Akrobeto Brings You Results Of The English Premier League...DON'T MISS 

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Akrobeto Brings You Results Of The English Premier League...DON'T MISS
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Srdjan Todorov
Srdjan Todorov 11 perccel
Чамик Чамик
Hello from Tajikistan 🇹🇯😄☝️👍
Declan Hampson
Declan Hampson 3 órája
Oh god. It was going so well with Atalanta. Then he got completely bamboozled with Inter 😂 what a nice guy though!
David Hall
David Hall 3 órája
English Premier League After one Manchester United three Chris apologize for Liz United one Tessa for The riverfront he's nothing one West Ham one Freedom Neil Sun Sunday Westbrook resume which Nell Trusted such as phosphorus one. Let's listen to Tessa T1. He did whatever is the report them. No. Manchester City won live up to 1 Isner No, I stole Village three
Riki Iskandar
Riki Iskandar 3 órája
Shieeieulelel united. Westbruamasvs totehenasmesws spur elcuscesessses city welharseseass wadesreusesa aston vivilage calcaLLLlgarie sampporodia ebenevESVESnentso speasaaaia firererefilaaaAAaa lillliazu juveeveEVASvvvventus interasaaalaLAlala bdosessree dortAÀman baEtsyer mayikKKK wolkoGHjjssukukssburk hasossinss baykersers levuesreses bausiass¥₩waaa mgalactsesoaosa Correct me if i wrong......
Chris Gandy
Chris Gandy 4 órája
I can't believe this is actually real and my guy is actually on t.v. like this . I've never laughed so hard in my life 😅
MisterDriver 4 órája
NAU ........................futbol
Ondřej Jirka
Ondřej Jirka 4 órája
Ratata Tatata
Ratata Tatata 4 órája
Aston Village :D :D :D
Kai Brüggemann
Kai Brüggemann 4 órája
Jesus, this lemonade must be mighty strong!
BloodRain23 5 órája
Cagliari and Borussia Monchengladach ... im dying :D How about Paris Saint Germains, Doxa Katokopias, FC Viktoria Plzen, Real Sociedad ... but Finland and Iceland looks like winners :D
Jiri 6 órája
The news director: Sorry, the printer is broken, I will have somebody hand write all the sports results for you. Problem? solved.
Koray Ersoz
Koray Ersoz 6 órája
We wait Champions League teams :)
Nodar Aronia
Nodar Aronia 6 órája
holy shit it started to rain listening to this
Crime Squad Channel
Kuroba Chaouki
Kuroba Chaouki 9 órája
Aston village 😂😂😂😂
a random person
a random person 10 órája
Me when im called to present infront of the class:
Habageru Roli
Habageru Roli 10 órája
Jahid Hassan
Jahid Hassan 10 órája
🙂 Nice
Shahobiddin Luqmon
Shahobiddin Luqmon 10 órája
Budi Herdianto
Budi Herdianto 12 órája
Priceless Princess
Priceless Princess 12 órája
0:50 all I heard was.... west broom witch..nil😂😂.
Lenara Valiulina
Lenara Valiulina 13 órája
Absolutely perfect!!) 😂
ahahahahah omg this is good dictor)
mercy betsga
mercy betsga 14 órája
I am tired to him reading😞
Vimal Bogati
Vimal Bogati 15 órája
My brother showed me this video and I wanted to check if this was real news or some parody.... Feel pity for this anchor for such a struggle but he made me ROFL.... Thanks to him for making me laugh so hard.
Martin Ruščin
Martin Ruščin 20 órája
Sun-sunday, West Bromwich so witch - nul - Totte Tottennham Hots pespes one :D Sheffiled = So Willy the front United :D Leicester = Let lit lisiter talk city :D Wolverhampton = no idea :D
xbqchm 21 órája
Now he shoud try Ferencváros, Mezőkövesd, Zalaegerszeg, Diósgyőr.
Lady Thiep
Lady Thiep 23 órája
My guy out here speaking fluent Cartinese tho
Lady Thiep
Lady Thiep 23 órája
Daniel Di Fonzo
Daniel Di Fonzo 23 órája
Barman Fiorentina
Erez Asherov
Erez Asherov 23 órája
Come on, obviously it's Steve Martin!
Enzo Capasso
Clgri - Sampnrrrrra Bennvto - Spzia Bamma - Flrrrrtenna Lazi - Gliuwntas Atlanta - Intarrsswnla Ganoa - Woma
Sebastiano Sommariva
SeriA A is ott
Francesco Brustia
Miglior comico africano
ardian Napja
Is this for real?
Sam Lowry
Sam Lowry Napja
2:44 WTF I am doing here :-D
Stephen Caffrey
The fact they have to highlight the teams he fails to pronounce in yellow so people know which team he speaks of has me dead💀🤣🤣🤣🤣
Melonology Napja
What is this?
Landry Mukiza
Is he serious or not?
Vince Hajós-Szabó
Is this real?
Ntinos Gkosdis
This is not a normal People this is a legend
bethelehem asmamaw tsegazeab
is this a real news or what
jangkrik makarel
beye levekuskus fans here
Rafa Ataya
Rafa Ataya Napja
Parah ngakak kali buat orang indo nich🤣🤣🤣🤣😂🤣🤣
S CO PO Napja
Is he reading bad on purpose, right? I feel like this is some comedy sketch.
MatthiXXY 9 órája
Pretty sure. I think he almost missed the mask joke. And then he put the mask over his eyes. Still funny but weird people think it's real.
AndreasGutt 2017
Funny meme
Cagliari 😂😂😂
exeterra Napja
Amazing how he read Liventus instead of Juventus, like there's not a single "L" in there
akash s
akash s 12 órája
flip the J sideways..
Indrit Jahaj
This guy is the CEO of talking
Mo Napja
He's A Legend Long May He Raise .... 😂 👏
Gwen Banda
Gwen Banda Napja
Rarely have I laughed so hard. In 2020 this man has lifted my spirits so high. Thank you big guy. Thank you
N2 nati
N2 nati Napja
kaleab melkamu
LMAO......when he start this carrier?
Rez1k Napja
SheffÏęLd žXßtsiœu nil
Mr Junayd
Mr Junayd Napja
I am literally dead.!!!!! What a legend 😂😂😂
Taxi 2 napja
He says wolfsburg like a real wolf 2:27
Taxi 2 napja
Taxi 2 napja
Taxi 2 napja
Sampdlallslalalld nil
Waleed Waleed
Waleed Waleed 2 napja
Aston vill-village
Tomáš Toucha
Tomáš Toucha
NOW!...fubol...ENGLShzszjdhd PREMIER LEAGUE!!!
Сергей Шинкарев
Братское сердце, ты вернул мне веру в себя! Я поспешил бросить работу на телевидении...
C Watson
C Watson Napja
Otherwise pronounced Inverness Caledonian Thistle
tim james
tim james 2 napja
How hasn't he heard of Juventus and Bayern Munich lmao
Ethan tho4
Ethan tho4 2 napja
What a legend
Lamin Conte
Lamin Conte 2 napja
Brazil Dortmund
Francisco Figueiral
The best part is when the guy laugh of this comic situation at the end 2:43
The Pigeon
The Pigeon 2 napja
Internazionale= In Jerusalem
Tegar Prasetya
Mateo 2 napja
I can't breathe 😹😹
CHRIS P. 2 napja
Me - *accidentally step on my dog's paw" My dog - 2:28
Ali Saiyan
Ali Saiyan 2 napja
I wish the news stations were as real as this
Eustachiusz Kuśka
Eke Mans
Eke Mans 2 napja
1:25 Seria Aahhhhh
Speedy-pootis 2 napja
He is talking in minecraft enchantment table launguage
Mr.TakiTarkov 2 napja
This man should teach other news people around the world, would be ALOT more interesting to watch news 😂😂👍
il pirata is back
Souvik Katwar
Souvik Katwar 2 napja
"Totunum hospuspus" sounds like an octopus species
Gabriele Imperio
I numeri un po'in italiano e un po' in inglese 😂
Gabriele Imperio
AZIZ hakimov
AZIZ hakimov 2 napja
Спиздия 🤣🤣
azman uzumaki
azman uzumaki 2 napja
Lets viral this lmfao
Almas Zhaxybayev
SLMT connect
SLMT connect 2 napja
ufuwawaghrrrrrqbeerrrrr wasbbbrrkjing 🤣 LOL 🤣🤣🤣
Leo Kostas
Leo Kostas 2 napja
When he puts his mask over his eyes then tries to drink something with his mask on lmao
N F95
N F95 2 napja
Why is the video called English league? It should be called soccer results
Nirpa Upadhayaya
We want this guy in BBC sports news.
Yet it's far superior to mainstream news.
Sadrul Chowdhury
I cant breath after this That was too funny.
BadNewsKojo 7
BadNewsKojo 7 2 napja
1:03 if ur Ghanaian den uno😭😭😭😭😭💀💀💀💀💀
Arlogamer2 2 napja
The serie A 1:24! was his hardest text to read 😂😂😂👉 2:34👈😂😂😁😁
Ale23r 2 napja
Neanche un mezzo commento in italiano?
Wavy Sunami
Wavy Sunami 2 napja
ilginç adam
ilginç adam 2 napja
That’s me when i try to pronounce congratulations for a first time.
Fabienne A
Fabienne A 2 napja
nayan12able 3 napja
Aston village 🤣
Marco Settembre
"Siria a"
Caleb Yegon
Caleb Yegon 3 napja
Wolverhampton gonna kill me 1:03💀
Caleb Yegon
Caleb Yegon 2 napja
@JimmyJT wlvvvtttttwmptttin 😂.....hell I'm not even close 😂
JimmyJT 2 napja
I know hahah what tf did he say
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