Antonio Giovinazzi's Top 5 Starts of 2020! 

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He's been confirmed for 2021 - now take a look at some of Antonio Giovinazzi's incredible starts from this season!
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Digvijay Mahamuni
King of starts
Final Lap italia
I think he can do better in 2021
Niki Djakovic
Niki Djakovic 15 napja
He was a beast in gp2, my favorite, until Leclerc came, but still he was the closest rival
- Random Racing Moments -
That outside pass on perez at 3:00 is just beautiful
Alessandro Checa
Grande Antonio!! Mi piacerebbe vederti in ferrari un giorno!! 🇮🇹
Dharmaindhraan Dharmin
In portimao every1 who started on the medium struggle to get temp...but gio fired up the tyre nicely...just a lock up at t5
3k gesu
3k gesu 18 napja
Alfa best starter
Gabriel De Leo
Gabriel De Leo 18 napja
He has to focus and improve on race pace, but he deserved that seat for another year...I mean: same pts of King Kimi and same performance in quali!
Kriss Blade
Kriss Blade 18 napja
When he Will start to achieve q2 and q3 he Will won Championships, lol
Kassim Babika
Kassim Babika 18 napja
Wow! Considering he's got the worst/least powerful power unit on the grid behind him, this guy's a demon starter! I'll definitely be paying more attention to him now
jackjack2583 19 napja
his first lap in portugal would have been better if vettel knew what mirrors were and stopped cutting him up
Frany 19 napja
Now if he could only overtake later into the race.
BlueShadow 19 napja
This video is kind of frustrating, but he definitely has potential
Gabriel Petrelli
Imola from p20 to p14 6 positions in 2020 44 position in one lap
champagne from hollywood
If he were able to bring his car in Q2 he would have a realistic chance to get in the points with these starts
Mr.Futuro 20 napja
Grande Antonio PIEDONE
E MTBR 20 napja
You can see how relaxed he is...just like a Sunday drive...his hand doesn't even shake much
Tino MallorKing
Tino MallorKing 20 napja
That's why Giovinazzi continues with Alfa Romeo. Great driving from an underrated driver.
Márk Eszes
Márk Eszes 20 napja
Part 2
Axel Evendorf Høy
make a video with k-mags best starts
Alen Zanta
Alen Zanta 20 napja
Gioviiiiiii 💪💪💪💪💪
kh40yr 21 napja
Amazing!. The kid definitely has the skills,,just needs to seal the podium deal once for that boost. Driving and being driven onto the turf like a Kimi, and shedding it off with Italian Bravado!!. Bravo! ' Tonio!. Bravissimo!!. Congradulations!. The Alfa's curb ride really nice.
Death Stranding Falling Over Sim
We need more love for the back of the grid guys, give him Albon's seat, Albon has a disgusting attitude on the radio and that is just what we get to hear, What else he must say that doesn't get aired.
lol shit
lol shit 15 napja
Tf are you talking about? Racing drivers are always on the heat of the moment on track and says things that wouldn't come out of their mouths off the track. If it was Lando saying that he was raced so hard retards wouldn't jump in on it and beat it around.
Brisu! 21 napja
Show George Russel
Norfolk Enchants
Gio has REALLY improved this year. Believe me or don't but a friend of a friend works with Alfa in a PR role and is quite friendly with Gio. Apparently they weren't going to renew his contract, they were going to bring in Schwartzman for next season alongside Kimi BUT Kimi stalled his contract negotiations and said that he would resign if Alfa would resign Gio. Alfa agreed, both signed at the same time.
Simone Buiatti
Simone Buiatti 21 napja
Surely the most talend F1 Italian driver of the last 5 years
Le Bagn ard
Le Bagn ard 21 napja
Alfas attacking Ferraris I want to see more of that.
Alessio Rossato
Alessio Rossato 21 napja
He made the same at Imola.
Francesco De Matteo
Jack McClain
Jack McClain 21 napja
He is the best starter from the back of the grid it seems
BPKarlToffel 21 napja
Looks great, but I guess when starting that far back your tires are warmer than the ones in front who had to wait longer
Travel Legend
Travel Legend 21 napja
Not that impressive hen you always start last
Bharadwaj R
Bharadwaj R 21 napja
Russian move was nice. Breaked early and gained positions
Mate Balogh
Mate Balogh 21 napja
It is easier to gain places from the back. Alosno has better starts
Seshvir Seodutt
Seshvir Seodutt 21 napja
Nah they both have great starts
Bartu Hunduroglu
2:37 Vettel didn't spin!
ItsColdOutHere 21 napja
Antonio is one of the best underrated drivers on the grid prove me wrong
Daniel Greco
Daniel Greco 21 napja
this is called intelligent driving like Kimi did, the racing line is not always the quickest one
Jack Schneider
Jack Schneider 21 napja
I love his helmet in Monza
Jarkko Kainulainen
Wow that was such a smart move in Russia
JJ4824 22 napja
Made this video too early
That1 Guy
That1 Guy 22 napja
Guy that can't get into Q2 doesn't get passed by the worst cars on the grid in the first lap.
Nik Bug
Nik Bug 22 napja
You should add the Imola's start. Missed just by one day
Luke McMahon
Luke McMahon 22 napja
The guy is getting outdragged by a haas, he's really showing some quality finally jsut flying under the radar a bit
Dev Akyuz
Dev Akyuz 22 napja
Junior Brito
Junior Brito 22 napja
This video is already outdated, 24 hours later
Underrated driver
Frederik Clemens Klingsten
I want to see Kevin’s best starts
Andrea Cava
Andrea Cava 22 napja
Antonio at Imola: gained 6 positions, he ended the first lap in P14 after having started last on the grid
Jonatan R
Jonatan R 22 napja
Magnussen has better starts than him
Cristian Loi
Cristian Loi 22 napja
Ralonso 22 napja
Tutti pazzi per Giovinazzi! 😉👍
Arthur Ferreira
Arthur Ferreira 22 napja
2:36 pronto Sebast.....
IZaakTheGreek 22 napja
He should have already taken Vettel's Ferrari spot
Filippo 1102
Filippo 1102 22 napja
update:IMOLA 2020
Rita1 Neumann2
Rita1 Neumann2 22 napja
Another electric start at Imola
Marko Pejic
Marko Pejic 22 napja
He did it again today! 😎🙌
Michele Quatrini
And today he started from p20 and arrived 10th
Lorenzo PERETTI 22 napja
ANDFAL 985 22 napja
Also today he did a great start. In one lap from 20 to 14
Ras 22 napja
Today from P20 to P14, he definitely deserves a seat for next year and hopefully a competitive car to show his real potential
Imadh Ahmed
Imadh Ahmed 22 napja
hes already been confirmed a seat for next year. yes!
Oliver M.
Oliver M. 22 napja
Sound of gaining/losing a position is reversed. Should be the other way around. Anyone?
David David
David David 22 napja
But he just qualified in LAST position. Maybe that's his technique for making up places at the start ;)
Rifky Tristan
Rifky Tristan 22 napja
He did
Philippe Marois
Philippe Marois 22 napja
WoW!! Now I will be taking a closer look at him at the start of the next GP!! This was impressive overtaking!!
Matteo Allegri
Matteo Allegri 22 napja
He has just done it again in Imola
Ash Richardson
Ash Richardson 22 napja
Did anyone ask?
Flopey Lolgames
Flopey Lolgames 22 napja
Next Video kevin magnusen starts xD
Sevan Melemedjian
It looks like you guys inverted the little sound when the driver gains a position and when he looses a position (I noticed that during Kimi's first lap recap too).
daniel m
daniel m 22 napja
Portimao was stunning
daniel m
daniel m 22 napja
Will push excellently next season with Kimi. Best team decision for 2021
Massimiliano Moschini
He might not be a champion but he is talented and very very underrated...doing his best with a car without performance and driving at raikkonen’s level.
Constipated Parker
Just remember Gio once led the race in Singapore 2019.
Uriel 22 napja
Rishaban Sivaramakrishnan
Both the Alfa's had a great start in Portugal!! Sad they couldn't hold on to it due to the inferiority of their car.
Adithya V
Adithya V 22 napja
He is so patient in Sochi and it paid him of.
Miguel Perdomo
Miguel Perdomo 23 napja
I just think he needs to be more aggressive
Poppy Gin
Poppy Gin 23 napja
man these cars are so wide.
Rashawn GT
Rashawn GT 23 napja
2:35 Almost seb s🅱innala
Michael Lewis
Michael Lewis 23 napja
1:58 I stopped my 9-5 with the help of, *p a i d t o b e h o m e .c o m*
Philip Thomas
Philip Thomas 23 napja
Does f1 keep a record of most positions gained over the course of the season?
takamassa 23 napja
He is the only gained on lap 1 in every race. And this is why.
Auto Sports
Auto Sports 23 napja
emil jørgensen
emil jørgensen 23 napja
Can you do one with Kevin Magnussen
Chuckiele 23 napja
He is very foresighted for his age, he must have an old school teacher :D
Mustang Mach07
Mustang Mach07 23 napja
Give him say a redbull with verstappen they could win the constructers championship I reckon
Silk Cut Livery Jaguar XJR-9
This guy is underrated.
Rishith Agarwal
Rishith Agarwal 23 napja
I think that due to the fact that Kimi is his teammate, a lot of his efforts on track have gone unnoticed. He seems to be a solid driver, maybe if he was a fraction better he could have had a shot at the Ferrari seat in my opinion.
nixoo casu
nixoo casu 23 napja
I have only 2 words for describe him Underrated Driver
onevision984 23 napja
Best starts in Formula 1! He deserves more... first of all a better car!
Ettore Marinello
this guy is so trash i truly dont understand why everyone is so amazed by him,hes not young, hes not fast, he gets beaten on regular basis from a40yo that races for hobby. formula one needs to understand there is no place for untalented drivers
Gabriele Presicci
overtake sound effects would perform so much better if they were swapped
Nick Macrae
Nick Macrae 23 napja
Hope he can make a great start tomorrow considering he's starting 20th.
RMA_432 23 napja
Super glad they kept him! AG is very under rated. A few more seasons to sharpen the skills and then he should be in a better car.
markchlaw 23 napja
Albon needs to be taking notes...
KHASAN 23 napja
P 17 QUALI is cursed
MichaelBack2702 23 napja
Forget him! Check out Kmag’s 2020 starts ...
Pepe Pombal
Pepe Pombal 23 napja
This must be a joke... If there is something Tonino does best is destroying cars...
Erwan Léon
Erwan Léon 23 napja
everybody gangsta till vettel from P3 gets both mercs before turn 1
Kristi Haloci
Kristi Haloci 23 napja
I was assured from insta/HUrun comments that this guy was nothing forza Gio
reapzzer 23 napja
Next week on finding anything postivie about a driver that had his contract resigned: Top 5 Latifi's corner entries in 2020!
Lucid Hydra
Lucid Hydra 23 napja
blink once and you miss him gaining a position
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