Architects - "Animals" 

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"Animals" by @Architects from the album 'For Those That Wish To Exist,' available February 26th
Pre-order at architects.ffm.to/fttwte
Live At The Royal Albert Hall
An Exclusive Worldwide Streaming Event
On Sale Now here:
Director: Dan Searle
Producer: Kode Media
Director of Photography: Sy Turnbull
Sam Carter - Vocals
Dan Searle - Drums & Keys
Josh Middleton - Guitars, Vocals & Keys
Alex Dean - Bass & Keys
Adam Christianson - Guitars

Written and performed by Architects
Lyrics by Dan Searle
Produced by Dan Searle
Co-Produced by Josh Middleton
Additional Production by Pete Miles
Mixed by Zakk Cervini
Drums Engineered by Adam ‘Nolly’ Getgood @ Middle Farm Studios
Vocals produced & engineered by Dan Searle @ Brighton Electric Studios
I do my best but everything seems ominous
Not feeling blessed, quite the opposite
This shouldn’t feel so monotonous
It never rains but it pours

We’re just a bunch of fucking animals
But we’re afraid of the outcome
Don’t cry to me because the fiction that we’re living in
Says I should pull the pin

Should I just pull the pin?

I dug my heels
I thought that I could stop the rot
The ground gave way
Now I’ve lost the plot
Fucked it again
That was all I’ve got
It never rains but it pours

Life is just a dream within a….

Buried under dirt
A diamond in the mud
Infinity is waiting there
‘Cause nobody can burn a glass cathedral

….dream within a dream within a….
Official Site: www.architectsofficial.com/
Facebook: architectsuk
Twitter: architectsuk
Instagram: architects
Epitaph Records is an artist-first indie label founded in Los Angeles by Bad Religion guitarist, Brett Gurewitz. Early releases from a variety of punk heavyweights helped launch the 90s punk explosion. Along the way, Epitaph has grown and evolved creatively while sticking to its mission of helping real artists make great recordings on their own terms.
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john wilson
john wilson 53 perccel
Is it just me or does his voice kinda sound like (chester bennington)?
thepurpleclown 2 órája
Guy sounds like CKY
CBV 2 órája
I hear The Purge sirens
Isaac Anderson
Isaac Anderson 6 órája
architects rock :) awesome band
Zombie Fraser
Zombie Fraser 9 órája
Lovin' that industrial metal sound
O'neill RenéGat
O'neill RenéGat 9 órája
very good song
davidcoolkid15 10 órája
Bring Me The Horizon vibes
MrWhate7er 11 órája
Wow, that's some high-quality shit!
Ringo van den Heuvel
i probably own a million of these views, it shows that music always finds an audience
Anthony P
Anthony P 16 órája
Burn it down/blow it up.🤔 keep your pins in place.😇🖤
Yautja Warrior
Yautja Warrior 17 órája
Horrible Song, Architects goes Mainstream?! Sound Like in this Moment Mainstream crap...
alit atmajaya
alit atmajaya 19 órája
Anastazia Beaverhausen
I do my best but everything seems ominous"
Simon Pieman
Simon Pieman 20 órája
Awesome 🤗
Jonathan Wetmore
Jonathan Wetmore 21 órája
Metal is dying . . .
RS4862 22 órája
Yo Skill Specs ??
Cody Warren
Cody Warren 23 órája
My favorite song at the moment.
Anthony G
Anthony G Napja
I found this song on iTunes about an hour ago. Came here to listen to the whole thing. Bought it and had it on repeat for an hour. It’s a great Wednesday night 👍
Hanislip 777
feels like eletronic music
Ivan Lostthreads
That riff makes me want to arrange someone's keyboard alphabetically
Drums production sounds DeAdLy BrO
Brayden McClelland
At first when I heard the song, I was a bit disappointed. But this song has grown own me so much since then and I fucking adore it. Can’t wait for the album!
SStone SSour
Marko Mitrovic
This Guy Is Really Good Singer
I guess I was just hoping for something heavy, this is a little soft for what I was after
Just my opinion but this has nothing on - doomsday, holy hell or any of the others from that kinda time, bit of a step down from my point of view but again, that's just me
Jonathan Wetmore
Jonathan Wetmore 10 órája
@KeepEmCommin there's always old Architects! Maybe the rest of their songs will do justice. Fingers crossed.
KeepEmCommin 14 órája
@Jonathan Wetmore for sure man, shame I was so happy to see their new song but what ever man if other people like it that's cool too, I'll just have to get my metal fix somewhere else lol
Jonathan Wetmore
Jonathan Wetmore 21 órája
You're not alone. Tired of the arguements bands need to grow. When a band has fundamentally pulled a 180 it's almost like a SLAP in the face to fans. I'm a fucking metal fan. You are a metal band. Do metal.
amazing song and music song! You blew our mind !
imonkeyism Napja
This hits harder than a cancer diagnosis!
Mr. NotSoBearded
Too soon
Eddy Nguyen
¿Dónde está la blegh-blegh-o-tegh-cegh?
Lex Shirayuki
For some reason it sounds to me like some kind of peaceful rage
Badass song!
Sebastián Arrocha
3:39 nice time to "BLEGH!"
Dante Abraham
Dante Abraham 2 napja
I've been listening this all the day, and then Royal Beggars, too much Adreladine
Alberto Medina
St. Anger snare
Adrián Matías Rodríguez
Daisy Cutter
Daisy Cutter 2 napja
Marco Giacinti
Rafał Pogorzelski
this riff is sooooo fucking heavy! yyyyyyyeeeeeeah \m/
MeMyselfandI UntilDeath
This is the new head bashing, skull cracking riff I needed. Slight lovely and then riff beating.
Aen Elle
Aen Elle 2 napja
Burning a glass cathedral.. Most cryptic part of the lyrics. Any thoughts?
James Alexander
Didn’t realise the lead singer was also comedian Tiny Tim. Awesome track
Linda Calderón
Powerrrrrr 🔥
oliver pinelli
Dear Architects. This is again an amazing song. But I think you kinda reached the end of a street. Can´t sound bigger, tighter, harder...This way you can´t go on without repeating yourself. So, what comes next? Maybe you can reinvent this amazing band. Dare to break out of the Box.
Dustin Sandler
i just found this band through watch dogs legion and im already a fan
Albert White
Albert White 2 napja
Nick Pethan
Nick Pethan 2 napja
Fuck what an amazing track! The sound and lyrics is perfect
Sam Taffinder
Sam Taffinder 2 napja
That riff makes me want to run with scissors.
Pink Mulisha
Pink Mulisha 2 napja
This band was suggested to me by watching Bring Me The Horizon. Glad it did!! Great sound!
Rhonda Wolfe
Rhonda Wolfe 2 napja
I Love you guys hard! Great song!
Tash K
Tash K 2 napja
Any way I can hear the rest of the album? It's blocked in USA according to HUrun.
Ryan Grimes
Ryan Grimes 2 napja
Its not out yet.
James Nicolai
James Nicolai 2 napja
RIP Tom...glad to hear new tunes boys. 🤘🤘
Dani Elle
Dani Elle 2 napja
I've had this on repeat. Love love love!
max life 720
max life 720 3 napja
amazing song.
dizz8989 3 napja
These guys are the best doing it. Insane talent
maxum miguel
maxum miguel 3 napja
Pull it , pull it I say...pull the fucking pin dammit
chumani chan
chumani chan 3 napja
Very strong beginning!
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frank mason
frank mason 3 napja
This has grown on me so much, cannot stop listening
Lucía Caneti
Lucía Caneti 3 napja
At the end I was worried the purge was starting with that alarm sound ....
Alizia Riddle
Alizia Riddle 7 órája
Oh yes!!!!!!!
Alex Grizlov
Alex Grizlov 3 napja
The birthday massacre - red stars ? But good ;)
Batrisyia Y.
Batrisyia Y. 3 napja
shit slaps.
Iván Sánchez
Tab: 000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000
Ronald Nonik
Ronald Nonik 3 napja
Hi, guys! Check out my instrumental work, please hurun.info/to/vide/qJBzr6-Xu1-kxtk.html
AmbientAudio 3 napja
Ryan P
Ryan P 3 napja
Video is trash compared to last ones. Sucks they had such a bad production idea for this considering what an awesome song.
Alex Pekný
Alex Pekný 3 napja
In my country is that album restriction 😭 I am from Slovakia and i want to hear this amazing album 😭😔
Donald Oconnor
Getting massive bmth vibes from their old days and fuck i love it! Kick ass boys!
Mark 4 napja
Different, but still pretty damn awesome.
polly piggy
polly piggy 4 napja
omfg I love the f out of this🙌
Justin Easterling
Auschwitz smoke
Brazilian in the area 😎📹
Cerebellum 4 napja
Love it. Heard it on Octane and can't stop jamming it.
Deri 4 napja
0:00 “Diamond diamond in the mud / Infinity is waiting there / ‘Cause nobody can burn a glass cathedral”
Mark Malandruxi
If you're right. The other time I invested it but I was not very clear
Aries biatch F
🤘🏻love the simplicity of the video..amazing how it grabs you to kiss the sky
rubyr6s 4 napja
ok, this track......OMFG!!! You know when you hear something that stops you in your tracks? This is IT! bring on more like this anytime :)
Jambax 4 napja
CartmanZockt 4 napja
For anyone missing the screams and riffing.. ‘Discourse is dead’ and ‘Dead Butterflies’ are amazing tracks off their new album. If the rest will be like those two singles, we are in for a treat
Gareth Morrison
@Henk Henk Henk Livestream event. The lyrical content of all 3 of those songs is so bad though compared to their old songs.
Henk Henk Henk
how do you know that?
Yeah I really like this track but was worried the new album would all be this kind of vibe. Loving this track even more now that I know it's not the WHOLE dinner, you know?
Mr. Jack
Mr. Jack 4 napja
Should I just pull the pin Hmmm ...
Zack Mild
Zack Mild 4 napja
Dude in the beginning smokes like a freight train..
Rhianna Marie
Rhianna Marie 4 napja
The band stepped up while the vocalist stepped down. I need my screams back.. His singing is lackluster :(
Gafur Askarov
Gafur Askarov 4 napja
I’m in love with that song, but I cannot unhear the St. Anger snare in the intro
I wasn't ready.
Claudiu Bujdei
Just so you know... "Discourse is dead" and "Dead butterflies" are amazing. later edit: I didn't expect them to be uploaded on youtube by any of those who watched the concert and I must say I'm pretty dissapointed. :(
Claudiu Bujdei
@Petscop 2 Thank you! :)
Petscop 2
Petscop 2 3 napja
@Antonio Velazques like this, but the vocal is a more rougher except maybe for the pre chorus and the chorus itself. Yea maybe that's the explanation I can come up with it.
Claudiu Bujdei
I wouldn't know either. :)) But that is enough information for me and I think I'd really enjoy it, simply because I love Sam's cleans. Thank you!!
Antonio Velazques
similar to dead butterflies & animals, I don't know how to describe it
Claudiu Bujdei
@Antonio Velazques :o How was it?
Владимир Бром
So f*ck`n good powerfull!!!
Anthony Gibson
Can we just say how much better architects are than the basic normie emo bands? Like sam Carter's vocal range is amazing and one of kind that you couldn't forget, the instrumentals slap hard and actually sound really good in this. Then you get those cringey people like matt cutshall who are stuck on has been bands and go on about emo culture when actual reality is that emo is dead and djent is the new hype. Honestly we have breakdowns too? You know that thing that MCR couldn't never perfect the art of. Honestly being elitist here but that's because I'm sick of all this overrated has been pop punk shit when they're are amazing bands like northlane, this band and many more.
Róbert Humeník
I love this track but I have this little, inconsequential pet peeve about it: You can burn a glass cathedral, glass gets destroyed by fire, guys. I would have personally gone with /nobody can hide in a glass cathedral/.
Jeff M
Jeff M 4 napja
Fuck yeah 😎
Michael 5 napja
When listening to music, I think the importance of the arrangements of musical sections goes unnoticed. Arrangement is really important. You can have a lot of good musical parts to a song, but if they aren't put together in a way that makes sense, it does not work. This song is a good example of a very well arranged song.
Pi ou
Pi ou 17 órája
@Gamrat comparing early grave and naysayer doesnt make any sense dude, big fan of architects since ruin but you must admit this song is weak af
Gamrat 2 napja
yet elitist will still complain because the song does't have riffs and breakdowns like Early Grave or Naysayer. I agree that Animals is a song which is well composed and filled with catchy moments and hooks
wearelife 5 napja
Yup, adding this one to my workout playlist.
Jessie Garcia
Jessie Garcia 5 napja
I’m stoked for a new Architects album. And after hearing that new song “Dead Butterflies” on the livestream today, I’m even more stoked.
Magnus Likes Tanks
@Lunar Wolf 4. They played Discourse is Dead on the livestream. It slaps.
Lunar Wolf
Lunar Wolf 2 napja
Black lungs also got leaked so we know about 3 songs so far
wakhid hasyiem pa
@MÅKŠ3NC3 woohooo
MÅKŠ3NC3 3 napja
@wakhid hasyiem pa new album 26 February! And during the livestream, they released 2 new songs: Dead Butterfly (amazing one) and Discourse is Dead
wakhid hasyiem pa
Ow shit ow shit ow shit.. Any information about new single in livestream event?
Tracy Maines
Tracy Maines 5 napja
This is my Purge Jam!
Bobby Tsunami
Bobby Tsunami 5 napja
I’m telling my nephew this was bloodhound gangs the bad touch
Vexon TF
Vexon TF 5 napja
this is so fucking good man
lesly demshaw
lesly demshaw 5 napja
Why is so much music in the "rock" catagory sung by some moist faced twat? This had promise until :35 seconds in.
Timothy Schneider
This song goes hard!! This will be a new song that is blasting in the gym for a workout.
Mr. Jack
Mr. Jack 4 napja
Same Here IronBro !!!
Paul Steier
Paul Steier 5 napja
just watched architects live stream from The Royal Albert Hall EPIC it was more than i expected being there was no fans,,,,
Reid lee
Reid lee 5 napja
This slaps harder than domestic abuse
Marcelo Rolo
Marcelo Rolo 5 napja
This is fucking incredible
strohi 5 napja
I'm so hyped for the album! Have the feeling it could be a darker album. Nice.
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