Best of Rally Monte Carlo 2021 | Crash & Show | Day 2 

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This is the best crash & show action from the first 2 days of racing at WRC Rally Monte Carlo 2021!
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DirtFish Hónapja
*Who do you think will win this year's event?*
mikaxkyro Hónapja
Big Bear
Big Bear Hónapja
Ernest Fransolet
Antonio Labaš
Antonio Labaš Hónapja
Honestly Evans
Randall Pearl
Randall Pearl Hónapja
Geiziane Gomes
IL Gaming
IL Gaming 7 napja
Alice Agatha
Alice Agatha 13 napja
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Angela Verma
Angela Verma 24 napja
That clickpat!🔥
Markus 26 napja
0:22 What, this is how every one of my Dirt Rally 2.0 races go.
andre blank
andre blank 28 napja
from indonesia 💦💦
Peter R
Peter R 28 napja
Worse the weather the better the race
Стас Ильин
Полтора зрителя... офигенные ралки.
Global Rally Network TV
theo lm
theo lm Hónapja
just a little lack of snow.
DirtFish 28 napja
Day three and four had plenty of that!
Thunderchild Hónapja
Tonac. Every of the modern drivers goes to early in the corner. And this is the issue. Then they have to take gas away and the after the corner way is to short. Thats the difference between a good driver like Walter Röhrl or Ari Vatanen and the new one. Today they only put the trust in technology not in skills.
Ghoslin Big
Ghoslin Big Hónapja
Lovro Pablo
Lovro Pablo Hónapja
I can't wait, they are coming to Croatia...
Peter Seibert
Peter Seibert Hónapja
Fiction Supreme
Fiction Supreme Hónapja
Is it me or are the wide body kits and huge aero making some of these cars look like Group B?
James Dilly
James Dilly Hónapja
Suninen is a good driver, but i guess that he didnt gauge that one ..too confident i think on this scratch , fortunately they esacping well..this sport rally can be so serious someimes... Anyway that fiesta is a good as that hyndai, codrivers are ok tooo, my opinion if that note for Sunine was note same as that for Tanak ...
Lemmy M
Lemmy M Hónapja
Give the title to Toyota. Game over
serg murchikola
serg murchikola Hónapja
hard work, it is necessary to give in the garage 24 anti-Christian demons viktor.alla in Alchevsk on Moskovskaya
serg murchikola
serg murchikola Hónapja
hard work, it is necessary to give in the garage 24 anti-Christian demons viktor.alla in Alchevsk on Moskovskaya
kurias joy
kurias joy Hónapja
For rally game ❤️ hurun.info/to/vide/l6ip2aRmzHjIvLc.html
Christian Samuelsen
If you promise to cover all of the events this season then I promise to support your fine artworks financially every month!
Sombrero Hónapja
StrikeQUAN Hónapja
this that Toyota GR Yaris ?Toyota is back to WRC RALLY ?
John Burgess
John Burgess Hónapja
The on-board shots had be pumping an imaginary brake pedal from my arm chair. Brilliant, more please.
sillieww Hónapja
I got into a heated discussion with a F1 fan about rally racing perhaps being more challenging then a F1 race. In my opinion because these rally races go from snow to dirt to asphalt to concrete within narrow roads with exposed barriers on the edge of cliffs and hills, if a mistake is made life likely lost.
its a different challenge that both require a driver to max out their specialized skills. done.
vdp gaming
vdp gaming Hónapja
I know wrc but are there only 3 manifactures this year ?
AlterEGGO Hónapja
I replayed 1:23 so many times! 👍
Валентина С
МОЛОДЦЫ..... Настоящие профи не то что наши уличные.......
Big Bear
Big Bear Hónapja
Great footage!!👍👍👌🍪🍪🍦😊
Jaco F104
Jaco F104 Hónapja
Great video, I love your channel and your site
Daniel Gellon
Daniel Gellon Hónapja
magnifiques passages mais que c'est triste sans public
gt 2638
gt 2638 Hónapja
que c'est beau. Merci!!
iHmaríus Hëcker
Official WRC channel's vid was a shame, they aren't even trying to entice people to WRC now
Pandawatch Hónapja
yes. PSHH
Whagwan Hónapja
Best rally channel :) ty dirtfish
khairul munzirin
yaris 👍👍👍
dot dot
dot dot Hónapja
And to think these cars are 1.6 liters ? wonder what boost they run
Gup Hónapja
DirtFish rocks as usual.. Thank you!
86Themadhatter Hónapja
I may just unsub from the official wrc youtube channel and sub here if you guys are doing these for all events
indesexable Hónapja
01:23 Cruzadón de Tänak
Alessio Scalmana
Sicuramente il top di Tutti i volanti
BalanceBF Hónapja
Suninen's crash was day 1
Simon -
Simon - Hónapja
WRC isn't worth it to watch anymore, boring... Give us back group B and no hp limit
Jaco F104
Jaco F104 Hónapja
Wrc plus are literally the group B of this era
Bajan FlyDude
Bajan FlyDude Hónapja
Bruh even Group A cars of the 90s were cutting the asses of Group B cars when it comes to stage times
Luís Takashi
Luís Takashi Hónapja
So, just don't watch it......
Soham Mhatre
Soham Mhatre Hónapja
@Simon - , don't compare the current era to the 80s when safety regs have made such regulations. Yes, I'll blame you for asking the drivers to risk their lives
DirtFish Hónapja
Even thought they are lower horsepower, these cars are far superior to the Group B cars. Don't get us wrong, Group B was absolutely amazing, but the technology in WRC cars has come a long way. Aren't you impressed but the speed that these cars car go through a flat-out corner thanks to the downforce? A Group B car would be far off the road.
Waskita Mukti Furniture
This is a video I want to watch, thank you. :)
DirtFish Hónapja
You're welcome 😊
Mac Sixtyfive
Mac Sixtyfive Hónapja
Better video than the Official WRC youtube channel!!!!
Ardi Ramadhan
Ardi Ramadhan Hónapja
I agree
Pandawatch Hónapja
Red265 Motorsport
Lets not say that too much i dont want these lads to lose their content! Great job thus far.
Dicky Kurniawan
Dicky Kurniawan Hónapja
DirtFish Hónapja
J.-P. Gig
J.-P. Gig Hónapja
Thunderworks Hónapja
Like your life
TheRoel75 Hónapja
This is day 1 and day 2🤷‍♂️
TheRoel75 Hónapja
@Big Bear Now it does.
Big Bear
Big Bear Hónapja
That's what the description sates.🙄
WT meow
WT meow Hónapja
Legend says it was being chased by a Police Car.
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