All Sebastian Vettel's Ferrari Wins - Team Radio Best Bits! 

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Sebastian Vettel's wins for Ferrari via the best of the airwaves - as Seb prepares for his final race with the team at the 2020 Abu Dhabi Grand Prix...
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- 15 órája
He rlly wanted to bring Ferrari back to his old glory he loves the team so
Rapip :D
Rapip :D 5 napja
sometimes I forgot that hes German
Stefizier 6 napja
When he actually won
Charbel 9 napja
Starting 2019 he started sounding upset
Matej 12 napja
When Vettell on pole Bottas and Hamilton hold my grazue ragazzi
Max 17 napja
When you finally kiss your crush 0:00 .. Italian crush ?
Vojtech Hlatky
Vojtech Hlatky 18 napja
You forgot about Canada 2019
Afroboo 19 napja
Ferrari miss you Seb 🇩🇪
Tim 20 napja
Didn’t win a race in 2016
seBastian vettel
Sebastian Vettel: Part time F1 driver, full time singer, all time legend
Danielo Vega
Danielo Vega 25 napja
gp da malasia 2015 gp da hungria 2015 gp da cingapura 2015 gp da australia 2017 gp do bahrein 2017 gp de monaco 2017 gp da hungria 2017 gp do brasil 2017 gp da australia 2018 gp do bahrein 2018 gp do canada 2018 gp da inglaterra 2018 gp da belgica 2018 gp da cingapura 2019
robert dixon
robert dixon 27 napja
Only driver to push Lewis with different equipment
Balkanian Group 2000 LTD
Congratulations Sebastian Vettel 👏🏁
Kayo_Chin_LAN 28 napja
¿Man, is it just me or does Hamilton's win celebrations sound sooo fake compared to Vettel's?
No Tru
No Tru 29 napja
Yang pilih allah like.
No Tru
No Tru 29 napja
Ingat.... Ada allah....
babibu bebo
babibu bebo 29 napja
They use the V8 engine sound for the brazilian gp donut. That's kinda pathetic
Lee Claxton
Lee Claxton Hónapja
2015: 3 wins 2016: :/ 2017: 5 wins 2018: 6 wins 2019: 1 win
Balnazzardi 29 napja
Funny thing is that he won more races than Kimi did during his 8 years at Ferrari, yet Kimi is still their latest champion 😄
stjepan60 Hónapja
Where's Canada 2019? 🙂
Rattus Norvegicus
Opening two 2015 wins..FI on the mirrors...just needs an AT added. Russian internet spying sponsorship. Whiskey ad hoardings...I`m out...
Azmi Hónapja
Why is the video length of a trailer? It should've been a full-length movie.
Levente Kelecsényi
My favourite one is the one at 1:09
TIGA・么 Python Gaming
He never won a race in `16?
Balnazzardi 29 napja
Nope, in 2016 Ferrari was clearly 3rd best team, way behind Mercedes and even more or less clearly behind Red Bull. The 2 races that Mercedes failed to win that year were won by Red Bull and and Ricciardo who drove at Red Bull at that time finished 3rd in championship, way ahead of Vettel who finished 4th just barely ahead of Verstappen who didn't even begin his season at Red Bull but replaced Kvyat from 5th race onwards
Arthur Van Tetelepta
ferrari 2020 is the worst
Ciao Lecrack
Ciao Lecrack Hónapja
Imagine when he gets a win or a podium at Aston Martin but there's no more Grazie Ragazzi.
Tiago Vendrametto
it really is a shame that he never got to win the championship with ferrari
Balnazzardi 29 napja
Well he can only blame himself for his mistakes in 2018...2017 was more of teams fault. Anyhow funny thing is that he won more races during his Ferrari career than Kimi did, yet Kimi is still Ferrari's latest champion 😄
Bravo Rezende
Bravo Rezende Hónapja
Great memories of a Ferrari dedicated to an authentic world champion like Vettel. Seb's talent and passion will be missed in a mediocre Ferrari. Great races! Great times!
Vandara Hónapja
Arrivabene, happy Vettel.. Thanks for the memories!!!!
andreselektro Hónapja
Thanx Formula 1 for this video!
Il_Grande_ Gio
Il_Grande_ Gio Hónapja
Grande uomo
Pablo Bejarano
Pablo Bejarano Hónapja
adrian wright
adrian wright Hónapja
I wish he had more of a fight in the last years. It’s been him and hamilton for me
Cesare Podda
Cesare Podda Hónapja
What a thrill the screams of Malaysia 2015. I don't know if Ferrari will have such a passionate driver anymore...
lolguz Hónapja
shortest video they posted in a while hahaha
elwingy Hónapja
Do one with his spins as well! It will probably last more than 3 mins lol. PS: Its a JOKE people
mr. Tob
mr. Tob Hónapja
This is a way too short video...
Bartłomiej Radzik
Vettel`s red heart
Sunny M
Sunny M Hónapja
Bahrain 2018❤️
Stresli Patates
Stresli Patates Hónapja
Turkish GP
luka djukic
luka djukic Hónapja
This video shoud be banned because its too sad.I cried....
Nurkholik Hónapja
Mercedes will have no competitor again after vettel move to mercedes
Freedom Mc
Freedom Mc Hónapja
The fact that this video is just 3 minutes only is depressing
A_Hopeful Hónapja
The saddest part of Vettel's time at Ferrari seems to me that while Vettel embraced Ferrari with all his heart, the Scuderia never embraced him back fully, especially post Arrivabene. :(
Dmytro Pashko
Dmytro Pashko Hónapja
5 years in 2:40 mins...
CanadianFlash Hónapja
Better then Hamilton
Italian Boi
Italian Boi Hónapja
I will miss to much vettel, my favorite drive at Ferrari, my favorite team, that now leaves the team😢😢😭
Andres Romero
Andres Romero Hónapja
Everybody is a Vettel fan even the people that don't like Vettel are Vettel fans!
Ignacio Alberto
Ignacio Alberto Hónapja
Where is Canada 2019? Oh wait
Filippo Cadoni
Filippo Cadoni Hónapja
I'm Crying
Aircholo Hónapja
This should be a short vid," Grazie guys"
Ricoimf Hónapja
J VH Hónapja
You missed out Canada 2019!
Jordan S
Jordan S Hónapja
its funny because he is german
Michal Kostka
Michal Kostka Hónapja
thanks you SEB
You forgot Canada last year.
Mochammad Arif Rachmansyah
Im still miss maurizio 😔
Rüzgar Arkun
Rüzgar Arkun Hónapja
You forget 2019 Canada gp
Ciniminix Hónapja
My hearth..💔💔
Adam Collins
Adam Collins Hónapja
I am sad that Seb has Grazie'ed his last Ragazzi :-(
Eleni Aggeleli
Eleni Aggeleli Hónapja
Wonderful moments with sebastian ,very big driver!!!!
Branko Arsenijević
ferrari 2017 car is even prettier than f2004 and is the prettiest f1 car in history. change my min
SuperHyperGames Hónapja
That just sad could win more races with Sebastian Vettel's what a waste of time and cash on both ends that all have said.
Hanif Ferdi
Hanif Ferdi Hónapja
We gonna miss he say in ferrari "Grazie ragazzie"
tanmoy aj
tanmoy aj Hónapja
Hope this will be true in Racing point
panos kondilis
panos kondilis Hónapja
Real f1 fans cried in these 5 occasions: -when we learnt about schumi's accident -when jules left us -when seb was destroyed by ferrari (AND IM A FERRARI FAN) -when felipe lost his maiden title by a kid (YES LEWIS WAS TOO YOUNG FOR THAT TITLE!) -when ayrton left us
BAZELOS 123 Hónapja
No wins in 2016😂
Balnazzardi Hónapja
Ye, Ferrari were clearly behind Mercedes and RedBull that year. Clearly 3rd best team with no one close behind them but neither them able to challenge for wins
Kārlis Ozols
Kārlis Ozols Hónapja
Maxi F
Maxi F Hónapja
Mega Seb awesome all season Grazie
Abdo Tchiko
Abdo Tchiko Hónapja
Thank you seb ilove you ❤️❤️❤️
Abdo Tchiko
Abdo Tchiko Hónapja
وداعا سيب ❤️❤️❤️❤️
Diether Santos
Diether Santos Hónapja
Hmmm what is Forza Ferrari mean?
Alli 7
Alli 7 Hónapja
where's Canada 2019?
fotoeffetto Hónapja
2020 not found
Antonis Biamis
Antonis Biamis Hónapja
I thought the title was "all Vettel's Ferrari spins" 😂 Kidding, we love Seb
Kimi is still the last driver to win the Championship for Ferrari 🤷‍♂️
RONDINE 2.0 Hónapja
Lasciatemi guidare perché non sono lento lasciatemi guidare una gara bella goodbye seb
Nixer Doyle
Nixer Doyle Hónapja
Even with Mercedes' dominance in the turbo hybrid times, Ferrari should have won more races.
Mikeado66 Hónapja
14 wins in six seasons together. Meanwhile Mercedes got 13 wins in 2020 alone. It should have been so much more...
Ian Hónapja
All that and still no championship.....
MR Rider
MR Rider Hónapja
Doesnt metter whos driver, i always wanted this red team win...
Cj Dj
Cj Dj Hónapja
Quickly make one for Hamilton
Lorenzo Dalla
Lorenzo Dalla Hónapja
Where true legends have cried 😭
Cee Know
Cee Know Hónapja
You're the lion of Singapore!! Haha! Seb is a legend!
eppesuig arrab
eppesuig arrab Hónapja
im literally crying 😭😭😭
Francesco Hónapja
I’m not crying, in only have a Vettel in the eyes
Alessandro Celoria
Vettel be always in tifosi hearts... in my heart
Monique Tan
Monique Tan Hónapja
Saddened to see a Legend leaving his long time team 😞 may he shine again with his new team next season. Excited to see the motivated vettel again wanting to win..
Lorenzo Bortolin
I'm soooooo sad... 2018 should've delivered the 5th title for car number 5 :'(((((
Rival Hónapja
Now we just need every Vettel, Ferrari spin
Ramūnas Paplauskas
Me reads title: All of Sebs Ferrari wins. In my mind: That will be a short video.
jean claude bertoni
Team Ferrari certainly did make some costly errors, but how about you show the dumb brain fades that blew 2 potential championships and numerous podiums, better known as the Kimi and Vet Cluster F---K. Ciao Seb non eri in grado di "Essere Ferrai"...!
ADS wanGODir
ADS wanGODir Hónapja
Peewan sebastian
Nadine F
Nadine F Hónapja
If I had a dollar for every time Seb said Grazie ragazzi
bashar almustafa
All the best SEB ❤
oscar corrales
oscar corrales Hónapja
Vettel es más ferrarista que binotto
Anton Ransome
Anton Ransome Hónapja
When I saw the title I immediately looked to see how long this video is. Just as a thought
TechTob Hónapja
A very short Video..
The Waffle
The Waffle Hónapja
0:50 2020 Ferrari NOT be like: PS he will always be My favourite driver
Caleb Smith
Caleb Smith Hónapja
*everybody liked that
Marcio Gabriel
Marcio Gabriel Hónapja
Red light...spell danger TA TA TA TA TA TA TA TA TA
Sebastian Vettel - Goodbye Ferrari
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