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We explore the new map of Phasmophobia! The prison!
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Markiplier 2 hónapja
guys i don't know what you're talking about... This is how it's always been...
Sara Megrab
Sara Megrab 2 órája
Sarah McCarthy
A Potato
A Potato 25 napja
*Insert Kingdom of Predators*
Shine Snake
Shine Snake Hónapja
bcderline Hónapja
Basillic 9 órája
good to see markipoo is still a big dumb after all these years, seeing freezing temps constantly on cam not even realising what it is x)
Midnight Flame
Midnight Flame 11 órája
Me: *Sees the ghost* Ahhh! Also me: *Sees an ad pop up* Ahhh!
Cherry Blossom
Cherry Blossom 18 órája
My favorite Markiplier quote: "Matt Lobos, have you ever bent over in front of a mirror and looked how strange your butthole looks?"
LoopGaming Napja
I no longer like Bob because he pronounced it chicken fill-it instead of chicken filet
BaNaNa Napja
Shawn or Sean?
ekin thao
ekin thao Napja
Dua lipa pencil sharpening
Soviet Sword
Soviet Sword 2 napja
Can anyone advise which Twitch stream this was part of?? Or was it just a vid?
Amy Gough
Amy Gough 2 napja
what is mark eating xD
Arrow Looper
Arrow Looper 2 napja
23:23 25:50 30:32
Arrow Looper
Arrow Looper 2 napja
I like how at the begginning bob and mark want to kill sean and wade but they die instead
Xannananana 2 napja
24:45 I thought ghost could only kill while they are hunting? Their flashlights weren’t flashing 0_0”
Certified Moron
Certified Moron 15 órája
in the old branch of the game, your flashlight would flash but the other’s would look like its not, hope that made sense
Joe David
Joe David 2 napja
I would buy marks bone broth
Emma Childs
Emma Childs 2 napja
What type of food are you eating in a tube?
Jack has coffee, Mark has canned whole kernel corn in bone broth.
Booperdooper 1203
You gotta mix bone broth and top of the morning coffee
lil nugget
lil nugget 3 napja
You have to ask the ghost one of these for it to answer... What do you want? Why are you here? Do you want to hurt us? Are you angry? Do you want us here? Shall we leave? Should we leave? Do you want us to leave?
Cassidy Woodliff
What’s your favorite markiplier video Billy? I like the one where Mark talks about bone broth for a looooooonnnnng time
White Trashing
*George Miller ghost* Everyone who listens to Joji: so he really did die...
Gabriel Silveira
Matt Lobos is a woman?
My art is an explosion, hm!
27:32 WHAT DID HE SAY??? :0000 NARUTOOOOOOOOOOOOOO fav. anime, love it so much.
Heather McFarland
Every time Mark throws something and makes the squeaky sound my dog jumps up thinking it’s a toy 🐕‍🦺🧸
Happy_ Kloud
Happy_ Kloud 6 napja
1:47 wtf was that noise
Ryan L
Ryan L 6 napja
Me: gets jumpscared by ghost Ad: its my time to shine! Me getting tiktok ad: gets more scared
Hope DeSpain
Hope DeSpain 6 napja
Bob: *dies in front of Mark* Mark: That's because you don't have enough Bone Broth in your Diet.
Riley Pickering
no ones gonna talk about how mark is just chewing casually on an icey pole...
Kevino Time
Kevino Time 7 napja
The fact that he doesnt turn of his flashlight while being hunted makes me mad
The Trevalicious Trevmeister
"Something just opened above you, on the floor above you" -Mark
Mothsplays 7 napja
Come on down, to buy some corn, or we will sacrifice your newborn~
Mothsplays 7 napja
Come on down, to buy some corn, or we will sacrifice your newborn~
Wilbur May
Wilbur May 7 napja
Mark making a reference to A Heist With Markiplier gives me life, Yancy was the best character.
Moonman 8 napja
At first I was like ew bone water and then I realized I've eaten that throughout my whole life
Creeper Cann0n
i love the way when mark dies after jack says she is her PJ's he literally says bye and starts laughing XD
SoulSubstance 8 napja
"iTs NoT FUnNY" I hear him from the beyond 🤣🤣🤣🤣
Don't Tell
Don't Tell 8 napja
Everyone consistently forgetting to take important gear lmao Edit: and the mission they're least prepared for goes the smoothest, not a single hunt, no causalities. Probably because mark stayed in the truck
Chance Babin
Chance Babin 8 napja
Did anyone else see the ghost orb go across the screen
futt buck
futt buck 8 napja
Happy_ Kloud
Happy_ Kloud 8 napja
Elizur Robinson
25:35 "If I was playing my other character I would have darkvision up to 60 feet"... DnD reference?
Ryleigh Miller
uplod fnaf vr plz
Yintara Chan
Yintara Chan 9 napja
Bone broth -Markiplier's smart moment of 2021
iko 9 napja
“I got a picture of Mark’s floating caulk” gets me every time
Dominic Ferraro
Really wish this was on ps4
Sarah McCarthy
I thought mark was eating paper at first
Nicola RRW
Nicola RRW 9 napja
'We are hunting the ghost of Robert Williams'. Me, whose dad is Robert Williams:
Beth Michael
Beth Michael 10 napja
Maiden name..Elizabeth Robison....I'm haunting others 🤔👻👻👻👻
Zesty Pepperoni
Zesty Pepperoni 10 napja
Vanny _FNaF
Vanny _FNaF 10 napja
Is It JuSt Me Or Is ThErE An InFeCtIon Of EliZABeTHs
Zachary Gaming
Zachary Gaming 10 napja
Grace D
Grace D 10 napja
me: *hears the name Robert Williams thinks of Robin Williams*
Courtney Sketches
Mark had a Thor moment and I’m living for it
Let’s chill
Let’s chill 11 napja
i can see it now, “mark’s boney broth” -made with real markiplier bones.
Gia Bolmer
Gia Bolmer 11 napja
Why didn't you link Jack's channel in the description, Mark?
Laura Jarpe
Laura Jarpe 11 napja
24:30 onward hahaha
MalakaiTSDF 11 napja
Magnus elite
Magnus elite 11 napja
1:15 well funny you should mention that, here in good ol Canada when you order a donut at Tim hortons, they do give it to you in a single serve box
Nightmare Pigeons
please play more of this
Jesse Chaussee
Jesse Chaussee 12 napja
just wondering, who's Amy?
Jesse Chaussee
@Jonah Ransom thanks
Jonah Ransom
Jonah Ransom 11 napja
Mark’s gf
TheGreenFlame13 12 napja
Bone broth
PlatyTube 12 napja
Make more phasmophobia vids pleaseeee.
SnekaLex AKA Cenanem
Anyone catch that aliens reference lol
Anton Maree Crussau
There was a D&D reference in there and I love it
Shiddlzer 13 napja
3:18 bob throwin fat ass
Mel 13 napja
Nooo why’d you put the static over Mark’s voice, I wanna hear about the bone broth
jolene 13 napja
I miss when Phasmophobia was big
Sxmply Rxses
Sxmply Rxses 13 napja
ElLo SeNiOrS >:D
Li Feng Liu
Li Feng Liu 13 napja
The tame shirt markedly afford because pimple qualitatively earn through a normal man. labored, harsh salesman
Joshua Manning
Joshua Manning 13 napja
wait it was 11:11
Joshua Manning
Joshua Manning 13 napja
Mark got balls he walked right towards the gost 11:17
Xiao 13 napja
Dude. I honestly was interested in what Mark was saying about "bone broth". Then the static cut over his voice.
LoryplayKD 14 napja
30:04 bronies Think that's taken sooo
Elsy Trejo
Elsy Trejo 14 napja
It was so funny when the dead body butt was shaking
Muhammad Hussain
Mark : ' doesn't care about the ghost' why is there a single serve donut box? Ghost : Guess I'll kill you then
mushroom 15 napja
I’m still waiting for Markiplier’s thick bone broth to be available in stores
Sophie J.
Sophie J. 15 napja
Can I just say I am impressed you still play with Bob and Wade. I remember watching you like 4 or 5 years ago, maybe more, and the crew was there too! I remember how deceiving Wade was in TTT. I loved and missed this.
missykim 15 napja
FYI: I've seen single donuts in boxes when there's a lot of toppings on them :P
Brittani Adele Blanchard
It was the grudge the grudge killed mark
Amanda Olson
Amanda Olson 15 napja
FLICKERING means the ghost is hunting
Tiger 844
Tiger 844 16 napja
Wait, what the heck was Mark eating?
Jackson Kent
Jackson Kent 16 napja
Chica in the back being adorable
TIY-EE 17 napja
As soon as I heard Sean I was like: JACK IS BACK! My grandma thought I saw a ghost. 😂
kmbrose 17 napja
Bone broth is legit. You stew a ham bone or whole chicken legs and both the flavor and nutritional value are amazing. Perfect for stews or home made stock.
Dominic Locatelli
Please make more phasmophobia
Professor Gunk
Professor Gunk 17 napja
mark sounded so bored when playing
Megan Renee
Megan Renee 17 napja
so why would I actually buy mark's bone broth just to try it
lucia springmountain
6:43 that scared the living crap out of me, I screamed so loudly 😂
DarkMatter13 18 napja
Idk why it’s bugging me, but what the hell is he eating?
yada gunther
yada gunther 18 napja
What was Mark saying could kill you?
Emmalyn Phillips
Anyone remember....CAULK?
Maddox vento
Maddox vento 18 napja
The food is getting cold It’s a gogurt
Miss Morbidly Morbid
6:53 😂
Oz 18 napja
2:33 you look like a kokichi dude
nathan brines
nathan brines 19 napja
Mark: thats really funny thats actually really funny Ghost: its not that funny
Mini Batman2.0
Mini Batman2.0 19 napja
Anyone else get flashbacks to Bonercast when they were talking about Bone Broth? 😂
Mini Batman2.0
@Butt Chickennugget yup!!
Butt Chickennugget
Cody Capko
Cody Capko 20 napja
What was mark eating?
tsurra 20 napja
How did he die to that ghost in the prison bathroom??? The lights weren't flickering, it wasn't hunting right?!
Reese 19 napja
you mean the first ghost in the video? yes, it was hunting; his flashlights were flickering and there were footsteps.
One Topic At A Time
That truck jumpscare, though.
Cheeky Pixie
OT!!!!!! Love your channel!!!♥️
the beaniest bean boys
@Zlothika understandable
Charlotte Azat
OMG One Topic At A Time! You just made my day just by being here even if it was two weeks ago! ♤♡♡♡♡♡♡♤
Fireballed Bard
I just jumped from one of your videos to this one, thank you for making awesome content
Zlothika 14 napja
@the beaniest bean boys because they're both so wholesome, it makes so much sense
Alexplaysminc .-.
Mark : dies holding a cup of coffee Ghost Mark : still holds cup of coffee
Lauren Pinkie Pie
11:58 I heard an horrendous cry of what sounded like a dog, mixed with a demon. And I was like OH SHIT, so I replayed it wondering why mark didn't react....and then I realized it was outside of my window.....Lord.
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