Best Of Formula 2 Team Radio In 2020 (so far...) 

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F2 never fails to bring brilliant action on the track, and their airwaves are no different! From the funny, to the heart-warming, to the ridiculous!
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2020.nov. 8.






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Sai Gopal
Sai Gopal 12 órája
Lundgaard : Who's this guy ahead of us? He's quick! I can't keep up Anwser: Lord Mahaveer Ghost lap Car
1:29 Ilott talking about video games 🤣🤣
Leverkusen 04
Leverkusen 04 3 napja
Lundgaard is Kimi 2.0 and Ilott is Norris 2.0
Lucas Zhang
Lucas Zhang 8 napja
1:25 Illot sounds like Alex in A Clockwork Orange
Krishnangshu Guha
Lundgaard is the next Kimi
Elion Alejandro Paredes Bornaz
I am not gonna roast Schumacher (Dad), but his son has a waaaaaay better behavior than him while racing
lorenzo bordignon
Ghiotto with Venetian accent🤣🤣
KB18 LH44
KB18 LH44 9 napja
İnşallah Türkiye'de devam eder ilerliyen yıllarda da
francesco bonetalli
Schumacher taking the blame is awsome
fathir 5214
fathir 5214 12 napja
0:20 Bwoah but It's F2
Chad Simplicio
Chad Simplicio 12 napja
Haha! Imagine if Tsunoda gets promoted to AlphaTauri next year, while Mazepin gets called up to Haas. Bwark!
Miranda Strickland
PLS DO THE F3 RADIO🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻
TheMiataBoy 12 napja
1:58 that maturity............it's a sign of a great athelete.
Kushagra Chaturvedy
Lundgaard's radio messages would make Kimi and Alonso proud
Scott Elder
Scott Elder 12 napja
Odd to hear a Schumacher so apologetic for hitting another car
Kushagra Chaturvedy
It seems Kimi is filling in for Daruvala's engineer
J - Play
J - Play 12 napja
F2 Team Radio is better than F1 Team Radio🤙
Jamezlo _
Jamezlo _ 13 napja
Why is the radio quality so bad compared to f1
Deez Noots
Deez Noots 13 napja
Respect to schumacher on owning his mistake
Jason258 13 napja
Please make a Best of Races on the current Calendar and keep them for 2021
Dev'z Vlogz
Dev'z Vlogz 13 napja
0:19 or 0:20 bwark
maVericK 13 napja
Bwark > Bwoah
APU 13 napja
have you noticed that F1 TV charges twice a month? Have you noticed that clarifying the matter is very difficult or impossible?
RoyaCK 13 napja
I think Formula 1 needs turkey back. It has the most exciting turns hasn't it
#R.SF1 fan Crocodile Dundee
Schumacher on Schwartzman. That was like Charles vs Sebastian in Interlagos 2019. Daruvala's engineer's harsh words are like Kimi's engineer's words when he was in Lotus( Kimi fended him off). Well after all these Iam eagar for these to be recreated in F1.
Vyas Ponnuri
Vyas Ponnuri 14 napja
That thumbnail cracks me up everytime I look at it
Shaan Prasad
Shaan Prasad 14 napja
Could we get the racers to play a video game? O.o
jonas90 14 napja
If Mazepin did that on purpose (on park fermee clip), that's just rude and being a sore loser.
Big bang 1
Big bang 1 14 napja
How are the tyres??!! *********!!!!!😂😂
Azriel Tuangco
Azriel Tuangco 14 napja
This is funny lol
Nugi Nugroho
Nugi Nugroho 14 napja
I hope i got 2k likes
Сергей Глыва
Where Robert's songer in the Hungary?
Actually, it was his engineer singing.
JHorkan 14 napja
More f2 content please!!!!!!!
Abdel Karim Severo Cruz
Metiyan Metiyan
Metiyan Metiyan 14 napja
okay f2 is much more entertaining than f1
Seb Dizon
Seb Dizon 14 napja
Man does anyone else dislike Mazepin? Fucken hate the guy tbh
Tsunoda obviously learning from his F1 team mate Max Verstappen: "****** ******!!"
Engineer: "How are the tires?" Driver: "*******" Commentator: "So not great, obviously" 😅
Shobhit Mathur
Shobhit Mathur 14 napja
These sound more exciting than those from F1.
Derso Gaspar
Derso Gaspar 14 napja
Wender Rodrigo
Wender Rodrigo 14 napja
Only ART, Prema, UNI and HI-Tech Radios??? Are you looking to promote these teams and drivers, or have the others not paid the fee to appear? This is ridiculous.
Alpin Novianus
Alpin Novianus 12 napja
did u miss DAMS? there are Ticktum's too...
monica andrea garcia
I like it really can do more of that?and with F3?
ahmed ayoub1
ahmed ayoub1 14 napja
Nguyen Duc Hung
Nguyen Duc Hung 14 napja
How to get to F1: 0:05
Clok-Roo, The Primordial
*not even ten seconds in* This is WAY better than the Formula 1 team radios already!
Bid 123
Bid 123 14 napja
Lungaard is the grosjean of f2 team radio 😂
varun patwal
varun patwal 14 napja
0:27 seb Vettel junior spotted. He used honestly and others words seb uses.
Daniel Stewart
Daniel Stewart 14 napja
Getting sick of that font.
Paullux 07
Paullux 07 15 napja
The fact that Schumacer took the full blame straight away instead of blaming it on his teamate shows how grown up and ready compared to other F2 drivers
IceCranberry 15 napja
Whoever will come to F1, they will fit right in. With Charles this generation of drivers started having whole conversations with their engineers and I see F2 guys do the same.
Aitor Arotzena
Aitor Arotzena 15 napja
Lumdgaard is such a legend😂😂
ruan 15 napja
I really need to start watching F2...
Greg Drou
Greg Drou 15 napja
Lundgaard will be a nice replacement for Fernando
katanezza prod.
katanezza prod. 15 napja
IDK why then put Ghiotto's radio about Mazepin (mayb because ever1 hate him), but WHY they didn't put all Ticktum's all blaming radios from Mugello. That's kinda strange
Gabriel 15 napja
As someone who wants to get into formula 1 racing, where should I begin?
Marthinneill Apoi
*Bwark more like Bwoah*
Mikail Qaisa
Mikail Qaisa 15 napja
Lundgaard : look at left front Hamilton : this is real lewis next gen
Dashy Dog F1 Memer
Gerry 15 napja
That Was Ilott Of Team Radio
Madeeha S
Madeeha S 15 napja
So F2 got all the rain? Unbelievable.
aditya bagus
aditya bagus 15 napja
Imagine daruvala race enginner become sounds of jeff at F1 game
Zeth Yuen
Zeth Yuen 15 napja
0:28 - Inspired by Verstappen
ahmad aufar al khairi
there is no Gelael, you should put Gelael clip
Kart Edward
Kart Edward 15 napja
Ngapain orang cupu itu
Cnstinini 15 napja
Man I gotta respect the humility from Schumacher. What a great driver he is.
Jackson Lam
Jackson Lam 15 napja
Kimi: Bwoah Ilott: Bwark
Martin 15 napja
Moreeeee! This is funny
Leonardus Nugraha
Bwark is the new bwoah
Picklewiickle. 15 napja
Mute is best. they are just men driving cards who cares what they have to say really.
-Vino Valentino- 7B
Just drive fast mate!!!! ferrari: *No.*
Diego Gomez
Diego Gomez 15 napja
Look how schumi reacts to his mistakes vs mazepin
Typm 332
Typm 332 6 napja
@Snowy Shadow yeah, also his results aren’t formula 1 worthy. I mean latifi and stroll at least have talent but mazepin has less talent than those guys
Snowy Shadow
Snowy Shadow 6 napja
@Typm 332 Yeah, you are right, i remember it. Also when he got a penalty and in this way he lost to Tsunoda, he hit a finishing position board with his bolide so hard that it almost touched Yuki. He is aggressive and unmature guy and for me he'll be a cause of many dangerous situations in F1 too if he gets a seat.
Typm 332
Typm 332 7 napja
@Snowy Shadow also, in a lower formula Mazepin apparently attacked illott in the paddock
Snowy Shadow
Snowy Shadow 13 napja
I hate Mazepin so much man. When i think that Callum probably won't get a seat and he will, i am just so angry and sad.
RareCow 15 napja
Ticktum is one of those guys who blames everyone else for his mistakes.
nfc14g 15 napja
I don't watch F2 but starting to think maybe I should
Isaac_ 15 napja
Tsunoda deserves a seat in F1. Get him there and Honda will stay for their national pride.
Giovanni Annunziata
You have not incuded the "surdato nnamurato" singed by shwartzman after hungarian gp☹
Zachary Ong
Zachary Ong 15 napja
Needs more Ticktum
TheFikri136 15 napja
Man, this is why I love this sport. You can say something on the radio, sometimes gets angry at your engineer, while driving more than 250 km/h.
Ana Duggon
Ana Duggon 15 napja
I need more of thiiiiiis
Emm Bee
Emm Bee 15 napja
The first team radio video in many many years to not feature the "Get in there Lewis!" radio message.
UbadnowUmad 15 napja
What happened to the race this weekend?
Just Browsing
Just Browsing 15 napja
They should do this more often, it might draw more people to f2
Kristian Kersting
F2 radio > F1 radio
idk what to call me self
Petition for there to be a easter egg in f1 2020 where if u spam Jeff with race update he says 00:03
Joleen Josephs
Joleen Josephs 15 napja
The first Engineer is mean af
Zaphod 15 napja
I thought I missed a race weekend.
TheRUUK 15 napja
F2 racers wayy more savage
6672Kevin 15 napja
Kimi Lungaardkonnen Grumpy, cold and know what he is doing
Kenzie Sumirat
Kenzie Sumirat 15 napja
I never knew chickens go BWARK!
R3TRO_ Dernoff
R3TRO_ Dernoff 15 napja
Lundgaard is The new Kimi over The radio 😂 just Ice cold
Octagrammaton Veilchenstein der Dreizehnte
1:02 Is he talking about Schwartzman ?
LemmyCS 15 napja
2:12 autobots roll out!
Fabio Ferrari
Fabio Ferrari 15 napja
That new Schumacher dude kinda hum🅱️le
Harli Dawidoo
Harli Dawidoo 15 napja
Haha how Mazepin smashes away the p2 sign with his front spoiler lol
Evan Dalton
Evan Dalton 15 napja
This video is just Lungaard telling his team he’s doing what they want 😂
Allen Playz
Allen Playz 15 napja
Illott: I’d play F1 2020 on my PS4 Me: welcome to the club
gkyriak 15 napja
Five seconds, it's a yolk! Btw mind your actions Mazepin. 2:30
Fenne 15 napja
Better video title: Highlights of Lundgaard boardradio and some other people😂
imbadatr6 15 napja
0:03 kinda sounded like cpt price
Jort Sa-Ardnuam
Jort Sa-Ardnuam 15 napja
ART Team is just the haas of f2
CyrusWong 15 napja
No one: Absolutely no one: Ilott: 0:19