Bottas And Hamilton's Duel For Dominance | Jolyon Palmer Analysis | 2020 Eifel Grand Prix 

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Jolyon Palmer takes a closer look at how the Mercedes pair fought for the lead at the Nurburgring.
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AH Hmm
AH Hmm 30 perccel
What if Bottas squeezed Lewis on the second corner so he would not get a free launch for the overtake?
champion1642 2 napja
Everyone keeps saying Lewis was aggressive at the start, clearly don't see nearly all the cars that were side by side behind them go just as wide... Also Lewis' tyres were in so much better condition that Valtteri's when he locked up.
Marcos Torrani
Thank you Jolyon. Awesome to see this from a different lens. Lewis has gotten to the point of no return. Now its not about the race but your mental health.
Wayne Bynoe
Wayne Bynoe 3 napja
Bonga Njamela
Bonga Njamela 3 napja
Cold tyre: Valtteri, it's graining. Bottas: Copy.
March Hare
March Hare 3 napja
More like Hamilton asserting dominance to Bottas
Fabricio Campos
bottas can't duel hamilton, they're not in the same level
Adam Petten
Adam Petten 4 napja
Great Stuff. DC not doing Unscripted anymore?
Petyr Kowalski
Love Jolyons analysis. He knows his stuff.
jason bell
jason bell 5 napja
How many times your going to show the fist turn?
jaysun eakle
jaysun eakle 5 napja
Jolyon Palmer's analysis has become easily one of the best I've ever seen. He is excellent!
marcel medvesek
Bottas need a bit of luck too When bottas got puncher he finnised P11, but when lewis got puncher he still finnised P1.
Rene Sonse
Rene Sonse 5 napja
Love JP's analsyes!!!
El Majico
El Majico 5 napja
Imran Ali
Imran Ali 5 napja
Bottas is literally having bad luck this year
Ivan Pozdeev
Ivan Pozdeev 5 napja
Did they pull Palmer out of bed for this video? He looks a bit roughed up :)
Garvit Jain
Garvit Jain 5 napja
Bottas basically lost position cuz of pressure that hamilton put on him, fair play. This makes it Charles lecerc's win at monza where both hamilton and bottas were pushing behind him even more unbelievable
Ethan Phillipps
Yeah I want F1TV but not support in Panamá FFS
Filip Gacic
Filip Gacic 5 napja
What duel for dominance? lol
pine2pine3 5 napja
You know what, that camera work on Bottas locking up was so great.
Yeolde GamerSteve
Duel? lol there is no duel at all, it's master and underling.
person8203 5 napja
Bottas looks in mirror [jaws theme intensifys]
Richard M
Richard M 5 napja
The thing that screws Bottas (in my opinion) is that he can't pull a large gap on Hamilton when in front (save for the last two season openers which gave us false hope!), and can't chip away at Hamilton when behind and go for the overtake. Unfortunately, Hamilton can do both with incredible consistency.
Ice Cream Tv
Ice Cream Tv 5 napja
Fun Fact: 🇩🇪 2019, Racing Point in P4 McLaren P5, Toro Rosso P6 🇩🇪 2020 Racing Point P4 McLaren P5, AlphaTauri, P6
Cajay Vega
Cajay Vega 6 napja
We didnt need the background music
vmaf ferreira
vmaf ferreira 6 napja
Bottas is not british so he and the fans can stop dreaming winning anything they not going to alow that the Merc strategy and telemetry boys they make sure of that messing with is car even if they let him win its just send some dust they have such a huge advantage they can afford to put 1 car out simple has that. I wonder when FIA is going to investigate Merc car and show us what they have like they do to other teams! My guess! NEVER.
Moises Camacho
Bottas should’ve won it
Dutchbird757 6 napja
Spot on jolyon! You're the only commentator/journalist so far that had this spot on. Well done.
Aleksander Stanovoi
Shame it’s not on HUrun but only on payed subscription on F1 TV
Josh 6 napja
Wow! I definitely want to hear Jolyon Palmer's take on winning races! What a joke. lol
Ross Macfarlane
More JP, less blaggers please...
Simon Aldred
Simon Aldred 6 napja
F1 Gold🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧
Adam Balding
Adam Balding 6 napja
Jolyon Palmer. Biggest oxygen thief ever. Never deserved F1. Only cos of his name.
All those who says Hamilton makes little mistake, then why does he get so much penalty?
1BCamden 6 napja
Thanks JP great analysis
PJ Sinohin
PJ Sinohin 6 napja
too much stance ?
Steve Williams
How come Mercedes push me pull you steering wheel isn't proving it's worth when it is needed ?
PN 6 napja
To whom it may concern....No, honestly. He should be fighting with Lewis and not with Max in the standings.
Rebel Bon
Rebel Bon 6 napja
botas 12 lap cant save position last year leclerc on monza 40 lap hamilton cant wins
muhdfuad 24
muhdfuad 24 6 napja
MSC >>>>>> Hamilton
Hoten Hitonokoe
david jack
david jack 6 napja
max has been in f1 5yrs how come no championship yet?🤔 lewis took 2 yrs
Jigar Bhavsar
Jigar Bhavsar 7 napja
Did he just say "Verstappen rule of Austria"😂😂
André 7 napja
Bottas is a victim of racism!
Thyassasin99 7 napja
Did jolyon just wake up or something? funky hair
james pisano
james pisano 7 napja
Thanks, Bro.
Piyush Gandhi
Piyush Gandhi 7 napja
When I read the title, I thought it was a comedy video and clearly, I wasn't disappointed. Jk, love both valteri and lewis :)
Aaron Sorensen
Meanwhile Max made the same move but even faster and more precise.
Keven Harvey
Keven Harvey 7 napja
Can't help but think that the huge lockup could have been an early sign of the power unit going. If it doesn't regen like it should, it's like putting the brake bias all the way to the front.
swed sweg
swed sweg 7 napja
wishful thinking lol
Gabriel Cisne Martins
K A R M A !
Do we know if the energy recovery issue he had could have been intermittent and active during this lockup?
swed sweg
swed sweg 7 napja
Nope. watch the merc debrief video
Matthew Ganibi
If Fernando gets a win for Renault next year, Cyril should get a “Where is Palmer?!” tattoo 🤔
Flying Spagetti
sapperstang 7 napja
Botta is Lewis's only real competition. If he had not had to retire the outcome would have been different.
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Major Tom
Major Tom 7 napja
The wide line into turn one is fast as the exit wide doesn't compromise speed into turn 2 - in fact it helps as it provides the inside line into turn 2. I saw it twice at least in race. Its arguably the fastest way as more speed can be carried through 1,2. Track limits are exceeded but not punished with this approach (as per the race)
Mario Driessen
The Verstappen rule.
BeeBeeThree Adventures.
It’s hardly a duel , Hamilton is way above the skill level of Bottas , any other F1 driver could do what Bottas does in that car many would do better .
Willo James
Willo James 5 napja
@daniel thompson cat got your tongue Danny boy??
Willo James
Willo James 5 napja
@daniel thompson come one then Daniel, what’s your evidence? You must be down on the pit walls week in week out if you’re so sure? It’s obviously just an opinion. I bet you’re fun at a party. Bottas has been utterly toothless for 3 seasons, he’s been absolutely demolished by Hamilton, who yes, is defiantly one of the most fierce competitors of all time. Without a doubt. F1 fans like myself are just expressing their discontent with how boring the title fight has been for the last few years, don’t take it personally mate. Bottas is an alright driver, a solid mid field driver. That’s it.
daniel thompson
@Willo James on what evidence or just an armchair expert?
Willo James
Willo James 5 napja
Most would do better.
daniel thompson
Where do you get your data? The only thing I can think of is that you don't believe Hamilton is one of the toughest, most consistant and best driver since entering F1.
Munyaradzi Zinyama
Well analysed brother
100MPH Selfies
if you're not a title contender, get out the way wingman. I want to see different teams on those last 2 podiums.
Stephen McHugh
Great analysis there from Jolyon..👌
R C 7 napja
Excellent analysis Jolyon. Great stuff!
dromeiro 7 napja
Botas racing his tires so hard...
Akash Yadav
Akash Yadav 7 napja
Jolyon's analysis is of an entirely different planet level. He's just awesome!!
Teresa Maria
Teresa Maria 7 napja
Bottas always complaining about his Tyre and his engineer he said the michanic are sleeping how come faster morethan Lewis.
Teresa Maria
Teresa Maria 7 napja
Lewis is the best evry year his win all the time.
arvi verona
arvi verona 7 napja
Bottas should not curse his critics next time he wins..
DoggedJoe 7 napja
When is F1 TV coming to the UK? Sky F1 is overpriced and not great.
DSQueenie 6 napja
Never as long as we are willing to pay £90pm.
Anco 7 napja
I disagree with you on that first one, Lewis shouldn't be allowed to overtake Bottas like that because he didn't make the corner. He should've stayed with two wheels on the track but all four where off. I guess that's why Bottas didn't get a penalty for that overtake off the circuit.
Cole Trick
Cole Trick 7 napja
Seems like that P1 starting point is too even with P2.. Should be another 10 feet ahead of P2.
TheGamerTim 7 napja
It's going to take more than a double espresso to stop this train.
cfg_Forumic 7 napja
Is no one going to mention how Bottas' front right tyre was already really worn like after 2-3 laps? Are people just choosing to ignore it so they can criticize him or what..?
swed sweg
swed sweg 7 napja
@cfg_Forumic In an effort to be helpful I'll try with you. You can definitely spoil a tyre quickly under normal conditions without proper heating and cooling cycles, and that was more difficult for everyone with the cold temps here. Driver61 has a great vid on how overheating the tyre surface with the core still being cold can ruin a tyre. Mercedes, this season even have had issues with tyre temps and even being able to "switch them on" to have grip and longevity. I'm really perplexed with what point you're trying to make. Are you saying Bottas got a dud tyre and it's some sort of conspiracy? You think he wouldve noticed maybe? or even said something? Why is it hard to accept that a driver messed up his tyres, it happens, to some more than others. You have to remember this is a race where they only got 60 minutes of practice, its perfectly believable that he didn't have it quite dialed in this race.
cfg_Forumic 7 napja
@swed sweg In every single race he has had decent tyres, and now suddenly his tyre was shredded after a lap? I hope you realize that it doesn't matter how you drive, it's not normal for the tyre to wear down in a couple of laps.
swed sweg
swed sweg 7 napja
Lol, he's the one who works the tyre, should he not be criticized for not doing a proper job?
nvr2serious cc
Hamilton does make silly mistakes, Monaco and Russia are prime examples....
Flying Spagetti
Everyone did silly mistakes. Hamilton just did it less than the others.
Panos - Sim Racer
Never liked Hamilton, never supported him, always he was overrated for me, but honestly he has super tyre management
Shadowboost 7 napja
Look at the quality of the right tire on that lap. Hamilton's is miles better due to better tire management
Shadowboost 7 napja
@Pat Scally in the coldest weather raced in F1, yeah
Pat Scally
Pat Scally 7 napja
12 laps???
Flexi Wing
Flexi Wing 7 napja
Palmer who?
Pieter Keyser
Pieter Keyser 7 napja
Find it BS that the current tyres can't work right in cold air
Flying Spagetti
Are you new to F1?
Darren Jantjies
Due to the small bend at the pit exit, the inside cars seem to have a shorter line towards turn one.
Spy Convention
Hamilton will be the greatest driver for the next 50 years. No one will challenge his 92 (or more) wins for 50 years.
Sandi Pungartnik
Dude Verstappen would destroy him if he had the same car lol
John Honee
John Honee 6 napja
They also said that the 91 wins of Michael Schumacher never would be challenged and look what happened.
Vaibhavi Shrivastava 103
I don’t think that’s true. At all.
Denis Liber
Denis Liber 7 napja
The problem is bottas does not have the quality of hamilton, but in cases where he can fight he is stand of-ish because of the fear of the crash...in germany i saw maybe the first time in four years that bottas showed his muscles...even hamilton was surprised...too little too late
King_Cola 7 napja
Make them change cars before the race just change the seats let's see then.
Richard 7 napja
at 3:48 you can see that Bottas is going to eight gear, then back to seven and then back to eght again.
John Rawls
John Rawls 7 napja
Nice, more content like that!
Piotr Kobielus
Kerem Ozurun
Kerem Ozurun 7 napja
why the heck are we talking about tires, the problem is bottas does not have the guts to stick it up to hamilton due to the fear of loosing job, he is just serving hamilton and gets payed for it. if i am wrong bottas should show me that he has the stuff, transfer to another team and become champion. these kind of failures are started to become pretty "coincidental".
Flying Spagetti
darth paul
darth paul 7 napja
Not battling for dominance is it....bottas is nowhere near dominating anybody
Hurri 7 napja
A very fair analysis.
Geison Nastri
Geison Nastri 7 napja
Bottas é fraco, tinha que por um piloto tipo Verstapen, aí o Hamilton ia ter concorrente.
Jack 1
Jack 1 7 napja
Most races are won at turn 1, after that its just formation laps. Tragic
Alumnikiid 7 napja
Even though everyone hates DRS. Thats why it was created. To help regain time lost in the corners when 1 sec behind.
Alfi Aflahal Muflih
lack of winning mentality and a little bit of misfortune.
datzitteezy 7 napja
Bottas always cracks under pressure. He's mad at the critics but the critics are always right about him.
datzitteezy 7 napja
@Kyle Slater thats his style. If you watch him in carts as a kid dude pushed his competition into mistakes.
Kyle Slater
Kyle Slater 7 napja
Yeah but so far Hamilton seems to make nearly anyone break just by following them.
Why is Bottas Power unit so unreliable?
Flying Spagetti
Like Hamilton's engine 2016.
Pat Scally
Pat Scally 7 napja
Because Mercedes uses him as the Guinea pig for Louise.
Levente Horváth
Something tells me Hamilton knew the inside line will be better, I mean at this level you have to take every chance. Hamilton probably smashed a few skulls to get to the top, noone is innocent.
Keith Givens
Keith Givens 7 napja
👑44 HAM for someone to beat Hamilton a second With the same car obviously his car was turned up more
ToofaniTatti TV
This is what makes a true world champion. Hamilton hardly makes any mistakes.
ToofaniTatti TV
@Zaki Rahman 🤣🤣
Zaki Rahman
Zaki Rahman 7 napja
Reading the first half i thought you are talking about palmer
Mcloving McMuffin
That’s the speed Lewis has he will look after his tyres and still go as fast as bottas then hammer time when he feels bottas is fading
saddist1Gtown 7 napja
Hamilton wanted to qualify on the mediums was a big giveaway his car was set up for the race. Bottas had no chance in this race even if he had started off and kept the lead and not retired. Hamilton was simply biding his time I have no doubt Bottas was in the wring engine setting which was purely for maximum power in quality and thus couldn't change this fr the race as it is now not allowed.
JaxElder 7 napja
Bottas deffo says it’s limp mode or something not default
CIDGame 7 napja
On one of the onboard start video, clearly Hamilton's car got higher rpm than Bottas. You just can hear it from the engine sound. It's like Hamilton got 11k rpm and Bottas only got 9k rpm.
Fakhri Ilalang
This Jolyon guy is great. Somebody should give him a seat to drive!
Benjamin Franklin
I like him but not a seat😂
Siyanda Jola
Siyanda Jola 7 napja
He boxed because he knew he had lost the race. Seems like an excuse if you ask me🙄😒, especially after what he said to his "haters"😂🤣
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