Bjorn Goes Into Battle One Last Time | Vikings | Prime Video 

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After suffering a mortal wound, Bjorn defies all the odds and leads his people onto the battlefield once again.
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2021.jan. 2.






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Iammkris 54 másodpercig
John Snow of Norway⚔
Nazeef Hossain
Nazeef Hossain 20 perccel
Anyone knows the name of the background music?
Sunrise 13 perccel
Einar Selvik - Snake Pit Poetry
Odd Ronny Rønningen
we dont leave this country freely...
sadwin winsad
sadwin winsad 37 perccel
Сколько можно везде показывать баб... женщинам кухня, мужчинам война. Запомните это. Режиссеры хреновы)
Shravan kumar
Shravan kumar Órája
❤️ Hail Viking
Rodrigo Adriano
Melhor cena da temporada, épica!
Dmitry Sheptalin
Epic ending of greate story
Timothy Teipen
He didn't go into battle one last time. He just signaled his men. Plus, this is just an over dramatization of real history and not historically accurate. Him still standing up despite those arrows in his body is not historically accurate.
Timothy Teipen
4:01 The Rus never attempted to conquer any of the Scandinavian countries! Learn history! You Viking sloot!
River Houtepen
River Houtepen 2 órája
I really love this serie♥️ such An perfect performance
Carlos Mares
Carlos Mares 2 órája
Go home Björn Ironside, your father and the gods awaits...
Ewelina Sz
Ewelina Sz 2 órája
Jack Sinister
Jack Sinister 3 órája
This was such an emotional scene. This and Ivar's final scene in the show.
Ale Viking
Ale Viking 4 órája
Standards on men these days huh?
tamazik kheladze
tamazik kheladze 4 órája
and then I began to believe in Odin and in Bjorn, the true Konung
Cris7ian Milián
Cris7ian Milián 4 órája
Sigo llorando con la muerte de Bjorn 😢
Adrian Davidson
Adrian Davidson 4 órája
Season 6 part 2 was very much a massive let down for me! The writer struggled to make an interesting storyline from history. It was more about setting the scene for a spin off series of Ubbe and his exploits in Canada, which funnily enough will be cheaper for them to make.
john P
john P 4 órája
Wish this was the last episode of vikings as thought last 9 was disappointing
Nydia Nydia
Nydia Nydia 5 órája
I loved it the way he want out❤❤
Gracjan Spes
Gracjan Spes 5 órája
These people knew the concept of honor; I wish I was born too late. Our white race has dwarfed and become weak. It's a pity because we could still live like the Vikings. And don't tell me about progress, plastic surgery or new phones. It doesn't matter. Only honor matters.
Eban Dar
Eban Dar 5 órája
Okay explain who is he?
Ona Amvあ
Ona Amvあ 5 órája
Yo that gave me goosebumps
Adam Armstrong
Adam Armstrong 5 órája
Erdugral resurrection is magnificent! Netflix bought all seasons
Cptn. Scirocco
Cptn. Scirocco 5 órája
Kathryn Sullivan
Kathryn Sullivan 6 órája
I cant believe its over sitting here crying !
nekonekonyanya 6 órája
even the kids
GBRplank 6 órája
Emotional the first time.... emotional the second time.... emotional every time!
TAGS Battfink
TAGS Battfink 6 órája
I wish he had sucked in some more air, making that awful choking noise, then let out one last almighty, roaring battle cry, blood coming from his mouth as he got to the end if his last breath. Would have been all kinds of epic
Van Tiwel
Van Tiwel 6 órája
Didn’t know Cato was a badass viking
Brênin Caëd
Brênin Caëd 6 órája
Anyone knows the music from this fragment ..... I have goosebumps/....??
Python 5 órája
snake pit poetry
Savitar 7 órája
Music name ?
Savitar 10 perccel
@Sunrise thanks
Sunrise 12 perccel
Einar Selvik - Snake Pit Poetry
Bev Henry
Bev Henry 7 órája
And that my friend, is legendary all hail the the 👑 of Norway
Ezequiel Lima
Ezequiel Lima 7 órája
Salve o rei Bjorn o rei dos reis
HYPERION 2k10 7 órája
What a great fking episode. What a shame the last episodes and the ending was trash
ItzSomething 7 órája
Aleksandr Kochet
Aleksandr Kochet 7 órája
Так эпически обосраться в шестом сезоне, в принципе интересного сериала!? Сценаристам неуд за полную историческую безграмотность.
Camora RR
Camora RR 7 órája
Sawris 8 órája
I was sad for Ragnar and cry for Bjorn and Lagherta
Leon Serebrennikov
Какой сезон и серия этого фильма ?
Lizi T
Lizi T 8 órája
NOW THIS IS HOW YOU SAY GOODBYE TO YOUR MAIN CHARACTER!!! Had me bawling 😭 the whole time.
Garrett Wise
Garrett Wise 8 órája
wael sahoury
wael sahoury 8 órája
very silly
Irie Moon
Irie Moon 8 órája
style classic04
style classic04 8 órája
Bjorn best
Frank Schmalfuß
Frank Schmalfuß 9 órája
welches Lied ist das im Hintergrund?
Sunrise 8 órája
Einar Selvik - Snake Pit Poetry
DamSevenfold 10 órája
Vikings have the best characters ,best epic scenes ,best history , So much better than GOT .Vikings is the best series
Podarkès 10 órája
Ivar = 1 Bjorn = 0
Giovanni Nongrum
Giovanni Nongrum 10 órája
The valkyries summoned him home.
Stevie Vincent
Stevie Vincent 10 órája
Australia is missing out 😡😡
Антон Подгорный
I cannot understand why the Mongols are not on horseback. The Mongols are exclusively cavalry and on foot they could only storm a castle or a city.
David Volyn
David Volyn 5 órája
these are not mongols, they are kieven Rus (mongols wont invade for another 200 years give or take 50) the Huns were 3 centuries before Kievan Rus, dont forget backin the 900s the land that is eastern europe was divided into dozens of petty kingdoms, novorgod rus and kievan rus were just 2 of the rus factions
Danny W
Danny W 10 órája
I'm not crying, you're crying
Ryan Gooch
Ryan Gooch 11 órája
Wow sick release this 2 weeks after it aired here
Ali Jlaudi
Ali Jlaudi 11 órája
xhasyuxcv789 vgfsdiogdas
His tears are blue or is that blood from his eyes ?
Zita Pfliegler
Zita Pfliegler 11 órája
Thank you for this scene❤️👊
Golden Torn
Golden Torn 11 órája
This scene alone proves why vikings is better than game of thrones
At least they knew when to call it quits, GoT just got butchered for quick cash
Timothy Ylinen
Timothy Ylinen 11 órája
Björn was truly the greatest 💪🏻 Despite all his failings he surpassed his father and brothers, he never gave up and left this world a champion 💪🏻 His mother, father and Odín greets him into Valhalla ❤️
paolo charif
paolo charif 12 órája
bjorn aurait jamais dut mourir dans la saison 6 ce qui fait quel est nul bjorn la legende
Стас Петров
поржал....особенно над пацаном со стрижкой как у Бибера...
Anmol Gupta
Anmol Gupta 12 órája
This scene is one of the best scenes I've ever seen💯💯
ViKiNG 12 órája
Is this season 7?
Mind Pro
Mind Pro 13 órája
Respec king bjorn ironside
Josh Osborne
Josh Osborne 13 órája
"Soon you will be drinking ale from cuuurved horns. The Valkeries summon you home" so much emotion in that. Flashback to ragnar then Bjorn. Goosebumps
Fanbuoy 3 órája
You see those warriors from Valhalla? They've got curved horns. Curved. Horns.
Miguel Madrid
Miguel Madrid 14 órája
Skol for Bjorn!
Redbeans & Rich
Redbeans & Rich 14 órája
The music was perfect
Redbeans & Rich
Redbeans & Rich 14 órája
The power of symbolism!
Sahel Goomeh
Sahel Goomeh 14 órája
Episode 10 to 20 finaly season is very foolish and crazy 👇👇👇👹😈👺
The Property Fixer Lakhi Singh
Fernando Filmes 66
Fernando Filmes 66 15 órája
Сергей Серый
Стрелы наверно были смазаны НОВИЧКОМ .
emanandchill 16 órája
i feel like this character should've been developed more. They didn't do him justice. but the ending scene is epic. Ivar and Ragnar are the most developed characters in the series.
Duncan Abraham
Duncan Abraham 16 órája
coolspacemarine 16 órája
69 prowess be like
InsideF1 16 órája
Vikings and GOT were my fav from the beginning, GOT disappointed me, but Viking didn't. What a series. 🙏
Mel Oms
Mel Oms 16 órája
"But if you ask me, we will ever see his like again .. I would say no" So sad and powerful, as we know we wouldn't see such a character no more like Bjorn in the saga ..
Logan Phelps
Logan Phelps 17 órája
I got chills watching this
Bucur Cosmin
Bucur Cosmin 18 órája
There was no better end for the story of Bjorn IRON SIDE . I love how the writers honored him.
Chico Montana
Chico Montana 18 órája
farewell my brother, ....It gladdens me as an earl that Odin makes ready the benches for a FEAST.. soon you will be drinking ale from curved horns.
N 18 órája
Valhalla will never accept a wife beater and abuser. You won't be accepted because you will be held responsible for all that you chose to do.
xfire7 18 órája
Hollywood soyboy movie.
WAX6428 19 órája
A beautiful ending for a Viking with integrity. He saved his people with determination and resolve, they ran for they knew they were lesser men compared to Bjorn.
Wyatt Storey
Wyatt Storey 19 órája
That manliest man what that women charging in with a bow 4:26
evil souls Leader
evil souls Leader 19 órája
Ivar is so beter i love him
EmperorAttila 19 órája
Winter is coming?
quentin dorvard
quentin dorvard 19 órája
Гавно конец! Кто заслужил остаться жить так это Бьорн. После смерти Рагнара смотрел сериал только изза Бьорна. Даже не смотрел эту хрень до конца!!! Последний сезон просто чушь!
VerticalJelly 20 órája
what's the background music ?
ivor worrell
ivor worrell 20 órája
*$eems as though the video is more about just talking & choir singing that about some edge-of-ur-seat heavy viking action. May i direct you to "El Rastreador"? You can thank me later.*
Sunrise 20 órája
Einar Selvik - Snake Pit Poetry If u want to know the Song ^^
R J 20 órája
Ragnar, Bjorn and Lagertha! Next level warriors! The rest don't compare! I love the other brothers but they just didn't compare because Lagertha was not there Mother!
Rateb Lothbrok
Rateb Lothbrok 20 órája
Ferwell bjorn💔
TH23 20 órája
What’s the track called?!
Sunrise 20 órája
Einar Selvik - Snake Pit Poetry
logas 21 órája
Kelly Dufourd
Kelly Dufourd 21 órája
broke my heart
orchard1990 22 órája
2.2 thousand people named Ivar disliked this video
مجتبى مرتضى Mujtaba Murtada
The greatest scene ever 💞👌.
Rep The 21st
Rep The 21st 22 órája
Okay so I may be a bit out of touch with this show. Can someone explain to me why there's a bunch of little kids with the army? And one on Ivar's chariot?
Boxing Base
Boxing Base 22 órája
Ragnars son by heart
Hubert Hamuda
Hubert Hamuda 22 órája
Which Wardruna song is it?
Sunrise 20 órája
Einar Selvik - Snake Pit Poetry
Bobayeka da bogeyman
Bleached out looking vikings... somebody don't know there history lol
MAYY 23 órája
Sunrise 20 órája
Einar Selvik - Snake Pit Poetry
Péntek van (feat. G.W.M.)
The End Of Vikings Explained
(Vikings) Lagertha | Valhalla
Péntek van (feat. G.W.M.)
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