds54 21 napja
All you need is gravel instead of asphalt on the outside of turn 2 ... it's an easy fix.
Ivan Pozdeev
Ivan Pozdeev 21 napja
It's like a stock cartoon gag: Max: **goes through the bollards like a breeze** Carlos: **follows in his footsteps and fails miserably**
Detmer 21 napja
Leclerc was lucky for not getting a 5 second penalty for causing a collision...
Sean Thompson
Sean Thompson 21 napja
look at the camera Jolyon, who are you looking at? looks strange!
The Great Frenemy
Lance definitely could have continued but gave up
33shin33 21 napja
A giant bee hit you and you had to brake, of course yes under any shadow of doubt yes 100% okay sure
FusionSniping 21 napja
I kinda find it funny people blame the grid for the starts, yet Magnussen and Grosjean to an extent had decent launches
Andy Glastonbury
Palmer “assuming” what the Stewards are thinking is a bit pointless. We can all assume, but will come to different conclusions. The FIA should come out with their exact reasons why some drivers are being penalised, whilst others are not. The CLC incident demonstrates exactly the problem and why this is necessary, plus why people are starting to lose faith the stewards generally.
Abhinav PV
Abhinav PV 21 napja
I can look up on his analysis all day long
Siyanda Jola
Siyanda Jola 21 napja
Lol but Hamilton was taking care of his tires. He wasn't even pushing the car😂😂
Mohamad Alrashed
Nice guys DNF
Steve Wogan
Steve Wogan 21 napja
It is odd that not even attempting to stay on the track at turn 2 (like Verstappen did) is OK, but going off slightly and then having to divert to the bollards is such a huge disadvantage... by trying to do the right thing you get massively punished.
Aleksinho 21 napja
I don't agree in Sainz case, this corner is really dangerous for drivers. I understand that the boxes are placed to don't give driver time advantage, but it is too close to the barier, as you showed the clip from F2 race, here there was a chance that Sainz could take out Norris. They should delete the run off area, or move back this barrier.
2Fast2quick 21 napja
Seems like bottas needs to be hit by a bee more often.
jtomee 21 napja
Where is Palmer?
Asian Guy
Asian Guy 21 napja
yay! an analysis that isnt only focused on one particular subject or occurence in the race
biocybernaut 21 napja
720p what went wrong F1?
Kaze 21 napja
leclare should get penalty
alexdelta88 21 napja
Why is it, that the best starter in F1. Kmag´s once again fantastic start dont get praized..??
Ronni Marker
Ronni Marker 21 napja
I think he gets overlooked a lot of times by the commentators and analysts, but I guess it's also due to he is racing in a team that's too underdeveloped to make any major difference. Would absolutely love to see what he could do in a racer that could go head to head with the top teams.
Max G
Max G 21 napja
Stroll is the best starter. Watch his start, all the way upto him being taken out by Leclerc.
Privacy Is Everything
It's strange how Palmer is so impartial in these analyses because he couldn't stop slating Hamilton during the race. Hamilton should never have been given a timed penalty. How can Hamilton be given a time penalty and Leclerk gets away with shunting Stroll? It was the same as the Hamilton Albon incident. The FIA does really stand for Ferrari International Assistance.
Mikail Afiq
Mikail Afiq 21 napja
Both should’ve been punished. Just because 1 driver made an error and didn’t get punished for it (although he really should’ve been), doesn’t mean another driver should be able to make an error and get away with it.
Jon Cook
Jon Cook 21 napja
Maybe Bottas should be more aggressive, but he can't rely on a giant bee to distract him into braking late every time 🤣
Siddharth Singh
Siddharth Singh 21 napja
That was a brilliant start from Stroll. The guy deserves too much hate for no reason at all.
Tim R
Tim R 21 napja
if you go to 0:29 and go frame by frame (using . and ,) you can see the giant bee explode on bottas' helmet. another projectile at 0:26 like others mention but that one wouldn't affect his braking
Nepal Sharma
Nepal Sharma 21 napja
You have got to say sainz really got lucky for that Ferrari seat.Maybe least talented driver for ferrari over few decades.A sensible person cannot put him over Riccardo unless you want a actuall no.2 driver.
Mehul Jain
Mehul Jain 22 napja
Perez went off track but stewards did nothing
Sebastian Dierks
The solution to turn 2 is a gravel trap. But that won't happen.
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