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Carlos Sainz & Lance Stroll Both Crash on Lap 1 | 2020 Russian Grand Prix 

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Two separate first-lap crashes for Carlos Sainz & Lance Stroll ended their races and any hopes of a good result in Russia.
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Peter Buis
Peter Buis 17 napja
Lance Stroll hasnt been feeling well since Russian GP. Classic case of Novitsjok poisoning by the Russian state. Must be some beef between Stroll sr and Putin...
White_M1tzO 28 napja
Why did I just get a notification for this video now? It’s 4 days old.....well done HUrun well done.
Wesley A. Machado
Stroll: Dad? Dad: What? Stroll: I smashed your car! Dad: Again?
Timoros Hónapja
Leclerc hits Stroll FIA: 10 second stop n go penalty to Hamilton and 2 points...
Sulfadin Sulfo Hadzihasanomeragovic
Dont drive if you drink
Renan Gonçalves Flores
Where's Leclerc POV?
Поскорее бы Сайнс свалил с Макларена! Этот Норрис запарил так стартовать, лучше бы Алонсо снова взяли вместо него.
deepforezt Hónapja
Dont feel that bad when stroll crashes. IMO he is in the F1 only becoz of Daddy's money rather than skill.
lol shit
lol shit Hónapja
Stroll rich boy bad amirite
Anish Hónapja
How was Leclerc not penalised! Very strange.
smashingwarden Hónapja
Don't you mean Sainz and Leclerc shunts F1? Leclerc should have gotten a penalty. It's starting to become way too obvious Leclerc can do almost whatever he wants, it didn't even went under investigation 👏👏
Ahmad Khalid Durrani
0:24 "what a crotch that was..."
kennyj851 Hónapja
What was Sainz doing?!
JF Transp Metropolitano
As vezes não entendo essa FIA, porque não puniu o Leclerc? Na Largada do GP do Japão do ano passado fez a mesma coisa e foi punido. Penalizaram a Ferrari por causa do motor e agora faz vistas grossas.
Liasos88 Hónapja
Who is the new commentator and what is the reason?
Liasos88 Hónapja
@George Thanks. I thought it was always Crofty and Brundle.
George Hónapja
Karun Chandhok. He isn't new, he just hasen't commentated in a while
dragonage200 Hónapja
No Leclerc onboard because then everyone would see Leclerc understeering into Stroll... Wouldn't want to take away reasons to pile on the hate on Stroll
Stefan Egger
Stefan Egger Hónapja
Binotto: Stroll? Are you in front? Stroll: Ya? Binotto: Spin! Pronto!
Lightening McQueen
I think they're gonna need to look into moving that wall for Carlos. You could get yourself slammed if you're following the escape road but come towards the wall too fast.
Keven Harvey
Keven Harvey Hónapja
Leclerc's front tire hit Stoll's rear tire while Stroll is already on the exit curb. F1 : nothing to see here.
George Hónapja
Simplified: Leclerc crashed Stroll off
GEN KAW Hónapja
The upgrade should have been in Perez.
NANDu Techy vlogs
Sainz crash: The risk I took was calculated, but man, am I bad at math
Jay Avocado
Jay Avocado Hónapja
you didn't want to show Charles perpetrating the attack?
gold333 Hónapja
That's just dumb
Holycrapper Hónapja
Leclerc never gets a pentalty its unbelievable the FIA. Not charles fault, but fia is baised AF
Its_only_ Karma
Its_only_ Karma Hónapja
Carlos shouldn't have gone for that,, I don't think he was out of circuit that much
MadJamYT Hónapja
Stroll is and stays rich but talentless
lol shit
lol shit Hónapja
@MadJamYT Nobody can save a car crashing into the wall boy, not even the biggest talent in F1 can save that
George Hónapja
@MadJamYT How? His car just got sent into the wall due to another car crashing into him. Nobody could've saved that. You gotta watch more F1 before coming to these outlandish theories
MadJamYT Hónapja
@George if he had talent he could have recovered. And even if he couldn't have, he still has money but no talent
George Hónapja
How is this his fault? Leclerc drove into him
dark_memer Hónapja
Ferrari's just ruining it for everyone
Lamith Hónapja
Disgraceful that you guys are censoring Leclerc tapping Stroll out of race.
Murali L
Murali L Hónapja
What trash... Clickbait...!!!
King_Eusebio Hónapja
Anyone seen how Ricciardo went from 3rd to 5th?
Andreja Ssvab
Andreja Ssvab Hónapja
Saintz hit the wall, Verstappen in front of him not.
Adam Josefsson
Adam Josefsson Hónapja
Why did stroll juste drive right in to the barrier on the other side of the track?
George Hónapja
@Adam Josefsson That is because Leclerc hit him. When you'rr travelling at that speed you can't correct a spin like that
Adam Josefsson
Adam Josefsson Hónapja
@George in 0:51 he is standing with on one side facing the wrong way and in 0:56 he is on the other side of the track with the front of the car in the wall
George Hónapja
@Adam Josefsson No he didn't. There was nothing he could've done. He got hit by Leclerc, unfortunately this vid didn't show it. If you look on the top 10 onvoards of the russian Grand Prix it will show it there
Adam Josefsson
Adam Josefsson Hónapja
@George yes and he hits the barrier on the right but then he gets the car going and driver right into the barrier on the other side. you can se it in this video
George Hónapja
He didn't. Leclerc hit him
Moto _H1GHK1ll
Moto _H1GHK1ll Hónapja
I swear Lewis has nothing to do with it
Rodaniel Rosihan
I’m surprised leclerc didn’t get a penalty
Kelly Halliday
Kelly Halliday Hónapja
Poor Lando, didn’t deserve that
TIEBLOE Paalupaikka
I use the same CrushACorner tactic to take myself out of a race in F1 games
Pao '
Pao ' Hónapja
aditya ramesh
aditya ramesh Hónapja
So liclic and ferrari cannot afford a onboard camera from fia...
aditya ramesh
aditya ramesh Hónapja
F1 where is the onboard footage of stroll crash...how liclic escaped penalty for driving around the track without seat belts...you give penalty for people just breaking the track limits but no penalty for much dangerous actions
Acedrin Hónapja
Calling it: The Domenicali Effect on Leclerc...
Tom Davis
Tom Davis Hónapja
Lam rof
Lam rof Hónapja
Calos who?
George Hónapja
ƯƠNG TV Hónapja
Vetter trở lại nào
MrYoumitube Hónapja
Oh geez, there must have been a spider in his helmet. How do you crash into a wall going straight unless you have a brake failure?? This is beyond rookie mistake. You are an f1 driver!!!
Lompster Manfish
The Golden Boy hits Stroll.
cfg_Forumic Hónapja
I'm surprised. I actually have some faith in the fans now. I already last year saw that Leclerc kept getting away with penalties. Glad that people are catching on and realizing that. Usually the comments are filled with idiots!
PuteraRiz Hónapja
If Lewis gets a penalty for hitting Alex out, why Leclerc didn’t for hitting Stroll out?
lol shit
lol shit Hónapja
@hockysa What are you talking about? Stroll is completely on the racing line
hockysa Hónapja
because stroll actually hit leclerc, leclerc would have had to dodge stroll and hit someone else
Different situation, daddy's cash closed the way in front of Charles you would have seen It if there was any Charles camera
Confuzed Hónapja
so who hit stroll? u didnt show smh
George Hónapja
ELCAIFAN10 Hónapja
Stroll it’s so green for the formula 1 Checo better then him
Nishan D
Nishan D Hónapja
Shameful that Leclerc didn't get a penalty
Mohit Anand
Mohit Anand Hónapja
George yes agreed I am saying despite that mistake Charles drove very well
George Hónapja
@Mohit Anand The stewards aren't fortune tellets are they?
Mohit Anand
Mohit Anand Hónapja
Even with penalty he was 5.82 secs ahead of ocon would have still got p6
jonh Connor
jonh Connor Hónapja
pair of heck
Byron Garay
Byron Garay Hónapja
How dare you *not showing Leclerc's camera angle* when it is clear he took away Stroll
Zach Lee
Zach Lee Hónapja
sorry but that bollard arrangement was dangerous
rjjello Hónapja
Reverse rolls with Lance and Charles and ppl would be complaining.
abcd1to Hónapja
So how many Leclerc infractions are we going to keep ignoring @formula1 ?
JB Hónapja
I think Carlos needs glasses.
MimM Hónapja
Sorry, but that Sainz crash is funny. Also, Croft's commentary doesn't fail to annoy me. Why does he have to ramble on about something that happened two weeks ago before even commenting what has just happened? Tries to be a poet but fails.
Maximilian Nguyen
This is Sainz's 3rd retirement in 4 races. WTH is going on with him????
Manny Rojas
Manny Rojas Hónapja
Straight up karma at Racing point, stroll gets all the upgrades and still gets out qualified by perez and in top of that couldn't compete a lap in the race. After everything perez has done for that team and the way how they did and still doing to him at the end, is totally not fair. P.s im not perez fan.
psplfq1 Hónapja
Carlos crash biggest bruh moment of The weekend
EA M Hónapja
Stroll is out! Karma. 😆😆
George Hónapja
ody vinty*
ody vinty* Hónapja
fia is a joke
Stefan Urquelle
Stefan Urquelle Hónapja
Stroll gets major upgrades for Mugello that Perez doesn't get although he was supposed to get them in time for Russia. Stroll crashes in Mugello. Racing Point only has 1 more set of upgrades so gives Perez's Russia upgrade to Stroll. Stroll crashes again at Russia. jfc man.
George Hónapja
The crashes weren't Strolls fault
StoneXL Hónapja
*Hamilton breathes* UNDER INVESTIGATION *Leclerc straight up trashes somebody* Nah it's fine
Retromaniaco_br Hónapja
Do you mean: "Carlos Sainz crash and Charles Leclerc wrecks Lance Stroll"?
eerieee Hónapja
Where did Brundle go?
AirmaxFSK Hónapja
Dangerous situation there with Sainz. With gravel pits he wouldnt have bounced back on the track. Mugello is a great track to watch and loved by drivers, instantly replace it with this "racetrack"! Honestly, turn 16-18 are 90 degree corners.... Awful track...
Marthinneill Apoi
Another crash involving Monza podium driver
Asteris Bampos
Asteris Bampos Hónapja
What a K R A N C H
Keiran George
Keiran George Hónapja
That's embarrassing from Carlos, but it's a ridiculous rule anyway. Again showing if you have miles of runoff you end up with rules like this. Put grass or gravel there instead.
First lap, everything is permitted.
Isaías CDMX
Isaías CDMX Hónapja
00:24 😂
George Hónapja
What a crrrrrrrrunch tgat was!
DHL mao
DHL mao Hónapja
Are we just gonna ignore that Ericsson hit both Carlos and Lance
DHL mao
DHL mao Hónapja
Can we just replace Crofty & Brundle, their commenting is honestly extremely inaccurate and uncharismatic. Karun does a great job, and so as Palmer & Alex Jacques
George Hónapja
(Also Palmer would make an amazing commentator! His analysis is amazing!)
GW H Hónapja
Stroll’s mistake was getting shunted from behind.
Han Solo
Han Solo Hónapja
Just imagine if Verstappen would have done what Leclerc did to Stroll and not even get a penalty for it. There would have been a HUGE shitstorm of hate comments on youtube. Leclerc does it .. and youtube mostly stays silent about it. Like it never even happened.
Konigerino Hónapja
"What a *Krronch* that was."
Han Solo
Han Solo Hónapja
Binotto: 'there is no crisis'. Sainz: 'there is no wall'. Sainz will fit right in at Ferrari!!
Leonardo Araujo
Leonardo Araujo Hónapja
No cam showed who touched Stroll???
Zak R
Zak R Hónapja
Ferrari International assistance
Christian Slater
🎶 “UNsmoooooooth operator”🎼🎤🎵
Carlos Solrac
Carlos Solrac Hónapja
whaat? not going to show the clip of who pushed stroll?
Vincent Fischer
Vincent Fischer Hónapja
Lol must be a tough job to gather so called "highlights" from this forgettable race. what a snooze fest
Besitzerstolz Hónapja
I think Ericsson hit us
Ludwig Beresford
No one: Karun: what a CRRruNcH
PeteJCooper The Model Builder
The commentators are just guessing what happend and not waiting to see what really happend. not Once but several times and shouting is not making it more exciting. Nothing like Murray Walker. Be more precise and don’t just shout something we can see what happens we would like to hear the truth not some guesse as truth
Jesse Jonathan
Jesse Jonathan Hónapja
Come on F1... Show a little more angles, especially from the Stroll crash... This is just recycling video material...
Purified State
Purified State Hónapja
What a rookie mistake from Carlos
Matheus Silva
Matheus Silva Hónapja
man if hamilton received a penalty from that crash with albon, leclerc deserved too and you didnt even show his onboard. less than 1 week and we can really see how ferrarist this new CEO is
Gimmelfani 40
Gimmelfani 40 Hónapja
tonkatoytruck Hónapja
Carlos pulls a Grosjean!
Pedro Teixeira
Pedro Teixeira Hónapja
Stroll just jeeps on breaking new parts.
George Hónapja
The crash was Leclercs fault and in Mugello he got a puncture
Nik Hónapja
I'm a big leclerc fan but unimpressed with the punt.
Pocitacgamer Hónapja
I love how they hid Leclerc's POV to protect Ferraris once again. Totally identical incident as Austria 2020 Hamilton vs Albon. If they knew immediately in Austria it was Hamilton's fault and went for the penalty, why didn't they even start an investigation in this incident? And hide the man in fault's POV?
鈴木二郎 Hónapja
Yeah, it's similar to that one. And these stewards are so dumb for inconsistency in almost every race...
Adnan Amin
Adnan Amin Hónapja
Carlos made the most rookie mistake of all time... 🤦🏻‍♂️
Maarten7437 Hónapja
That bollard was placed ridiculously. Approach from the wrong angle and you are forced to hit something. Either the wall or the bollard..
KingArthur8 Hónapja
KingArthur8 Hónapja
what a *Crunch* that was
Wiku025 Hónapja
*K R O N C H*
Ashik John
Ashik John Hónapja
FIA probably didn't give leclerc the penalty ,because he is already serving one called "The Ferrari"
AlexxNnnn Hónapja
so who hit stroll?
George Hónapja