Billie Eilish - No Time To Die 

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Listen to “No Time To Die”, the theme song for the 25th James Bond film, out now: smarturl.it/NoTimeToDie
Shop the “No Time To Die” 7” Vinyl: smarturl.it/NoTimeToDieVinyl
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Music video by Billie Eilish performing No Time To Die. © 2020 Darkroom/Interscope Records




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Abigail Sneve
Abigail Sneve 20 perccel
Just found out hans zimmer helped in the creation... you can always tell by the feeling of the song... or the theme of time
Andrea Sepulbeda
Andrea Sepulbeda 37 perccel
Ahhh I love it 😭😩💕
B1msara 42 perccel
No time to duh.
gleidson Shinoda
gleidson Shinoda 43 perccel
Que música🎶❤️ Billie🥰
Lyxx 123
Lyxx 123 47 perccel
when she sang fool me once, fool me twice are you death or paradise now you’ll never see me cry there’s just no time to die i felt that with goosebumps
Leo Thomas
Leo Thomas Órája
New fan great job..
alfinete 3 órája
Michell Flores
Michell Flores 3 órája
Miscy 3 órája
Renata Jara
Renata Jara 4 órája
omg!!! im fallin for this beatiful and incredible woman!!
جميل حلواني
💋 💋 💋 💋 💋 💋 💋 انا احبك موت
paint 4 órája
didn't like this until about half way through but now it's wow yes
1337fraggzb00N 4 órája
This song sounds a little like the theme of "Spectre". Let us all hope, that the new movie will hold the same standard and not be trash like "Quantum Of Solace".
legend _888
legend _888 4 órája
This is for James bond
legend _888
legend _888 4 órája
That's sick
legend _888
legend _888 4 órája
Oh shiiiiiiit
حسام iyexs1
حسام iyexs1 4 órája
Wow wow
marva hamidi
marva hamidi 5 órája
logan for youtube
you can only like this if you're 14 and this is deep
Luis Vasconcelos
Luis Vasconcelos 5 órája
Павел Петров
Milk Choco life
Milk Choco life 5 órája
Lo ameee
Layanne Suellen
Layanne Suellen 5 órája
Perfeita demais !! Fico ainda mais ansiosa para assistir o filme quando eu sei que quem vai cantar a trilha é a Billie!
David Andrews
David Andrews 6 órája
why are we still getting this crap
Kelly Eilish
Kelly Eilish 6 órája
People say: Billie whisperes in her songs. Am like: BRO LISTEN TO HER SONGS CAREFULY DUMBass🙄
John Montgomery
John Montgomery 6 órája
umAoun Abbas
umAoun Abbas 6 órája
The inner peace
Zard Dark
Zard Dark 6 órája
Чебурашка, водка, колобок, кремль
منتظر محمد
Elizabeth Ramírez
me encanta
Elizabeth Ramírez
me encanta
Alejandro Restrepo
James Bond has always used pop stars to its soundtracks, but I don't think she has the merits nor the james bond vibe.
Killua . Zoldyck .
*Dream when George Cheated on him*
Shiva Raaj
Shiva Raaj 7 órája
Goosebumps in 2021
Elisa Llamas pat
Elisa Llamas pat 7 órája
Barbara Dubois
Barbara Dubois 7 órája
Omg I love you so much. Can I ask you please check this video from my boyfriend. Thank you :) hurun.info/to/vide/naeZqWiprqK3vck.html
Laura Nicol
Laura Nicol 7 órája
Love Billie Eilish
Joseph Pravda
Joseph Pravda 7 órája
No time to sleep............up the TEMPO
anonymous playz roblox
Loved it absolute fire 🔥🔥
rayane medeiros
rayane medeiros 8 órája
Alguém brasileiro que ama ela tbm?❤❤❤❤❤❤
Sophia Bueno
Sophia Bueno 8 órája
Cadê as avocadas brasileiras
LaDamoiselle 8 órája
Je n'aimais pas Billie Eilish ; J'ai changé d'avis
Maritina Tritou
Maritina Tritou 8 órája
i love bille elish and i
Arianna Herrera
Arianna Herrera 8 órája
Gatis Graudiņš
Gatis Graudiņš 8 órája
I like you
Dylano's Wereld
Dylano's Wereld 8 órája
Just thinking about it she has twice the subs as people that live in the netherlands crazy right
katya_ bagatova
katya_ bagatova 8 órája
Billie, Even Russians listen to you, for example I'm Russian. I am the only one? Перевод: Билли, тебя даже русские слушают, например я русская. Я одна такая?
katya_ bagatova
katya_ bagatova 9 órája
Omg! Billie you cool!
Nothing Dude
Nothing Dude 9 órája
Omg billie ur so cool!
özbey cemal güven
kayla fortinele
kayla fortinele 9 órája
I just wanted to say hi to belie
Alpha And Lynx gaming squad
Bellie eilish inspires me a lot
Madenia Prevost
Madenia Prevost 9 órája
Are you okay billie??❤
Ggvbnnn Dfgbbb
Ggvbnnn Dfgbbb 10 órája
Worst soundtrack ever. Period.
Theodore Huang
Theodore Huang 10 órája
bruh she is VERY young and 34.8M subs I mean-BRUH
Michelle Dayanna Orejuela
Nina Puchercos
Nina Puchercos 10 órája
I looooooove this song !!!!!!!! THE BEST !!!
ceerw buty
ceerw buty 10 órája
Billie Eilish and Ariana Grande got this female singer thing right..
kiana rezaie
kiana rezaie 10 órája
You were my life but life is far away from fear 🥺
Ricardo Alexander
Ricardo Alexander 10 órája
Is not bad, but i prefer skyfall.
Daisy Eliot
Daisy Eliot 11 órája
how is she so gorgeous
Kyle Irvine
Kyle Irvine 11 órája
Do h miss XXXTENTATION pls respond 😔🥺😭😖
ceerw buty
ceerw buty 10 órája
the same.
Andressa Silva
Andressa Silva 11 órája
adele's skyfall and best
RiverSiege 12 órája
Damn this gave me chills...
Renata García segura
I'm your fan billie 👍
Congchua 12 órája
Billie's songs give me a sense of relaxation
Party Panda
Party Panda 12 órája
Can we talk about how stunning Billie looks
Yare Lora luna
Yare Lora luna 12 órája
Billie do you espeak spanish
Stellar performance.
Nymph of Syrenix
Nymph of Syrenix 12 órája
Haters say, "She's just whispering" Well lemme tell you something, her whispers hit right into my soul and keeps me alive
Savanna Stone
Savanna Stone 12 órája
I played this in front of my gma as she was passing, a few days ago, she said beautiful, and the next day she died. Billie inspired me and my whole family.
Gaurav Mistry
Gaurav Mistry 12 órája
She is such a great singer 🤩🤩🤩😍😍😍👍
Damon Beats
Damon Beats 12 órája
Sounded like an NF type beat at the beginning
LucyPlayz559 Official
The power in this. Wow. Great song, Billie
Giana Kaur
Giana Kaur 13 órája
I don't know why but this song just made me feel so many emotions and I actually balled my eyes out... Probably the fact that this queen never fails and that to me, I don't care what haters say, Daniel Craig will always be my favorite Bond.
james mallon
james mallon 13 órája
If this is one of her best or is awesome I will not try and listen to any other song by her. This is just a crock of shite and those that think it is wonderful obviously have never listened to proper popular music, The thumbs down shows that nearly one in 5 do not like it so I am not alone. This is not meant to offend, though it will but it is my opinion all the same.
Drucila Valverde
Drucila Valverde 13 órája
Te amoooo Billie
Insha Ali
Insha Ali 13 órája
I can’t stop listening to this
Papeer Radio Podcast Emisija
R.C. crew, huh? Impressive :'D We love you and we pray for you.
denisse alejandra
denisse alejandra 13 órája
It is the best song and singer you do not know how many people would like to know you
Billie: no time to die. Me: indeed life is short.
Helen Mawtus
Helen Mawtus 14 órája
Holdup isn’t that the James Bond guy?!?! 🌝😼😌💅✨🧚‍♂️🐠👹
Araba Djawab
Araba Djawab 14 órája
You best in the word billie
Гульнара Кабдулова
Love Bili Eilih
Karen Karamisaravi
Karen Karamisaravi 15 órája
Cheese Cake
Cheese Cake 15 órája
You know your famous when you make a song for a James bond movie
Bfirst14 Channel
Bfirst14 Channel 15 órája
Billie:No time to die~ Coronavirus:No! you have time to die cuz of me :)
Вероника Романенко
Шикарная песня от шикарной певицы🔥🔥🔥❤🌹
Вероника Романенко
Я нервно ищу русские коменты 😅❤☺
Vlada Ka
Vlada Ka 15 órája
Как же это божественно.. Я просто плачу от ее пения..
Juan Coleman
Juan Coleman 15 órája
My time is not yet come. Maybe the time has not given me the courage to do it. I hope that is it. I hope I'm not a coward to face my time to die. I WANT TO DIE RESPECTING MY SELF IN MY LAST ACT
E K 16 órája
ILYSM BILLIE EILLISH! I and my friend made a group that is named avocado group :D (only for Billie stans)
Lis Thifany
Lis Thifany 16 órája
Sxbbsie 17 órája
This is a good piece of music it express how she's feelings and how life isn't perfect.There's always someone by YOUR side.
Cameron Miller
Cameron Miller 17 órája
Pramoda Kusuma Wardani
i can feel james bond's soundtrack vibes
Jason Feely
Jason Feely 17 órája
How is it possible for over 20k to not like this ? Absolute clownshoes. Very few game changers in the greatest art of all: MUSIC. She is one of the greats and I've heard them all End of. Jayzeefee.ie Ireland
Aditya Kumar Ruhela
Who is the big fan of Billie Eilish ❤️
Al Yeska
Al Yeska 17 órája
I nearly shot You for that little matchbook stunt. Thank goodness we've matured