Bottas and Hamilton Qualifying Laps Compared | 2020 Eifel Grand Prix 

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Study the mini sectors as Valtteri Bottas and Lewis Hamilton duel for the first pole position at the Nurburgring in seven years!
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Justin Timbersaw
I feel really really bad for Bottas. All these 3 years and he only won 9 races. I presume that he won because Lewis's car broke down or he got penalty that the time gap seems too impossible for him to catch up, that's why they let Bottas wins. Mercedes didn't realize that they're very lucky to have Bottas in the team.
Jovan P
Jovan P 3 napja
These guys are amazing... I'm Lewis' fun, but gotta give Bottas a credit for that qualy! He really nailed it! 👏
Diego Olan
Diego Olan 4 napja
There is a dancer on IG who looks like the girl version of Bottas lol
Rudradev Arya
Rudradev Arya 6 napja
So identical 🔥🔥🔥
Moe A
Moe A 6 napja
Bottas is better at braking into the corner.. but Lewis is better at corner exits. Either way, u need to improve ur editing ways
De Apenhoofd
De Apenhoofd 6 napja
Interestingly, Bottas won most time under braking, which is quite unusual. Was Hamilton too cautious?
Pablo Izurieta
So Bottas was better than Hamilton on this track.... so chance had to give Bottas a power failure.
Alexander K.
Alexander K. 7 napja
Valteri is mor agreesive on the last sector.
tashrique karriem
Lewis probably setup his car for the race
Neo 7 napja
This is a lousy comparison.
Vi Tang
Vi Tang 7 napja
Look like Bottas had the better braking in this track.
Anugrah Shukla
It's like watching a mirror imagine. Thankyou F1 for posting this. The engine sounds though ❤️
Lucas Fellipe
Lucas Fellipe 7 napja
Visivelmente HAM terminou na frente do BOT
Leonardo Aquino
never noticed that they have different halo colours.
Tbh valtteri only got a seat for being the poridge man
juan moyon segura
Bottas had a nice Qualifying lap but he did not win. Bad for him.
CreamnCoffee2 7 napja
I just want to see other drivers in those cars like Verstappen and Leclerc. The results would probably be the same as Lewis, winning everything. Because they are able to pressure Lewis with much inferior cars.
David Skubb
David Skubb 8 napja
Why is lewis ahead in the video tho
Elon Musk
Elon Musk 8 napja
Something is not right, at the last corner Hamilton is in front of Bottas but the difference is 0,250.
Henry Gardner
Henry Gardner 8 napja
Show us Renault comparison pls
Sardar Basha
Sardar Basha 8 napja
Formula One has become boring.. I rather enjoyed watching moto gp..
Mr Denson
Mr Denson 6 napja
Yet you are hear commenting on an F1. Many people complain about the sport being boring by commenting on the sport’s HUrun video. If it’s that boring why don’t you just stop watching or come hear to comment
AleefHamilton Racing
Pretty sure they put Valtteri's first Q3 run instead of his second
floresaw poleros
Hamilton had a late braking in first corner
David Sahu
David Sahu 8 napja
Nissim Thapa
Nissim Thapa 8 napja
F1’s getting real boring.
Rex Wolf
Rex Wolf 8 napja
Lewis has the straights ,boots has the corners
Riccardo Capellino
Valtteri deserved the win
Cully Dieter
Cully Dieter 8 napja
Low Light
Low Light 8 napja
It all happened coming out of the last corner. All through the last corner and before that, Hamilton was quicker. You can clearly see that looking ar the buildings passing by in the background. But something happened going out of that last corner and suddenly Bottas was in the lead.
Bá Tài Nguyễn
I'm think Mercedes is the greatest racing team and Ferrari is the failed racing team!
Fadhlan Faza
Fadhlan Faza 8 napja
Valterri is great in quali but he needs to do better to challenge lewis in the race
蔡奉恩 8 napja
WHAT?!!! Lewis finished ahead! In fact, he was ahead most of the lap. Is this the correct footage?
Mister X
Mister X 8 napja
because there are stutters on both sides, Lewis may seem to be on the fisish line earlier. Only because more frames have disappeared bij Lewis, it looks like he's faster.
Accor Live Limitless
False hope, Valtteri is just a hopeless driver. Will never give a real fight to Lewis.
loyalsupport 8 napja
If you stop before the round you see bottas is near to the finish line at 0:05 min. At the end Hamilton is near to the finish line 1:30 min . This can't be the right final rounds of both.
sang anh
sang anh 8 napja
I'm Single 😍😥
Alex Xandra
Alex Xandra 8 napja
So Nice 💘💘💘💘💘💘
John Kuhles
John Kuhles 8 napja
⚠️ To all international journalists & sport presenters: 🌐 it is NOT Lewish ... it is NOT Bottash ... and it is certainly NOT Max Vershtappen!
Bernie Adams
Bernie Adams 8 napja
is this the right footage? the right ones clearly ahead of the left ones on all sectors!!
Mujahid Islam
Mujahid Islam 9 napja
Video is out of sync. Lewis is ahead of Valtteri.
Caitlyn Braddock
I'm Alone 😍😥
Topman2123 9 napja
That's mad
Amirul Eddin
Amirul Eddin 9 napja
I hope bottas win this year championship..so bored to see hamilton wins the championship every year..
Homme Banal
Homme Banal 9 napja
"Bottas and Bottas Qualifying Laps Compared"
Matlar Official
What a driver!!!year after year, race after race...Lewis see VB77!!
Dj_ 96
Dj_ 96 9 napja
Hamilton finished second on purpose, so that he can use the slipstream from Bottas and overtale him in the first corner, which is on the p2 drivers side
Not fast enough, Ham
M power
M power 9 napja
what is wrong? it says the video is unavailable
Lucas Thaler
Lucas Thaler 9 napja
Result: Hamilton is downshifting earlier into corners than bottas
josue colina
josue colina 9 napja
bottas vs hamilton
Cirrus5005 9 napja
They start equally across the line, but then Hamilton reaches the line again first ... so, what's happened?
Newmaidumosa 7 napja
computers and cameras are so used to Hamilton winning that they now just default to that
AutoStats 9 napja
Fingers crossed!
AFFCh NN 9 napja
Porridge kicks
Vectro42 9 napja
Completely out of sync... big shame as i wanted to see the difference
Fisher Allen
Fisher Allen 9 napja
why I can't watch
Eren İnan
Eren İnan 9 napja
bottas accelarated very softly when cornering than hamilton
Penduga Nafsu
Penduga Nafsu 9 napja
video out of sync...it look like lewis more faster than bottas
Dim Gk
Dim Gk 9 napja
_tamtan_ 9 napja
Who wants it to rain tomorrow and mess up everyone's strategy?
Freddie video
Freddie video 9 napja
VB & LH both on caberv
avada 9 napja
So he got half of it in the first turn, the other half in the final chicane. Or maybe two thirds + one third.
Martin Arvidsson
Hamilton suffering from 2007 vibes and taking it easy in the first corner.
Gustav Peter
Gustav Peter 9 napja
With such a small difference it’s pure luck who is on pole
David Henretty
So Nice 💘💘💘💘💘💘
Dominik Hameder
Is it me or does it seem like Hamilton gets on the gas earlier most of the time?
Kalpesh Patel
Kalpesh Patel 9 napja
Wow, spectacular visuals. Please make more of these for other drivers as well :)
Jeroen Bakkeren
This isn’t correct?😂 lewis is ahead the entire time
Teemu Valkeejärvi
I'm fairly sure this or the pole lap video doesn't actually have the pole lap, I mean Hamilton starts his lap here slightly after Bottas, but finishes his lap first. Bottas was 0.25s quicker so how's that possible if the laps were correct.. I just don't know how you can make a mistake like this.
Petr ihadtosignupforthis
Sync issue. :(
Zaheer Iqbal
Zaheer Iqbal 9 napja
Are they showing us the same video. Just Joking BOTH OF THEM ARE GREAT RACERS
Vyas Ponnuri
Vyas Ponnuri 9 napja
I hope Valtteri puts more pressure on Lewis, forcing him into errors and getting him a penalty
Alex 9 napja
found a gap in Lewis' "perfect" driving, he struggles without practice it seems.
Malcolm X
Malcolm X 9 napja
Not really he was slower than q2 in q3
Juan Manuel Correa
Props to Valtteri. I don't know why people put him down just because Lewis beats him most of the time (I mean Lewis is at least within the top 2 best drivers of all time).
Alex Ferdean
Alex Ferdean 9 napja
I don't think the laps are their best. They start at the same time, but Lewis is clearly in front at S1 although Bottas was faster.
Onakoya Timilehin
Please if you want to make comparisons at least make them accurate
BWX 9 napja
There are lost frames in the footage because of video being sent via digital video transmitters and receivers like FPV quadcopters. They should have taken the raw onboard footage to compare (if it exists), not the transmitted footage. They dealt with this when comparing peoples' times on recorded FPV race courses a few years ago. The timing comparison is correct, the footage you are watching has frames missing. That is the problem here.
YouthEnergy 9 napja
Like everyone seemes to be saying, the comparison is not synced with the visuals in the middle and also not with the timings. I think the timings are their last Q3 laps (Valtteri's best lap), but the footage shows different laps. Weird.
Leon Brenner
Leon Brenner 9 napja
0:28 is the problem 😉 Hamilton jumps ahead
Ga 40
Ga 40 9 napja
I think Hamilton most faster, i look the shadow of bilboard in finish line
David Elsner
David Elsner 9 napja
Who is your editor? Whenever you stop the video, Hamilton is in front in the direct comparison footage. Not a real comparison.
fullcarton 9 napja
What an impressive lap, it's awesome!
Jude Njeru
Jude Njeru 9 napja
Okay just In my opinion valteri has better throttle and brake technique then lewis
unplugged songs HM
Car was not turning as usually
Stuart Jackson
Savage lap from Bottas but can he do that consistently like Hamilton... Saturdays for show Sundays for dough..... As the old saying goes....
Sammie Sensei
Sammie Sensei 9 napja
Wrong editing lol
Mahi Gaming Tamil
If u don't understand... Try to understand...
Sujeet Bhagat
Sujeet Bhagat 9 napja
Confidential : 1st Lap into the first corner ....Max will crash into Lewis taking both out of the race.😇
Hus 9
Hus 9 9 napja
Halk Eight
Halk Eight 9 napja
Hamilton is always ahead of Bottas in the video What's happening
powersliding 9 napja
race day, lewis unless something silly happens again
Gustavo Fring
Gustavo Fring 9 napja
Lol fix! They don't want lewis winning championship
Am I tripping or is Hamilton slightly ahead at 0:54? Graphic seems a bit off
Hoten Hitonokoe
Go Hamilton
R Ram
R Ram 9 napja
EAZYDSI Eazy 9 napja
Im a Hamilton fan but you shud've compared Verstappens lap as well
Darren Stanford
Verstappen: am I a joke to you?
R Ram
R Ram 9 napja
Effizient Link
Can you put the right footage please? I get that you are trying to generate content all the time but make sure its the right content.
No matter what happens in quali ... Hamilton will win
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