Blue Coast Brewery | No Brakes Ep 6 presented by Optus 

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... McLaren GT, tested out the sound system to Martin. Happy times.

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Daniel Ricciardo
Miss Sulis
Miss Sulis 22 napja
I ❤️ you Dan.
Tushar _G
Tushar _G 28 napja
@Dave Russell True!
Nicinator747 Hónapja
Your a good driver
Leviathan Hónapja
U blow.......
gazza gazza
gazza gazza Hónapja
You truly are my hero m8 Ur hubble bro thanks for your inspiration
Meg Dibb-Fuller
Keep living the dream dude!
Mateusz Janowicz
What's the name of the song at the end?
Lia afrian
Lia afrian 5 napja
Watching you vlog again because I miss you lol
Jealousy is cruel as the grave
Hi, How wonderful would be if you could team up with Italianissimo Michael and produce fitness videos for women. I am currently exercising with Vince Sant from VShred. It’s only a 20min video which was downloaded straight into my inbox. I believe that a pretty face can help a great deal to keep motivated while doing physical exercise.
Enaudi Alfaro
Enaudi Alfaro 13 napja
You can watch the Shift F1 Podcast crew taste test the Blue Coast Brewing beer here along with an infamous energy drink that is Rich in flavor... hurun.info/to/vide/eYt6w6Gqz4qsx9U.html
Alexis Stevens
Alexis Stevens 18 napja
I wish these videos were longer
NineTails 18 napja
Apart from motorsport but in general since 2015 you've been a huge inspiration. Not just to smile at the small things but to put effort into your craft and make sure you enjoy it as well.
Roxy Castro
Roxy Castro 22 napja
Thank you for being a happy guy, you inspire me.
Lexi Garcia
Lexi Garcia 23 napja
How do I become your girlfriend oh my god I am simping
Giulia Greco
Giulia Greco 26 napja
might need the spelling for that "martain garrix"
Giulia Greco
Giulia Greco 26 napja
"no excuses" now pft don't overestimate my incredible talent in coming up with even the stupidest excuse to avoid working out
Maeryl Abogado
Maeryl Abogado 27 napja
Love ya, Dani! Hope we can try your beer soon!
Wangan Midnight
Wangan Midnight 27 napja
1:17 what you lot came here for
Venessa D'souza
Venessa D'souza 29 napja
F1's ray or sunshine!
Dilan Aydın
Dilan Aydın 29 napja
I'm in love with you I hope you see this one day. I have no chance, I know. May your gorgeous smile never end🧡
King of the backroads IS200
Living the dream
Debojyoti Sarkar
Lol who else saw the video and came just now??? 😂😂🤩😍😍😂😂
Rajat 29 napja
John Biondolillo
How do I get my hands on some Blue Coast Beer? I hope that NEIPA is all Aussie hops!
_ eXitZz
_ eXitZz Hónapja
You definitely have to check out the Störtebecker brewery in germany👌🏼
gcm747 Hónapja
Definitely a step up in ride from Renault!
Anand Kewal
Anand Kewal Hónapja
Daniel can send me a Kangaro i really wanna have one i will pay for the shipping cost jut put it in the box and send it with DHL
Mark O
Mark O Hónapja
Again a dutchman in your life :)
-!Hurt-Maniac!- Hónapja
Hes 100% the beat f1 driver, and just an awesome person in general. Funny as hell too
Pelin K
Pelin K Hónapja
His attitude, his Face, his Voice, his humor... JUST LOVE HIM 🤌🏼❤️❤️
Ferris Lovell
Ferris Lovell Hónapja
Daniels a natural vlogger
Marc Ingrid
Marc Ingrid Hónapja
Martin Garrix everybody! ➕✖️❤️
Rajat Thakur
Rajat Thakur 20 napja
Can I get a hey ho
haritz alqaf
haritz alqaf Hónapja
dang the seafoam hoodie merch sold out, will they restock sometime?
The Colombian Eurofan
Daniel easily can be the host of anything, he is so likable
laurent s.
laurent s. Hónapja
Belgian ingredients says enough of the belgian beer quality.
Dennis Alting
Dennis Alting Hónapja
Monaco home tour?
Arham Muhammad
Arham Muhammad Hónapja
I wanna see a Podium Daniel 🤙
Airwolfr Hónapja
I wonder if you miss your Renault Megan RS 😢
ProMethod2 Hónapja
Thanks for the song recommendation
The Unit Airsoft
Rob sounds Swedish..?
Theophilus Clayton
You are my favourite F1 driver
Juunt onen
Juunt onen Hónapja
Daniel show us yours spotify playlist ! :D i guess many people want to heard it ! :D
Okute Wonah
Okute Wonah Hónapja
Parked next to a Renault
America Beverly
America Beverly Hónapja
I am taking a Spanish GCSE in 2 years and so far my Spanish is as good as Dani’s French so........ wish me luck! 🤣
Luka Lakichevich
Daniel, I'm not a beer expert (grapes and wine are my speciality), but from a food safety point of view alcohol content above 8% makes for an inhospitable environment for potentially harmful microorganisms to humans - that's why modern winemaking does not require pasteurization. Current marketing trends appreciate beer labelling with no filtration or thermal processing, but that may not necessarily be the best for the product. Food for thought 😊 your brewer seems to know what he's doing.
Ashley Robertson
They’re making an NE IPA 😍😍
Valentina Parra
Valentina Parra Hónapja
He is the cutest, looks nice.❤
JoeyandLindsay Hónapja
Love you dude! Keep up the great attitude in life! You motivate so many of us!
Hot things On my plate
nobody's saying this so i guess i have to ... His left nostril is unquestionably bigger than his right one. If you ask me that's a broken nose, probably from a hard punch to the soft cartilage part of the nose bone. Just looking at his 7-year-old face, i have to go with, he is in an abusive relationship, i can't say exactly who, but its definitely male energy, i hope its not his father or it could've been a car accident. I don't know which one is easier to admit in his position? either way he is pretty banged up in the nose.
T T Hónapja
Hi Danny, is that P1 that you are driving?
Caleb K
Caleb K Hónapja
What happened to the 720s?
r3dhot88 Hónapja
best team perks are Mclaren and ferarri
Jeppe Rønnow
Jeppe Rønnow Hónapja
Love the taste of music
Simon Hónapja
Love seeing Blue Coast branch out into modern styles like New England IPAs. Craft beer moves fast!
Deniz Seçkinler
You leave the Renault but ı love you
Sebastian Hónapja
Daniel you are driving a F1 car not a bus. Surely you can practice steering with a smaller ball than a medicine ball. :D
mo Hónapja
hands down one of the best personalities in formula 1
Kevin Quinn
Kevin Quinn Hónapja
3:45 the reason he left Renault
Dave Russell
Dave Russell Hónapja
00:54 - Wait, so jetlag is an excuse to not exercise? I need to fly more! ;-)
Glenn B
Glenn B Hónapja
You should come to Tassie and get yourself a Whisky brand, we make the best in the world, don't take my word for it, we literally won the best Whiskey in the world several times over the last few years. We could hook you up with the best hops also. We will want to keep you as our own though from that point forward.
Zer0G101 Hónapja
So can’t sell in Australia in bottle form as it’s not pasteurised ....
Stephanie Gough
Stephanie Gough Hónapja
What's the ABV? Enquiring minds want to know. At least, mine does.
grlmgor Hónapja
Don't know but it has an IBU of 26.
Ian Davidson
Ian Davidson Hónapja
Can’t wait for you to get a podium at Mclaren and I would like to potentially be a future teammate
April San Juan
April San Juan Hónapja
Daniel, you are my favourite F1 driver❣️ Good luck in Italy this week! Will be cheering you on from Vancouver, Canada!
J. Ferrer
J. Ferrer Hónapja
I hope the beer will make it over to the states! I would love to try some 👍🏻
Erik Ostby
Erik Ostby Hónapja
Will i be able to get this beer in The States?
O Dawg
O Dawg Hónapja
Damn Danny Ric takes forever to reverse park considering his vocation.
Acrobatic Cripple
Brilliant my man! However I really got annoyed with that bloke who couldn't keep his nose covered.
Brandon Washington
That blue sweatshirt is fire 🔥
malikedenizcan dizdar
I see Danny Ric I click
Aaron Samson
Aaron Samson Hónapja
Danny made me listen to PRESSURE and now I'm hooked to the song
Kelvin 462
Kelvin 462 Hónapja
YTRAM!!!! Only Garrix fans know what is it
Luka Prepadnik
Luka Prepadnik Hónapja
Yes! And AREA21.
K____ Hónapja
Blessing us with content while we wait for the Imola GP 🇮🇹
Rory Bevis
Rory Bevis Hónapja
big bag of cannies with Danny!
Nick Goode
Nick Goode Hónapja
Go Daniel! You're going to smash it this year!
Yannis WS
Yannis WS Hónapja
Your Dutch pronounciation of 'Martijn' is spot on for a non-native speaker!
דניאל פרץ
You best driver on the world!!!! I swear
דניאל פרץ
You dude!!!
Brent Jones
Brent Jones Hónapja
we need more of this Danny boi
Jake Hodgson
Jake Hodgson Hónapja
Daniel make sure you do packs of 4 for a fiver
lalala246 2047
lalala246 2047 Hónapja
Nice Puma shirt Daniel Good luck in Imola
Jesus Hónapja
Wow, the guy (Ricciardo) seems to know basically nothing about his own business/industry. I expected to see him demonstrate some real knowledge here and real passion, but he's not in it anywhere near that level. Its just money I guess.
Amanda Peyron
Amanda Peyron Hónapja
Is Rob maybe swedish? Kinda sounds like it with the accent he’s got🤔
MakvaCall Hónapja
Nice astronaut sculpture!
gabriel soriano
gabriel soriano Hónapja
grow a short mullet with the curls mate
Maro Hónapja
Nice car jajajaja
fannipek Hónapja
This video made me buy Daniel's beer
Marcelo De Souza
Sensacional Daniel Ricciardo 👍✌👏👏👏👏👏👏
Unimakon Susan UNDIEH
These videos are edited so well. He gives us really quality videos
Unimakon Susan UNDIEH
Danny Ric 🥰
Holt Lamberson
Holt Lamberson Hónapja
When will Blue Cost be available in the U.S.?
TheAtiHD Hónapja
Great job DR......We all know it tastes better in glass... I hope we get your brew down under?
Gods Grace Or Mans Synthetic Manipulation
only 6 dislikes for 87,539 views , should be 0 but still amazing
Shivam Kapoor
Shivam Kapoor Hónapja
If F1 vlogging becomes more popular maybe learning editing for me may pay off haha
Alexander Ivory-Brown
Did I hear 3 star Michelin Star rating for you Daniel Ricciardo Wine!? If so congratulations! Also, I shouldn’t have trouble hearing because I watched this video 5 times. 💙💙💙
Saludos amigo
Lucía Duarte
Lucía Duarte Hónapja
Te amo tanto 😩💗
Alvaro De Narváez
Daniel it is really inspiring to see how a successful man as you invest and develops on much more areas different than their "main job". Best wishes from Colombia🇨🇴
Carlo Hónapja
Karina Nieto
Karina Nieto Hónapja
Yeeess! Keep it coming
jskvaerner Hónapja
6:17 Everyone thinking Max will win this year, but unfortunately, the guy at the brewery said «not 33, but 44». So another title for Hamilton.
Ralph Solly
Ralph Solly Hónapja
Shame that guy can’t wear a mask over his nose...
NIce Meth...I mean brew house
skottskadad Hónapja
We need a "cribs" episode! :D
ForeverF1 Hónapja
I see Daniel using his break wisely!